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Every single encounter with a foe in Dark and Darker leads to loss of HP. There aren't that many ways of restoring health in the game, so knowing how to heal is essential.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to heal in Dark and Darker, including all working methods.

How to Heal in Dark and Darker

Use Consumables and Shrines of Health

The most common way to heal yourself in Dark and Darker is to consume healing potions and bandages.

There are eight rarities of consumables in the game, where each rarity gives you a better effect. Here is the breakdown of their healing effects:

  • Healing Potions:
    • Cracked (11 HP)
    • Flawed (15 HP)
    • Normal (19 HP)
    • Fine (23 HP)
    • Exquisite (27 HP)
    • Perfect (31 HP)
    • Legendary (42 HP)
    • Unique (50 HP)
  • Bandages:
    • Cracked (8 HP)
    • Flawed (10 HP)
    • Normal (15 HP)
    • Fine (20 HP)
    • Exquisite (25 HP)
    • Perfect (30 HP)
    • Legendary (35 HP)
    • Unique (40 HP)

You can purchase healing potions from an Alchemist, and bandages from the Surgeon.

Players who are out of healing consumables can restore 100% of their HP by interacting with the Shrine of Health that spawns inside a dungeon.

Lastly, players can build a campfire in order to restore some of your lost HP using Campfire Kit, which can be purchased from a Weaponsmith.

Use Class Abilities to Heal

The most important class for healing yourself and others is Cleric. One of Cleric perks is Kindness, which restores 15% of his own HP while healing another target. In order to heal others Cleric can use the Tier 5 spell Holy Light, which heals an ally for 30 HP.

Barbarian perk Morale Boost restores 10% of his HP after killing an enemy. His Toughness perk also increases his own HP pool by 10%. Finally, his War Cry skill increases his own HP pool and that of his allies by 25%.

Fighter class has two skills that restore HP: Second Wind and Victory Strike. The first one recovers 50% of your HP, while the latter restores 5% if you killed an enemy.

Ranger is the last class, which can heal oneself by using the Field Ration skill. In this case you need to forage food, thus restoring 25 HP.

That's everything you need to know on how to heal in Dark and Darker, and stay tuned for more Dark and Darker guides.

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Need for Speed: Unbound — How to Get the BMW M3 GTR Thu, 08 Dec 2022 11:04:08 -0500 Serhii Patskan

The BMW M3 GTR returns once again in Need for Speed: Unbound, as one of the fastest and coolest cars in the game. It is an exact replica of 2006 model from Need for Speed: Heat, and there are a couple of ways how players can get this fantastic sports car.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get BMW M3 GTR in Need for Speed: Unbound, including its exact location on the world map.

How to Get the BMW M3 GTR in Need for Speed: Unbound

Complete High Heat Delivery Mission

In Week 4 of the story, Yaz will call you during an S-tier night event  with an offer to start a new High Heat: Level 5 delivery mission from The Blacklist. Players will need to locate BMW M3 GTR and take it to the designated location.

Follow these steps to deliver the car:

  1. Locate the car in Edgewater (red marker on the map above).
  2. Escape the chasing cops, including:
    • 2 SWAT Raptor Trucks.
    • 1 Undercover Camaro.
    • 1 Helicopter.
    • 1 Interceptor Corvette.
  3. Deliver the car to Griffith Parklands (yellow marker on the map above).

Note that you will gain monetary rewards depending on the amount of damages your vehicle takes while delivering it to the client. Here are all the possible rewards:

  • $13,200: highly damaged.
  • $20,000: moderately damaged.
  • $30,000: lightly damaged.
  • $40,000: undamaged.

Fortunately, you will see the damage gauge on the screen and be able to control just how much damage they can afford to this vehicle during the chase. The best way to mitigate the damage is to stop at gas stations to repair the damages.

You can also open the world map during the mission and follow the yellow marker for the shortest route to the delivery location, which can also help you mitigate some of that damage.

Subscribe to EA Play

If you wish to get BMW M3 GTR as soon as possible, then the only other way is to purchase an EA Play subscription:

  • $4,99 a month.
  • $29.99 a year.

It doesn't matter which subscription you choose, you will get BMW M3 GTR right away. But do note that if you purchase the subscription and have not unlocked the car in the story mode, then you will not be able to use it in Career mode, but only in online multiplayer.

BMW M3 GTR Stats

BMW M3 GTR is one of the fastest cars in Need for Speed: Unbound, and here are its characteristics:

  • Engine: 4.0L V8
  • Set Up: Front engine/rear wheel.
  • Transmission: 6-speed.
  • Max Speed: 350 km/h (218 m/h).
  • Horse Power: 741
  • Max Torque: 550
  • Quarter Mile: 10.6
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h (60 m/h): 3.4 seconds.

The car also has a number of customization options, including:

  • Body Kits.
  • Paint and Wrap.
  • Horns.
  • Driving Effects.

That's everything you need to know on how to get BMW M3 GTR in Need for Speed: Unbound, and stay tuned for more Need for Speed: Unbound guides.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Unlock the Swim Upgrade Fri, 25 Nov 2022 14:16:46 -0500 John Schutt

The world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is vast, and there are many rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water scattered about or separating parts of the Paldean continent from one another. Naturally, you'll want to know how to swim sooner rather than later, but it will take some time before you unlock the ability.

How to Unlock the Swim Upgrade in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Almost all of the traversal mechanics in Scarlet and Violet come from your Koraidon or Miradidon, and swimming is no exception. However, unlocking their swimming upgrade will take a little while, as all traversal abilities are locked behind the giant Titan Pokemon around the map. To earn the ability to swim, you need to defeat the Open Sky Titan, a huge version of the Flying/Dark Pokémon Bombirdier.

You’ll find the Open Sky Titan in the far western portion of the map, and you’ll need to navigate your way up a mountain, dodging falling boulders the whole way. Do so successfully, and you’ll reach where the Titan roosts.

Fighting Bombirdier is a battle of attrition taking place across two phases. In the first phase, you’ll need to reduce its HP to about 1/10, at which point the fight will end, and the Titan will retreat to its lair, but not before eating some Herba Mystica and powering itself up.

The second phase sees you trying to make the Titan faint, and you’ll have your friend Arven with you as support. Fighting Bombirdier is like fighting any other Flying Pokémon: bring Electric or Rock types, and if you’ve managed to snag a Fairy type, use that as well. It’s also weak to Ice, but those Pokémon are harder to come by in the early game.

You can use either Special Attacks or standard Attacks, as while Bombirdier doesn’t have the best stats in the world, its Defense and Special Defense are the same.

When you finally defeat the Open Sky Titan, a cutscene will play where Arven makes a sandwich with the Herba Mystica, which you can then give to Koraidon or Miraidon, unlocking their ability to swim. You can then use your newfound skills to cross the river in eastern Paldea and reach much more of the map.

Aside from learning how to swim, there are plenty of other things to discover in this Pokemon iteration. Check out our other Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides.

Metal: Hellsinger — Best Sigils for Getting High Scores Fri, 16 Sep 2022 11:12:38 -0400 John Schutt

Metal: Hellsinger is well-balanced around its core experience, and you don’t need any buffs or bonuses to get an incredibly enjoyable five hours out of it. If you want to challenge yourself more and go for the highest scores on the leaderboards, you’ll want to collect the Sigil buffs from the Torments you unlock for completing each level. From there, you'll want the best ones from the lot.

All Sigils have three levels, and at their highest level, Sigils can make your play more comfortable and consistent, ensuring you score higher and higher the more you master each Hell. In this Metal: Hellsinger list, we’ll explain which four Sigils you should focus on depending on your playstyle.

Metal: Hellsinger's Four Best Sigils

There are seven Sigils in Metal: Hellsinger, but you can only equip two Sigils at a time. The two you choose will need to complement how you play. Experiment with all seven, but the four listed here are the best for consistency and ease of play.

Streak Guardian

This Sigil does exactly what it says in the title. At level three, you can take three hits before your hit streak would reset. That’s valuable because the higher your hit streak, the more bonuses you’ll have, like Ultimate and Point Gain, among others.

We should mention that this Streak Guardian is best used as you’re making your way toward mastery of a level and won’t necessarily let you get the absolute highest scores. To truly top the leaderboards, you’ll need to be perfect, or nearly so, and take as few hits as possible. We go over how to get high scores in another guide

You earn Streak Guardian via the Killing with Rhythm Torment, so it’s available early in a first playthrough, and it doesn’t take long to upgrade to the level three version.

Boon Momentum

Reaching specific Hit Streak break points awards boons that increase your Fury and Ultimate gain, among many other bonuses. Boon Momentum makes those break points appear much faster, ensuring your scoring potential ramps up as quickly as possible.

As we’re not interested in getting hit, this Sigil’s usefulness falls off once you’ve collected all the Hit Streak boons, but if you take a hit or two, the Sigil immediately becomes relevant again. While you won’t always lose 16x Fury for taking damage, boons do disappear, and this Sigil makes it easier to get them back.

You earn Boon Momentum from the Relic Thief Torments, some of the more satisfying and least challenging to complete. It’s also an early pickup, so put it to good use.

Ultimate Sovereignty

This Sigil is one of the only passives in the game, granting a minimum of 0.5% of your Ultimate with every beat. While that might not seem like much, the later-game songs are very high-tempo, and there can be at least two or three beats per second, meaning you can get a minimum of 1.5% Ultimate charge for doing nothing at all. Combine that with the energy you gain from hitting and killing enemies, and the Hit Streak boon will keep your abilities active almost constantly.

You’ll need to progress a bit to unlock the Ultimate Mastery Torment that awards this Sigil, as it’s in Yhelm, the third Hell you explore. You won’t be able to fully upgrade it until you reach the second-to-last level of Acheron, but even at lower levels, it’s more than worth your time.


This Sigil pairs perfectly with high-level play, as it gives at least 10% extra Fury when you make a Perfect hit or kill on the beat. As before, our goal is to never be at less than a 16x Fury multiplier, but it’s also next to impossible to keep that meter maxed out 100% of the time.

This is especially true when moving through longer hallways without any enemies, where Paz is all you have to rely on to keep Fury up. Perfectionist, however, works with Paz, so this Sigil can be effective in and out of combat and make recovering from a bad moment in a boss fight much easier.

