Convention Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Convention RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network MomoCon 2017 Hosted More than 31,000 Attendees to Celebrate Games, Comics and Culture in Atlanta Tue, 30 May 2017 16:38:20 -0400 Kat De Shields

Over Memorial Day weekend, more than 31,000 people attended MomoCon 2017 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta to celebrate video games, cosplay, comics, animation, and more. 

According to the MomoCon press release:

Founded in 2004 by Jessica Merriman and Chris Stuckey, then students at Georgia Tech, MomoCon has grown from a 700 person on campus event to the largest event in the southeast United States for fans of video games, animation, cosplay, comics and tabletop games.

This exponential growth brought panels and presentations from leaders in the industry, including Square Enix, Blizzard, Toonami, and voice actors from popular video games and televisions shows. Local companies and organizations from Atlanta included GameSkinny, Gamer Launch, the Georgia Game Developer's Association, Hi-Rez Studios, and Blue Mammoth Games. 

For the third year, MomoCon hosted its annual Indie Game Awards showcase -- in which five indie games are selected as winners from a pool of 20 finalists. This year's awards went to Stoic Studio's Banner Saga 2Mimimi Productions' Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunCrema Games' Immortal Redneck, Refract Studios' Distance, and Firma Studio's Talent Not Included. 

MomoCon co-founder Chris Stuckey expressed his gratitude for what the event has become in recent years.

"This year we were honored to host some the biggest names in gaming in addition to renewing our commitment to independent developers at this year's Indie Game Award Show. As the gaming industry grows, so does MomoCon, which boasts the largest gaming show floor in the southeast US."

For more information about MomoCon, visit the official website or check out GameSkinny's coverage of MomoCon 2016 and 2017. 

Nintendo Will Bring Mario, Tournaments, and Nintendo Switch to E3 2017 Thu, 11 May 2017 16:22:38 -0400 tofuslayer

As E3 2017 approaches, gamers everywhere are excited to see what Nintendo has in store for the event, which is slated to run from June 13 to 15 in Los Angeles. Keeping with their plan to release more news and information about upcoming releases throughout the year, Nintendo has revealed some of its plans for the Expo.

At the start of the week, Nintendo will premiere its first-ever live gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey. As of yet, no one has been able to play the upcoming sandbox-style adventure release for the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the company has put together a Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 video presentation, which will reveal details for new games that will debut this year. The presentation, which will begin at 2 p.m. EST, will precede a live-stream demonstration of upcoming games for the Switch and 3DS systems.

We will also see the the return of Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3, as well as live streams of tournaments for Arms and Splatoon 2.

Gameplay and other Nintendo E3 presentations will be live streamed on Nintendo's Twitch channels. 

Nintendo will be releasing more news as E3 approaches, so be sure to keep checking in for more updates!

How to Cosplay Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Sat, 04 Mar 2017 10:33:38 -0500 Emily Parker

Guerilla games themselves have put out detailed pictures and cosplay specific character information. Check out their collection here

Hold on to your brown breeches folks, this is going to be a difficult one for beginner cosplayers to pull off. 

For the sake of not falling into our own black hole, we're going to focus on Aloy's most publicly featured outfit: The Nora Brave.

Alright, it's a lot. Don't get intimidated though, cosplaying always gets an A for effort and an A+ for attitude, at least in my book.

Under The Armor

We gotta start with our base layer. As everything is going to get more complicated from here on, I'd suggest some brown leggings, top and brown boots to get this part out of the way.

There is a short scene not far into the game that shows that the garments under her armor are far more complicated than that -- and if that kind of thing is important to you -- I suggest a quick google search for it. I can't post here for spoiler reasons, and also because I'm suggesting (as a beginner) you skip it anyway.

Leather Daddy 

Did you think you'd be searching "discount leather hide" today? Neither did I, but it exists and is relatively easy to order. For about $20 you can get enough light tan thin leather hide to make Aloy's top and bottom. Don't panic, Aloy didn't have access to sewing machines, just giant terrible killing machines. 

You'll be sewing your top by hand, and the bottom leather straps simply loop through her belt. The key to very simple leather sewing is a leather needle, some big, ancient looking thread (twine or leather straps can even work) and pre-punched holes. 

The leather pictured is even thicker than what you'll likely pick up, and thicker is more difficult.

The coarse linen around her armor skirt will provide the most challenge. The components themselves are inexpensive, and I suggest you pick up more blue and red linen than you think you need. 

It appears there are four identical flaps and one smaller side flap that goes under her quiver. Once your skirt flaps are cut properly, wrap your linen around the edges and sew in place. The border should be a couple inches wide, rotating red and blue. Everything looks better when you sew folded edges instead of just raw cut edges. It will probably make sense to use a smaller thread for attaching the linen, and if your hide is thin enough you can skip pre-punching holes here.  Pre-punching is not just for convenience, it makes things look very tidy. The linen will be covering your leather here so may as well skip it if you can. 

Provided you went with real leather and not faux, I'll tell you right now I'd rather brand the rest of her designs on than stitch them. This is a little against character, as it's obvious she stitched the embroidery, but it is quite a lot quicker to accomplish. 

Branding is a simple affair, and you should have plenty of scraps left to practice on. A soldering iron is probably what I should recommend, but there's something really satisfying about heating up your own iron and doing it the old fashioned way. Anything steel that can be heated on one end will do, but I am not responsible for your burned thumb!

Silk and Fur

Aloy has scrounged up some beautiful accouterments for her armor. Faux fur is inexpensive, but so is the real deal (as long as it's rabbit). As with her armor, it should be simple to go the animal-friendly route. In any case, you'll need enough to attach at her shoulders and for under her bracers and boots.

Though the official cosplay word is that her shoulder fur is fastened to one of her necklaces, it's going to be a lot easier to just stitch it directly to her should armor. Keep in mind that it is meant to appear attached to your necklaces, so close around the back of your neck. If you are able to find some thin enough, you'll be able to run it completely through the braces and boot straps, giving it a more natural look than simply attaching it at the ends. 

The belt itself is meant to be silk, with simple pouches hanging off your side. This creates a complicated weight issue, and it would be far easier to pick up a leather belt at your thrift store to wrap the silk around. This will leave you a little more structure to fold your armor skirt over and attach your quiver, rope, and pouches.  

Don't get too caught up in the pouches, by now your costume is readable and you could spend months sewing those from scratch. If you're like me you probably already have some drawstring pouches or coin purses laying around the house that can be repurposed. If not, simple versions are really inexpensive. 

Bow and Quiver

Check out my Link cosplay article where I have some instructions on how to just go ahead and buy a bow and quiver. You'll use a good bow for so many things, just buy one. 

The bracers, bootstraps and even quiver can all be fashioned from leather by even the most amateur cosplayer. You'll just need some thick dark brown hide and scraps - plenty of scraps. I'll be so impressed if you sink a lot of time into her quiver (what is that, a shower curtain ring?), but a basic wrap and sew will get the look across. 


Machine parts for the bow, bracers, and boots will need to be crafted and painted from Worbla. This can be as complicated or as simple as you think you have the talent for, and everything appears to be just wrapped on with blue bungee cords and leather. 100 points to Gryffindor if you find actual machine parts to supplement your armor.  

Machine Chique 

I know you've seen these types of necklaces at the thrift store. Don't forget the business lady belt section, as some of those leather wraps look pretty identical. The interesting piece here (besides the silk scarf) is her component cable. I really think this is the piece you should spend your time on. Shouldn't take much to hunt down a blue cable and clamp some copper connectors on it, but I think it really pulls the look together. You'll notice copper accents on the rest of her outfit as well if you have any left over. Don't be afraid to pick up odd wood bead colors, they can always be painted later. 

