Guide Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Guide RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Bravely Default 2 Endings: How to Get the True, Bad, and Secret Finales Wed, 03 Mar 2021 18:42:26 -0500 Josh Broadwell

In keeping with its namesake, there's more than one Bravely Default 2 ending. In fact, there's a bad ending, a secret ending, and a true ending. Getting to the latter is no easy task as the game has you dig into nearly everything it has to offer before pitting you against a string of vicious bosses.

Our Bravely Default 2 ending guide lays out all the requirements you need to make it through to each of the game's conclusions. Beware, some spoilers follow. 

Prep Work to Unlock All Bravely Default 2 Endings

You’ve got some work to do before even thinking about the bad ending. Unlocking the true ending requires ever Asterisk, including the game’s three optional jobs: Gambler, Salve-Maker, and Bravebearer.

Gambler becomes available roughly mid-way through chapter one in Savalon. It’s a side quest at the gaming hall where you have to clear out a series of opponents in Bravely Default 2’s card game, which is tedious but worth it for the true ending.

Full disclosure: I have no idea whether the quest sticks around later, so make sure you do it in chapter one.

Salve-Maker is also part of a quest chain, and you can access this one in the early stages of chapter three when you reach Enderno.

Bravebearer is more complicated, and we’ll get to that in due course. 

Bravely Default 2’s Bad Ending

Bravely Default 2’s bad ending is very ... not good. It’s also the default conclusion (no pun intended), so there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Without straying into spoilers, here’s how it goes down.

The first final boss is The Evil One. It’s weak to fire and has 150,000 HP, so make sure you’re well equipped to deal with a long fight. A Black Mage for strong fire magic and a Bard for buffs wouldn’t go amiss, and a Spiritmaster main or sub-job is literally a lifesaver.

Unless you’re short on Pg, you can be fairly free with your healing items except for elixirs. You’ll have a chance to travel around Excillant again after the bad ending to restock on most healing items, though elixirs should be saved for the true final boss.

The Evil One changes form when its HP drops to a certain level, so be prepared for a tougher fight towards the end.

Once the battle ends, watch the tragic scene play out, dry your eyes, and save your completed data. Then re-load that cleared data.

Bravely Default 2’s Secret Ending

You’ll begin the game before the Chamber of Sealing. Interact with the purple-ish save point to begin the next chapter.

When a certain character asks you whether you’re ready to face your final challenge (spoiler: it’s not the real final challenge), say no, and hightail it back to the mountains between Savalon and Halcyonia. 

Visit the grave where the prologue ended, and you’ll start another fight. Victory earns you the Bravebearar Asterisk.

Bravebearer takes a unique approach for its powers, tweaking the BP system and even drawing power from your total playtime for some attacks. It’s game breaking, utterly fantastic, and totally necessary for the real final battle.

But first, you’ve got another tough fight ahead. Return to the character who asked you if you were ready for the final fight, and say yes this time. Victory earns you Bravely Default 2's secret ending. Save, load the clear file, and you’ll appear at the Font of Knowledge.

Bravely Default 2 True Ending

The only thing to do for Bravely Default 2’s true ending at this point is to leap down into the abyss and take on the true final boss. As you’d expect, Bravely Default 2’s true final boss is the toughest fight in the game. 

Having one party member as a Bravebearer and a White Mage with Spiritmaster abilities is highly recommended. The White Mage’s Sacred Light special move buffs the entire party and heals a significant chunk of HP, so it’s worth making White Mage the primary job for your healer instead of Spiritmaster.

As with the other final not-final bosses, the true last boss has two forms. The first form has three targets: two hands and the core. The hands are immune to most elements and halve light magic damage, so focus on non-elemental physical attacks. Skills that affect more than one target are a good idea here.

The core is weak to swords and light magic. However, it can also counter basically everything you do, including Defaulting and using items. It won’t always counter, but be prepared anyway.

The second form is more brutal and has no weaknesses, plus it’s immune to Earth. This form can inflict party-wide debuffs across all stats in one move, and it also has a move that reduces the party’s BP by one. This BP-reducing move sometimes gets used as a counter, hence the recommendation of having a Bravebearer in the party.

Dish out your strongest attacks, strike a balance between healing and offense, and use elixirs as needed to restore MP. Persevere, and you’ll see Bravely Default 2’s real conclusion.

That’s everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s true ending and other endings, but stick around for more guides in the coming days.

Bravely Default 2 Quest Log: Is There a Way to Track Completed Quests? Wed, 03 Mar 2021 18:32:59 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Bravely Default 2 throws a wagonload of quests at you from the start, and the natural question is whether Bravely Default 2 has a quest log to keep track of it all, especially completed quests.

The answer isn’t quite so straightforward, as there’s no clear way to tell when you’ve missed a quest. There is one way to manage your existing quests, though, and we’ve got some tips to help make sure you never miss a one.

Bravely Default 2 Quest Log

Bravely Default 2’s quest log lives under the Travelogue in the main menu. Open that, and you’ll see brief quest descriptions for each active quest plus map markers pointing you in the right direction.

You can also toggle the view to list the quests out instead, sans the map markers.

The Travelogue provides an event theater to view quest events. However, they aren’t numbered, which means there’s no way of telling when you miss a quest unless you keep track of every quest number when you first begin it.

Tips for Finding All Bravely Default 2 Quests 

Bravely Default 2 adds new quests almost all the time, but there are some simple ways to make sure you don’t miss any.

You’ll typically get new quests after a plot event occurs, so it’s worth taking a panoramic view of the town you’re in (stand still and press the right stick in) to display any new quest markers that popped up. These story events happen frequently, but Bravely Default 2’s towns are few and small enough where checking won’t take up much time.

Some quests appear on the world map from other NPC travelers, and while hunting these down is a bit more time-consuming, it’s usually worth your while.

Many of Bravely Default 2’s quests are exclusive to either in-game day or night, so make sure to check back at different times of day as well. The same goes for the world map.

Finally, don’t forget to re-visit regions and towns you’ve already cleared because new quests regularly appear there as well when the story progresses. For that, using the free caravan at the entrance of each town to fast travel back to areas you’ve already visited is a must.

Are Bravely Default2’s Quests Worth It?

Bravely Default 2’s quests are definitely worth the time for the most part, though not always because they’re vital to the story. Like its predecessor, this RPG doesn’t exactly dish out Pg (money) left and right. Earning extra cash or obtaining attack and recovery items you don’t have to buy yourself is always a bonus.

You’ll also run into a few quests that pit you against stronger monsters. It’s a handy way of gaining extra JP without grinding, especially if you get the Underdog bonus for under-leveled jobs.

Whether 100%-ing the game and completing every quest is worth it is really just a matter of preference. The only two quests that offer rewards you don't want to miss are the Gambler job quest in Savalon (chapter one) and the Salve-Maker quest in Enderno (chapter three).

That’s all you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s quest log, but stay tuned for more guides in the coming days.

Curse of the Dead Gods: Best Weapons Tier List Tue, 02 Mar 2021 15:55:26 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are three main fighting styles in Curse of the Dead Gods, which correspond to the three weapon categories available in the game. Each weapon has its own characteristic ability, which does make the choice of weaponry quite an important task.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. Some of them are champion's weapons, which are rare types of weapons that drop from bosses under special circumstances. Read on to below and choose the best weapons for your character.

S-Tier Weapons

Primal Hammer

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Heavy
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

Primal Hammer is a crude weapon, but incredibly effective at smashing enemies to bits.

Each move consumes 1 point of stamina, but each move also deals more damage than any other weapon in the game. Its charged attacks are especially powerful, as Primal Hammer has a weakening effect on enemies, making this already extremely powerful weapon even stronger.

Primal Hammer has five tiers of upgrades. If you manage to upgrade it to its fullest potential, then it will deal twice as much damage than in its raw form.

Witch's Crook

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Heavy
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

Witch's Crook, also known as "K'etyaam yaan", is another powerful hammer. It can be obtained by killing Xucat', the Witch boss. Note that Witch's Crook will drop only if Xucat' dies while being on fire.

Xucat' will attack you with skulls that serve both as mines and projectiles. Destroy the mines and dodge the projectiles, while chaining two combos to kill her.

Once she drops the Witch's Crook, you can use its charged attacks to send out similar dark projectiles at your enemies.

A-Tier Weapons

T'amok's Fury

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Whip
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

While hammers are still the most powerful weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods, they are mainly good against a single enemy at a time. Whips, on the other hand, are great for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once due to their spinning attacks.