You don’t get access to the first level of Perfectionist until Incaustis, the fourth Hell, and you won’t be able to max it out until Acheron, the final Hell with Torments attached. It’s useful at any level, however, so once you’re on your way to the highest scores, it should be a permanent equip.

Those are the four best Sigils you’ll want to always have on. The first two are more useful as you learn the game, while the latter two are best once you’ve achieved some level of mastery. Depending on your preferences, you may want to stick with one over the others. It’s all about how you enjoy racking up points and rocking to the soundtrack of Metal: Hellsinger. We cover how to get all of the other Sigils here

Grimlight Best Characters Tier List & How to ReRoll Mon, 18 Jul 2022 08:41:08 -0400 Serhii Patskan

Grimlight has a surprisingly strong story campaign for a mobile RPG, and a roster of versatile heroes. New players would also be pleased to find out that the line to reroll comes very quickly here.

Our guide will list all the best characters in Grimlight in a tier list fashion, and provide you with clear instructions on how to reroll.

How to Reroll in Grimlight

You've got 10 free starter pulls per account in Grimlight:

  1. Complete the Chapter 1-3 of the story campaign
  2. Speak to Celeste
  3. Go to "Summon" menu
  4. Go to "Selective Summon" tab
  5. Confirm by pressing the "Summon x10 Free" button

In case you are not satisfied with your ten free pulls, and you wish to repeat this process, then you need to create a brand new account under a different email, and after that you can try another 10 free pulls on this new account.

S-Tier Heroes


  • Attack: 567
  • Defense: 158
  • HP: 8,387

Cinderella has the highest active damage in the game, which is multiplied by 12x, resulting in the total of 6,804 damage. This means that she is a perfect choice for targeting bosses and other strong enemies.

Also, she begins each round with an additional shield, and grants extra energy to all allies.

Since her element is Water, Cinderella would be perfect for teams that focus on this element.

Winter Queen

  • Attack: 454
  • Defense: 261
  • HP: 10,487

Speaking of Water teams, here is probably the best companion for Cinderella, who uses frost magic to immobilize foes. Two of them, Cinderella and Winter Queen, could easily deal with lots of problematic units during any battle.

Winter Queen can be either a center or a support of a frost-focused team, which is currently one of the best strategies in Grimlight.

A-Tier Heroes


  • Attack: 567
  • Defense: 249
  • HP: 13,869

You may notice that Alice has the same amount of damage as Cinderella, but her active multiplier is only 3x. Still she can deal a total of 4,252 damage to a single target, which at times is enough to insta-kill an enemy.

She also has a passive healing skill, which restores 170 HP to all allies, and her evasion has a natural boost of 20%.

All this makes Alice a fantastic choice for any Fire team, that is looking for a universal DPS.


  • Attack: 363
  • Defense: 215
  • HP: 14,732

Dracula is arguably the best tank in the game due to his immense HP pool and Lifesteal trait, which allows him to heal himself after each attack.

He can be used as a damage dealer as well, but then you would need to pair him up with a buffer, who can regularly boost his attack power.


  • Attack: 431
  • Defense: 227
  • HP: 10,215

Dorothy is a straight-up healer who does nothing but restores HP of her allies, and she does it very well.

Her active skill provides all allies with a temporary shield equal to 3,575 HP, which lasts for 10 seconds.

On top of that, she can heal 862 HP of the four nearby allies after dealing three hits.

B-Tier Heroes

Snow White

  • Attack: 408
  • Defense: 476
  • HP: 19,147

Snow White is another top-notch tank, who has a humongous HP pool, but what makes her a little less exciting than Dracula is the lack of the self-heal ability.

She can resurrect herself once per battle, but in that case Snow White gets only half of her life back.

Queen of Hearts

  • Attack: 567
  • Defense: 283
  • HP: 11,690

If you weren't able to get Alice during your initial pulls, but you did get Queen of Hearts, you still lucked out as she's one of the best Fire DPS units in the game.

What makes her really special is that all her active attacks come in the shape of massive AoEs, although the damage could be higher.


  • Attack: 408
  • Defense: 227
  • HP: 9,307

Rapunzel is basically a slightly worse alternative of Dorothy. She basically has the same healing mechanics, but a little less effective.

Rapunzel can heal all her allies for 3, 264 HP, and at the same time remove all debuffs. And, just like Dorothy, she can heal 612 HP of the three nearby allies after every three hits.

Those are the best heroes in Grimlight, for you to reroll for using those free pulls.

Total War Warhammer 3 Multiplayer Not Working Fix Thu, 24 Feb 2022 05:25:23 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Total War Warhammer 3 has been released to many mixed reviews, and understandably so. For the time being, the game is riddled with bugs and multiplayer issues, preventing players from having a good time.

This guide will provide you with a possible fix to the multiplayer not working error in Total War Warhammer 3. The developer is aware of this issue, and the next patch should solve it. But for now, you can use the methods listed below that have already helped many players.

Use Steam Friends List

Steam players who can't connect to multiplayer games in Total War Warhammer 3 can use the Steam Friends List instead of trying to join the online session directly.

First, make sure that a friend you're trying to join is currently playing Total War Warhammer 3. Then, here's what you need to do, if you're on Steam:

  1. Close the Total War Warhammer 3
  2. Open your Steam client
  3. Click on the "Friends" in the top menu
  4. Select "Friends List" option
  5. Right-click on the friend's name in the list
  6. Select "Join Game" option

You may need to try this a few time in case the game doesn't connect you right away.

Re-login on Game Pass

If you've purchased the game through Game Pass, then there are a few things you can do:

  • First, try to log-out and log-in back again, and try connecting to the multiplayer games. Repeat this if needed.
  • Some players have reported that changing their profile icons in Xbox app helped them connect to online sessions.
  • Temporarily disable your firewall in the system settings.

Follow these steps to turn off firewall for the time being:

  1. Press the Start button
  2. Go to "Settings" tab
  3. Select "Update and Security" feature
  4. Go to "Windows Security" tab
  5. Select "Firewall and Windows Protection" feature
  6. Open "Windows Security" settings
  7. Switch the Microsoft Defender Firewall option OFF

You can switch it back on at any moment!

Link Game Pass to Steam Account

It is highly recommended to play on the same platform in multiplayer mode, using either Steam or Game Pass.

However, many players have both platforms, and those who purchased Total War Warhammer 3 via Game Pass may have problems playing with people in Steam.

In this case you need to link your Game Pass account to your Steam account by doing the following:

  1. Press Win+G key combination
  2. Open Microsoft Video Game Platform app
  3. Select "Configuration" option
  4. Go to "Accounts" tab
  5. Click on the "LINK" button next to Steam option from the list
  6. Enter your Steam account info
  7. Confirm the linking of two accounts in a confirmation e-mail

Now you can play your Game Pass games using Steam account, and connecting to your Steam friends online.

Hopefully, these tips helped you fix multiplayer not working error in Total War Warhammer 3. Be sure to give this guide a share, if it helped you!

Skyrim: Ill Met by Moonlight Walkthrough Guide Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:44:37 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

The Ill Met by Moonlight quest in Skyrim has great rewards for the players who take the time to complete it, either the Ring of Hircine or or Savior's Hide Daedric Artifact. We'll go over how to get either in this guide, as well as an old method for you to get and keep both in a single playthrough that may or may not work on newer editions of Skyrim.

How to complete the Ill Met by Moonlight quest in Skyrim

A Meeting with Sinding

In any case, to start the Ill Met by Moonlight quest in Skyrim, simply go to Falkreath Barracks and, once inside, enter the door to Falkreath Jail. To your left, you'll find a man named Sinding. He tells you that he murdered an innocent child while he was under the effects of bloodlust.

If you choose to help him, he'll hand you the Cursed Ring of Hircine. This will get automatically equipped and you'd have no way to get rid of it until you finish the quest. Its perk causes you to randomly turn into a werewolf if you're already afflicted with Lycanthropy. As for Sinding, he transforms into a beast before escaping the prison.

The White Stag

Sinding's last clue before leaving tells you of a White Stag, an animal blessed by the Daedric God of the Hunt. If you're tracking the quest, then you should find it east of Falkreath.

Be forewarned that it'll run away when it spots you, and you need to chase it down.

Ideally, you'll want to use powerful bows with your leveled Archery skill or Destruction spells. The White Stag has high regeneration, which means it's imperative that you take it out quickly. In our case, it ran off to Helgen before it got stuck inside a ruined house.

Once the White Stag has been killed, the Aspect of Hircine will appear. You'll then be asked to hunt Sinding in the Bloated Man's Grotto. Your answer here won't matter, so just make your way to the location.

The Hunt in Bloated Man's Grotto

Bloated Man's Grotto is north of Falkreath, well beyond the lake. If you weren't exploring this region beforehand, then our suggestion would be to fast travel to any of the locations in Whiterun as those might be closer. Inside, you'll see several dead hunters. One is still alive, warning you about Sinding.

Important: There's a unique weapon, the Bolar's Oathblade, found at the Shrine of Talos inside the cavern. The weapon deals 25 points of stamina damage and causes creatures and people up to level 12 to flee from combat for 30 seconds.

However, this weapon can only be obtained if you go to this location before starting the Ill Met by Moonlight quest. Otherwise, the Shrine of Talos will be destroyed once you arrive and the weapon will disappear.

Killing or Sparing Sinding

When you approach the cliffside path, you'll see the werewolf Sinding watching over you, with the Bloodmoon in the sky as a backdrop. You're presented two choices:

Kill Sinding: Sinding will flee along the pathway. He'll attack and kill several hunters, but you should be able to corner him and take him out. When you're done, you can interact with his corpse to skin it. The Aspect of Hircine will appear, removing the Cursed Ring of Hircine and rewarding you with the Savior's Hide.

Spare Sinding: Alternatively, you can decide to let Sinding live. He'll ally with you, and you'll have to eliminate the remaining hunters along the pathways. Once that's done, you're prompted to talk to Sinding, who'll make the Bloated Man's Grotto his home to avoid harming innocent people. When you go outside, the Aspect of Hircine will be there. The Cursed Ring of Hircine will be removed, and you'll receive the real Ring of Hircine instead.

Should You Pick the Ring of Hircine or the Savior's Hide?

