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PUBG Mobile has been experiencing some big changes in the last couple of weeks. From the infamous banning of over two million cheaters and introduction of a brand new 1.1 update, there have been many requests from players to know how to update PUBG Mobile on their devices.

The guide below will provide you with easy step-by-step instructions on how to update PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS, including a solution for players who live in countries where the game was permanently banned from mobile stores.

Update PUBG Mobile on Android

The easiest way to update PUBG Mobile on your Andorid advice is the following:

  1. Go to Google Play store app.
  2. Tap on the "Menu" icon
  3. Select the "My apps and games" tab
  4. Find the PUBG Mobile app in the list
  5. Tap on the "Update" option

Also, you can set up automatic updates for your apps, if you don't want to update them manually each time:

  1. Go to Google Play store app
  2. Tap on the "Menu" icon
  3. Select the "My apps and games" tab
  4. Find the PUBG Mobile app in the list
  5. Select "More" option (three dots)
  6. Check the "Auto update" feature

PUBG Mobile will now update automatically as soon as the new update becomes available in the Google Play store app.

Update PUBG Mobile on iOS

Apple users can follow a similar set of actions to manually update their PUBG Mobile app:

  1. Tap on the App Store icon on the main screen
  2. Go to the "Updates" tab
  3. Select "Update All" option
  4. Confirm update

Alternatively, you can do a similar action from iTunes:

  1. Go to iTunes & App Store page
  2. Tap on the PUBG Mobile app

If there are any updates available, it will automatically start the update for PUBG Mobile.

Update PUBG Mobile After Ban

Note: This method works only on Android

If you are located in one of the countries where PUBG Mobile has been banned, such as India, you can update the game by following these steps:

  1. Download the official APK file from PUBG Mobile website
  2. Wait for the download to finish
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file
  4. Allow "Installation from unknown sources"
  5. Wait for the installation to finish

Once you start PUBG Mobile it will automatically download all the new files and you can enjoy your game once again.

That's all you need to know on how to update PUBG Mobile. For more PUBG Mobile tips articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

How to Get Free UCs in PUBG Mobile Mon, 09 Sep 2019 10:01:22 -0400 Sergey_3847

Every PUBG Mobile player knows how hard it is to get cash and/or UCs. However, they are a necessary component of getting ahead and getting the best out of the game's gear and weapons. That's why it's important to learn how to get free UCs in PUBG Mobile as fast as possible.

Below, you will find a couple of working (and legal) methods on how to get free UCs in PUBG Mobile — without getting yourself banned. 

Method 1: Complete Weekly Missions

One of the most popular and legit ways of earning UCs in PUBG Mobile is completing weekly missions.

However, you can't access weekly missions unless you have the Elite Royal Pass, which can be purchased for $10 or 600 UCs. Thankfully, it's a one-time purchase per season; you will have access to weekly missions until the end of the season.

Here's how you can purchase the Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile:

  1. Go to main screen
  2. Click the RP button on the right side of the screen
  3. Tap the Upgrade Pass button
  4. Pay and unlock the pass

Method 2: Complete Challenges

If you don't have the initial $10 to purchase Royal Pass, then you can take part in various online challenges for PUBG Mobile.

The last challenge was the India Bonus Challenge that allowed all PUBG Mobile players to compete for free UC packs and other rewards.

If you want to take part in the next challenge, you need to monitor the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page for all news and updates. When the next challenge comes up, sign up for it and get your free UCs without spending a dime.


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How to Get the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Compass in PUBG Mobile Tue, 20 Aug 2019 10:25:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

The latest 0.14.0 update for PUBG Mobile adds a series of events to the game that requires players to locate hidden spots that may contain one of the three new compass items, including bronze, silver, and gold compasses.

You can exchange these compasses for various items, such as weapon skins or character skins, BP scrap, classic coupon scrap, and other items. Different items require different numbers of compasses, so you will have to look for them all over the map.

If you want to know how to easily locate them, then follow our quick guide below with exact locations.

PUBG Compass Map Locations

There are nine sure locations where compasses can spawn in PUBG Mobile. If you’re lucky, then you’ll find a golden one in at least one of these locations. But mostly, you’ll find bronze or silver variants, since these spawn randomly.