T'amok's Fury is not a usual whip, but the one made of fire that can be charged and then summon fire jewels that keep burning enemies that come in contact with them.

The only way this cool weapon can be obtained is by parrying the Sun Twin boss three times in a row. Then, once the boss is killed, there is a 20% chance that you will get T'amok's Fury.

Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Spear
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

The most unique feature of this fierce-looking spear is its combo attack that allows you to throw a spear and let it pierce through all the enemies on its path.

However, obtaining this weapon is quite hard. It can be looted from Blood Hunter Champion after killing all of his Infernal Jaguars. Once this is done, the weapon will become available in the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

B-Tier Weapons

Duelist's Shiv

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Dagger
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

Duelist's Shiv may not be the strongest weapon, but it has a unique ability that gives you full stamina gauge.

Of course, you need to be able to evade attacks using the off-hand combo. Once you master this move, you will never have to wait for your stamina to restore.

Colt .45 Rainmaker

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Pistol
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

If you're choosing a ranged weapon, then between bows and pistols, the Colt revolver would be the better choice.

The best feature of any ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods is their ability to deal perfect shots. With most ranged weapons you sometimes deal them and sometimes not.

But with the Rainmaker, your charged attacks will always deliver perfect shots hitting enemies in their weakest spots.

Moonblade, Night's Sword

  • Type: Main Weapon
  • Category: Sword
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

If the choice of your main weapon sits between maces and swords, then the answer is obviously swords, as they are much faster.

Moonblade is a terrific sword that can be found in regular spots and deals the most damage of all swords in the game.

Its charged attack is especially powerful and deals not only with a single target, but also damages all crossed enemies.

Those are the best weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. You can check out our review of the game, and be sure to come back soon for more Curse of the Dead Gods guides.

Valheim Farming Guide: How to Plant Seeds, Use the Cultivator Mon, 01 Mar 2021 15:33:21 -0500 Justin Michael

Food is a central mechanic in Valheim. A varied diet determines your stamina pool and hitpoints. Aside from hunting wild game, such as deer, neck, and fish, you can farm and grow crops to make more potent recipes and meal combinations.

In this quick Valheim farming guide, we’re going to take a look at the survival title's farming mechanics and why you should be equally as happy tending the field as you are spilling the blood of your enemies in it.

Valheim Farming Guide: Getting Started

Before you can start working the earth, you must progress to the Black Forest biome and smelt bronze in the smelter. You'll be able to do this after defeating Eikthyr.

Once you've constructed the smelter with 20x stone and 5x surtling cores, you make bronze by combining 2x copper ore and 1x tin ore in the smelter. Here's how to mine copper and how to find tin. You can find surtling cores in burial chambers throughout the Black Forest. 

After you've got that taken care of, you'll need to forge a cultivator tool:

  • 5x Core wood
  • 5x Bronze

Much like the hoe tool, the cultivator is a terraforming tool. However, it allows you to till workable earth for planting seeds instead of flattening terrain.

How to Use the Cultivator Tool

To use the cultivator, equip it to your hotbar, look at the ground, and press the left mouse button. 

Make sure to give yourself a good patch of worked earth to plant in since planting seeds too close to each other can crowd them. If they're crowded, they won't fully mature — or even go bad  wasting all of your work.

How to Plant Seeds

In order to plat seeds, you’ll need them in your inventory. You access them for planting by equipping the cultivator, right-clicking, and selecting them from the menu that pops up. 

This menu also lets you replant grass for areas you've already cultivated but want to change back. 

How to Get Seeds

Presently, there are only three seed types that produce food in Valheim:

  1. Carrot seeds
  2. Turnip seeds
  3. Barley seeds

There are additional tree seeds you'll get randomly that can be used to replenish the forest after building your base area. These are: 

  1. Fir (fir cone)
  2. Beech (beech seed)
  3. Pine (pine cone)

Carrot Seeds

The first seeds you’re likely to come across are going to be carrot seeds, which you’ll find in the Black Forest while mining for tin and copper.

A carrot seed plant will drop three carrot seeds when cultivated, but you can plant a fully grown carrot as well to make more carrot seeds. So really, you only have to find a single seed or carrot to get the ball rolling. 

Turnip Seeds

Turnip seeds are found in the Swamp biome regions of Valheim, making them a sort of a mid-to-late-game food item. Since the swamps are full of difficult enemies, like draugr, blobs, and skeletons, you'll need to have bronze weapons before exploring these areas. 

Like carrots, turnips get planted in worked soil, and full-grown turnips can be used as seed turnips. Turnips can't be eaten raw, nor can they be grown in the mountain biome.

Turnips, as well as carrots, are also a favorite food of wild boars, so make sure to protect your garden patch with some fencing, lest your harvest be devoured (unless you're taming them, of course).

Barley Seeds

Lastly, we have barley. Barley is used in a number of late-game food recipes and will be the most challenging crop to grow. That's because it will only grow in worked soil in the plains biome, which is home to many powerful mid-to-late-game enemies.

You'll also have to convert the barley into barley flower using a windmill, which you can build with 30x iron nails, 30x wood, and 20x stone. 

Why farm

Farming isn't necessarily a must in Valheim and comes with its own pros and cons. For example, it's a bit time-consuming. Carrots, turnips, and barley take around four in-game days to grow to maturity.

You are also restricted from growing certain seeds in certain biomes. Barley can only be grown in the plains biome, for example, and you won't be able to grow turnips in the cold of the mountain biome. On top of that, you'll have to contend with boars trying to eat your carrots and turnips.

But the plus side to farming is the large food bonuses you can get from upgraded food items. Cooked fish for example grants you 45 hit points and 25 stamina for 20 minutes; all for 1x fish. But for 2x fish and 4x barley flour, you can make a fish wrap that gives you 60 hit points and 90 stamina for 40 minutes. 

It really comes down to your playstyle and whether or not you feel like you need to maximize your hit point and stamina pools

Hopefully, these nuggets of Valheim farming knowledge help get you an advantage over the many enemies the game has to offer, or at least the stamina pool to flee from them when things go south. If you're new to the Viking survival experience, consider checking out some of our other great guides here on GameSkinny! And may your crops be bountiful.

Persona 5 Strikers Jails: How Many Are There? Fri, 26 Feb 2021 16:41:11 -0500 Sergey_3847

Jails are combat areas in Persona 5 Strikers, where players can fight bosses and collect items. Each jail has the main boss represented by the monarch and a number of mini-bosses supporting them. This guide will answer the question of how many jails are there in Persona 5 Strikers and what they can offer you.

Each jail can be accessed only during certain infiltration periods that at times constitute just a single day. Once you've accessed each corresponding area, you will get the chance to fight bosses and earn their rewards.  

How Many Jails in Persona 5 Strikers?

There are eight jails in Persona 5 Strikers. Below you'll find the complete list of all jails, including infiltration periods, names of the bosses and personas, and the items you can get in each jail.

Shibuya Jail

Available through July 25th to July 29th.

Shibuya Jail Bosses

  • Shibuya Jail Monarch
  • Shibuya Jail Lock Keeper
  • Killer Teddybear Bugbear
  • Fallen Snowman Black Frost

Shibuya Jail Personas

  • Pixie
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Bicorn
  • Silky
  • Mokoi
  • Andras
  • Succubus
  • Archangel

Shibuya Jail Items

  • Skill Cards
  • Breath Sash
  • HP Incense
  • Chipped Microchip
  • Revival Bread
  • Magic Incense
  • Silk Scarf
  • Shiny Mini Bag
  • Cute Wallet
  • Rusty Necklace
  • Magic Amulet
  • Blizz Dagger
  • Alluring Sticker
  • Hacker Gear Mk. 1
  • Life Stone
  • Power Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail

Available from July 31st to August 4th.

Sendai Jail Bosses

  • Sendai Jail Monarch
  • Sendai Jail Lock Keeper
  • Snake King Raja Naga
  • Fratricidal Destroyer Seth

Sendai Jail Personas

  • High Pixie
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Lamia
  • Orthrus
  • Slime
  • Eligor
  • Pisacal

Sendai Jail Items

  • Luck Incense
  • Patience Belt
  • Artistic Crane
  • Orchid Pattern
  • Sandy Stuffed Toy
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Brain Shake
  • Beautiful Piece
  • Soul Drop
  • Degunda
  • Beautiful Book
  • Beautiful Sky
  • Beautiful Destination
  • Portrait
  • Skin Ribber
  • Bhuula
  • Power Anklet
Persona 5 Strikers Sapporo Jail

Available from August 10th to August 12.