 We All Love Redheads

Unless you have the most exceptional head of hair in all of the post-apocalyptic land, you'll need either a wig or extensions to pull off this look.

Once you decide on your wig (don't forget that Aloy has quite a bit of blonde in her hair), it'll need to be styled with three large french braids that tuck under themselves for volume. Several long braids come off the back and sides, and everything appears to be clasped with pastel bands. These look almost identical to the ones you find on produce, so I would start there when you're completing the look. It's always easier to fasten your work with small black rubber bands and see to the details later.   

Shew! If you pull this look off, I don't think you can call yourself a beginner anymore. Do you have any beginner tips or tricks that I missed? I would love to see your process or finished cosplay, so link it in the comment section below! 

Meeting Your Con-Bligations With Con-Man Sun, 06 Nov 2016 02:00:02 -0500 SarahKel

So, an app based game from a popular TV show about a man’s experience of the sci-fi convention circuit is fun? Well, yeah.

Con Man The Game is a great little iOS and Android game, where you play as the convention manager. Your most important task is building and developing your convention, and also ensuring toilets don’t leak, and the rubbish bins don’t overflow!

Building merchandise stalls, food booths and exhibition stands earn you cold hard cash and XP.  XP allows you to level up, for access to better, more luxurious stalls, toilets and bins for your convention, paid for with in-game currency. Once you’ve unlocked, for example, the basic and medium level toilets, for 30,000, you can then unlock and purchase the luxury toilets with swimming swans on the roof! Expanding your convention gives you more space for larger exhibits and for more visitors, thus helping you generate more cash.

Balancing your con-bligations for improving facilities with expanding the convention, alongside adding new and larger exhibitions is good. Importantly, a fair distribution of themes, such as sci-fi, horror, fantasy and superhero is essential to maximise attendees.

So we like people to be all smiles, spending their money, taking selfies with the VIP’s and partying with Wray, ie. the perfect convention. But sometimes things go wrong, toilets break, bins become full, nudy Judy arrives running riot and Con Crud makes everyone vomit. You hire staff, and assign them to complete these tasks, the number of staff available increases as you level up.

Alien invasions are fun, your ‘super fans’, such as Lord of the Seth go into battle against aliens in a timed combat system, during combat you ensure your heroes can attack aliens, defend against alien attacks and power up for super attacks. Successful alien attacks lead to stalls burning for a little while.

Con Man The Game gives you tasks to complete, such as ‘resolve x number of tasks’ or ‘squash x number of vermin’ and completing these tasks rewards you with XP or cash. It is worth completing these, but they are ultimately just an added extra.

Once every so often, the stalls will generate a con bag, which is a big bag of a mixture of XP, cash, Comix and unique items, including buffs, such as a tree or a lamp that generate extra cash and XP for your stalls. Comix are a good way of speeding up the tasks, and unlike premium currency in other games these sorts of items are fairly easy to come by. There are a number of VIP’s paid for by Comix that can reduce the amount of waste or toilet trips, but these VIP’s only last for a short time. 

It is reasonably easy, at a decent level for the ‘bad things’ not to bother you, as the timed tasks can be finished in less than 1 minute for no cost to you. I think spending Comix to complete tasks is actually a good idea, as it’s more important to be using them to speed up tasks than anything else.

Sometimes ‘The fairy has a message’ -- for all those who despise adverts and I’m one of them, this is the only game where I will choose to watch the advert, as it does generate free Comix and buffs for less than 30 seconds of your time.

Generally, this is a super fun game, nothing heavy or taxing, but I do think some of the mechanics could be improved. For example, the hype meter is not as important as it should be; your convention still earns cash and XP when people are unhappy, so it seems insignificant as there is no real consequence when people are annoyed. There are some tasks that are disproportionately timed, such as catching nudy Judy, which dramatically increases visitor’s dissatisfaction disproportionately, and it increases too quickly afterwards. Also, once you’ve had an alien attack, it’s time to call the game a day, as a second visit will be more likely, when you’ll be fighting with weakened heroes. On that note, set things up, like toilet fixing and bin clearing as the game works in real time. The flip side of that is a large exhibit area takes actual days to build which is a little frustrating, but does give you a realistic scale of the overall build.

Like most freemium games, it is fairly shallow and lacks any real depth, so is best played in shorts bursts. Unfortunately, there is nothing to entertain you for a long play session, but playing in short bursts keeps the game fun.

Con Man The Game is free with in-app purchases, and was released on August 25th 2016. It can be downloaded for iOS via iTunes or Android via Google Play.

I played the game on iOS on my iPad.

EGX 2016: Day 4 - I Cubed, Sliced, and Danced...Also Other Things Fri, 30 Sep 2016 08:34:44 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

EGX Day 4, the final day, started with VR and ended with cubism -- in other words, it was a little geeky. But I also played a lot of co-op games, and met up with some awesome people.

Surprisingly, Day 4 was spent chatting to a lot of said people. Even though I played a decent amount of games, I spent equal time, if not more, just engaging in good conversation. I wonder how many people lost their ears?

Unseen Diplomacy

By developer Triangular Pixels, Unseen Diplomacy IS room scale VR. I have no idea how the game works, but going from one room, into a vent round a few corners, and then into a larger room without bumping into a wall is amazing.

The story of the game is centers around being a spy, but that doesn't matter when you literally crawl through a vent. To get into vents you have to pick up a screwdriver, and unscrew the screws around the vent, then you just pick it up and crawl through the vent. 

There are lasers to dodge, keyboards to type on, vents to crawl through, and evil overload plans to stop. Unseen Diplomacy uses the Vive as I believe HTC and Valve intended, and it's amazing.

Unseen Diplomacy is out now on Steam, and not for a lot, other than the price of the Vive.


Battlezone, published by Rebellion, is a revival of the classic tank battling game, but in PS VR and with a Tron-esque aesthetic. Boy, the art style of Battlezone is good looking! Gameplay wise, Battlezone isn't all that special -- it's a rather basic formula of dodge exploding things, and shoot your exploding things till other tanks explode. But it's still fun!

Maybe part of the VR draw is that you can look around, but it never stops being cool. The sense of presence in VR is amazing, I kinda was in that tank. When changing weapons you can see them retract and extend, and it's cool!

Battlezone is coming out on 13th October 2016, for PS4 and requires PS VR.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is the 4th in the Sniper Elite series. And, well, it's just more of the same, but with a far more open world. There are sub-objectives to complete, and the levels are massive. If you were not a sniper, the levels would be too big, but there are now far more opportunities to actually make long shots at over 700m. Read any review of Sniper Elite 3 for how the gameplay is, and you pretty much have the same game, just with the larger levels and that is no where near a bad thing.

Sniper Elite 4 is coming out in February 2017.

Conga Master

Conga Master, by developer Undercoders, is a competitive -- I think -- game about making the longest conga line. You circle around people in the party to attract them to your line, but there are a few powerups which you can get to effect the other person's congo line. Conga Master is rather fun, but I'm not sure how long lived that would be.

As a party game, it's amazing fun to mess about with your friends, but it might be a little messy in design for even that. It's not really clear what does what, but if someone at said party knows how to play, they can simply explain what you need to do in 3 words, "run around people." While I wouldn't play Conga Master on my own, I can see it being a lot of fun in a group.

Conga Master is out now on Steam.