Here are some surefire locations.

Sosnovka Island

Land on the southern island of Sosnovka and go to the top of the radio tower, which is located on the hill between the Novorepnoe and Military Base.

Between the Sosnovka Island and Ferry Pier, there is a tiny island where these items can also spawn.

Mylta Power

Go to the eastern part of the island and locate the large stacks at the back of the Mylta Power building. Compasses should spawn near the tallest chimney.

Move north a bit and look out for a house on top of the hill near the prison building. Look inside that house.


Between Rozhok and the school building, there is an excavation site, where you can look out for more compasses.

Go west of Rozhok to the ruins area, find a church, and search the backyard for more potential spawn points.

Shooting Range

Lastly, explore the shooting range area between Severny and Georgopol in the northern part of the map.

There are two possible spots here: one at the plane crash site, and the other one at the entrance into the tunnel on the other side of the hill.


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How to Lean in PUBG Mobile Mon, 19 Aug 2019 10:09:53 -0400 Sergey_3847

Although the mobile version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is limited in terms of controls, the new updates keep bringing new mechanics. Now, players can lean and shoot at the same time.

However, this feature is not activated by default in PUBG Mobile, so you need to activate it first. Afterward, you can use special buttons to lean either left or right when aiming at your enemies.

Step 1: Enable Lean Options

Before using the lean option, you need to go to the Settings menu in PUBG Mobile and follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Peek and Fire option
  2. Enable the Peek and Open Scope option
  3. Select one of the two Peek options: tap or hold

You can find all these options under the Gyroscope feature in the Settings menu.

The first option will let you lean and fire at the same time, the second one will let you lean and look through your scope, and the last option depends on your preference, whether you like to tap or hold buttons while leaning on your mobile device.

Step 2: Use Lean Buttons

After you activate the lean options in your game's menu, you will see the two new buttons on the left side of your screen. You can tap or hold these buttons for your character to either lean left or right.

You can also rearrange the position of the buttons and set them to any part of the screen by holding and moving.


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PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Find Chicken Dinner Table Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:37:23 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are several official servers in PUBG Mobile, which players from all over the world can use on their devices. However, those who want to have all the latest updates most likely play on a Global server, as this is where all the best things happen.

Since PUBG Mobile has been developed by a Chinese company Tencent, players who use Chinese or Global servers can witness a new secret item on the map: a fully functional chicken dinner table.

If you want to see it too, then follow our quick guide below.

Chicken Dinner Table Location in PUBG Mobile

The chicken dinner table can be found inside one of the buildings in the small village of Gatka, which is located in the western part of the map. Land there and search for a building with two red lanterns above the doors. You should have no problem finding it, as it is the largest building in the village.

The table offers a huge variety of dishes, including a roasted chicken, the symbol of victory in PUBG Mobile. You can freely interact with the dishes just like with any other items.

If you don't know how to play on the Chinese server, then here is a short instruction:

  • For Android users:
    1. Go to the Chinese server website
    2. Press the top yellow button
    3. Install and play
  • For iOS users:
    1. Go to App Store
    2. Install the game
    3. Play as guest

It is possible that you will have some connectivity problems in the process, as the Global version is known to have issues with network lagging. But it is still worth to see the new chicken dinner table in all its glory.


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PUBG Mobile Advanced Tips and Tricks Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:23:05 -0400 Sergey_3847

The next big PUBG Mobile tournament will take place at the end of 2018 in Dubai. The stakes are high as the prize pool rises up to $600,000. This should prompt every PUBG Mobile enthusiast to up their game and stop playing in a casual manner.

If you are seriously considering taking a part in this or any other tournament, then follow our advanced tips and tricks guide for PUBG Mobile that will help you understand the more nuanced aspects of the game and how you should approach them to win.

Follow the Sound

Every PUBG player knows how important sound is in this game. This topic has been even covered in our beginner's guide for PUBG Mobile. But you need to fully embrace the power of sound on your mobile device in order to really get the best out of your game.

Use closed headphones

It is understandable that playing PUBG Mobile on your phone or tablet is a lot more comfortable wearing a pair of light earbuds or at least open headphones. But these are not optimal choices for professional gaming. So use only closed headphones that will isolate as much outside noise as possible.