Sapporo Jail Bosses

  • Sapporo Jail Monarch
  • Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper
  • Harlot of Desire Lilith
  • Monarch of Snow King Frost

Sapporo Jail Personas

  • Lilim
  • Setanta
  • Principality
  • Jack Frost
  • Mothman
  • Mithras
  • Kaiwan

Sapporo Jail Items

  • Recarm
  • Mudo Chance Up
  • Burn Boost
  • Thermal Suit
  • Endurance Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Okinawa Jail

Available on August 17th.

Okinawa Jail Bosses

  • Wandering Reviver Nebiros
  • Okinawa Jail Lock Keeper
  • Throbbing King of Desire Mara
  • Reaper Secret Boss

Okinawa Jail Personas

  • Black Ooze
  • Arahabaki
  • Legion
  • Shiisaa
  • Hecatoncheires

Okinawa Jail Items

  • Pro Hackerware
  • Nuclear Heat Resistance
  • Swift Strike
  • Life Stone
  • Speed Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Kyoto Jail

Available on August 23rd.

Kyoto Jail Bosses

  • Kyoto Jail Monarch
  • Sun’s Emissary Yatagarasu
  • Brilliant Dragonslayer Siegfried

Kyoto Jail Personas

  • Okuninushi
  • Koppa Tengu
  • Kikuri-Hime
  • Neko Shogun
  • Kurama Tengu

Kyoto Jail Items

  • Soul Drop
  • Chief’s Cutlass
Persona 5 Strikers Osaka Jail

Available from August 24th to 26th.

Osaka Jail Bosses

  • Osaka Jail Monarch
  • Osaka Jail Lock Keeper
  • War-Hungry Horseman Eligor
  • Guard Dog of Hades Cerberus

Osaka Jail Personas

  • Naga
  • Fortuna
  • Valkyrie
  • Ganesha
  • Sarasvati
  • Thor

Osaka Jail Bosses

  • Amrita Soda
  • Masukukaja
  • Physical Resistance Up
  • Incense
  • Gold-plated Cat Statue
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Idol Symbol
  • Amrita Drop
  • Bead
  • Jewel
Jail of the Abyss

Available on August 28.

Jail of the Abyss Bosses

  • Jail of the Abyss Accomplice
  • Dark Sun Mithras

Jail of the Abyss Personas

  • Lilith
  • Nebiros
  • Bugbear
  • Mot
  • Abaddon
  • Hecatoncheires

Jail of the Abyss Item

  • Snuff Soul
Persona 5 Strikers Tree of Knowledge Jail

Available from August 18th to 29th.

Tree of Knowledge Jail Bosses

  • False God Demiurge
  • Shadow of God Metatron
  • Heavenly Punisher Archangel

Tree of Knowledge Personas

  • Yatagarasu
  • Forneus

That's all you need to know on how many jails are there in Persona 5 Strikers. Be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks articles.

Valheim Won't Launch or Start: Fix Crashing on Startup Fri, 26 Feb 2021 12:02:52 -0500 Sergey_3847

Since Valheim is still in Early Access, there are still quite a few bugs and glitches for developer Iron Gate Studios to work out. While many players have been able to download the Viking survival game and explore its various biomes, some can't even play the game due to myriad reasons for crashing. Some common launch issues on startup include a black screen, while others include servers not appearing. This guide will help you fix another problem, where Valheim won't launch or start.

Before trying out all the methods listed below, be sure to update Windows and your graphics card/video card drivers. It's also worth making sure your anti virus software isn't blocking the game. These simple steps are essential before launching any game, not just Valheim. If the problem persists, then follow the steps below.

Valheim Won't Launch or Start Fix

Method 1: Force Windowed Mode

Valheim is very sensitive to the display resolution settings. If Valheim won't start, you may have a non-native resolution set in the game, which is different from your display's resolution.

If you can't run the game, you should try to force windowed mode and change the resolution by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Click on the "General" tab
  6. In the "Set Launch Options" field type in: -windowed -noborder
  7. Save and exit

After changing the resolution in the game, you can go back to full screen mode by deleting the -windowed -noborder line from the launch options from the Steam control panel.

Method 2: Repair Corrupt Files

The verify integrity of game files option in Steam's local files tab.

If the previous method didn't fix Valheim, then your game files may be corrupt. Instead of re-installing, you can try and repair them by verifying the integrity of game files.

Note: this can also help you fix the error "Failed to Start Game: Missing Executable" that sometimes keeps Valheim from starting up.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Select the "Local Files" tab
  6. Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
  7. Wait for it to finish

If some of the game system files have been damaged, this should fix the problem.

Method 3: Disable Steam Overlay

The checkbox for disabling the Steam Overlay in Valheim's properties tab.

If it loads but the game crashes at the opening screen, then you could be having issues with the Steam overlay. Here's how to disable it:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay"

Method 4: Run as Administrator

The run as administrator option in system files.

If all else fails, you can simply run the game as an administrator to get around launch issues and crashing problems. Here's how to easily find the Valheim executable file. 

  • Go to the Steam app
  • Go to your game library
  • Right-click on Valheim
  • Select "Properties"
  • Go to "Local Files"
  • Click "Browse" in the top right
  • This takes you to the Valheim.exe file location on your computer
  • Right click on the file
  • Choose "Run as Administrator"
  • Click "Yes" when asked in the pop up window

Whether you're playing on a dedicated server or not, the methods in this guide should help you get past Valheim crashing at startup. If a black screen is why the game won't launch or start, then use this guide for several potential fixes, as it's a completely different issue. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles on Iron Gate Studio's smash hit, which has already surpassed 4 million downloads since launch.

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Midnight Carp Thu, 25 Feb 2021 15:56:04 -0500 Ashley Shankle

One of Stardew Valley's more elusive fish, the Midnight Carp, can come up sometimes as a request at the Help Wanted board. But most players simply seek this purple finned friend for completionist reasons. Either way, you may be wondering how to catch it. 

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Midnight Carp

The Midnight Carp is a Fall through Winter fish that is only available late at night. Though it is possible to catch it using the Fiberglass Rod, using the Iridium Rod makes catching it easier. Because of that it may be better sought by players who have increased their Fishing proficiency to at least Level 6.

The general specifics to catch the Midnight Carp are as follows:

  • Available through Fall and Winter
  • Can be caught from 10 PM to 2 AM
  • An all-weather fish
  • Found in the forest pond, mountain lake, in the pond or river on Ginger Island, or even in the water on your farm if you're using a farm layout with freshwater

These locations are outlined in the following maps, but the Midnight Carp can be caught in the river on the north side of Ginger Island as well.

You can place Midnight Carp in your farm's Fish Pond to get Midnight Carp Roe, though it doesn't boast any particular benefits or command an especially high price. That said, the fish itself is used in the recipe for Seafoam Pudding, which is received at Fishing proficiency level 9.

This is about all you need to know about the Midnight Carp, which has a bit of an odd time of day to catch but doesn't provide a huge challenge once it's on the line. If this guide helped you out, consider checking out our other Stardew Valley guides here on GameSkinny!

How to Increase Low FPS in Valheim Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:09:22 -0500 Sergey_3847

Valheim's sprawling and randomized Viking open world looks great, but it can be rough on some rigs. Low or frequently dipping framerates are a problem for many players. But hopefully, this guide will help increase low FPS in Valheim, or at least provide an FPS boost for the popular Early Access survival game.

It should go without saying that you should always ensure your video card drivers are up to date before doing anything drastic. Be sure you do that before tinkering with the most basic option to increase your FPS in Valheim.

How to Increase Low FPS in Valheim

Method 1: Adjust Graphics Settings

Valheim's settings menu and graphics settings.

Before going into the deep end of increasing your FPS, it's a good idea to simply adjust your in-game graphics settings.

First, make sure that your game is set to fullscreen mode and at your monitor's native resolution (it should not be in any window modes). Then make sure your refresh rate matches that of your monitor.

Next, set go to your advanced settings details tab and set the options to these levels:

  • Vegetation Quality: Medium
  • Particle Lights: Medium
  • Draw Distance: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low

These settings will not take away from the gameplay and may boost your frame rate.

Lastly, turn off all extra features except Anti-Aliasing. This will free up a lot of video memory on your PC and will not influence the quality of the picture.

Method 2: Optimize Graphics Performance

Although in-game graphics settings can be effective to a certain degree, there are further steps you can take to optimize your experience for a Valheim FPS boost.