Oh My God Heads

A mix between football, and slash-em-up games, your aim in Oh My God Heads is to take a head and run it to your goal. All of said heads are based on deities from different civilizations, and all have different negative effects on the carrier -- like reversing all controls.

You can kill enemies, and use their respawn timers to tactically plan your run for the goal. You also have bombs, but only a few, so bum rushing for the head isn't the best idea. Oh My God Heads is utter chaos, but utter hilarity, and was the only other game I walked away from with a smile -- along with PikuNiku.

Oh My God Heads is by developer Titutitech. While it doesn't have a release date, it will hopefully be out in 2017.

Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes is a platformer where you play as a cube trying to survive. You can play with up to 4 players, and while you can team up, you can also screw your friends over. It's inordinate amounts of fun, and it's a perfect easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game, and it's oh so moreish. If there is any game that I could not put down it was Flat Heroes -- I was just having so much fun with it. While it wasn't funny, or existential, or complex, or graphically groundbreaking, or made me feel like I was in the world, it kept me playing.

The "just one more" feeling reminds me of games like Super Meat Boy, or the "just a few more minutes" in games like GTA 5 -- it kept me hooked, line, and sunk. Deep on the clutches of the fishing hook, I was caught. Flat Heroes had me, and I want more! Why can't I go back to EGX?

Flat Heroes is out on Steam Early Access now, and will hopefully be out fully early 2017, by duo developer Parallel Circles -- Super Lemon Bits and InspectorRoar.

That's it for EGX 2016!

Those were all of the games I played. From having existential crises, to picking up some dude's head, even playing as an AI, or flying around along sick beats, EGX 2016 was a blast. I want to thank all of the game developers, PR people, and everyone else who took the time to chat to me or Emma about their games. I always love talking to passionate people, and boy did you guys deliver. I also got to finally meet a whole bunch of people I'd been bugging on Twitter for ages, so that was nice.

That's everything from EGX 2016 on Day 4, but make sure you check out all the other EGX 2016 coverage from both me, and Emma Spalding.

EGX 2016: Day 3 - It Just Got a Little Weird in Leftfield Thu, 29 Sep 2016 09:58:19 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

After seeing a lot of creativity on both Days 1 and 2 of EGX, I felt that I needed to venture into the field of the left -- known to everyone else as the Leftfield Collection. Here is where you find the creative, the strange, and the downright crazy!

If you thought that creativity was abound in the Rezzed areas, then the Leftfield Collection will change that. But before I ventured into to the creative underbelly of the indie dev scene, I checked out a few other games -- bigger, more well known games.

Gran Turismo (GT) Sport

I had some free time in the morning while Emma was off chatting the indies up (and before my time slot for next game). The line for GT Sport wasn't long, so I just had to give it a go. 

What I wanted to experience was a massive overhaul of GT into a more racing focused game, which is partly what I got. Only I could also brake halfway around a corner, and still hit the apex! (That could have just been that all the assists were on, but I couldn't turn them off.)

But overall, it just felt like GT has not moved on since the lackluster GT5 and 6. It's disappointing, but not unexpected. It might be time for me to completely hang up my hopes for the GT series, and just let them die. This makes me sad, I might even cry. *sobs*


I'm pretty sure you have heard of this one, but if you haven't, Yooka-Laylee is Banjo-Kazooie's spiritual successor -- it's a Rare style 3D platformer, developed by Playtonic Games. After being Kickstarted to the tune of all of the money ($2,000,000), Yooka-Laylee looks to really be delivering on its promise. While many think this is rare in the Kickstarter world, I think it just shows what can happen when a good tool is used correctly.

The terrible amazing puns are all the rage -- with a skeleton who isn't fully fleshed out, and a Trowzer snake, Yooka-Laylee doesn't only keep the humor of the classics, but also the gameplay and art style. It's a wonderfully colorful game, and is packed full of quirky characters and hilarious interactions.

There are also some interesting mechanics. You have a ranged attack, but to be able to use it, you first need to lick up some sort of fruit -- yes literally fling your tongue towards the fruit and eat it.

While Yooka-Laylee is full of the classic platforming, and all the other things, it doesn't stay beholden to the technical limitations of the time. Instead Yooka-Laylee uses new technology to make you think you are playing the same game as the classics, but with all the benefits of good control schemes, beautiful looking environments, and great sound design -- you are playing the games you remember, not how the games actually are.

Yooka-Laylee is due out in the first few months of 2017 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and WiiU.


"Isn't this just Smash Bros.?" I hear you say. And yes, it is very much like Smash Bros., but with a few major changes. There is no blocking or magical powers, and it's developed by Angry Mob Games. This makes Brawlout something different, something far more simple, and far faster.

I've never been one for fighting games. I've never been very good at them and rarely had fun with them since Smash Bros. Melee or Tekken Tag Tournament, when I actually had time to learn them. But when playing Brawlout, only in the first match did I have no idea what I was doing. After that point I was actually winning. Even 1 on 1, the mode where I do the worst, I won!

All of the characters in Brawlout are anthropomorphized animals. They're colorful, a bit zany, and also felt rather well-balanced as I managed to win with 3 different characters.

Brawlout is due out on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2017.

Trapper's Delight

Developed by Shrimpcave Industries, Trapper's Delight is a couch co-op game all about traps and screwing your friends over. The basic premise is that there are two phases: trap setting, surviving the run to the flag.

You use the left stick to move forward, back, left, or right, but holding the stick forward won't mean you keep moving -- you have to flick it to move multiple squares. This isn't at all unintuitive, and when you get used to it, you actually move far more effortlessly than you expect. And the way the characters hop about is rather endearing.

If you want to fight with your friends, then Trapper's Delight is the perfect game for you. I actually played it with some random people, and not once did we argue... instead they argued, as they were friends, and I sat there laughing as they fell into my traps. Trapper's Delight really is good fun, and if you have a friend (or 2 or 3) that you really get on well with, give it a shot -- if you secretly hate them and want them out your life.

Trapper's Delight is out on Steam Early Access right now, and aiming to be out fully in early 2017.


By sole developer Dziff, and with music by Glass BodySacramento is more a beautiful experience than game, but it is still very much a game. The idea is to simply wander around finding memories before they fade away, described as "moments I gathered on sketchbooks over the years". If we assume that "I" is the developer, then boy their sketches are good. 

Sacramento is a beautiful game in aesthetic, music, and sound design. Birds flutter, wind blows, music melodies, and everything soothes.

While I didn't actually know what I was doing, I had a very peaceful time wondering around the land in Sacramento. You start on a train, and are transported to a platform, and then just wander around.

You can buy Sacramento right now, and it will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Foramina is an ink drawn adventure game in a surreal world. While the demo was very short, it did indeed feel very point-and-click. Your objective isn't given to you -- you simply start by dragging a stool and standing on it. Events then unfold, and you work out a way to climb up and out of the area you are in.

Foramina felt very Tim Burton-esque, with its weird unnatural 'horror' design to everything. While the art by Mr. Mead is absolutely beautiful, it is also can be grotesque and haunting at the same time.

Foramina doesn't have a release date, but expect a demo to release before the end of 2017.


PikuNiku is an adorable game with 'the indie story' behind it. Two guys started chatting, they got on, had similar ideas, and as they were both game developers they wanted to make a game with each other. But there is a twist...the developers have never met in person (which will change at the Paris Games Week). And while they are both French, one works in London and the other in Paris.