Stay in a safe zone and listen

The sound in PUBG Mobile is just as advanced as it is in the original game. So if you're using the right set of headphones, then you will hear a lot more than other players.

In this case, instead of constantly moving around you can sit in cover and wait for other players to pass by. Be vigilant and listen carefully! If you hear footsteps approaching, you will have at least 3 to 5 seconds to prepare.

In time you will be able to discern the direction the footsteps are coming from and the distance. In this way you will be able to move from one spot to another and hit every single opponent from a safe zone.

Carefully approach buildings

When you see a building, don't run inside immediately in an attempt to grab the loot.

First, approach the building in a crouching position to reduce the sound of your own footsteps. Then, sit still and listen if there are any noises inside -- another player could be there before you. If you hear footsteps inside getting closer to your position, shoot through the doors, a wall or a window and kill them while they're still inside.

If you will follow these tips, then you will have a far greater advantage over other players that use non optimal headphones or use none at all.

Apply 4-Finger Claw Grip

After mastering the sound you need to make sure that you can use all four of your fingers when controlling a character in PUBG Mobile. If you've been playing with two fingers only, then switching to four fingers will be hard, but absolutely necessary for high-level play.

Use trigger accessories

In the beginning it could be really hard to play with all four fingers at once. That's why you can soften the transition by first using trigger accessories that can be attached to your mobile device (see the picture below). Unfortunately, triggers are not allowed at tournaments, so you will eventually have to learn to use your touch screen without their aid.

Learn the Claw Grip technique

With the help of the claw grip you can move, aim and fire all at the same time. Watch the video above and many other videos online to learn how to properly use your fingers on your touchscreen.

Since most players use only two fingers, their reaction during a shoot-out will be delayed, while you will have a full advantage using this technique.

Apply proper control settings

Managing your fingers is just a part of the successful claw grip technique. You also need to make sure that your touchscreen and control scheme are properly adjusted.

Below you can find one of the most optimal control settings for claw grip, but you can optimize it to your own liking as well.

Cover Up in the Open Field

Hiding inside the buildings or using buildings as covers in urban areas is easy. But what do you do when you're out in the open field? There you become an easy target for a sniper or other players that know how to behave in open areas. Here are a few tips on what to do in the open field.

Move from one cover to another

Remember that you should never run across an open area uncovered. You've got a big non-literal target on your head when you're so easy to shoot.

If you run long enough for a sniper to hit you, then that's what will most likely happen. Instead move to one cover, such as a tree or a rock, and then search for the next closest one using your camera controls. Then quickly move to the next cover. If you see from your cover another player running through the field -- you will have an advantage to shoot them.

Climb the trees

Trees are excellent hiding and shooting spots. You can climb trees by jumping on the branches from the roof of a building or a hut that can be usually seen in the open areas.

Alternatively, you could use vehicles to get on the trees, but this requires some practice.

Advanced Weapon Tips

Obviously, you want to have the best weapon in the game. But if you don't really know how to use it, then a better player with a worse weapon will still be able to kill you. So here are a few tips on how to use weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Hold grenade before throwing

Many players make a mistake of throwing a grenade instantly. But this is a mistake since grenade has a 7 second delay before it explodes, which gives other players time to escape the explosion.

Instead hold the grenade before throwing for at least 5 seconds. Use this time to aim more accurately and to prevent your enemies from getting out of the way in time. Then you can throw it for an immediate explosion.

Use weapons with the same ammo

There are two main types of ammo in PUBG Mobile: 5.56 and 7.62. Use weapons that can be loaded only with either of these types of bullets. For example, AKM, DP-28, Kar-98, and SKS use the same type of ammo.

This will not only help you save time finding ammo for your weapons but also save space in your backpack.

Control your recoil

This isn't news at all, but for some reason many players still ignore the fact that you have to use attachments, such as compensators and suppressors that help you manage recoil on your weapons. Or learn to use burst-shooting technique, and then you can say that you don't need a compensator.


These have been some of the most essential tips on bringing the level of your gameplay to a pro level, and for other PUBG Mobile guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

How to Get Your Fastest Chicken Dinner Ever in PUBG Mobile Arcade Thu, 26 Apr 2018 13:02:52 -0400 Stephanie Tang

In a bid to outdo its growing list of competitors, PUBG Mobile just launched a massive new update with version 0.4.0 that includes the new Arcade Mode as an alternative to the existing 100-player game mode that launched the original PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to fame on PC. 