In addition to the above settings, you can optimize your video card performance a bit further by following these steps:

  1. Click on Windows 10 search bar
  2. Type in: Graphics Settings
  3. Open the link provided by the search
  4. In the Graphics Settings window enable the “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” option
  5. Restart your PC

Once you've done this, you can go to your video card control panel, whether it's Nvidia Control Panel or Radeon Catalyst:

  1. Click on the “Manage 3D settings” option
  2. Choose “Add program
  3. Find Valheim and select it
  4. In the game's settings, enable the following options:
    • Prefer Maximum Performance
    • Anisotropic Sample Options: On
    • Quality: Performance
    • Trilinear Optimization: On
    • Vertical Sync: Fast

These settings alone could give you at least another extra 10-20 FPS.

Method 3: Optimize Boot Configuration

For this Valheim FPS fix, you need to edit a system file with launch options that start the game with a number of select properties. By adding a couple of extra lines, you can significantly boost the performance of Valheim.

Follow these steps to optimize boot configuration in Valheim:

  1. Go to "/Steam/steamapps/common/Valheim/valheim_Data" folder on your PC
  2. Locate the "boot.cfg" file
  3. Open it in the Notepad
  4. At the very top of the boot file, type in this line: gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1
  5. Add this line right after it: gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1

Save and close the file. Now you can open the game in Steam. With luck, you immediately notice that your FPS has been increased.

Those are just some of the potential ways to increase low FPS in Valheim. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles on Iron Gate AB's smash hit.

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills: The Best and Worst Thu, 25 Feb 2021 12:06:09 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills are new to the sequel and give your party a series of bonuses with big effects. You’ll need Bond Points earned from raising Bond Levels, another new addition, to unlock and level up each of these.

There’s no shortage of skills to focus on in this bond system, though there is a shortage of Bond Points. This Persona 5 Strikers guide is here to help you invest your points wisely.

How to Raise Bond Level 

Bond level tutorial card.

Strikers gives you plenty of ways to raise your BL and earn BP in the process.  The most common and easiest way is just fighting. You’ll earn a small amount of Bond Points from every combat engagement, though the emphasis is on “small.”

The story gives you BP during certain events, though these aren’t very common.

Completing friend requests and hanging out with friends also grants a Bond Point boost. While the requests can get tedious, there’s never a reason not to hang out with friends since Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t have a time limit.

Finally, you can also earn these by cooking new recipes, and what d’you know — we have a guide just for that.

The Best Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills

Harisen Help bond description card and point cost.

The game groups its Skills in specific categories, though you can’t see them all at first. The blocked-out ones unlock as you progress through the story. You can level up each of them several times, though some higher levels require certain side quests to unlock.

We’ll list each Bond Skill by group and recommend which ones are worth prioritizing in each group.

Stat Bond Skills

The first row boosts specific stat parameters. En is defense in Persona terms, while Agility affects evasion, and Luck is for critical hit rates

  • HP Boost — Increases all party members’ HP
  • SP Boost — Increases all party members’ SP
  • Strength Boost — Increases all party members’ St stat
  • Magic Boost — Increases all party members’ Ma stat
  • Endurance Boost — Increases all party members’ En stat
  • Agility Boost — Increases all party members’ Ag stat
  • Luck boost — Increases all party members’ Lu stat

You shouldn’t spend many Bond Points on any of these, at least not early on. Gear and leveling up increase all of these anyway, without costing anything. SP Boost is more helpful, though the benefits gained from the skill’s first few levels aren’t worth what they cost.

Persona Bond Skills

The next set is more interesting and mostly revolves around Persona abilities.

  • Pass Appeal — Showtime gauge fills faster after a Baton Pass
  • Harisen Helper — Higher chance of Harisen Recovery
  • Oracle Recovery — Party recovers HP and SP after completing a battle
  • Martial Arts — Increases damage for physical Persona skills
  • Spiritual Arts — Increases damage for magical Persona skills
  • Tactical Arts — Increases status affliction chance
  • Supportive Arts — Lengthens time Persona buffs/debuffs last

Oracle Recovery is a must-have, so level it up as soon as you can. The same goes for Pass Appeal, as we can’t overstate the importance of Showtime attacks during mini-boss and boss fights.

Enemies inflict status ailments more frequently in Strikers than the other two Persona 5 games, so investing in a few levels of Harisen Recovery is a good idea.

Enhancement Bond Skills

This category is a general catch-all, with abilities that affect a number of different gameplay aspects.

  • Joker’s Wild — Increases mask drop rate
  • Ambusher — Restores some party HP after performing an ambush
  • Phantom Striker — Increases Phantom Dash damage
  • Avenger — Stronger counter attacks after evading enemy attacks
  • Ammo Hoarder — Increases every party members’ ammo capacity
  • Proper Showman — Increases Showtime attack damage
  • Spirit Striker — 1 More attacks restore user’s SP; All-Out Attacks restore Party SP

Joker’s Wild should be your priority here. You’re only as strong as your Persona, and having more of them means more fusion options. Increasing damage is always a good thing, but we recommend Ambusher and Spirit Striker.

Any way to restore health and stamina without using items (or stamina) is a good thing. You can exit Jails to restore SP, but restoring it in combat is much more convenient.

Sophia’s Shop Bond Skills

Some of these aren’t skills so much as perks. As the name suggests, they’re mostly about improving your shopping experience with Sophia’s shop with a couple of wild cards thrown in.

  • Smart Shopper — Get better bargains at Sophia’s shop
  • Metaverse Medic — Increases efficacy of restorative items
  • Bondmaker — Bond Level rises faster
  • Extortionist — Increases money earned in combat

Bondmaker is the best in this set for probably obvious reasons. Metaverse Medic is a close second and can be a literal lifesaver during intense boss fights. If you’re constantly short on cash, though, toss some BP into Extortionist.

Jail Bond Skills

The last bundle affects key aspects of your experience in Jails

  • Safecracker — Unlock chests with advanced locks
  • Master Chef — Stronger effects for food
  • Treasure Hunter — Higher chance of finding Treasure Domains
  • Packrat — Find more junk items
  • Highwayman — Higher chance of finding items after battle

These last few aren’t quite as essential, though Master Chef is worth pouring some points into early on.

That's it for our Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills guide, but make sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks for the Phantom Thieves' road trip.

The Valheim Backstab: How to Master This Critical Attack Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:16:59 -0500 Justin Michael

The combat in Valheim can be challenging at times. From getting ganged up on by greydwarf brutes to getting mobbed by draugr in a sunken crypt, there are many ways to get injured and die in the Viking survival game from Iron Gate AB. There are also varied ways to deal with all of these enemies. One is the parry. The other is the backstab.

In this quick tips article, we’re going to talk about something you might not know about — and that’s critical damage in the form of backstabbing.

How to Backstab in Valheim

The inventory stat box for bronze axe showing multipliers.

Nearly all of the weapons in Valheim have a stat block for backstabbing damage, including the best ones. The majority have a 3x backstab multiplier — even the bow — while knives have a 10x multiplier. In order to land a backstab, you’re going to have to meet a few requirements. The first is the sneak attack.


First, you need to be sneaking. The default key for sneak on the keyboard is left-ctrl.

You'll notice that sneaking uses up a lot of stamina, so make sure that you eat some high stamina boosting foods like carrot soup and honey. 

Get Behind Your Enemy

Second, you need to be outside of your enemy's line of sight, preferably behind them. You can tell if an enemy can see you by looking at the reticle on the screen while sneaking.

  • A flat line means you’re unnoticed.
  • A slightly peaked line means your presence is noted but the enemy hasn’t seen you yet.
  • A reticle that looks like an eye means you’re spotted. The enemy may also have a red exclamation mark over their head as well.

The little bar under the reticle tells you how hidden you are, with a darker bar being better than a lighter one. If you’re wearing a full set of Troll armor, you’ll automatically be 25% hidden at all times, making it harder to be spotted, even if sneaking through a sun-drenched clearing.

A player crouching in a forest, sneaking up on a deer.

I prefer to take a page out of the book of Skyrim, forgoing melee weapons to stealth archer my enemies from a distance. Even a Troll with 600HP can lose a third of that with the right bow and arrow combo.

Backstabbing Exceptions

While it appears that nearly every creature can be backstabbed, there is an exception for the Boss fights; they actively track the player and therefore can’t be caught unawares.

You also cannot score a backstab critical on an enemy that isn't already at full health.

And that's all there is to the Valheim backstab; boost your stamina, stay out of direct line of sight, and strike true from a distance or up close and personal. For more on the Steam Early Access title from Coffee Stain Studios and Iron Gate AB, consider checking out our other great guide content here on GameSkinny!