PikuNiku is one of those games you can't help but laugh at -- not because the game is bad, but by design. PikuNiku is a weird game, where you play as an oval which has physics-controlled legs. You can kick, run, jump, do that thing turtles do and pull your legs into yourself, and even talk to other characters.

The colors are flat, but there are lot of them, and they look a bit like well done MS Paint creations. While characters don't make any sound while talking, walking, jumping, and all other interactions do have little sounds and they are all adorable and funny. The weird physics of PikuNiku, which makes your character look drunk most of the time, adds to the hilarity.

Developed by Rémi Forcadell and Arnaud De BockPikuNiku is going to be a game you can buy at some point, and it was one of the few games almost everyone walked away from smiling...which is awesome!

The Collage Atlas

By developer John Evelyn, The Collage Atlas is an exploration game set in a beautifully hand drawn world. It is mostly monochrome, with splashes of color here and there, and the screen looks like a fancy piece of card. The art direction in The Collage Atlas is strong -- so much so that some sketches that John Evelyn made were stuck to the wall near the games' booth. They look beautiful both in and out of the game.

The music in this game is of the most peaceful things I experienced at EGX, and I got lost in it. When I came out of the game I was speechless. I told the developer that I needed to form my thoughts on the game, and so I shall do just that.

The Collage Atlas is the definition of games as art -- it's both a game, and a work of art. You need to find your way through the world, and also solve word puzzles. This is done by simply looking in the right directions to make the letters line up and form words. You then get a beautifully moving story which I can only interpret as being about loss. Loss of who, or what, or when, or how, I could not tell you. But a sense of melancholy filled me as I progressed.

There were moments of hope, and as the demo ended I felt triumph. I was challenged to find things, and my emotions were also challenged to feel things. That is what a game is, and that is what art is.

The The Collage Atlas doesn't have any solid release time frame, but it most certainly will stay with me. Thank you Sega for bringing it into the Leftfield Collection, and John Evelyn for bringing the game to EGX.

That's everything from EGX 2016 on Day 3, but make sure you check out all the other EGX 2016 coverage from both me, and Emma Spalding.

EGX 2016: Day 2 - Brumming In Brummie Land with PS VR, Racing Games, and More! Wed, 28 Sep 2016 07:33:48 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

After a crazy first day, most of Day 2 at EGX was spent interviewing indie developers and finding some non-video game experiences. Turns out we only found one worth talking about. But most of all, and more importantly, I got to play some racing games, experience PS VR properly, and actually had some fun with a board game.

Mantis Burn Racing

Developed by VooFoo Studios, and currently out on Steam Early AccessMantis Burn Racing is an arcade top-down racer with a focus on more realistic physics. It's a pure racing game with a few different game modes -- but there are no powerups, and only a very short burst boost.

VooFoo touts the racing as "fun physics" with it's a mix of arcade and realism. When cresting and turning, the handling of the car will become very light, meaning you will have to lift off the gas. You can set the car up for these movements, allowing you to take the corner tighter, and then smoothly traveling over the crest with a drift.

As you may be able to tell, I'm talking about these moments as one would a sim, like Dirt Rally, but it's not nearly as hard to pull off. The physics are actually fun, and it's a great mix of both arcade simplicity but also having to actually work for lap times to be fast, and getting the car to drift in corners. Oversteer and understeer aren't much of an issue, as the cars aren't quite that realistic -- but the game doesn't play like many arcade racers.

There are two types of environment, asphalt and dirt, with a third which will be coming as free DLC later. While they don't feel wildly different, asphalt does have a bit more grip than dirt, and actually helps the game as it means you don't need to learn two different driving styles.

Mantis Burn Racing hopefully exits the Early Access pit stop, and will make its way to PS4 and Xbox One before the end of 2016.

Beast of Balance

A tabletop cross-mobile game, Beast of Balance is all about balancing different types of block on top of each other, while also building up a world of diverse creatures in the virtual world. I'm not going to go into all the different types of blocks and what they do, as the game's official site does that for you. But what I will do is talk about my experience playing the game.

Scanning your piece into the game is really cool, and the way that piece then appears in the game world is super satisfying. You feel like you have actually done something, and you have... in two different worlds -- the real world, and the virtual one. But this is where the good stuffs stops.

While building a tower is rather fun, the pieces in the game are simply all too obscure of shapes to be able to build anything solid. You can put 3 pieces on the plinth and not be able to build any higher. While I understand this is part of the challenge, I just feel that it was more a game of "get all the pieces onto the first layer" than "how much of a tower of Pisa can I make." It doesn't feel like building a jenga tower, and the 'tower' you have built is to unstable and the shapes are so obscure that it all just felt like luck, not object balancing skills.

While my time with the game was short, and perhaps my more negative experience of the game is solely because I didn't have much time to experiment with the shapes, and how they interact.

You can pre-order Beast of Balance right now, and the app will be free -- and works for Android and iOS -- which is super nice!


Windlands, by Psytec Games, is a VR game made for VR with only VR in mind. While it does work outside of VR, this is not the optimal experience. The basic premise of the game is that you must swing, using grappling hooks, to reach different high points in each of the maps to uncover the story of an ancient civiliszation. I played the demo with the PS VR headset, but the game also supports the HTC Vive and Oculus headsets via Steam.

Windlands allows you to actually really look around to aim, though you still have to rotate the camera to turn and use the joystick to walk around. But that doesn't seem to matter too much. I did feel a little disorientated at times, as you are using the grappling hooks to slingshot yourself all over the place. You can, however, only latch onto the leafy parts of trees, which makes how you grapple about surprisingly tactical. 

While Windlands was good fun, I don't know how long that fun can last. It feels like most other VR games -- a neat concept, but one that feels more like a prototype of larger games, or just a small part of a more complex game. The environments are beautiful, and the combination of cartoon style graphics and VR made me feel rooted in the world. While at the time I wanted to play more, I didn't want stay in the world for the world, but just to the actually get hang of swinging around. 

It's a shame because I really love the potential of VR, and Windlands feels like an amazing base to a great game, but I fear that it may be short lived.

If you do have a VR headset, Windlands is still well worth picking up on Steam. It's a really well done game concept, and is super fun -- I just hope the fun can last longer than half an hour.

Drive! Drive! Drive!

Drive! Drive! Drive! by Different Cloth is a racing game about racing on multiple tracks at the same time. I swear, every time I go to EGX I find some weird new racing game with "drive" in the title, last year it was Drive Any Track (now called Riff Racer), and this year it's Drive! Drive! Drive! (D!D!D!).

In possibly what is the most arcade racing thing to ever do, you have to race on multiple tracks at the same time. But when you aren't racing, your idiot AI races for you. In fact all the AI in the game is stupid -- it's terrible, and awful, but that's the point. You are the god of racing, the one with the brain, and D!D!D! really enforces the idea that you, as the player, are the best thing ever -- by having you race on multiple tracks simultaneously.

Surprisingly, the controls are actually rather intuitive. You use the D-pad to quickly switch tracks, or hit a bumper to pause time and see the tracks from the air. Other than that, the only other buttons are boost, brake, and accelerate. Braking and accelerating at the same time allows you to drift. And that's about it. The rest is just about shoving, jumping, and drifting your way to a win or high score multiple times simultaneously. Apparently just trying to win one race wasn't enough for Gordon, the Head of Everything at Different Cloth.

If that's not unique enough for you, the music is crafted by ZOMBI, a synth/prog/post-rock band. It's super unique, and cool, and fits the aesthetic of the whole game perfectly.

D!D!D! is coming to Steam and PS4 hopefully before the end of 2016.