You now have the option of pitting yourself in a smaller map with only 28 players, all while still allowing for the traditional PUBG squad options: solo, duo, and 4-man teams. The wait time in the Lobby is shorter, games that could take up to half an hour at a time (if you made it to the top 5) now last approximately 10 minutes, and the hunt for resources is even more desperate than ever before.

Since its release, PUBG Mobile has achieved the not-insignificant task of bringing the thrilling suspense of the original to smaller screens -- and with great effect. Now Arcade Mode comes as an acknowledgement of the limitations of trying to play on mobile -- where players want a smaller time commitment, shorter matches, and more action straight away. Arcade Mode is the fast food version of PUBG and just what we needed for the interruption-heavy nature of mobile gaming. 

If you're just starting out in PUBG Mobile, check out our beginner's guide for tips on staying alive. That'll definitely get you started.

But what do you need to change about your usual PUBG tactics in order to "get gud" in Arcade? Here are some of our best suggestions!

1. Fly, you fools!

Every second counts in PUBG, but never more than in Arcade Mode, where action strikes fast and hard, and can catch everyone unprepared -- particularly right at touchdown. The second you start a game, be prepared to check out the map, time your jump, and dive -- pushing yourself (directional stick forward) to get to the ground as fast and as far away from a bare-handed fistfight to the death as you can. Watch for other players as they exit the plane, and plan ahead.

The maps are more heavily populated (villages versus open fields), so you're likely to find houses nearby pretty much wherever you drop in which to rummage for stuff. While weapons and supplies are more liberally spawned on these maps than usual, you've still got a vested interest in getting to them before anyone else does!

2. #SquadGoals

It's hard to have an edge when you're running solo in Arcade (or in regular mode, for that matter) right from the get-go, but with this latest update, you can take advantage of the Follow the Leader option in the Lobby. 

When you're playing in a duo or as a 4-man team, you can designate one player to act as the Leader. This means that that person is the one who will control when, where, and how fast you dive when getting down to the map. You land together, so no one gets stranded, and you're at a greater advantage when it comes to coordinating a pitched team fight!

3. Maintain your Situational Awareness

The above should go without saying, particularly in a game where you often lie in wait for other players to stumble upon you and where the safe zone is constantly shrinking. But in Arcade, you should also take into account the map type -- which is to say, how to move when you're going through and around a number of different houses. 

The extra elevations mean that if someone is well-situated, they are in the perfect position to snipe you through a window. Hug walls, close doors behind you, listen for footsteps, and watch your windows while you're scavenging! 

4. Wait a few seconds before heading over to loot a body. 

This is usually advice that I'd leave for the later stages of gameplay in a normal round of PUBG, but it's something you're going to want to keep in mind almost from the get-go in Arcade Mode. Chances are that you'll have someone close by you who's heard the murder ruckus and is in a better position to snipe you off or at least land a few more shots on you while you're still focused on loot and unaware. 

Know the limitations of your controls -- if you're playing on a phone the way it was intended to be played (PUBG Mobile has a pretty big problem with players using emulators to play it on PC with a mouse and keyboard), you turn like a tank. Don't give someone else the upper hand!

Other things to note: 

  • Don't be afraid to run away and heal if you have to.
  • Configure your controls before jumping into a game. 
  • Use headphones!


That said, you should have no problem getting started in PUBG Mobile Arcade mode. Play with friends when you can -- that little bit of coordination will go a long way. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PUBG Mobile guides and info!

The 9 Best PUBG Mobile Glitches (So Far) Fri, 06 Apr 2018 13:58:02 -0400 Sergey_3847


Too Fast Glitch


It's one thing when some bug happens to you, but what if you stumble upon somebody who actually got glitched? One YouTuber spotted either a very lucky guy or simply a hacker, who moved so fast that it was impossible to kill him.


If it's a temporary glitch, then it's fine, of course, but if it's a cheater, then the developer simply must deploy an anti-cheat system as soon as possible.