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts Guide Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:05:24 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts are a vital part of building a strong party. They function similar to expanded combo movesets in other Warriors-style games, with some important twists befitting each character's unique style and elemental affinities.

Despite having just one unlock requirement, they're also not that easy to unlock, so it's worth planning ahead to make sure you get the ones you want the most. Lucky for your, our Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts guide is here to take the guessing out of your party planning.

Note: this guide contains what could be considered mild spoilers for movesets and the new party members.

How to Unlock Master Arts 

You'll unlock these by using a given character in battle repeatedly. The catch is that you have to actually be controlling that character. They'll gain nothing towards Master Arts when the AI controls them, so figuring out who you want to level up the most is a good idea when you start your infiltrations.

Fortunately, unlocking these moves doesn't take too terribly long. Joker's first one unlocks as a tutorial after a few battles in the Shibuya Jail, and you can expect it to take roughly 15-20 or more to unlock the next one or another character's first one.

And there's no harm in turning the difficulty down to mow through mobs to unlock them faster if you want to.

For this guide, normal attacks refer to your "Square" attack on PlayStation or "Y" attack on Switch, while special attack is for the "Triangle" attacks on PlayStation and "X" attack on Switch.

If you're playing on Steam, then it's, of course, whatever key you've mapped those attacks to or the same button on any controller you're using.

Joker Master Arts

Joker's revolve almost entirely around his special gun attacks, except the initial one. Make sure to use Marked Shot whenever possible, as follow-up strikes are handy for wearing down stronger foes.

Master Art Input Effect
Marking Shot  Press "A" or "Circle" after a special attack or mid-air special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Wild Rush  Five normal attacks, two special attacks  Extra Persona strike
Phantom Barrage  Special attacks won't use ammunition  Triggers 3-shot attack after certain moves
Dead Shot  Hold L to aim gun, and hold R to fire  Consumes multiple ammo rounds for a powerful shot


Skull/Ryuji Master Arts

Ryuji's make him a more viable damage dealer by shortening charge attack times and reducing some damage.

Master Art Input Effect
In My Sights Two normal attacks and a special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Good Measure One normal attack followed by one special attack Deals increased damage. Charge to summon Captain Kidd for additional damage
Sprinter Passive art Decreases charge time
Rebel Yell Passive art Increases Skull's Toughness longevity and may reduce damage.


Mona/Morgana Master Arts

Morgana's aren't quite as impressive but significantly improve his usability.

Master Art Input Effect
Animal Instinct Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Cat's Paw One normal and one special attack or three normal attacks and one special attack Pulls enemies closer
Miracle Punch Two normal attacks and one special attack Attack could become Miracle Punch (critical hit)
Cyclone Charge Passive skill Bus Morgana rams enemies and produces Wind wave.


Panther/Ann Master Arts

Ann's best make use of her plain special attack Enchant (press the special attack button once), which adds a fire element to all her attacks.

Master Art Input Effect
No Escape Five normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Feel the Heat With Enchant active, press the special attack button at the end of a combo Performs a swinging whip attack
Crocodile Tears One normal attack and one special attack Carmen casts Tarunda (lowers enemy attack) without using SP 
Wildfire Passive skill Increases fire attack power and chance of burn


Fox/Yusuke Master Arts

Yusuke's are a versatile mixed bag that make the starving artist a force to be reckoned with.

Master Art Input Effect
Gleaming Blade Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
High Counter One special attack or three normal attacks plus one special attack Briefly increases hit count when pressing the special attack button multiple times
Legendary Thief One normal attack and one special attack Goemon casts Sukukaha (increases agility) without using SP 
Ice Counter One special attack Increases chance of Freeze. Press multiple times to raise the chance higher.


Queen/Makoto Master Arts

Unsurprisingly, Makoto's are all about making the queen of fists hit even harder with her special Burst move, which adds Nuclear to Makoto's moves.

Master Art Input Effect
Wheelie Rush Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Phantom Star Rider Passive skill Using Burst increases damage for all Makoto's special attacks
Fortified Moxy Passive skill Using Burst increases Makoto's melee Triangle/X attacks
Nuclear Reaction Perform a Follow-Up Activates Burst


Noir/Haru Master Arts

Haru's improve every aspect of the mistress of murder's moveset.

Master Art Input Effect
Axe Waltz Four normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Vertigo Slash One normal attack and one special attack May cause Dizzy
Ballroom Blitzer Press and hold special attack button  Increases damage and range of Haru's special attack (press once and hold down) without consuming ammo.
Etoile Press and hold special attack button Increases fire rate and decreases chance of flinching


Sophie/Sophia Master Arts

Sophie's are a bit trickier to pull off just because they're tied with her yo-yo throw-and-catch attacks, but getting the hang of it gives her a bit of a power boost.

Master Art Input Effect
Drive Spinner Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Data Synch Perform a normal or midair normal attack with good timing Upgrades Sophia's attack power by one
Blast Processing Passive skill. After perfect catch, perform a normal and special attack or two normal and one special attacks, then press the special button repeatedly for higher hit count Upgrades special attack after perfect catch. 
Mega Blaster Aim with L, then hold R to fire. Launches Gravity Bullet. Perfect Catch restores ammo


Wolf/Zenkichi Master Arts

Zenkichi's work a bit differently. These are almost all Fury (one press of the special button) related, and he won't get a Follow-Up skill until later. His Alpha's Fangs is a three-part skill that affects multiple combos. We've listed them separately, but they all unlock at the same time Alpha's Fangs does.

Master Art Input Effect
Wolf's Maw Activate Fury Adds Almighty to all Zenkichi's attacks
Master of the Hunt Don't activate Fury Increases HP absorption
Wolf's Howl Activate Fury Increased critical rate, reduced HP consumption
Alpha's Fangs (1) Normal attack and special attack Perform a follow-up strike 
Alpha's Fangs (2) Two normal attacks and a special attack, then hold special button Extends the combo
Alpha's Fangs (3) Three normal attacks and one special attack, then hold the special button Increases hit count

That's everything you need to know about Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts, but be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks on this awesome road trip.

Stardew Valley: How to Make Truffle Oil Wed, 24 Feb 2021 16:59:08 -0500 Ashley Shankle

There aren't a ton of uses for Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley, the two most obvious being the quest Mayor Lewis gives you in Summer of the second year and the oil being a potential turn-in for the Artisan Bundle. Whichever purpose you need it for, you'll have to learn how to make Truffle Oil yourself.

Stardew Valley: How to Make Truffle Oil

As with other Artisan Goods, you'll need to first craft a station to make Truffle Oil. That's the Oil Maker.

The recipe for Truffle Oil is really just the item itself: One Truffle Oil only requires one Truffle to be made. Making it is really quite easy, but getting the Truffle might be more of a problem.

Stardew Valley: How to Craft an Oil Maker

Once you reach farming Level 8, you will be able to craft your own Oil Maker in the crafting menu. For that, you'll need:

  • 50 Slime
  • 20 Hardwood
  • 1 Gold Bar

After you've made it, place it on your farm and get ready to make some oil! Well, if you've got a Truffle anyway.

How to Get Truffles

It might come as a surprise, but Truffles are spawned from Pigs when they're let outside. Pigs cost 16,000 gold and require you have the Deluxe Barn built, which is a considerable investment as it is the second upgrade to the Barn.

It takes 10 days for a Pig to mature, after which it will start to sniff out Truffles on your property as long as it's fed and has clean areas to walk.

Getting Pigs, and ultimately Truffles, is not necessarily an early-game goal which is presumably why Mayor Lewis doesn't ask for the Truffle Oil until the middle of Year 2.

That's it for all you need to know about making Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley. Check out our other Stardew Valley guides here on GameSkinny.

Valheim Black Screen on Startup Fix Guide Wed, 24 Feb 2021 12:52:19 -0500 Sergey_3847

Valheim is a great PC survival game set in a vast open-world full of wonders and vicious enemies, such as trolls, draugr, and wolves. Though four million players have already taken to their mighty longships in search of new biomes to build bases in, Valheim is still in Early Access and has its share of issues. Outside of the occasional game crashes, one of the biggest issues players have experienced is a black screen when launching the game.

This guide will (hopefully) provide you with a couple of methods on how to fix a black screen on startup in Valheim.

The main reason for a black screen at startup is that the game's graphics settings may be interfering with and causing some problems for certain video cards or graphics drivers. The two methods below have worked well for many Valheim players, so they may work for you as well!