That's everything from EGX 2016 on Day 2, but make sure you check out all the other EGX 2016 coverage from both me and Emma Spalding.

EGX 2016: Day 1 - I Kicked the Bucket More Than Once Tue, 27 Sep 2016 04:41:26 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

EGX 2016, the UK's largest game convention, has started -- and boy what a day that first day was! The Rezzed (indie) section was filled to the brim with unique ideas, and amazing innovation by developers from around the world (not really any different from usual). The Rezzed area is where GameSkinny spent their time today, and thus, indie games chat is coming up! I died at least all of the times in every game I played, but still had a ton of fun. Here were some of my favorites:

City of the Shroud

Developed by Abyssal Arts, City of the Shroud combines tactical RPGs, fighting games, and story driven games. The story of each chapter is written on the fly based off the user's decisions. Only when all the chapters are completed is the story set in stone. The combat in this weird turn-based looking, but real time system. The player picks their combos by moving the mouse around the Combo Wheel. You don't need to worry about memorizing complicated combos, as the wheel tells you what they are. It actually all works rather well.

City of the Shroud was kickstarted to the tune of $16,000 during May, and hit that mark in only 9 days! If you want to read more, head over to Abyssal Arts' official website.

Laser Disco Defenders

Developed by Out Of Bounds, Laser Disco Defenders (LDD) is a twin-stick bullet hell shooter, where the more you shoot the harder it gets. Bullets don't stop when they hit walls, they bounce...forever. If that sounds like it will get crazy very quickly, then you may need to re-think how to play it -- it's a far slower paced and more methodical bullet hell shooter.

There's a very interesting risk/reward system which is built right into the core gameplay. If you shoot more, it will become harder to move through the level. Instead you will kill more enemies quicker by firing less bullets -- boss battles being the exception. While the idea of bouncing bullets isn't new, they usually only bounce 2 - 3 times, so allowing bullets to seemingly bounce indefinitely can result in you killing yourself more than anything else.

LDD is out now on PS Vita, but will be coming to Steam on September 29th.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound

The Fall Part 1 released a good few years ago in 2014. In my review of the game I spoke about how compelling the characters were, and how solving the puzzles felt challenging (but for the most part) not too obscure.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound felt very similar with my time with it. But with far more colors in the world, and a One Finger Death Punch left/right attack system has also been added alongside the standard combat -- this will help break the game up and allow for far more tense action moments between the slow methodical puzzle solving.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound is developed by Over The Moon Games, and is releasing for Xbox One, PS4, and PCs for a projected early 2017.

Black The Fall

Black The Fall, developed by Sand Sailor Studios, is a side scrolling puzzler set in Romania during the collapse of the USSR (Soviet Union). You play as a worker, called Black, who is escaping from their forced labor camp.

The setting and atmosphere reminds me of Playdead's Inside for all the right reasons. While the game isn't like Inside, it evokes the same ideas of an oppressive dystopia. But Black The Fall also deals a lot with sound and shadow. One section of the demo I played was pitch black, and you made your way through it simply by listening to the steam from vents -- this is only possible as the sound design is so well done.

Black The Fall is due out in 2017.

Sublevel Zero Redux

Sigtrap Games released Sublevel Zero in October of 2015 for PC, but it's now coming to PS4, and Xbox One with Redux added to the title. It's tagged as a 6 degrees of freedom roguelike first person shooter and has random generation of the levels too. Even with many buzzwords to get intrigued about, the game actually feels very different due to you being in a ship and not running around.

The combat is fully three dimensional -- hence 6 degrees of freedom -- and interesting to play. The pixelated graphics are simple looking, but also allow for a lot of detail. The most striking thing about the game is the punchy sound of the guns -- boy do they feel powerful!

Sublevel Zero Redux is coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon.

Frozen Synapse 2 (FS2)

While playing FS2 by Mode 7 Games, I realized how bad at some games I am. While the simultaneous turn-based nature, in which each player plans their move and then executes at the same time, mitigates a lot of the issues I have with turn based games, I am just so damn bad!

So all I will do here is let the trailer talk, and convince you that this game is worth picking up when it releases nearer the end of 2016. But suffice it to say that civilian protection -- wherein you can't control the civilians and they don't move -- is rather fun, no matter how bad you are at it.

FS2 releases for PC in 2017.

Tokyo 42

Developed by a two-man team, SMAC Games, Tokyo 42 is inspired by the likes of Syndicate and GTA1. Set in a future sort of Tokyo, you are a gun for hire... so you do gun-for-hire things and ensure that people are no longer breathing. But seeing as this is the future, no one really dies. Everyone is full of nanobots, which bring them back to life.

Gameplay wise, Tokyo 42 is an isometric shooter (with katanas...because katanas). It boasts a breathtaking art style which is so simple but also so detailed it caught my eye and then some. As for actually playing, it's pretty simple -- even though everything kills you in 1 hit.

Tokyo 42 will hopefully release in the first half of 2017, but that may be pushed back.


Developed by Lince Works, Aragami is a pure stealth game. So pure that all your undead assassins' powers are based on shadow, and being in light drains your power. While playing it I couldn't but help think of the Splinter Cell games, mixed with a bit of Dishonored. It's heavy in terms of the stealth focus -- where going into combat means you are screwed. But then you also have a few awesome mystical powers which make you feel lethal. It's amazing how you can feel so powerful in stealth, while actually being really weak.

As for the aesthetic, the game is very comic book inspired, with cell shading and minimal texturing, but it just works and makes the game look amazing in motion, and out. That's all helped by the fluid animations, and everything from how the character runs all fits perfectly with what they are -- a literal shadow ninja.

Aragami is due out October 4th for PC and PS4.


Developed by ZRZ Studio, for iOS and Android, this game has you control little blobs called Inops. You move them by tilting the phone, or tablet. There are also interactables in the levels you can move with a finger, like cogs to raise/lower platforms, or fans.

The aim of the game is much like other mobile games -- collect at least 2 stars out of 3 in the level to progress, but also collect as many Inops as you can along the way. You can merge and split all the Inops to form a large Inop, or have a river of smaller Inops.

Aesthetically Inops shares some things with Limbo, but that's just to give a quick idea of what it looks like, as it takes inspiration from so many different games it's hard to pinpoint just one. The puzzles get pretty tough pretty quickly, and maybe a smoother transition through the difficulties could be something for ZRZ Studio to think about. I also found that on the tablets on the show floor, it was sometimes hard to reach interactables and keep the tablet straight, but that's more a me problem than a game issue.

Inops looks like it's ZRZ's most ambitious game yet, and while the 3 man team has no idea when it will be ready, it could be the first game they charge for. From what I've seen of the game, it would be worth a slightly higher price for a mobile game...about $3/£2. And it's one of the few mobile games which caught my eye.

That's everything from EGX 2016 on Day 1, but make sure you check out all the other EGX 2016 coverage from both me, and Emma Spalding.

GaymerX Returns In 2016 September 30th Wed, 24 Aug 2016 09:42:39 -0400 Dustin Frisch

GaymerX has been going on for the past 4 years now, and it is hitting 2016 with a bang from September 30th to October 2nd. For people unfamiliar, it is a very welcoming community filled with people who are a part of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. 

It is taking place in Santa Clara, CA for those who are wanting to know where it'll be at. You are able to buy tickets on the site right here. You can get a 3 day pass for $65.00, a 3 day VIP pass for $145.00, and finally a boss level donator pass for $500.00. The 3 day pass gives you access to all events during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. With the 3 day VIP pass you get the VIP t-shirt, access to the VIP dedicated/registered line, and access to the Thursday night boss party with 2 drink tickets and more.