Both the Ring of Hircine and Savior's Hide are considered Daedric Artifacts, and either one counts toward the Oblivion Walker achievement tally in Skyrim. Here are their effects:

  • Ring of Hircine - This allows for unlimited transformations as a werewolf.
  • Savior's Hide - This light armor has +15% magic resistance and +50% poison resistance.

Needless to say, the Ring of Hircine sounds a lot cooler. The Beast Form power, obtained during The Silver Hand quest for the Companions, only lets you turn into a werewolf once per day.

However, the Ring of Hircine can be re-equipped even after the effects have elapsed. The power can be reused repeatedly as often as you want.

Of course, if you're not planning to become a werewolf, then it's totally useless and the Savior's Hide becomes more viable.

Can You Get Both the Ring of Hircine and Savior's Hide?

Many moons ago (pun intended), there used to be a glitch that allowed you to obtain both the Ring of Hircine and Savior's Hide in Skyrim. Unfortunately, we've tried various methods, and none of them seemed to work. Still, you're free to try and see if you can get the glitch to work in your favor. Here are the steps:

  • Save your game when you enter Bloated Man's Grotto.
  • When you encounter Sinding, tell him that you'll spare his life.
  • Kill all the hunters. You should then get prompted to talk to Sinding. Create a separate save here so you can test other methods.
  • Talk to Sinding to complete the Ill Met by Moonlight quest in Skyrim. This lets you give the Cursed Ring of Hircine to a companion (it's no longer soulbound to your character).
  • Go outside the cave. The Aspect of Hircine will greet you. Say that you "failed," and you'll be given the Ring of Hircine. Give this to your companion, too.
  • Run back inside the cave and kill Sinding. Interact with his corpse to skin it, which will cause another Aspect of Hircine to appear. The Daedric God's manifestation will give you the Savior's Hide. Now, you've got both Daedric Artifacts.
  • An alternative is to talk to Sinding and go outside. However, you should cancel your conversation here with Hircine. Quickly run back inside, then kill and skin Sinding to get the Savior's Hide. Give it to your companion, then head outside and claim the Ring of Hircine from the aspect there.

That's it for our guide to Ill Met by Moonlight. If you it helpful, check out some of our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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Skyrim Alchemy Potion Recipes Guide Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:44:33 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

Alchemy in Skyrim is easier to get into than you might think, and most players will want to delve into it to some degree at least for restorative potions. The buffs and poisons you can craft through Alchemy are well worth it as well. In this guide we'll go over getting into Skyrim Alchemy and how to best use it for you.

Combinations of Alchemy Ingredients in Skyrim

Each Alchemy ingredient in Skyrim has four distinct effects. Through trial and error (i.e., eating the ingredients or combining them using the Alchemy Lab) shows you the types of effects that they have.

Given that you only need at least two ingredients to brew a potion or poison, you'll want to ensure that the ingredients that you're using have a similar effect. Once discovered, these will appear on the panel so you can quickly craft them using specific items.

Moreover, you can visit Alchemy vendors, trainers, and even general goods stores. Check their wares and they might be selling recipes that you can learn instantly.

Skyrim Potion Recipes

Potions in Skyrim are used to buff your character temporarily. These are some of the ingredients that you can combine to create these potions.

Cure Disease Potion:

  • Charred Skeever Hide
  • Hawk Feathers
  • Mudcrab Chitin
  • Vampire Dust

Fortify Carry Weight Potion:

  • Creep Cluster
  • Giant's Toe
  • Hawk Beak
  • Netch Jelly
  • River Betty

Invisibility Potion:

  • Chaurus Eggs
  • Crimson Nirnroot/Nirnroot
  • Ice Wraith Teeth
  • Vampire Dust

Regenerate Health Potion:

  • Garlic
  • Juniper Berries
  • Luna Moth Wing
  • Nordic Barnacle
  • Vampire Dust

Regenerate Magicka Potion:

  • Dwarven Oil
  • Fire Salts
  • Garlic
  • Moon Sugar
  • Salt Pile
  • Taproot

Regenerate Stamina Potion:

  • Bee
  • Fly Amanita
  • Mora Tapinella
  • Scaly Pholiota

Resist Fire Potion:

  • Bone Meal
  • Dragon's Tongue
  • Elves Ear
  • Fire Salts
  • Fly Amanita
  • Mudcrab Chitin
  • Snowberries

Resist Frost Potion:

  • Frost Salts
  • Hawk Beak
  • Moon Sugar
  • Purple Mountain Flower
  • Slaughterfish Scales
  • Snowberries
  • Thistle Branch

Resist Poison Potion:

  • Beehive Husk
  • Charred Skeever Hide
  • Falmer Ear
  • Grass Pod
  • Mudcrab Chitin
  • Slaughterfish Egg
  • Thistle Branch
  • Troll Fat

Resist Shock Potion:

  • Blue Dartwing
  • Glow Dust
  • Glowing Mushroom
  • Hawk Beak
  • Pearl
  • Snowberries
  • Swamp Fungal Pod

Waterbreathing Potion:

  • Chicken's Egg
  • Fish
  • Histcarp
  • Nordic Barnacle
  • Salmon Roe

Skyrim Poison Recipes

Conversely, the poisons in Skyrim are used to coat weapons, granting them a temporary effect. Alternatively, you can level up your Sneak skill to get close to an enemy, then place a potion inside their own pockets to see the effect.

Damage Health Poison:

  • Crimson Nirnroot/Nirnroot
  • Deathbell
  • Ectoplasm
  • Falmer Ear
  • Human Flesh
  • Human Heart
  • Imp Stool
  • Nightshade
  • Red Mountain Flower
  • Skeever Tail
  • Small Antlers
  • Troll Fat
  • Void Salts

Damage Magicka Poison:

  • Butterfly Wing
  • Chaurus Eggs
  • Daedra Heart
  • Glow Dust
  • Hagraven Feathers
  • Hanging Moss
  • Human Heart
  • Luna Moth Wing
  • Nordic Barnacle

Damage Stamina Poison:

  • Ancestor Moth Wing
  • Blisterwort
  • Blue Butterfly Wing
  • Bone Meal
  • Crimson Nirnroot/Nirnroot
  • Giant's Toe
  • Rock Warbler Egg
  • Spider Egg

Fear Poison:

  • Blue Dartwing
  • Cyrodillic Spadetail
  • Daedra Heart
  • Netch Jelly
  • Poison Bloom
  • Powdered Mammoth Tusk

Frenzy Poison:

  • Blisterwort
  • Boar Tusk
  • Falmer Ear
  • Fly Amanita
  • Hagraven's Feathers
  • Human Heart
  • Troll Fat

Paralysis Poison:

  • Briar Heart
  • Canis Root
  • Gleamblossom
  • Human Heart
  • Imp Stool
  • Netch Jelly
  • Swamp Fungal Pod

Slow Poison:

  • Deathbell
  • Large Antlers
  • Poison Bloom
  • River Betty
  • Salt Pile

That's it for our Skyrim Alchemy guide. If you it helpful, check out some of our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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Skyrim Illusion Guide: All Spells, Perks, and How to Level Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:42:34 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

Skyrim's Illusion spells have a huge variety of uses in combat and otherwise, from bending creatures to your will to shrouding yourself in magicks for protection. This guide will go over how to learn Illusion spells in Skyrim and highlight why you may want to learn this powerful magic.

How to Learn Illusion Spells in Skyrim

Illusion spells in Skyrim are primarily learned by reading tomes, which are purchased from vendors. We suggest visiting Drevis Neloren, the Master Illusion trainer in the College of Winterhold as he has most of the magic abilities that you need.

However, there are certain requirements, too. For instance, some books can only be purchased as you get closer to a particular Illusion skill level (i.e., you probably won't see spell tomes like Rally or Invisibility if you've got a very low Illusion skill).

Others, meanwhile, are directly related to Vampirism, which means you need to follow those particular quest chains and instances to obtain a spell.

Skyrim Illusion Spells and Levels

Novice Level 

The tomes are available by default. You can purchase these from vendors like Drevis Neloren in the College of Winterhold or Farengar Secret-Fire in Whiterun - Dragonsreach:

  • Clairvoyance - Shows the path to the current goal (i.e., tracked quests).
  • Courage - The target won't flee for 60 seconds; gains extra health and stamina.
  • Fury - Creatures up to level 6 will attack anything nearby for 60 seconds.

Apprentice Level

These spell tomes, barring one example, can be purchased from various vendors, including Drevis Neloren. Ideally, though, you'll want to rank up a bit if you don't see them in their wares:

  • Calm - Creatures up to level 9 won't fight for 30 seconds.
  • Fear - Creatures up to level 9 will flee from combat for 30 seconds.
  • Muffle - Move more quietly for 180 seconds.
  • *Vampire's Seduction - Calms creatures up to level 10 for 30 seconds. This is only acquired once you reach the second stage of Vampirism.

Adept Level

Increase your Illusion skill further to see these:

  • Frenzy - Creatures up to level 14 will attack anyone nearby for 60 seconds; can be purchased from Drevis Neloren.
  • Rally - Targets won't flee for 60 seconds; gain extra health and stamina; can be purchased from Drevis Neloren.
  • Frenzy Rune - Creatures up to level 20 will attack anyone nearby for 30 seconds; can be purchased from Talvas Fathryon in Soltsheim - Tel Mithryn.

Expert Level

Drevis Neloren should be your main source for these particular tomes:

  • Rout - Creatures up to level 20 flee from combat for 30 seconds; requires at least Illusion 60.
  • Pacify - Creatures up to level 20 won't fight for 60 seconds; requires at least Illusion 65.
  • Invisibility - You become invisible for 30 seconds; activating an object or attacking will break the spell; requires at least Illusion 75.

Master Illusion Spells

These Illusion spells in Skyrim can only be obtained from Drevis Neloren once you've hit Illusion 100. At this point, Drevis Neloren will give you the "Illusion Ritual Spell" quest. Completing that lets you purchase the spells directly.

  • Call to Arms - Targets have improved combat skills, health, and stamina for 10 minutes.
  • Harmony - Creatures up to level 25 nearby won't fight for 60 seconds.
  • Hysteria - Creatures up to level 25 flee from combat for 60 seconds.
  • Mayhem - Creatures up to level 25 will attack anyone nearby for 60 seconds.