How to Fix Black Screen on Startup in Valheim

Method 1: Switch to Windowed Mode

Most players prefer to play their games in full screen mode, but Valheim doesn't have a genuine full screen mode and runs in either "windowed full screen" or simply "windowed." This is the main setting that causes black screen issues for many players.

Try the following:

  1. Start the game
  2. Press Alt+Enter when the black screen appears
  3. Wait for windowed mode to activate

To avoid this problem in the future, switch to permanent full screen mode by following these steps:

  1. Go to Steam
  2. Right-click on Valheim in your game library
  3. Select the "Properties" option
  4. Go to the "General" tab
  5. Add the following line to the launch options: -screen-fullscreen 1

Close the Properties tab and launch the game. This setting should now always launch your game in full screen mode.

Valheim properties general options tab in the Steam app.

Method 2: Switch Between Windows

If the previous method didn't work, you'll need to switch between windows when launchingValheim. Here's how:

  1. Open any window (e.g. the Steam app)
  2. Launch Valheim
  3. Press Alt+Tab during the black screen
  4. Press Alt+Tab again to go back to the game's window

This simple switch between windows should help eliminate the black screen effect. But you will have to repeat this process during each startup, before playing Valheim.

That's all you need to know on how to fix Valheim's black screen on startup. For more on this Viking survival world from Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Studios, consider heading over to our guides on deflecting attacks, mining copper ore, and how to get rid of unwanted items

Destiny 2 No Longer Available Error Fix Wed, 24 Feb 2021 09:13:35 -0500 Justin Koreis

Destiny 2 players have found themselves unable to load the game, and instead are being greeted with a message declaring “this version of Destiny 2 is no longer available.” Here's how to fix the issue if you run into it. 

Expected Interruptions 

Destiny 2 typically goes offline on Tuesday right before the game's weekly reset, and it usually concludes after about an hour of downtime. The most recent maintenance was intended to roll out Hotfix, an update designed to fix a series of small issues and solve a few bugs (full patch notes here). 

The downtime, however, became unexpectantly extended due to an unexplained issue. As a result, players who anticipated being able to log in at 1pm PST were unable to do so. According to Bungie, as of 2pm PST the maintenance is complete, and the issue is resolved.  

Fixing The Issue 

If you are still encountering issues, Bungie has laid out the following steps. First, restart your console/PC. Launch Destiny 2, which should automatically start an update most users, allowing access.  

If that doesn’t work the next step is to manually update. This process varies depending on your platform of choice.  

On Xbox press the Xbox button, and open “my games and apps." From here navigate to Destiny 2 in the games tab and press the Menu button (aka the start button, to the right of the Xbox button.)

This will pop up a menu, select Manage Game from the available options. New windows will pop up, select updates from the window to the left, and you should be set.  

PlayStation is similar. From the PlayStation dashboard, navigate to your games library. Select Destiny 2, and press the Option button (again, to the right of center on the controller). A menu will pop up to the right, select Check for Updates.  

On Steam, open the Library tab. From the list of games hover your mouse cursor over Destiny 2. Right click and select properties. From the popup window, select updates, and in the automatic updates category, make sure the “Always Keep This Game Updated” option is selected. 

If that doesn’t force an update, you can also select the local files tab from this same popup window. Click on the verify integrity of game files option, and steam will begin checking the entire games filesystem.  

You can ensure you are running the current version of Destiny by loading into the character selection screen. The version number is displayed in the bottom right corner. 

Once you are fully updated, then any "version of Destiny is no longer available" errors should be a thing of the past. You are now free to explore and slay the forces of darkness to your hearts content. Or at least until the next update. As always, check back here for the more Destiny 2 coverage and guides 

HuniePop 2: How to Give Date Gifts Tue, 23 Feb 2021 10:48:20 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Whether you're trying to brave the hardest difficulty or just don't want to try all that hard in any case, date gifts can be a huge boon in HuniePop 2 and are well-worth using.

The game doesn't really explain how to to use date gifts, though, so you're on your own there unless you're reading a guide like this one.

You can buy date gifts from the store using seeds, and you can tell which are specifically these sorts of gifts at the top of the item description, as you can see below.

HuniePop 2: How to Give Date Gifts

Now that you've got some on hand, it's time to make sure you can use them. Before you initiate a date with the two lovely ladies you're talking to, click on 'Gifts."

In this screen, you're able to equip both girls with gifts you can use over the course of your date. Their potential inventory is the column directly below their icons.

All you have to do is drag a date gift to a free slot and it will be available for use over the course of your date.

At the start of your relationship with a girl, you'll only be able to equip one gift. As you improve your relationship, you'll be able to equip up to four at a time.

Almost of these gifts have a Sentiment cost, which are the teardrop-looking orbs when playing the main match-three portion of the game. You'll want to focus on them from time to time if you intend to use date gifts in action.

Once a girl has enough Sentiment, you can swap to her and use one of the date gifts you've equipped her with. Easy peasy!

That's all you need to know about giving date gifts in HuniePop 2. If you haven't grabbed those special outfit codes up yet, you can get HuniePop 2 outfit codes here.

Valheim Bosses: How to Beat Every Boss Mon, 22 Feb 2021 16:02:49 -0500 Sergey_3847

Survival is not the only goal of Valheim. You will need to kill the game's five bosses to progress to the end-game and get more crafting recipes for tools, weapons, and armor. These difficult enemies are summoned in very specific biomes, though their individual locations will vary based on your seed. 

Before you can summon a boss in Valheim, you must discover its complementary runestone hidden somewhere in its biome. After you do so, the boss' mystical altar location will be marked on your map, and then you must sacrifice certain items at the altar for the boss to appear. 

It is highly recommended to be well-rested before each encounter and bring along as many health items as possible. In the early game, this means eating berries, cooked meat, and cooked fish before each encounter, all of which will max out your health and stamina bars. Later, you can craft potions with the fermenter. 

How to Beat Eikthyr 

How to Summon Eikthyr

When you first spawn into Valheim, you will see a stone circle. Each stone represents one of the game's bosses. Eikthyr's is the square one with red glowing runes. Interact with it and register Eikthyr's altar location on your map.

You can summon this stag by offering 2x Deer Trophy at the mystical altar. Deer Trophies drop from deer hunting and killing deer in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

Since you can be attacked by other creatures, such as greylings, at night, summon Eikthyr in the daytime to make this battle easier. 

Best Strategy

Eikthyr has targeted and AoE attacks, both of which come from the lightning energy in their antlers. They can also melee you with their antlers using a charged attack.

The two best weapons to craft this early in the game are:

  • Flint Spear (5x Wood, 10x Flint, 2x Leather Scraps)
  • Crude Bow (10x Wood, 8x Leather Scraps)

Both of these weapons put distance between you and the boss, giving you opportunities for ranged attacks while dodging lightning strikes.

The best arrows for your bow right now are Flint Arrows, which can be crafted with:

  • 8x Wood
  • 4x Flint
  • 2x Feathers

Flint can be found on the banks of ponds and rivers in the Meadows biome, as well as along the ocean shore. Feathers can be scavenged from chests, found on the ground, or gather from killing birds. 


Once Eikthyr is defeated, he will drop the following items:

  • Eikthyr Trophy
  • 3x Hard Antler

If you hang the trophy on the sacrificial stone where you spawned into your world seed, you will be rewarded with Eikthyr's forsaken power, which reduces your jump and run stamina by 60%.

The three hard antlers can be used to craft the antler pickaxe (10x Wood, 1x Hard Antler), which can mine for resources such as stone, copper, tin, and iron.

How to Beat The Elder

How to Summon The Elder

The second boss of the game can be summoned after locating his rune stone on one of the Burial Chambers. These are dungeon structures that can be found in random locations in the Black Forest and Meadows biomes.

Once you locate The Elder's rune stone, it will reveal the location of the summoning altar on the map.

In order to summon The Elder you must offer 3x Ancient Seeds at the altar. Ancient Seeds drop from Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans that roam the Black Forest biomes.

You can also find them inside random loot chests and by destroying Greydwarf Nests that spawn creatures.

Best Strategy

The Elder is a tree-like boss that has a massive health pool. Their stomping and root attacks are very dangerous, with the latter being very unpredictable. Unless you're using console commands, that means you should use a ranged weapon, such as a bow.

You will also need to make good use of the rocks and trees scattered around the arena. Hide behind them when The Elder attacks, and then pop out to get in a few shots. Stay on the move, however, as The Elder can destroy these trees and rocks, and their root attack can get around them. 