The biggest perk, the boss level donor, gives a metal donor badge, access to the donor lounge with coffee and food, and a special donor lunch with the founders and bosses of honor on Sunday.  Your name will be added to the backer HOF (Hall of Fame) on the back of the program and top of the website thank you page. There are, however, only 25 of these tickets and your support is EXTREMELY appreciated by GaymerX.

They also have posted the following guests (Bosses of Honor) who have been confirmed to make an appearance this year as a speaker. 

  • David Gaider (BioWare)
  • Tim Cain (Obsidian Entertainment)
  • Mark Barlet (AbleGamers)
  • Katherine Cross (Gamasutra)
  • Laura Kate Dale (Destructoid)
  • Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead)
  • Brandon McGill (body artist and music video director)
  • Kitty Powers (drag personality and game developer)
  • Progducto (ESPN contributor and competitive gamer)
  • Karin Weekes (BioWare)
  • Patrick Weekes (BioWare)

If by any chance you wish to contact the staff of GaymerX they have a contact us form you can use located on the site. 

About GaymerX

GaymerX, the first ever LGBTQ-focused gaming convention, is an annual convention focused on games and gaming culture. We focus on creating a fun and safe space for gamers and gaymers of all identities to have fun and hang out with like minded folks. GaymerX is a “queer space”, in that many of the panels revolve around queer issues or queer devs, but GaymerX and the GX events are made for everyone and everyone is welcome!

GaymerX was founded in 2012 by Matt Conn via Kickstarter. The campaign was set to be funded at $25,000 but quickly soared over $90,000 causing the event to expand to a much larger venue than originally intended.

Runefest 2016 Plans to Set Sail to the New Eastern Isle Tue, 26 Jul 2016 07:20:44 -0400 ESpalding

Attendees at this year's RuneFest convention, the official convention for the iconic MMORPG RuneScape, will be treated to new content and information for the all-new in-game destination -- The Eastern Isle. This new content is due to be released in the month following the September convention date, and features new Polynesian-inspired landscapes, creatures, and lore.

To whet fans' appetites, the pre-expansion content has already been released and is titled "The Arc". It includes new areas called Whale's Maw, Waiko, and Aminishi islands. The interesting thing about this new continent is that the inhabitants have never heard of you or your previous escapades, so you have to start from scratch with reputation and wealth.

In addition to the information about The Eastern Isle, those attending the convention will get to hear the latest news regarding RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends -- all while getting to have fun with the usual convention activities such as cosplay, Q & A, meet and greets, and an after-party.

Tickets are still available for the event which takes place on September 17th at Battersea Evolution in London.

Check out the trailer for the new "The Arc" content below and let us know what you think!

Solid Snake Stealth Camouflage Nendoroid will be Available at Anime Expo 2016 Thu, 02 Jun 2016 04:13:56 -0400 Megan M. Campbell

Anime Expo is one of the largest anime conventions in North America. The convention is home to many booths where patrons can purchase anime and video game related merchandise. Today, an employee from the Good Smile Company, known as Himouto Mamitan on Twitter, tweeted that an exclusive Solid Snake Nendoroid will be available at Anime Expo 2016.

The figurine is a light green color and is slightly transparent. Like with other Nendoroids, the figurine will likely include different props and a variety of face plates and limbs to pose the character in any way you please. Mamitan also hints that Good Smile will have a booth set up at the convention where patrons will be able to purchase the Nendoroid. This figurine is an exclusive Stealth Camouflage version and will be in limited supplies at Anime Expo. 

Anime Expo is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California from July 1 to July 4. If you’re in the area, a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, or just a fan of anime, you can purchase your tickets at the Anime Expo Website.

[Source Image: Solid Snake Original Nendoroid ]

PAX Guide: Preparing for PAX East 2016 Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:59:03 -0400 JunaeBenne

Tomorrow is the big day;  PAX East 2016 is FINALLY here! If this is your first PAX, you'll probably want to get into everything and be everywhere at once. But that isn’t possible unless you have a Time Turner like Hermoine. (Anyone have one, because I need one too! No? Not yet huh? Well, that’s ok.) Here’s a guide on how to have successful, fulfilling, and fun PAX weekend.

What are the events happening at PAX?

A good first step is to download the PAX app, which has the entire schedule for three days. There is even a tab to make your own schedule. This allows you to add events you'll find interesting and be alerted before they start.

Which events should I go to?

What events you attend is totally up to you. But it helps to go through all three days of scheduling, then use the PAX app or website to see what stands out to you. If you aren’t familiar with the panelists or game, Google it.

Here's a piece of advice: if you find a panel that’s interesting, realize that you’re not the only person who thinks so. As such, you should try to get there early to make sure you'll be able to get in. If you’re not in line by the time they start counting (meaning they count the amount of people that can fit in the chairs in the room), chances are you won’t get inside. Pick ONE thing that you must do and get in line as early as possible.

Here's what my schedule looks like:


What about nom noms?

Bring snacks. I am the Queen of Snacks. White Cheddar Cheezits? Check. Blue Machine Naked? Check. Pockets full of off-brand granola bars? Check. Red Gatorade? Check and check!

Bring lots of snacks and stay hydrated. These are good for when walking around the convention and when you need that extra boost. Or maybe you’re going from a Mortal Kombat tourney to a Smash tourney and you don’t have time to search for food. You’re on a mission, so stock up!!

There is food available there, but you'd think Chef Ramsey was the one cooking it judging by the prices, so bring tons of extra money for food.

Where am I going to put all my stuff?

This is a convention there will be tons of giveaways, including bags. Do bring a bag for your personal items but, there will be bags/totes available at PAX to put all your cool things in.

Don’t forget to talk to the people on your left and right about prizes, giveaways, and etc. There are a few game shows happening, like The Price is Right and Family Feud. If you can, try to partake in them to win even more awesome prized.

It also helps to make a checklist of what to put in your bag, just to make sure you don't forget anything you might need. For example: chargers for all electronics, perhaps extra batteries, snacks, camera, fight stick and cash is always good.

Cute or Comfortable Shoes?

Wear comfortable shoes -- or wear flip flops if you like blisters. Unless you are casually coming to PAX for a few hours, wear some shoes you can walk in for hours. Or you WILL punk out two hours into your PAX experience. Girls, you should feel free to wear heels if you can walk in those bad boys for eight hours or more. (And more props to you if you can.) It's your feet you're destroying. 

How do I get around?

Lyft’s code for a free ride is “PAX 16.” Uber’s codes are “Appstore” for $10 off the first ride and “b3800” for $30 credit for all rides. There are also cabs and bus options for transportation to and from the convention center. Check the route of your starting point to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Here's the address:

415 Summer St. Boston, MA 02210

What are the rules?

On the back of your badge, it tells you a few simple guidelines. Try not to lose your things, because security may not be that helpful. Show consideration and awe for people cosplaying, of course.

Mostly, just remember to have fun. Enjoy PAX; whether this is your first or fourty-first PAX, enjoy it. And let others enjoy it too.

GaymerX's new trailer and travel plans for August Mon, 10 Aug 2015 08:26:30 -0400 Destini Islands

GaymerX (GX) is an annual gaming convention series for queer gamers and allies and serves as a safe space for all nerds who want a harassment-free zone.