Skyrim Illusion Perks

These are the Illusion perks available by default in Skyrim. However, we encourage you to try the Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim mod made by Enai Siaion. It adds more perks to various skills, making the leveling process and combat casting more engaging.

  • Novice Illusion (no requirement) - Cast Novice-level Illusion spells for half magicka.
  • Illusion Dual Casting (requires Illusion 20 and Novice Illusion) - Dual casting an Illusion spell overcharges the default effect into a more powerful version. This means selecting the same spell for both your left and right hands, then simultaneously using left-click and right-click to fire that empowered spell.
  • Left branch (mana cost reduction):
    • Apprentice Illusion (requires Illusion 25 and Novice Illusion) - Cast Apprentice-level Illusion spells for half magicka.
    • Adept Illusion (requires Illusion 50 and Apprentice Illusion) - Cast Adept-level Illusion spells for half magicka.
    • Expert Illusion (requires Illusion 75 and Adept Illusion) - Cast Expert-level Illusion spells for half magicka.
    • Master Illusion (requires Illusion 100 and Expert Illusion) - Cast Master-level Illusion spells for half magicka.
  • Middle branch (boosted effects for each type of spell):
    • Hypnotic Gaze (requires Illusion 30 and Novice Illusion) - Calm spells now work on higher-level opponents.
    • Aspect of Terror (requires Illusion 50 and Hypnotic Gaze) - Fear spells now work on higher-level opponents.
    • Rage (requires Illusion 70 and Aspect of Terror) - Frenzy spells now work on higher-level opponents.
  • Right branch (effects can work on additional types of enemies):
    • Animage (requires Illusion 20 and Novice Illusion) - Illusion spells now work on higher-level animals.
    • Kindred Mage (requires Illusion 40 and Animage) - All Illusion spells work on higher-level people.
    • Quiet Casting (requires Illusion 50 and Kindred Mage) - All spells cast from any school of magic are silent to others. This allows you to use Sneak and, if no one else can see you, cast a spell on a target. Because the spell is considered silent, you won't be automatically revealed.
    • Master of the Mind (requires Illusion 90, as well as both Rage and Quiet Casting) - Illusion spells work on undead, daedra, and automatons/golems.

Illusion Skill Leveling

One of the fastest ways to level the Illusion skill in Skyrim is by helping the Master Illusion trainer, Drevis Neloren. If you ask him about certain tasks, he'll give you the Mystic Tuning Gloves for a miscellaneous quest.

The objective here is to cleanse the fonts in the College of Winterhold while you have the Mystic Tuning Gloves equipped. Once you cleanse the first one, you'll receive a +100% magicka regeneration buff.

Make the most out of this since it lasts for two hours in real-time, and cast low-level spells like Muffle to increase your Illusion skill.

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That's it for our Skyrim Illusion magic guide. If you found it helpful, check out some of our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

Skyrim Enchanting Starter Guide Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:41:51 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

Skyrim Enchanting offers you a very effective way to empower your equipment. Weapons, armor, and accessories can be imbued with empowering enchantments to help you survive and thrive. In this guide we'll go over getting into Enchanting in Skyrim and how to make the most of it.

The Basics of Enchanting in Skyrim

To learn an enchantment in Skyrim, you'll need to obtain any magical item that has that particular enchantment already. Then, head to an Arcane Enchanter table to see the disenchant tab.

Selecting an item will destroy it, but you'll permanently learn that effect.

Please note that certain gear, such as quest items or Daedric Artifacts, cannot be disenchanted at all.

In most cases, the gear pieces that you can enchant shouldn't have a particular magical perk, to begin with. You should then see these listed in the succeeding tabs. Combine a base item, enchantment, and Soul Gem (more on this in a while) to create a magical item.

  • Weapons - Magical enchantments on weapons require charges, meaning Soul Gems need to be refilled.
  • Armors and accessories - Conversely, magical enchantments on armors or accessories are often active. Higher levels of Soul Gems simply empower the effect further.

Soul Gems and Soul Trap

To complete the process, you'll also need a Soul Gem with a trapped soul. Soul Gems can be found as loot or out in the wild, or purchased from vendors. They come in various types:

  • Petty Soul Gem
  • Lesser Soul Gem
  • Common Soul Gem
  • Greater Soul Gem
  • Grand Soul Gem
  • Black Soul Gem
  • Azura's Star or The Black Star

The type of Soul Gem indicates which kinds of souls it can hold. The act itself involves casting the Soul Trap spell (Conjuration school) on an enemy and killing it while the effect is active. Alternatively, you can kill a target while wielding a weapon with the Soul Trap enchantment.

The defeated opponent's soul will be transferred into a Soul Gem in your inventory. If you don't have one, or the enemy's type exceeds that of the gem, then the soul is lost.

Smaller or weaker creatures will usually require Petty to Common Soul Gems. However, stronger foes require Greater or Grand Soul Gems. There are special types such as:

  • Black Soul Gems (can hold the souls of humanoid NPCs)
  • The Black Star (a unique item that acts similar to a Black Soul Gem, but it's not destroyed after it's completely used)
  • Azura's Star (cannot be destroyed and can hold any type of soul except humanoid NPC races)

Enchanting perks

Below, you'll see the Enchanting perks that you can learn in Skyrim. Likewise, we encourage you to try the Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim mod made by Enai Siaion. It adds more perks to various skills, making the leveling process more engaging.

  • Enchanter (has five ranks with increasing requirements starting at Enchanting 0) - New enchantments are stronger.
  • Soul Squeezer (requires Enchanting 20 and Enchanter) - Soul Gems provide extra magicka for recharging.
  • Fire Enchanter (requires Enchanting 30 and Enchanter) - Fire enchantments on weapons and armors are 25% stronger.
  • Soul Siphon (requires Enchanting 40 and Soul Squeezer) - Deathblows to creatures (not people) trap 5% of the victim's soul to recharge your weapon.
  • Frost Enchanter (requires Enchanting 40 and Fire Enchanter) - Frost enchantments on weapons and armors are 25% stronger.
  • Storm Enchanter (requires Enchanting 50 and Frost Enchanter) - Shock enchantments on weapons and armors are 25% stronger.
  • Insightful Enchanter (requires Enchanting 50 and Frost Enchanter) - Skill enchantments on armors are 25% stronger.
  • Corpus Enchanter (requires Enchanting 70 and Insightful Enchanter) - Health, magicka, and stamina enchantments on armors are 25% stronger.
  • Extra Effect (requires Enchanting 100 and either Storm Enchanter or Corpus Enchanter) - Allows you to put two enchantments on the same item.

Skyrim Enchanting Books and Trainers

To level up Enchanting in Skyrim, you'll want to continue disenchanting and/or giving magical enchantments to your weapons or armors. Recharging Soul Gems also confers XP, which is why it's more advisable to use the Azura's Star or The Black Star since they can't be destroyed once all charges have been used up.

Moreover, you can gain a one-time increase to your Enchanting skill by reading these books:

  • Catalog of Armor Enchantments
  • Catalog of Weapon Enchantments
  • Enchanter's Primer
  • A Tragedy in Black
  • Twin Secrets
  • Oghma Infinium

Lastly, you may visit various trainers:

  • Sergius Turrianus (Expert) - College of Winterhold.
  • Hamal (Master) - Markarth (Temple of Dibella).
  • Neloth (Master) - Soltsheim (Tel Mithryn).

That's it for our Skyrim Enchanting guide. If you it helpful, check out some of our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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Skyrim: With Friends Like These Guide Mon, 06 Dec 2021 08:40:35 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

The quest With Friends Like These in Skyrim makes you decided who to kill for Astrid, a decision many players have trouble with. This quest can be picked up after the quest Innocence Lost and eventually leads you to either join or destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

Skyrim's With Friends Like These Quest Requirements

After killing Grelod the Kind in Innocence Lost, return to Aventus Aretino in Windhelm who'll hand over a family heirloom. There are a couple of possible triggers once you're done:

  • A Mysterious Note is handed to you by a courier. The quest will fire the next time you sleep.
  • Alternatively, you can just fast travel to another location further away from Windhelm. In our case, we went to the inn in Ivarstead and slept there.

Meeting Astrid and Deciding Which Hostage to Kill for the Dark Brotherhood

When you wake up, you'll notice that you're in an entirely different location — the Abandoned Shack west of Windstad Manor. Yes, you've been kidnapped by Astrid, an agent of the Dark Brotherhood. This starts Skyrim's With Friends Like These quest.

Astrid tells you that the Grelod the Kind was supposed to be targeted by an assassin, but you stole that kill and, now it needs to be repaid in blood.

Behind you, you'll see three hostages lined up against the wall. Astrid says that one of them has a contract on their heads. You have to guess which one:

  • Fultheim the Fearless - This Nord warrior is quite timid, begging you to spare his life.
  • Alea Quintus - This Nord midwife is very feisty, warning you that she'd spit in your face if she didn't have a hood on.
  • Vasha - This Khajiit speaks of his murderous exploits and how he has many enemies.

To be clear, it doesn't really matter which hostage you kill in Skyrim's With Friends Like These quest. In fact, you could even kill two or all three of them, and Astrid will make remarks regarding your decisions. She's just happy that you followed her order.

In our opinion, though, we feel that Fultheim the Fearless is the one who's marked for death. Although he does have a grand title, the mere fact that he's the only one cowering and begging out of the three seemed suspicious.

Sanctuary or Destroy the Dark Brotherhood

In any case, you can talk to Astrid once you're done. You'll receive directions to the Dark Brotherhood's headquarters just west of Falkreath.

This leads to the Sanctuary quest where you'll join the faction as one of its assassins, subsequently unlocking multiple objectives and rewards.

Alternatively, if you decide to kill Astrid, you'll obtain a quest called Destroy the Dark Brotherhood. You have to report this act to any guard, followed by addressing Commander Maro. You'll still visit the Dark Brotherhood's headquarters, but you'll need to eliminate most of the agents inside.

That's it for our guide to With Friends Like These. If you it helpful, check out some of our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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Skyrim Alchemy Starter Guide Sun, 05 Dec 2021 06:11:03 -0500 Jason Rodriguez

Alchemy in Skyrim is a valuable skill, allowing you to brew potions and poisons that will help you on your way provided you take the time to gather ingredients. The buffs and other benefits are well worth the effort, though. In this guide we will go over training Alchemy in Skyrim.