At this stage of the game, you should be able to craft the Finewood Bow:

  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 10x Core Wood
  • 2x Deer Hide

The best arrows against The Elder are Fire Arrows, which can be crafted with 8x Wood, 8x Resin, and 2x Feathers. You will need around 50-100 arrows to beat this boss. 

The battle can also be further complicated by the appearance of trolls and greydwarves, so like Eikthyr, try to summon The Elder during the daytime.


After beating The Elder, you will be rewarded with:

  • Swamp Key
  • The Elder Trophy

The Swamp Key is important for the next boss fight, Bonesmass, as it unlocks all of the Sunken Crypts found in the swamp biome.

The Elder Trophy can be hanged at the sacrificial stone at your world seed spawn point, which appears at spawn, and you will receive The Elder's forsaken power, which allows you to cut trees much faster.

How to Beat Bonemass in Valheim

How to Summon Bonemass

Sunken Crypts are dungeons that spawn randomly in the Swamp biome. Some areas on the map will have only one of these burial chambers, while others can have five or more. Use the Swamp Key from The Elder boss to unlock them (one key works for them all). 

Inside one of the dungeons, you will find a rune stone, which will mark the Bonemass altar's exact location on the map. Finding this rune stone can take a long time, as you have to mine through muddy scrap piles and fight through many Draugr. 

We looked through seven Sunken Crypts before finding the rune stone. It's helpful to mark each crypt location after it's been searched so you don't waste time. 

While searching, gather any Withered Bones you come across. You will need 10x Withered Bones to summon Bonemass. 

Best Strategy

Since Bonemass is resistant to piercing and slashing damage, you can't use swords, axes, or bows against him. You could use Frost Arrows, although they are very hard to get at this point in the game and require venturing into the Mountain biome.

However, they are weak to blunt damage, which leaves you with the following weapon options:

  • Iron Mace (4x Wood, 20x Iron, 3x Leather Scraps)
  • Bronze Mace (4x Wood, 8x Bronze, 3x Leather Scraps)
  • Iron Sledge (10x Ancient Bark, 30x Iron, 4x Ymir Flesh, 1x Draugr Elite Trophy)

This fight is very grindy, as you need to learn their cycle of attacks and act accordingly.

First, they will perform a swiping attack, which must be dodged. Once Bonemass slows down, you can approach for a series of blunt attacks. Second, they will summon a horde of skeletons and blobs that must be dealt with. You can use other weapons against them if you want to preserve your blunt weapon for Bonemass (though the AoE of the Iron Sledge is very effective).

Lastly, they will emit a poisonous gas, which must be avoided at all costs, as it will give you poison damage. It is recommended to bring along a few Poison Resistance potions for this part of the fight.


Bonemass will drop the following items after being defeated:

  • Wishbone
  • Bonemass Trophy

The wishbone is important because it reveals the locations of muddy scrap piles, silver veins, and buried treasure. 

The Bonemass trophy will grant you the Bonemass forsaken power after being hanged at the sacrificial stone at spawn. This power makes you resistant to blunt, slash, and pierce damage.

How to Beat Moder

How to Summon Moder

To summon Moder, you need 3x Dragon Eggs, which can be found inside nests that spawn randomly in the Mountain biome.

To find the location of the summoning altar, you must find Stone Towers on the Mountain biome that may contain a signal stone. Once you find the signal stone and interact with it, Moder's altar location will be marked on your map.

It is strongly recommended to locate the altar before bringing the eggs, as they are extremely heavy. You will not be able to carry all three eggs at the same time, even if you increase your carrying weight by purchasing Megingjord from Haldor.

It's best to find the altar first and then look for eggs around it. 

Best Strategy

Moder is a wyvern that can deal devastating melee damage while on the ground and drop ice crystals from the air to deal frost damage. Bringing Frost Resistance potions is a good idea.

Being ice-based, Moder is mostly weak to fire damage. Bring the best bow you can get at this point in the game and a lot of Fire Arrows (8x Wood, 8x Resin, 2x Feathers). If you can't craft Fire Arrows, you can opt for Poison Arrows (8x Wood, 4x Obsidian, 2x Feather, 2x Ooze).

The best way to kill Moder is to get on top of a Stone Tower and shoot arrows while taking cover inside the tower. Beware, though: they are strong enough to destroy stone walls after a fashion. 


Once Moder is defeated, you will be rewarded with:

  • 10x Dragon Tears
  • Moder Trophy

Dragon Tears can be used to craft the Artisan Table (2x Dragon Tear, 10x Wood), an important tool for crafting the Spinning Wheel, Windmill, and Blast Furnace. 

The Moder Trophy will give you the Moder's forsaken power, which allows you to always have tailwind when sailing.

How to Beat Yagluth

How to Summon Yagluth

Head to the Plains biome and attack Fuling camps for Fuling Totems, which are drops from Fuling Berserkers. You need 5x Fuling Totems to summon the Yagluth.

Locate stone structures that look like Stonehenge in the Plains biome. One of them will have a stone tablet that will show you the location of the Yagluth's altar. Bring the Fuling Totems to the altar and put them in each of the five niches.

Best Strategy

Yagluth is the undead boss of the fire element, which makes them weak to frost and spirit damage. The best weapon against Yagluth is a bow with Silver Arrows, which can be crafted using this recipe:

  • 8x Wood
  • 1x Silver
  • 2x Feather

Yagluth has three main attack patterns.

The first one is their slamming attack, which creates small, explosive AoE. This attack can be easily dodged. The second one is more dangerous, where Yagluth summons meteors from the sky. This attack covers a wider area, so it is wise to keep a healthy distance from the boss as soon as the stonefall starts.

The last attack is a fire-breathing one, which can be either dodged or blocked by a Silver Shield (10x Wood, 8x Silver).

Bring along some Fire Resistance: Barley Wine ( 10x Barley, 10x Cloudberries) and at least 100x Silver Arrows, and you should defeat the final boss without any problems.


After you kill Yagluth, they will drop:

  • 3x Yagluth Thing
  • Yagluth Trophy

As of now, Yagluth Thing has no application in the game. But their trophy gives you some important resistances against fire, poison, and frost damage.

That's all you need to know on how to find, summon, and beat every boss in Valheim. For more on this Viking survival world, consider heading over to our guides on deflecting attacks, mining copper ore, and how to get rid of unwanted items

Persona 5 Strikers Dire Shadows Locations Guide Mon, 22 Feb 2021 14:04:30 -0500 George Yang

Persona 5 Strikers has a handful of super-powerful enemies called Dire Shadows. Defeating one nets you the "Who Dares Wins" trophy/achievement, and defeating all of them rewards you with "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement.

Dire Shadows are easily recognizable because they sparkle with electricity, and your fellow Phantom Thieves will comment on their presence. Though it's advised that you take these enemies on at the end of the game when you're at your most powerful, you can get near them beforehand. It's only when you actually strike them that a battle initiates. 

Dire Shadows Locations

Shibuya Jail:

The first one up is Killer Teddy Bear. Go to the Bunkamachi checkpoint and take the zipline to the next area (the yellow line on the map below). Go all the way down to the bottom, and you'll see the Dire Shadow right outside.

Sendai Jail:

Take the West Garden checkpoint, and go down to the lower area. Snake King will be waiting for you in the open area.

Sapporo Jail:

Go to the Sapporo Clocktower checkpoint, and go to the northwest corner of the map. Harlot of Desire will be there.

Okinawa Jail:

Go to the second checkpoint listed in the menu. In the next room over, the Wandering Reviver Dire Shadow will be waiting for you.

Koyoto Jail:

This one is probably the most difficult to find since the area has different portals. Here's the correct path to follow:

From the Fox Couple checkpoint (looking at the map), go left to Daughter Fox Shrine. Use the portal there to go to the Path of Fortune. Then take the portal at the small shrine to the Mother Fox Shrine. There, you will find Sun's Emissary.

Osaka Jail:

Go to the Mt. Chashiro checkpoint, and you'll be right outside a big building. Go past the first shadow you see, and the War Hungry Horseman should be behind it.

Jail of the Abyss:

Start at the very beginning of the jail area, and you should see Dark Sun right in front of you.

Tree of Life:

Go to the Path of Yearning checkpoint, and the Heavenly Punisher should be right around the corner.

Those are all of the Dire Shadows and their locations in Persona 5 Strikers! Defeating all of them will get you the "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement. If you're looking for more how-tos and walkthroughs, consider checking out our recipe guide and friend requests guide

Destiny 2 Cabal Gold: How to Get It in Season of the Chosen Mon, 22 Feb 2021 13:22:30 -0500 Justin Koreis

One of the most important items in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is the Hammer of Proving. This tool is the key to controlling umbral engrams and collecting extra loot at the end of Battleground missions. However, the Hammer runs on cabal gold, and the search for this resource can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you are doing. 