This year is the third annual convention (GX3) from December 11th - 13th held at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, CA. All are welcome and invited to share in the festivities, including art galleries, auctions, concerts, cosplay proms, parties, informative panels, screenings, and tournaments. Recently, it was announced that GX would be hitting two events leading up to GX3.

On August 29th, they will be attending Pink Party Prime at NEUMOS in Seattle, WA for the Saturday night party. It will feature a cosplay contest with a $1,000 prize and famous voice actor Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite).

On August 30th, they will be moving on to Silicon Valley Pride in Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA to participate in the historical event. The Silicon Valley Pride Parade & Festival is celebrating their 40th Anniversary on that day, so the festivities will be especially exciting.

(The e-mail bulletin)

Stay tuned and buy your tickets before they're sold out!

New details on Kingdom Hearts III, Star Wars games coming to Disney's D23 Expo 2015 Mon, 13 Jul 2015 19:04:38 -0400 Bryan C. Tan

As the D23 Expo 2015 rolls around next month, Disney gamer fans can start getting excited, because it's going to be one great show at the Anaheim Convention Center.

On Sunday, August 16th at 11am PT, "never-before-seen gameplay, trailers, new reveals, and surprises from Disney Interactive’s most anticipated games" will be featured at a special presentation in the signature 7,500-seat Hall D23 theater.

Disney Infinity 3.0 EditionStar Wars: Battlefront, and Kingdom Hearts III will be the stars of the presentation, with new Star Wars characters and Play Sets to be showcased by Disney Interactive, an in-depth look to be given by EA, and new information to be revealed by special guests brought by Square Enix.

Besides the special presentation, the Disney Interactive pavilion on the show floor will provide hands-on demos of Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition and Star Wars: Battlefront, interactive experiences such as the augmented-reality "Only in the Toy Box" Experience and arcade Star Wars: Battle Pod, and limited-edition giveaways of thousands of pre-release Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition figures.

Tickets for the biannual event cost $74 for a one-day adult admission and $54 for children 3 to 12 years old, while a three-day admission from August 14th to 16th costs $216 for adults and $156 for children.

So if you're looking for the best opportunity to celebrate all things Disney, look no further than the D23 Expo 2015; it's going to be the happiest place of the year.

Video Gamers Unite: RTX 2015 Tickets Are Here! Sun, 22 Mar 2015 09:58:34 -0400 Corey Eastin

It's that time of year when all the key smashing, toggle flicking, video game lovers join forces. RTX, one of many gaming conventions is here. RTX convention, started by RoosterTeeth has only been held four times before. This years convention will be held August 7th to 9th in Austin, TX.

            (Game worlds colliding at RTX. Which side wins this epic battle?)

The convention started out in 2011 with around 400 ticket sales, but by 2014 they had expanded to 30,000 ticket sales.With its expansion the convention has had to find more space to accomidate its growing community. This years convention will be held in the Austin Convention Center and will also have extra space in two neighboring buildings. 

Already RTX community members are showing how excited they are for the convention. Members have been blowing up twitter with #RTX2015.Tickets for RTX went on sale Wednesday, March 18th 2015. Ticket prices and more information about hotels can be found at RTX's websiteTickets will be available while they last so secure yours today.


Mirror Match: Is PAX Too Big? Is That Bad? Thu, 12 Mar 2015 05:37:34 -0400 Amanda Erickson

Today’s Mirror Match is on the size of the Penny Arcade Expo. The Penny Arcade Expo was started in 2004 by authors of the Penny Arcade comic, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. The show was meant to be an accessible convention for gamers, by gamers.

The first PAX was held in Seattle, WA with around 3,300. Fast forward to 2010 where PAX spread to the East coast with it’s second annual convention happening in Boston, MA. The 2010 PAX East saw 52,290 attendees. Every year, the conventions have been steadily growing and are now happening in Boston, Seattle, Dallas, and Australia. The latest numbers on PAX is over 70,000, but with PAX East happening this weekend, I think there’s going to be an all time high.

With all of this growth, can PAX handle it? Are the big crowds hurting or helping the convention?

Mirror Match is the weekly battle of opinion on controversial topics in video games.

First Day Images from PAX East 2015 Fri, 06 Mar 2015 17:56:05 -0500 Rachael Johnston


General PC playing. Every seat is full.


More tomorrow on the sights of PAX!


More interesting sights and geekery.


It will take us the full 3 days to really see everything the vendors have to show us. 


The autograph session with Markiplier was completely full by the time we got there. Hopefully we can catch him some other time this weekend to get our headphones signed.


Lots of games to play and things things to see down on the exhibit floor. 


There is a lot of people here, but many have had a really difficult time coming in. Canceled flights and bad roads for travelling have really affected the attendance today. Some exhibitors have had difficulty, too, and are missing at least part of the show.


For the attendees here it means a lot easier time walking around, but the lines are still long to get to the popular games and food. 


Another view of setup. You can see the beginnings of the Halo 5: Guardians booth, the Wargaming booth where World of Warplanes will be getting exposure and more.


A lot of work goes into setting up an event like this. This was Thursday afternoon. 


If you have not heard or seen the images of just how cold and difficult it has been in Boston this winter, this image is a good indication. The completely frozen waterfront is right across the street from the convention center. 


PAX weekend remains freezing outside, but inside is where the fun is!

Exciting Cosplay Ideas For 2015 Mon, 09 Feb 2015 11:07:22 -0500 Venisia Gonzalez


Don't forget about Talion from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor either. You could probably do some amazing things with contacts for the eye effects when he uses his abilities.


These are just but a few ideas to assist in your costume ideas whether it be cosplay at conventions, competitions, or even for Halloween. I can't wait to see what amazing creations cosplayers will come up with!


If you want to creep people out and impress them with your cosplay and make-up artist skills; how about being an Uruk Orc from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor?


Add in Dying Light's main character Kyle Crane with Jade and now you have a couples themed cosplay.


Dying Light's Jade by Techland Games is simply badass.


Throw in Vesemir from The Witcher series and now you have a 4-person group cosplay.


Yennefer from The Witcher series is a great addition to the group idea or as an individual one.


Geralt from The Witcher series by CD Projekt RED is amazing, not only as an individual, but can be done as a group with the other characters.


I don't know about you ladies, but I think Triss from The Witcher series by CD Projekt RED is stunning.


Is anyone looking to turn some heads on your way to the convention dressed as characters from Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 by Dennation Games and Devolver Digital? The look on people's faces would be absolutely priceless--just like Visa.


The Knights from The Order: 1886 by Red at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment, would be a great group cosplay for friends. There's nothing like doing a cosplay theme with your fellow cosplay comrades.


Mortal Kombat X's Kano would be a fun cosplay for any guy looking to show off his gym efforts.


Of course, seeing Bigby, also from The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games, walking around a convention center perhaps "approaching" Bloody Mary would be epic.


Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games would be pretty amazing and scary to see in-person.


The Goliath monster from the upcoming Evolve release by Turtle Rock Studios and 2K looks to be like quite another challenge, but also so amazing if pulled off.


Want to really challenge your cosplay skills? How about this creature from the recent release Dragon Age Inquisition? Talk about a challenge and making a statement.


Another idea from Bloodborne that I believe is worth checking out is the Bell Maiden. My goodness that just screams creative genius all over!


The Raven Hunter from the greatly anticipated Bloodborne release by From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment is the stuff of nightmares. Think of the impressions you'll make as everyone stops to look!


Aurora from Child of Light by Ubisoft Montreal gives some great variations as she grows, that you can really make your costume something to remember!


Next we have the character classes from Destiny by Bungie. The Titan, Warlock, and Hunter have so many shaders and armor in the game, that you could really come up with something unique.