Getting Started with Skyrim Alchemy

Alchemy in Skyrim uses raw ingredients such as plants, mushrooms, and body parts dropped by enemies (i.e., Chaurus Eggs, Skeever Tails, even Imp Stools). If you do have certain ingredients already, you can go to any Alchemy Lab. This workstation is what you'll use to combine these items:

  • The effects of each ingredient will remain unknown to you until they're eaten or combined with others.
  • Once revealed, they'll appear on the panel so you know the types of effects that you can obtain.

For more about ingredients and their effects, you can take a look at our potions and poisons recipes guide.

Skyrim Alchemy Perks

These are the perks that you can obtain when you level Alchemy in Skyrim:

  • Alchemist (has five ranks with increasing requirements starting at Alchemy 0) — Potions and poisons are stronger.
  • Physician (requires Alchemy 20 and Alchemist perk) — Potions you mix that restore health, magicka, or stamina are 25% more powerful.
  • Poisoner (requires Alchemy 30 and Physician perk) — Poisons that you mix are 25% more effective.
  • Benefactor (requires Alchemy 30 and Physician perk) — Potions that you mix with beneficial effects have an additional 25% greater magnitude.
  • Experimenter (has three ranks; requires Alchemy 50/70/90 and Benefactor) — Eating an ingredient reveals its effects.
  • Concentrated Poison (requires Alchemy 60 and Poisoner) — Poisons applied to weapons last for twice as many hits.
  • Green Thumb (requires Alchemy 70 and Concentrated Poison) — Two ingredients can be gathered from plants or harvestable objects.
  • Snakeblood (requires Alchemy 80, Concentrated Poison, and Experimenter) — Adds 50% resistance to all poisons.
  • Purity (requires Alchemy 100 and Snakeblood) — All negative effects are removed from created potions, while all positive effects are removed from created poisons.

These are the Alchemy perks that you'll see by default in Skyrim. Try out mods like Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim by Enai Siaion and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul by Kryptopyr. These will significantly add more depth to these systems, making the leveling and creation process more engaging.

Skyrim Alchemy Books

You can level up your Alchemy skill in Skyrim by continuing to craft more potions and poisons. Moreover, you can read books that provide an increase to your Alchemy skill. This bonus can only be activated once:

  • Song of the Alchemists
  • Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim
  • A Game at Dinner
  • De Rerum Dirennis
  • Mannimarco, King of Worms
  • Oghma Infinium
Skyrim Alchemy Trainers

If you need help when leveling up the skill, you may also visit trainers:

  • Lami (Adept) - Morthal (Thaumaturgist's Hut).
  • Arcadia (Expert) - Whiterun (Arcadia's Cauldron).
  • Babette (Master) - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (you'll need to join the Dark Brotherhood to gain access to her wares).

With that all said, you're now ready to get started doing Alchemy in Skyrim. Check out our other Skyrim guides here on GameSkinny.

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Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for December 2021 Fri, 03 Dec 2021 14:59:51 -0500 Serhii Patskan


Seed: 1515767212226449525

Coordinates: 50, 150
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

If you're looking for a survival island with an easy access to the nether realm, then travel to coordinates -850, 150 for an island village with an exposed ruined portal.


There you will be able to locate the closest nether fortress at nether coordinates 150, 200.


That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.18. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!


Seed: 845291901884876051

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Snowy Plains, Snowy Taiga

Snowy canyons are some of the most beautiful, but also rare sights in the Caves and Cliffs update.


At coordinates 750, -300 you will find such a canyon with a small frozen lake and a snow village.


In the tundra biome, you will also see an igloo with basement at coordinates 600, -150.


Seed: -3153727141818521872

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

We've seen plenty of survival islands in the ocean, but we've never seen one in the swamp biome. It was unnatural for Minecraft to generate islands amidst swampy lands before.


Well, in Minecraft 1.18 you can find this unusual phenomenon at coordinates -550, 400. You can also find a witch hut nearby at coordinates -300, 300.


Seed: -2702449865851876684

Coordinates: 50, 100
Biomes: Windswept Savanna

Shattered savanna has remained one of the more interesting biomes in Minecraft up to this point, but now Mojang introduced a new windswept savanna biome that is more chaotic and fragmented.


At spawn you will see two acacia villages that occupy some of the windswept biome, which will allow you to explore this unique biome in greater detail.


Seed: -6410188867752343751

Coordinates: -250, 50
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Ocean

Spawn to the west of one of the largest mushroom island biomes you've ever seen. Actually, it is not too rare for Minecraft 1.18 to generate enormous biomes that were scarce in the previous updates.


This island can be seen at coordinates 400, -50. In the very center of it there is a huge ravine with exposed caves.


Seed: 2564687106335528773

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Various

Here is another snowy island with a village and two igloos, one of which has the basement. This entire enclave stands at coordinates -700, 900.


Half of the island is strangely a swamp with some warm beaches, but that's Minecraft 1.18 for you.


Near the island you will also find an ocean monument at coordinates -800, 700.


Seed: -5428866941630445408

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Bamboo Jungle, Dark Forest

You will spawn right next to a zombie village standing on the stony shore of a pretty big lake.


Travel to coordinates -400, -400 for a jungle temple that stands just across a woodland mansion at coordinates -800, -450.


The entire underground area in this part of the world is filled with lush caves biome.


Seed: 8775810666483279320

Coordinates: -100, -200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

If you are looking for an island village that is not too far away from the coast, then this seed has it done.


The island village is located at coordinates -400, 350 with an ocean monument nearby at coordinates 100, 150.


And, right next to the island you will also see a top-tier shipwreck.


Seed: 3532968001769046694

Coordinates: -50, 50
Biomes: Various

Spawn right in between a plains village to the east at coordinates 50, -150 and jungle temple to the west at coordinates -250, 100.


The large variety of biomes in this area is staggering, as you will find eight different biomes just at spawn, including dark forest, birch forest, bamboo jungle, savanna, sparse jungle, and others.


Seed: 6863319313651716033

Coordinates:50, 50
Biomes: Snowy Plains, Frozen Ocean

Snowy islands were super rare in Minecraft 1.17, but in 1.18 these are much more frequent.


You can find such an island with a village and igloo at coordinates -750, 600. It is located right in the middle of the frozen ocean, which does make it easier to get there on foot.


Seed: 2511578582056464593

Coordinates: -200, -100
Biomes: Various

Here is the seed that clearly demonstrates the possibilities of the terrain generation in Minecraft 1.18.


You will find a half-and-half of jungle with stony peaks and wooded badlands with desert at coordinates 300, -650. If you thought that 1.17 terrain generation was weird, then this is on a whole other level.


At coordinates 500, -400 you can locate a desert temple with some nice loot inside.


Seed: 149781533799344043

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Frozen Peaks

This is one of the rare mirror seeds, when the same number and type of structures spawn one against each other.


You will find two villages, two igloos, and two pillager outposts facing each other at coordinates:

  1. Villages: -950, -750 and -950, -350
  2. \n
  3. Igloos: -800, -800 and -1200, -350
  4. \n
  5. Pillager outpost: -700, -700 and -1250, -300
  6. \n

Seed: -6193001651578413459

Coordinates: 100, 50
Biomes: Stony Shore, Dark Forest

Woodland mansion and village near spawn!


The village can be easily located at coordinates 350, -150, while mansion is well hidden in the thick of the forest at coordinates 250, 400.


The massive structure stands on the river right next to a massive ravine that exposes lush caves biome.


Seed: 7890697384044634784

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Swamp, Taiga

If you are looking for a swamp with lots of witch huts, then this Minecraft seed is perfect for that purpose.


Here you will spawn in a swamp right next to village and seven witch huts that stand at coordinates:

  1. 100, 100
  2. \n
  3. -200, 500
  4. \n
  5. -400, 150
  6. \n
  7. -300, -350
  8. \n
  9. -800, -650
  10. \n
  11. -900, -150
  12. \n
  13. -900, 50
  14. \n

Seed: -8314496174201458701

Coordinates: 50, 100
Biomes: Snowy Plains, Forest

Double village with igloo at spawn!


The two villages generate on different biomes: regular plains and snowy plains. There is an exposed ruined portal next to the plains village, and an igloo with basement next to snowy village at coordinates -150, 100.


An ocean biome is located to the east of spawn, and the first monument can be seen right from the shore at coordinates 850, 150.


Seed: -8348266471339209583

Coordinates: -150, 550
Biomes: Savanna, Lukewarm Ocean

Spawn next to an ocean that contains a survival island with acacia village at coordinates 950, 50, and four ocean monuments at the following coordinates:

  1. -300, 50
  2. \n
  3. -400, -250
  4. \n
  5. 300, -250
  6. \n
  7. 300, 50
  8. \n

If you collect gold from all four monuments, you will end up with 32 blocks of gold or 288 gold ingots.


Seed: 914496417611625840

Coordinates: 150, -150
Biomes: Meadow, Jagged Peaks

The village located at coordinates 1100, -500 is conveniently positioned right between the two jagged peaks biomes, protecting it from both sides.


On your way there, you can also check out an igloo with a basement, hidden in the meadow surrounded by frozen peaks at coordinates 650, -500. The underground area contains some large dripstone caves as well.


Seed: 11996381

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Forest

Some Minecraft 1.18 seeds can be used both in Java and Bedrock editions. Well, this is one of those seeds.


You will spawn next to a village with ruined portal that can take you straight to the nether fortress and bastion remnant in the netherworld.


This will not only prove to be great for getting rare materials, but also for some solid loot.


Seed: 1336316375764836775

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Plains, Meadow, Snowy Slopes

Three villages and two blacksmiths at spawn!


All three settlements stand around a tiny snowy slopes biome that has generated amidst all this lush warm environment, which is not unusual for Minecraft 1.18 at all.


The underground world consists of almost nothing but dripstone caves. So, if you're interested in dripstone-themed decorations, then this should be right up your alley.


Seed: -2334424287925580755

Coordinates: 500, -200
Biomes: Plains, Flower Forest, Ocean

Spawn on a double island with a pillager outpost on one of them and village on the other at coordinates 950, -250. There is also a third island nearby at coordinates 200, -100, but it's uninhabited.