This Destiny 2 guide will tell you which activities give you cabal gold and how much you can expect to get from each of them. If you'd like to know more about how the Hammer of Proving works, we've got a separate guide on that here

How to Get that Gold

Sources for fall roughly into four activity categories:

  • Matchmade PvE
  • World Events
  • PvP activities
  • Endgame content

Keep in mind that the exact amount you receive from each of these does have some variation, so most of the numbers provided below are approximations based on results gathered by repeating activities.

Also, you have a limited capacity for this currency in your inventory. Initially, you can store 42 pieces. Eventually, you can increase that to as high as 84. If you are seeing little to no gold awarded after completing missions or matches, then you may be at or near your capacity

Matchmade PvE

Matchmade activities include:

  • Strikes
  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Nightmare Hunts

Gold drops upon completion, and the amount depends on the activity.

Nightmare Hunts drop around three pieces. Strikes and Nightfall strikes drop 14 if you have the capacity. How quickly you accumulate the currency is largely dependent on the quality of your fireteam and which strike you load into, but one strike will net enough to load your Hammer of Proving for your next Battleground.  

World Events

World events can yield gold as well. These take place in open public spaces and can be either Public Events or the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.

Public events are often fast, but not always available; they drop around seven pieces. The EDZ and Cosmodrome on Earth is a great place to chain fast public events.

The Blind Well has the advantage of being available any time you want to launch it, provided you have Blind Well Charges to start the activity. If there are other guardians to join you, a full round can be as fast as five minutes, but that is solely dependent on other random players in your instance.

Completing a Blind Well only drops around two to three units, making this at best a mediocre activity for farming.

PvP Activities

PvP activities are Crucible and Gambit, and drops aren't dependent on victory, just finishing matches. Both modes yield around eight pieces.

Gambit matches usually take around 10 minutes, as do some crucible game types. Mayhem, however, can be over in as few as four minutes. That game type isn’t always available, but when it is, it is by far the fastest PvP option, and possibly the fastest gold farming route overall.  

Getting certain weapons, of course, like Bottom Dollar and Dead Man's Tale, may speed up the process. 

Endgame Content

Dungeons and Raids are endgame activities, and typically require you to assemble your own fireteam to take on the most challenging PvE content in the game.

Cabal currency will be awarded after each encounter, giving you multiple drops for each full run. There may be some variation depending on the encounter, but each section seems to drop around from five to 10 units.  

A typical raid or Dungeon will take most teams roughly an hour.  At a rate of 15-30 gold per hour, these tend to be among the least efficient farming methods.

Alternate Sources

There are two other limited sources for this precious resource.

A quest will award you 28 gold at the start of the season. There are also a pair of Hammer of Proving Enhancements you can unlock that will reward you with a small amount anytime you smash one of the Tribute Chests at the end of a Battleground mission in the Vanguard Playlist.  

There you have it. Cabal Gold is the currency you need to progress in the Season of the Chosen. Follow this guide, and you will have no trouble keeping it flowing  and your Hammer of Proving primed and ready for chest-smashing joy. 

How to Parry Attacks Like a Boss in Valheim Sat, 20 Feb 2021 13:59:03 -0500 Justin Michael

The combat system of Valheim offers a good bit of variety depending on how you like to do things, with some people likening it to a Dark Souls adjacent experience. With so many good weapons to choose from, each with its own styles and attacks, there’s a little something for everyone. But where there is offense, there is also defense, and the most satisfying defense is knowing how to parry your foe's blows.

In this quick tips guide, we’re going to talk about parrying in Valheim and how it’s an essential technique to master.

Parry on My Wayward Son

Parrying can be done with any weapon that you can block with; from the lowly wooden club to a mighty iron axe and the stout Stagbreaker. Your default blocking key for keyboard and mouse is bound to the right mouse click.

The advantage of a parry over a block is that it not only will block incoming damage, but it will also cause your enemies to stagger and give you a small window to do critical damage.

So, if it’s the same key as your block, then how do you do it? Timing. It’s all in the timing. 

Parry Timing

Similar to games like Dark Souls, the parrying mechanic in Valheim is all about timing. A well-timed right-click, as soon as an enemy is about to land their attack, will register as a parry.

It's easy to tell if the parry was successful, as it will make a noise similar to the one made when you gain a skill level. The enemy will also stagger backward,  drooping slightly and remaining motionless for a second or so. 

Parrying with a Shield

Now, while you can pull the move off with a weapon, doing so with a shield is the better route to go.

A shield is going to block more damage, and you’re going to be quicker on the counterattack since you don’t have to wait for your weapon to go back to a neutral position.

It is also very important for you to remember that blocking and parrying will require stamina, with that stamina requirement getting lower as your block skill increases with each successful attack block/parry. You could eat a bit of fish to up your stamina before battle to make things a bit easier. 

Lastly, larger enemies like bosses and trolls are going to be much harder to parry, if at all, and very difficult to stagger, so don’t put yourself in their direct line of attack if at all possible. 

And there you have it, parrying in Valheim comes down to timing, practice, and knowing your foe. Hopefully, you found this quick tip guide helpful and, if you’re new to Valheim, consider checking out some of our other articles like our starter help guidebase construction guide, or merchant finder methods

Destiny 2 Bottom Dollar: How to Get and Farm the Legendary Hand Cannon Fri, 19 Feb 2021 17:18:58 -0500 Justin Koreis

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has arrived, and with it, new loot. One of the most desirable guns is the legendary hand cannon, Bottom Dollar. This weapon has quickly shot to the top of many a guardian’s wishlist. So, what makes this gun so desirable, and how do you get your hands on one?

This Destiny 2 guide will explain what makes Bottom Dollar so great, including perks to look out for, as well as tell you how to get it and farm it for better rolls. 

Bottom Dollar Has Incredible Variety

Bottom Dollar is a void hand canon of that fires at 120 rounds per minute (RPM). This archetype has a slow rate of fire, but it hits extremely hard. However, it typically has very good range. By default, it can one-shot weaker PvE enemies, and it can kill guardians in the crucible with just three shots.  

There are two slots for perks, and each one has 12 different variations that can drop. That makes for 144 different possible combinations. 

There are multiple sets of perks that can allow you to kill most other guardians in the crucible with just two shots. Rampage will do it by giving you a damage boost after a kill. High Impact reserves will do the same if you fire shots until there are just two rounds in your gun.

Combine that with Slide Shot, which reloads two rounds when you slide, and you can chain two-shot kills, provided you land your shots. It’s incredibly lethal.  

For PvE players, perks like Multikill Clip provide increasing damage buffs when rapidly killing enemies. Fourth Time's the Charm will keep partially refilling your magazine when you chain critical hits, allowing you to keep firing for extended periods of time. And Unrelenting triggers health regeneration for rapid kills, allowing you to survive aggressive play in even the most chaotic of situations.  

How to Farm Bottom Dollar for Better Perks

Bottom Dollar can only be acquired by playing rounds of Gambit. It is a random drop at the end of matches, so you have to play all the way through to have a shot at getting one.

The good news is that makes it equally easy for anyone to get their hands on one. The bad news is you are solely dependent on RNG. However, you can increase your odds of finding Bottom Dollar by taking advantage of the optional perks on your ghost.

Go into your inventory and increase the rank of your ghost until you can unlock the mod called “Gambit Prosperity." With this mod equipped, you will have the potential to have an extra legendary item drop after a win. More legendary drops mean more chances for your ideal Bottom Dollar. This only affects matches you win though, so prepare to get sweaty.  

The best thing you can do is play a lot of Gambit, as reports on Bottom Dollar drop rates vary. Some users have reported dozens of matches without finding it.

Anecdotally, mine dropped after four matches. Two of my clanmates found theirs after a similar number of tries. Given the number of possible perk combinations, it is likely you will need to go through several versions of the gun in order to find something that works for you. But you will eventually find your Bottom Dollar God roll.

There you go. The formula is simple. Load up Gambit and grind. Your fate is in the hands of RNG. Perseverance is your best tool to get the Bottom Dollar variant you want. But if you put in the time, you too can be the proud owner of one of the best all-around weapons in the game. Matching PvP skills not included. For more on Destiny 2, head over to our guides hub for walkthroughs on Dead Man's Tale and how to use the Hammer of Proving