Hello folks! It's about that time of year again when we start prepping our ideas for our cosplay costumes for all the upcoming conventions, such as PAX South and as far ahead as NYCC. Here at GameSkinny, we want to assist you with sharing some great ideas to get those creative juices flowing.


First up is the upcoming release of Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine that was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Talking About Video Game High School With Freddie Wong (Exclusive Interview) Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:15:05 -0400 Venisia Gonzalez

So much happened at this year's New York Comic Con 2014 and I'm glad to say I was there as part of the action. Video Game High School had one of the hottest panels at the convention on Saturday, October 8th. IGN's own Greg Miller appeared as moderator, alongside creator Freddie Wong and head writer Will Campos. Those who attended the panel saw the East Coast Premiere of Season 3's first episode before it officially aired on Monday, October 13th.

I must admit I was new to VGHS and when I watched the first episode of Season 1, I didn't know what to think. VGHS is not your typical high school environment for those of you who don't know. It's a world where competitive gaming is very important. It's insane, funny and will leave you cheering.

So check out Season 3 of Video Game High School now available on YouTube!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Freddie Wong in Manhattan to talk about this mega-hit. I met a very energetic and down-to-earth gentleman comfortably wearing sandles settling in on the couch of his suite after a long flight with busy days ahead.

What inspired Video Game High School?

It came from a weird, jokey pitch that one of our writers did to us back in 2009. Here's the name Video Game High School, so we started riffing on the idea on "what would that look like?" If there's a world where pro-gaming is the most important thing in the world, you got be a pro when you're 18 because the time you're in your mid-20's, your reflexes are shot, so you need to be playing in high school. So we started kicking aroung the idea, do you go to regular classes or is this all video game classes?

It's very much a wish fulfillment fantasy. I know at least for me in middle school/high school was "I don't wanna do homework, I wish my homework was video games" - perfect. So that was pretty much the basis for it. From the concept of it, it's easy to expect a serious, dark, gritty show but that's not who we are. We wanted to turn this into a fun, ridiculous, a little bit insane, a little bit funny and that's sort of where the basis for it came from.

Did your experience in competitive gaming help with the premise for the show?

It definitely helped a little bit early on just in terms of the way when people asked, "Are people really this cocky?" "Believe me this isn't half as crazy as some people get." Plus my competitive gaming world side was for rhythm gaming , was for Guitar Hero. So it was a lot of fun because nobody really cares about rhythm gaming anymore. So I'd be able to play a faculty member of the school who as a former glorious rhythm gamer fallen from grace was a lot of fun. It was sort of like a weird real-life nod from what I'm used to a little bit.

Was it awkward portraying your character on the show with your younger brother? What does it feel like?

It's kind of funny. I asked our Dad about that. It's the one weird thing, if you can't get over this, then you're not getting through the show at all. We kind of get away with it. I didn't want to do old person make-up. We didn't have anyone else to play a real-life character of myself. We definitely had a lot of fun with. I think we get away with it because I can probably pass for a little older than I am and Jimmy can pass for a little younger than he is. You kind of combine those two and maybe we can get away with it.

(lots of laughter all around here....)
How have you felt regarding the overwhelming response to Video Game High School? Did you think you'd get the reaction that you did?

No not really. We always set out to make as good of a show as we can and to the best of our abilities. That's always been the focus. The reaction is mind blowing, especially the depth of the reaction to it. We hear from people " know Video Game High School, there was a tough time in my life and it help me get through that." For us it was like "woah," for us it's a show about video games and it's always interesting. There's story and this sort of thing can affect people. It can be transformative in that way. I think that's probably the most you can possibly aspire to do as a filmmaker, is to have your work be transformative in a positive way for people. Hopefully we've accomplished that over the course of these last three seasons and hopefully we wrap that up with this season.

What can we expect to see from Season 3?

Expect every character will be put through the ringer in this one. Season 1 - I would categorize that as a sports movie structure. It's very point A-point B, very linear following one character. Season 2 is very much a sitcom television show sort of thing. Looser, over-arching storylines, character sort of driven; and Season 3 is a combination of those two things. Every character has a very strong through line, a very crazy, emotional and challenging arch for each of them. They each sort of get through it in their own way.

For fans of the show, it'll be incredibly satisfying to see how we've concluded everything that we've done with our characters over the past two years now. For people who are new to the show, it represents the best of what we're able to do with our skillset and hopefully the skillset that keeps improving.

Season 3 will bring lots of celebrity cameos like Conan O'Brien and many others thanks to some of their kids who are fans of the show. Freddie joked around that they shoot so fast, no one would notice if they filmed a cameo. So be on the look out!

What's next for Video Game High School?

We're not done with it yet. Our plans are to turn it into an animated series. With all the things you can do with animation with the show now, we can create a whole new cast of characters, we can take the world of Video Game High School and transfer it to an animated world.

No word on when that will happen yet folks. It takes time and money to get projects like that underway. Video Game High School the Board Game by Plaid Hat Games will be coming out soon. So keep watching for details.

What are some of your favorites in gaming?

I'm kind of old school like FPS, Quake 2 back in the day, Counter-Strike. I like games hard games, games that are frustrating and challenging. The kind that make you want to throw the controller against the wall. I love rogue-likes.

Freddie Wong is definitely nervous and excited about everyone's reaction to Season 3 of Video Game High School. He playfully hid his head behind his hands during the panel right before the audience saw Episode 1. There's nothing like seeing your highly popular show in a packed room with eager fans air a premiere episode and wonder what their reaction will be.

Freddie and Will got a standing ovation at the S3 Ep. 1 NYCC premiere.

PlayStation Experience:December Set to Be Something Special for PlayStation Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:27:12 -0400 Jay Prodigious

It's getting later in the year and December will soon be upon us. You know what that means?

Holiday sales, Fat Mall Santa's, and the PlayStation Experience.

December 6-7 in Las Vegas, Nevada, PlayStation reps will be hosting a community event dedicated to the gamers.

Set for the event, PS promises: 

hands-on gameplay with tons of upcoming PlayStation games, collect free swag, and get a chance to purchase rare collectibles directly from their favorite game studios.  Attendees will also get an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss.

Excitement is in the air with this announcement,  you can read the rest of it here, as well as post a comment explaining your excitement. 

The Rumor Mill

One of the bigger rumors around the net about what is likely to be revealed is Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

In an interview with GameCrate, Evan Wells, co-president of Naughty Dog, discussed 30th Year Anniversary of Naught Dog, their Art Show (which I discussed not to long ago), and the future for the game giant.

Wells mentioned that they will have "stuff to show you very soon." when asked about UC4. While not something concrete, the dates between when the interview and announcement of the PlayStation Experience were a bit too close together. Add on the fact that Naughty Dog is known for a good track record when it comes to reveals, we can at least gleam that this title may show up.

Will the Vita be Ignored?

While many are excited for all the goodies promised, the flip side of this announcement has brought out some pretty unhappy people. Those who own the Vita are stating they wont be going:

All images above were taken from the PlayStation blog comments

While Minecraft is the latest release set for the Vita, it's clear to see why the handheld crowd feels a bit left out. Announcing any info on the Vita could satiate this demographic at the event. Here's me crossing my fingers.

So will you be attending the PlayStation Experience? I know if I lived in the Las Vegas area, I would definitely do my best to attend. It promises to be worthwhile indeed.  The venue and means to get passes will be updated by PlayStation as the event gets closer, so keep an eye on their blogs for more info.