However, if you dig underneath the island, you will find out that it's the beginning of a rather large lush caves biome that transitions into dripstone caves at coordinates 550, 250.


At last, after a long wait all Minecraft fans can finally play and enjoy the officially released 1.18 version of the Caves and Cliffs update. As promised, it includes a complete overhaul of terrain generation on both overworld and underground, as well as a number of completely new biomes.


In this month's selection of the top Minecraft 1.18 seeds we'll be exploring all the new biomes with all of their unusual and never before seen block generations. You will discover enormous holes in the ground, extremely tall peaks, unnatural biome combos, and many other cool features.

Skyrim Standing Stones: All Locations & Blessings Mon, 29 Nov 2021 09:21:20 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Locating and gaining the blessings of the standing stones can really help you out in all sorts of situations in Skyrim. This guide will show you the locations and describe blessings of all standing stones in Skyrim. No Dragonborn should pass the opportunity to gain a set of powerful skills in, especially when they're free.

There are 11 locations but 13 standing stones in total in Skyrim, as three of these stones stand at the same spot. You can get them all while doing the main questline or dedicate time outside the storyline walkthrough. It's up to you!

All Standing Stone Locations and Blessings in Skyrim

Standing Stone 1: The Apprentice Stone

  • Blessing: 100% Magicka regeneration; 100% Weakness to Magic

The first stone can be found in the Hjaalmarch hold, on a small island northwest of Morthal, which is a city located in the Drajkmyr Marsh.

The magic penalty of this blessing can be eliminated with the help of the Restoration wards.

Standing Stone 2: The Atronach Stone

  • Blessing: 50 Points of Magicka; 50% Absorb spells; -50% Magicka regeneration

You can find this standing stone at the Eastmarch hold, at the hot springs east of Darkwater Crossing, which is a miners village located on the Darkwater River.

This stone is almost opposite to the Apprentice Stone, as it gives you magic resistance, but takes away some of your own magic.

Standing Stone 3: The Lady Stone

  • Blessing: +25% Health and Stamina regeneration speed

This stone can be seen in the Falkreath hold, on the lake west of Riverwood village. The stone stands on a small isle amidst the lake.

Standing Stone 4: The Lord Stone

  • Blessing: 50 Points of Damage Resistance; 25% Magic Resistance

The Lord Stone stands on top of the mountain east of Morthal in the Hjaalmarch hold.

Use this stone to boost your physical and magic resistances. Those who wish to build a maximized tank build should definitely get this blessing.

Standing Stone 5: The Lover Stone

  • Blessing: +15% All Skills increase speed

Once you reach the city of Markarth in the Reach hold, head eastwards, and search for this stone near Kolskeggr Mine.

The Lover Stone will be useful to players who have the need to progress fast, while playing with a combination of builds in one character.

Standing Stone 6: The Ritual Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to summon the undead and fight for you

The Ritual Stone can be seen outside of the Graywinter Watch cave, right above its entrance, located southeast of Battle-Born Farm of the Whiterun hold.

This kind of ability can be extremely useful when preparing to fight a boss. You can use this blessing once a day.

Standing Stone 7: The Serpent Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to Paralyze for 5 seconds; Deal 25 Poison damage

You can find this stone on top of a floating iceberg in the Sea of Ghost, which is located east of College of Winterhold.

Standing Stone 8: The Shadow Stone

  • Blessing: Gain Invisibility for 60 seconds

This standing stone can be seen outside the Nightingale Hall cave, which is located south of Riften.

You will also have to start the "Trinity Restored" quest, given by Karliah, a Dunmer thief, in order to encounter this stone.

Standing Stone 9: The Steed Stone

  • Blessing: +100 Carry Weight increase; Equipped armor has no weight

You will need to travel to the Ironback Hideout settlement in the Haafingar hold. The Steed Stone can be seen north of Statue to Meridia.

This blessing would be excellent for players, who tend to carry heavy armor.

Standing Stone 10: The Tower Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to unlock any expert level lock (one per day)

Here is one of the best hidden stones in the game. It can be found on top of the high cliff that is located between the Dawnstar and Winterhold.

The best way to use this blessing is to escape prison, but you can also just unlock chests with it.

Standing Stone 11-13: The Guardian Stones

There are three Guardian Stones in Skyrim that all stand at the same location: on the roadside southwest of Riverwood, Whiterun.

The three standing stones are:

  • The Mage Stone (+20% Magic Skills increase speed)
  • The Thief Stone (+20% Stealth Skills increase speed)
  • The Warrior Stone (+20% Combat Skills increase speed)

Related Guides

Those are all standing stones locations and blessings in Skyrim. For more Skyrim tips and tricks articles, please check out the links above.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Legendary Pokemon Guide & List Mon, 29 Nov 2021 04:42:57 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are awash with legendary Pokemon and mythical Pokemon, but how to catch them isn’t always clear. They’re the stuff of legends for a reason, after all. The list below details everything you need to know. 

There’s a handful you can get just by playing older Pokemon games, but the rest take some tracking down and a good deal of luck to catch.

How to Get Mew in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

You’ll need save data from either Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu or Eevee on the Switch you’re using for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Once that’s sorted, head to Floaroma Town and speak with the elderly couple in the field there, the woman specifically. She’ll ask you to care for a Pokemon they have, and it’s Mew. How they came by one of the rarest Pokemon in existence in a flower field in the boonies is irrelevant.

How to Get Legendary Jirachi 

Obtaining Jirachi is similar, but you’ll first need save data for either Pokemon Sword or Shield on the Switch that BDSP lives on. Go to the flower field in Floaroma town again, and speak with the older man. He’ll ask you to take care of a Pokemon he found, and it’s Jirachi. What they don’t give up is their secrets and just how they managed to get hold of these beings of myth.

How to Get Manaphy 

Anyone who purchases Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl before February 21, 2022, will automatically get Manaphy, and it’s the only way to obtain the Pokemon for now. You’ll need the Mystery Gift function unlocked, though. 

Normally, unlocking Mystery Gift in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl means waiting until you defeat Maylene at the Veilstone Gym. If you don’t feel like waiting that long, though, take a detour to the TV station in Jubilife City after defeating Roark.

Go to the third floor and speak with the person in the sitting area, then choose “Everyone happy Wi-Fi connection option.” It immediately unlocks Mystery Gift, and you can use the function to get a Manaphy Egg.

Leave Manaphy at the Nursery with a Ditto, and you’ll wind up with a Phione egg.

How to Get Giratina 

You’ll encounter Dialga or Palkia just by playing the game, but you’ll have to hunt for the grisly Ghost legendary.

Complete the Sinnoh Pokedex, become the Champion, then get the National Dex from Professor Rowan. Go to Route 214 south of Veilstone, and you’ll find a new path in the trees. Follow this to reach Turnback Cave, where you’ll encounter Giratina. Bring Dusk Balls to make catching this one slightly easier, since it's in a cave.

Finding the Griseous Orb in BDSP

There’s no Distortion World in BDSP, but you can still get Giratina’s other form thanks to the Griseous Orb. It takes work, though. After catching Giratina, visit Ramanas Park and buy the Distortion Slate. This opens the Distortion Room, where you’ll face a level 100 Giratina in its Origin Form. You can’t catch it, but it drops the Griseous Orb upon defeat.

How to Get Cresellia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

After obtaining the National Dex, visit Eldritch's house in Canalave and speak with the sick child. Travel to Fullmoon Island, something that used to be locked behind an event, and interact with the mythical 'mon. It'll roam around Sinnoh from then on.

How to Get Heatran

Heatran lives on Stark Mountain, an area you can only access after becoming Champion. Reach the end of the path, then speak with the old man near the Pokemon Mart, and go back to Stark Mountain to find Heatran.

Other Legendary Pokemon in BDSP

Other Legendaries, including Zapdos and Entei, call Ramanas Park their home, but the process of finding them is a bit different. You’ll have to assemble slates using Shards obtained at random from the Underground.

  • Kanto Slate: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres (Shining Pearl only)
  • Genome Slate: Mewtwo
  • Johto Slate: Raikou, Entei, Suicune (Brilliant Diamond only)
  • Rainbow Slate: Ho-oh (Brilliant Diamond only)
  • Squall Slate: Lugia (Shining Pearl only)
  • Discovery Slate: Regice, Regirock, Registeel
  • Soul Slate: Latios, Latias
  • Oceanic Slate: Kyogre
  • Tectonic Slate: Groudon
  • Stratospheric Slate: Rayquaza

Each Pokemon is level 70 when you fight it, and we recommend saving before the battle in case things don’t work out well. Bring plenty of balls with you. You won’t catch these easily.

How to Get Shaymin

There's currently no way to obtain Shaymin aside from using glitches. Since data for it exists in the game, though, we expect an official way to encounter the mythical Pokemon will be added later.

How to Get Darkrai 

You can't get Darkrai, not even through glitches. There's no Darkrai in any form in BDSP so far.


That’s it for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Legendary Pokemon, but make sure to check out our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Grand Underground Guide Mon, 29 Nov 2021 04:29:57 -0500 Josh Broadwell

The Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is one of the major new features. It’s a complete redesign from the original Underground, with rare Pokemon and a chance to find even rarer items.

You’ll gradually unlock more of the Grand Underground the more you play, and it’s worth checking it out every chance you get.

How to Unlock Grand Underground in Pokemon BDSP

The Grand Underground unlocks the same way the regular Underground did in the original games. Speak with the Underground Man in Eterna City, near the Pokemon Center, to get the Explorer Kit. This gives you access to the Grand Underground’s starter areas and lets you dig for treasures, shards, elemental stones, and fossils. 

Bring the man some fossils as requested, and you’ll also unlock the Secret Base building.

How to Build a Secret Base in the Grand Underground

He gives you the Digger Drill in exchange for the fossils. Use this on a shining spot in the wall to uncover a potential Secret Base location. Choose to build a base there, and you can kit it out with all manner of pedestals and statues. 

Putting a rare statue — the green ones — of a certain Pokemon in your Base increases the chance that Pokemon of that type will spawn in the Grand Underground, e.g. a Vespiquen statue increases the likelihood of Bug types appearing.

It seems these statues correspond with the Pokemon’s first type. For example, I’ve noticed more Fire types spawn after I placed my rare Charizard statue, but no increase in Flying types.

Pokemon BDSP Grand Underground Map

The Grand Underground includes multiple locations themed around different elements. Here’s roughly where each region corresponds to in the overworld:

  • Bottom left: Twinleaf Town, Canalave City
  • Upper left: Fullmoon Island, Snowpoint City
  • Middle: Celestic Town
  • Bottom Right: Sunnyshore City
  • Upper Right: Battle Zone

So, in other words, it’s close to a 1:1 relationship. Dig in a location, and you’ll end up in its corresponding area in the Grand Underground. More locations unlock as you progress in the story.

Grand Underground Pokemon

It’s worth checking out the Underground frequently and exploring as much as you can, since the Pokemon there come with unique benefits.

Most will know at least one Egg move, which is handy if you don’t feel like taking the time to breed Pokemon, and you can encounter certain rare critters long before you will in the overworld. More Pokemon start appearing in the Grand Underground once you unlock the National Pokedex.

Unlike in the rest of Sinnoh, you can actually see the Pokemon roaming in the Grand Underground. If you enter a Hideaway and don’t see the Pokemon you want, exit the area and return to shuffle which Pokemon appear.

How to Dig in the Grand Underground

The mini-map displays digging spots as yellow blips. Interact with the wall there to start the digging mini-game, where you’ll have a limited number of chances to excavate potentially rare items using a pick and a hammer.

The hammer weakens the wall significantly but reveals more areas under the rocks and dirt. The pick is for precision excavation. It only covers one square but weakens the wall less. When you've found an item you want, use the pickaxe instead of the hammer.

You’ll potentially find spheres, items, stones, and fossils for your trouble, and you can use the spheres to upgrade your base with room for more statues.

That’s it for the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but make sure to check out our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips and tricks.

Halo Infinite Shock Chain Guide: How to Use It Mon, 29 Nov 2021 04:18:37 -0500 Hayes Madsen

One of the more unique new elements to Halo Infinite is what's known as a Shock Chain, which players might see pop up during a match. If you're having trouble figuring out what a Shock Chain is, or how to activate it, we're here to help. 

How to Use a Shock Chain in Halo Infinite


Essentially a Shock Chain occurs when you electrocute kill multiple enemies at once by electrocuting them. The two main ways of this happening is by using the Shock Rifle or Dynamo Grenades, both of which are electricity-based. 

Dynamo Grenades are easier to create a Shock Chain with because they shoot electricity out over a wide area. The Shock Rifle, on the other hand, will spring electricity to enemies that are in close proximity to the one you hit.

The main thing to keep in mind with a Shock Chain is that enemies need to be grouped close to each other in order for it to really work. This means you're better off trying to get a Shock Chain in tight spaces and corridors, rather than out in the open. 

The other catch is that you might have trouble killing enemies at full health with just electricity. Because of this, you might want to use regular weapons or grenades, then quickly switch to your Shock Rifle or Dynamo Grenades.

One tactic is to throw a Frag Grenade in the middle of a group of enemies which will lower their shields, then use your Shock Rifle to create a chain and kill the group. If you're using electric weapons a lot, you're bound to get a Shock Chain at least a few times. 

That covers everything you need to know about Shock Chains in Halo Infinite. For even more tips and help, check our Halo Infinite guides hub

Halo Infinite: How To Use The Repulsor Mon, 29 Nov 2021 03:56:57 -0500 David Carcasole

Halo Infinite includes plenty of things that veteran players will remember, but a few new things as well. 

The Repulsor is in fact one of those new things, and it's an item that can be extremely helpful if you know how to use it.

This quick guide will show you the ins and outs of the Repulsor, and what the best use cases for it are. 

Halo Infinite: How To Use The Repulsor

How It Works

The Repulsor works just like every other item, in that you just need to tap LB to use it. You only get up to five charges with it, and it'll sit on your Spartan's left arm. 

You can pick one up by just running over it when it is available in each map, or of course by taking it off your enemy after killing them. 

If you simply tap LB while standing still with the Repulsor, and nothing in front of you - then you'll get a whole lot of nothing from it.

A cool looking flash and sound, sure, but nothing of actual use. The Repulsor only works when interacting with something, whether that be a wall, another player, a grenade, or the floor. 

How To Use The Repulsor

You'll want to have the Repulsor handy for plenty of situations in Halo Infinite, but firstly lets tackle the classic scenario of turning the corner only to find an enemy in front of you. 

Using the Repulsor when you're directly in front of someone will send them flying backwards, a potentially good quick distraction to get the kill. 

It'll also send back any grenades that come your way, so long as you time it correctly. 

With the amount of grenades that get thrown in any given Halo match, you'll want to be using the Repulsor against grenades a lot.

Other Spartan's and grenades are frankly small stuff for the Repulsor though, since it should be noted that you can also send a Warthog flying, given the right angle and timing. 

So don't leave anything off the table: if you think you can move something with the Repulsor, you probably can. 

You can also use the Repulsor as a method of movement, which can make all the difference in shooters.

Jump up to a higher ledge by aiming the Repulsor towards the ground, or even move yourself around/away from an enemy by launching yourself against a wall. 

The best and frankly funniest use of the repulsor however is to simply knock an enemy off the map with it. Trust me, it's funny every time. 

That is the basics on how the repulsor works and how to use it. Clearly it's a well rounded item that can be helpful in many ways, you just need to be creative with it. 

It's a simple item with a lot of mechanical depth, a great addition to the Halo loadout.

For more on Halo Infinitecheck out some of our other guides, like a full explanation of the ranking system, or how you should use the Mangler.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Elite Four Guide Fri, 26 Nov 2021 12:16:36 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Elite Four pose a different kind of challenge. As with the region’s Gym Leaders, Sinnoh’s ultimate Pokemon trainers march to the beat of their own Belly Drum.

The remakes remain faithful to the originals in that the Elite Four don’t necessarily stick to one type, and when they do, there’s at least one ‘mon in the mix to destroy your strategy.

We recommend going in with a team that’s at least level 55 or higher, which, thanks to the remakes’ party-wide EXP Share, shouldn’t require too much grinding.

Pokemon BDSP Elite Four Aaron Tips

Aaron is a bug master, but each of his Pokemon has a dual typing that makes approaching this battle more complicated than it might initially seem. Fighting, Flying, Rock, and Fire Pokemon are all solid choices for this battle, and you’ll want to prioritize speed to take down Beautifly and Heracross before they wreck your party.

  • Dustox (lv. 53, Bug/Poison) — This is a simple fight and one you can easily win with a Flying type or strong Flying move, such as Aerial Ace.
  • Beautifly (lv. 53, Bug/Flying) — Beautifly’s typing leaves it open to several weaknesses, including Electric and Flying. Whatever your choice, take it down fast. Shadow Ball and Psychic can rip through your team if you take too long.
  • Vespiquen (lv. 54, Bug/Flying) — A strong Rock type or Flying type, such as Staraptor, is a must for Vespiquen. Defeat it quickly before Defense Order turns it into a buggy fortress.
  • Heracross (lv. 54, Bug/Fighting) — Heracross is Aaron’s hidden prize fighter. Rock Slide and Earthquake mean you’ll have poor luck with Flying and Fire types, respectively, unless they move fast. This is a fight you might want to get creative for, for example, using a Ghost type such as Gengar or Dusclops, to negate its Normal and Fighting attacks.
  • Drapion (lv. 57, Poison/Dark) — Drapion isn’t a bug, and your usual fallbacks for Dark types won’t work as well here. Exploiting Drapion’s weakness to Ground is a good idea, or you can just push through with whatever your strongest Pokemon is.

Elite Four Bertha Tips

Poor Bertha. Whoever her training mentor was that told her to stick with Ground Pokemon was cruel. Ground Pokemon are weak to common types such as Grass and Water and lack the means to properly counter them in most cases. Add slow speed and unfavorable dual typings to the mix, and you have a team that’s open to exploitation. 

  • Quagsire (lv. 55, Water/Ground) — Quagsire has a 4x weakness to Grass. You should be able to fire off a Giga Drain and end this battle in one turn.
  • Sudowoodo (lv. 56, Rock) — Not a Ground type. It’s still weak to Grass and Water, but you might want to use an X Defense to bolster your team against its high attack.
  • Golem (lv. 56, Rock/Ground) — Same here as with Quagsire. One powerful Grass move, or even a Water move, will end this.
  • Whiscash (lv. 55, Water/Ground) — Whiscash is the team troublemaker. It also has a 4x weakness to Grass, but it knows Ice Beam and will make quick work of any pure Grass type on your team. Swapping a fast Psychic type who knows a Drain move is one way around this issue, though.
  • Hippowdon (lv. 59, Ground) — Bertha’s finale also knows an Ice move, but it’s so slow that you should be able to take it down in one turn anyway. If you’d rather not risk it, use a Water type instead. Hippowdon doesn’t know any moves dangerous to Water types.

Elite Four Flint Tips

Flint is the odd one in Sinnoh’s Pokemon League. He’s a Fire master in theory and only has two Fire Pokemon (this is Sinnoh, after all). Electric and Fighting are two good choices to deal with his wild cards, and a Ground type would come in handy too. Don’t bother with Rock. Both of Flint’s Fire types know Rock shattering moves.

  • Rapidash (lv. 58, Fire) — Flint’s Rapidash has quite the stable of moves, including Poison Jab and Iron Tail. A sturdy Water type or a Ground type is your best bet for this one.
  • Steelix (lv.57, Steel/Ground) — Steelix is, ironically, weak to Fire and doesn’t know Ground moves, so you could use your own Fire type to deal with this one. If not, a Ground Pokemon or move is the next best choice. Steelix’s Thunder Fang is not healthy for your Water types.
  • Drifblim (lv. 58, Ghost/Flying) — Defeat Drifblim quickly before it uses Minimize and makes your life miserable. It has low defense, so a strong physical Electric move or Crunch are good choices.
  • Lopunny (lv. 57, Normal) — Use a strong physical attacker for Lopunny as well to avoid facing trouble from its Mirror Coat move. A Fighting move or Pokemon is ideal, since that’s Lopunny’s only weakness.
  • Infernape (lv. 61, Fire/Fighting) — Infernape is one of the more difficult challenges in the Elite Four so far. High speed and attack means it’ll almost always attack first, and Thunder Punch puts your Water types at a significant disadvantage. Bring out the Ground Pokemon again for this one or a fast Psychic type.

Elite Four Lucan Tips

Lucian’s team is formidable unless you come prepared. Pokemon with high special defense are a must, as is at least one Dark or Ghost Pokemon. Despite him being the last of the Elite Four, he’s actually less complex to deal with than Flint.

  • Mr. Mime (lv 59, Psychic/Fairy) — Bench the Dark ‘mon for this fight. Now that Mr. Mime has a Fairy move, you’ll want to rely on a Ghost type or just brute force to finish this battle.
  • Girafarig (lv. 59, Normal/Psychic) — Crunch should take this one down quickly. 
  • Medicham (lv. 60, Fighting/Psychic) — A Ghost type will make quick work of Medicham or, better yet, a sturdier Pokemon with a Ghost move. Medicham hits hard, and most Ghost types are rather frail.
  • Alakazam (lv. 60, Psychic) — Alakazam is pretty straightforward. Use a strong Dark Pokemon or move to defeat it quickly before it uses Nasty Plot and becomes nearly unstoppable.
  • Bronzong (lv. 63, Psychic/Steel) — Ghost or Dark is your best bet for Bronzong as well. It knows Earthquake, so don’t bother with a Fire type.

Champion Cynthia Tips

Cynthia is, obviously, the toughest trainer in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. There’s no one or two Pokemon that can take her team down — though an Ice type is a good idea — since she has a varied roster with even more varied movesets.

  • Spiritomb (lv. 61, Ghost/Dark) — Spiritomb’s sole weakness is Fairy. If you don’t have a Fairy type or moves in your party, you’ll just have to push through with your best Pokemon, ideally one with high special defense. Outside Sucker Punch, Spiritomb’s moves are all special based.
  • Roserade (lv. 60, Grass/Poison) — Roserade is fast and strong, but a good Fire or Ice Pokemon can exploit its Grass weaknesses. Avoid Psychic, as Cynthia’s Roserade knows Shadow Ball.
  • Gastrodon (lv. 60, Water/Ground) — Gastrodon is fairly straightforward, but Sludge Bomb means it poses a threat to Grass Pokemon. It’s very slow, though, so you should be able to pull off a devastating Grass move before it has a chance to react.
  • Lucario (lv. 63, Fighting/Steel) — Lucario’s Steel typing means you’ll want Fire or Ground to defeat it. Its signature Aura Sphere move and the surprise Dragon Pulse mean it’ll likely do some heavy damage no matter what type you bring in, though.
  • Milotic (lv. 63, Water) — A physical Electric move is the top option for dealing with Milotic. Mirror Coat will knock your special attackers out, and Ice Beam makes it too dangerous for Grass types to take the field.
  • Garchomp (lv. 66, Dragon/Ground) — Leave the Fairy types out of this one, as her Garchomp knows Poison Jab. Ice is the best choice, as Garchomp’s dual typing means it has a 4x weakness to it. As a backup option, make sure you’ve got one Pokemon that can lower attack. If Garchomp starts using Swords Dance more than once, you’ll need an option to reduce its attack to manageable levels again.

And that’s it for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Elite Four. You’re now the Champion of Sinnoh, but there are still some secrets left to uncover. Check out our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips.

Skyrim Best Bows Tier List: Every Bow Ranked Fri, 26 Nov 2021 12:09:46 -0500 Serhii Patskan

Bows have always been considered the best type of physical ranged weapon in Skyrim. They are light and strong, and can be easily upgraded at the grind stone. There are over 30 bows in the game, some of which are unique and cannot be crafted or purchased. These bows usually are the most powerful ones in the game and have special enchantments on them.

This tier list guide will list the best bows in Skyrim, as well rank every other bow that is present in the game. Some of the top-tier bows will require you to not only reach high levels of progression but also go on various complicated quests. Be sure that most of them are worth it and they will serve you well throughout the rest of your walkthrough.

Skyrim S-Tier Bows

Nightingale Bow

  • Damage: 19
  • Speed: 0.50

What makes Nightingale Bow really special is the leveled design. This means that the higher level your character is, the higher damage Nightingale Bow deals. Your character leve also influences the power of enchantments that can be applied to this bow. As soon as you reach Level 46 or above, Nightingale Bow easily becomes the strongest bow in Skyrim.

Since it's a unique bow, you cannot craft it or buy it anywhere. You can only obtain it after completing the "Blindsighted" quest, given by Brynjolf at Riften, The Rift.

You will also notice that Nightingale Bow is imbued with two enchantments:

  • Frost Damage
  • Shock Damage.

Lastly, you can improve it at the grind stone with the help of an Ebony Ingot and Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Dragonbone Bow

  • Damage: 20
  • Speed: 0.75

Dragon bone weapons are universally acclaimed as the best weapons in Skyrim, and the Dragonbone Bow is not an exception.

This is an extremely powerful bow that can be looted from the Keepers at the Soul Cairn plane in Oblivion, or you could craft it after reaching Smithing Level 100 and unlocking Dragon Armor perk. The crafting recipe is the following:

  • 2x Dragon Bone
  • 1x Ebony Ingot

Skyrim A-Tier Bows

Bow of Shadows

  • Damage: 19
  • Speed: 0.94

Bow of Shadows was originally a Creation Club item, but now it is available to all owners of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition for free. This unique bow grants players invisibility.

This unique bow cannot be crafted, and can only be obtained after completing the "In the Shadows" quest, given by Proventus Avenicci, an imperial steward at Whiterun.

Bow of Shadows is imbued with two enhcnatments:

  • Invisibility
  • Quick Shot

The latter one makes you draw arrows 20% faster than usual.

Daedric Bow

  • Damage: 19
  • Speed: 0.50

Daedric Bow is definitely one of the most powerful bows in Skyrim, and luckily you can simply find it in the open world without the need to complete obscure quests.

There is a big chance of it dropping from legendary and revered dragons, but you can also find it in the following locations after you reach Level 47:

  • Purchasable from Niranye, merchant of Windhelm
  • Purchasable from Tonilia, a thief of Riften
  • Purchasable from Dremora Merchant, using Black Market spell
  • Inside the Brood Cavern, Hjaalmarch
  • Inside the Syndus' Shop at The Ragged Flagon Tavern, The Rift

Daedric Bow can also be crafted or conjured. You can find a complete description of both of these methods in our guide on Daedric Weapons.

Stalhrim Bow

  • Damage: 17
  • Speed: 0.56

There are several very rare materials in Skyrim, and Stalhrim is one of them. It can only be mined in Solstheim, using the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe.

This rare material makes Stalhrim Bow especially suitable for various frost enchantments. Before you can craft this bow you need to complete the "A New Source of Stalhrim" quest, given by Deor Woodcutter at Skaal Village, Solstheim, reach Smithing Level 80 and unlock the Ebony Smithing perk. Then, you can craft Stalhrim Bow with the help of 3x Stalhrim.

You can also find this bow in the following locations:

  • Purchasable from Baldor Iron-Shaper, a blacksmith of Skaal Village
  • Purchasable from Glover Mallory, a blacksmith of Raven Rock

Skyrim B-Tier Bows

Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

  • Damage: 13
  • Speed: 0.75

This unique bow may not possess the highest damage, but it has one of a kind enchantment that absorbs health, stamina, and even magicka.

There is no way players can craft or purchase the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, and there are no quests associated with it. However, there is a way to obtain it, if you follow these steps:

  1. Obtain at least four Kagrumez Resonance Gems
  2. Arrive at Kagrumez, south of Temple of Miraak, Solstheim
  3. Place the gems in the correct order to open the gates
  4. Enter the southeast room
  5. Pick up the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate from the rack

Ebony Bow

  • Damage: 17
  • Speed: 0.56

The Ebony Bow has the same stats as the Stalhrim Bow but without the frost enchantment suitability.

But other than that, it's a really strong bow and obtaining it is a lot easier once you achieve Level 37. You can loot this bow from Draugr Deathlords that protect Word Walls, or purchase it from Falas Selvayn, a merchant at Ramshackle Trading Post, Solstheim.

You can also craft the Ebony Bow, after reaching Smithing Level 80 and unlocking Ebony Smithing perk, using only 3x Ebony ingots.

Auriel's Bow

  • Damage: 13
  • Speed: 1.00

Here is a unique bow that is designed specifically to deal with undead mobs. Auriel's Bow is imbued with the Sun Damage enchantment that deals three times more damage to the undead than the regular bow.

This bow cannot be crafted or purchased. But you can obtain it after completing the "Touching the Sky" quest, given by Serana, a pure blood vampire, who can be encountered at the Dimhollow Crypt, The Pale.

The bow itself can be found inside the Inner Sanctum of the Forgotten Vale, Haafingar.

Gauldur Blackbow

  • Damage: 14
  • Speed: 0.88

Gauldur Blackbow is very similar in design to Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, but its enchantment can only absorb magicka.

As expected, this bow cannot be crafted or purchased. You can obtain it only after completing the "Forbidden Legend" quest, which begins right after you read the "Lost Legends" book. You can purchase the book from Urag gro-Shub, a librarian mage of the Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold.

Gauldur Blackbow can be looted during this quest from Sigdis Gauldurson at the Geirmund's Hall, The Rift.

Skyrim C-F Tier Bows

The rest of the bows in Skyrim will be listed in tiers C, D, E, and F from best to worst:

Glass Bow 15 0.63 C+
Firiniel's End 13 0.69 C+
Zephyr 12 1.00 C+
Nordic Bow 13 0.69 C
Elven Bow 13 0.69 C
Drainspell Bow 14 0.88 C
Bow of the Hunt 10 0.94 C
Falmer Supple Bow 15 0.75 C
Glass Bow of the Stag Prince 16 0.63 C-
Froki's Bow 6 1.00 C-
Dwarven Bow 12 0.75 C-
Supple Ancient Nord Bow 14 0.88 C-
Nord Hero Bow 11 0.88 C-
Orcish Bow 10 0.88 D+
Forsworn Bow 12 0.88 D+
Falmer Bow 12 0.75 D+
Imperial Bow 9 0.75 D
Angi's Bow 7 0.94 D-
Dravin's Bow 7 0.94 D-
Hunting Bow 7 0.94 D-
Ancient Nord Bow 8 0.88 E
Long Bow 6 1.00 F


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