If you enjoyed this selection of the best PUBG Mobile glitches, then be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below. And for other PUBG Mobile articles, just follow the links below:


Flying Glitch


Looks like we've tried everything: walking on the clouds, getting underground, and now we can also try flying. There is a secret place on one of the bridges in PUBG Mobile that glitches and sends you flying into the sky.


Well, you aren't exactly flying; it's more like falling. But who cares? It's definitely one of the funniest glitches in the game so far.


Underground Glitch


It's hard to say how exactly you can get under the ground in PUBG Mobile, but some players have been successful by entering the tunnel on the eastern part of the map.


Otherwise, it can happen as a vehicle glitch after you drop off. The game will unexpectedly spawn you under the ground, and you can even use it to win the match.


Any Clothing Glitch


How about unlocking any clothing you want for your character without paying any money? Well, there is a temporary solution -- or a glitch, to be exact. You can choose any item from your inventory, then press "Reset Appearance" and "Exit."


In this simple way, you can put on any clothes you want. However, the glitch will not work in the game, but only inside the menu.




First-Person Glitch


There is no first-person mode in PUBG Mobile yet. But it looks like some players have managed to trick the game into letting them have one. You can achieve the effect by switching the gun and activating scope at the same time.


It looks a bit funny, but hey, it's a first-person view nonetheless. So enjoy this glitch while it hasn't been fixed yet.


Last Circle Glitch


You probably have heard about this glitch. It usually appears when players use bots, and the last circle narrows down to a tiny beam of blue light, and nobody wins in the end.


It's fun when bugs and glitches make you laugh, but this kind of glitch is annoying, and players should just stop using AI bots.


Stuck in the Sky Glitch


Sometimes you cannot even start to play simply because the game won't let you drop. As seen in the video, one player recorded the glitch when he got stuck in the sky. At this point, you can't do anything, but you can watch other players from above.


You can achieve this effect by removing your parachute too early. Just beware that it's not as fun as it may look.


No Head Glitch


Did you know that you can not only experience but also exploit PUBG Mobile's glitches? If you're tired of getting shot in the head, why not just remove the head? Well, you can do so by getting into a vehicle, aiming with your weapon, and then pressing "Drive."


As a result, your character will lose his head, quite literally. Now you can drive around the map without being afraid of receiving a headshot.


Motorbike Glitch


There is a massive glitch on the Sosnovka island in PUBG Mobile. When trying to ride over the hill surrounding the military base on your bike, you may experience the weirdest -- yet funniest  -- moment in the game.


The bike will start rolling over and over, and there is no stopping it. So somebody, please, stop it!


Mobile counterparts of PC or console games are naturally more buggy and glitchy. It's simply the downside of the platform, and you can't do much about it. But if you have a good sense of humor, you can simply enjoy all those glitches ... or at least some of them.


PUBG Mobile is now a number-one game on Android and iOS, and it's full of unexpected bugs and funny moments. If you want to see the best ones that players from all over the world have discovered, then follow this guide for the best PUBG Mobile glitches so far.

The 7 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile Tue, 03 Apr 2018 12:47:50 -0400 Sergey_3847




Here's arguably the only really good shotgun in the game. You will actually use shotguns only inside the houses, as they are completely useless otherwise. But if you have the S12K, then a close-quarter shot will insta-kill your opponents.


Also, it has a super fast fire rate for a shotgun, the fastest in the game to be exact. So don't leave one behind if you find it on the ground.

  • Ammo: 12 G
  • \n
  • Cap: 5
  • \n
  • Power: 92
  • \n
  • Range: 9
  • \n
  • Stability: 86
  • \n
  • Rate: 15
  • \n



These seven weapons are currently the best choices you can get in the game, and for other PUBG Mobile guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:




If for some reason you cannot find the Tommy Gun, then try to look out for the UMP9 submachine gun. It is the second-most powerful SMG after the Tommy Gun, so you will have no trouble shredding your opponents to pieces.


Since this model has minimum recoil, you can safely attach a silencer to it and kill everyone from ambushes.

  • Ammo: 9 mm
  • \n
  • Cap: 30
  • \n
  • Power: 30
  • \n
  • Range: 30
  • \n
  • Stability: 31
  • \n
  • Rate: 62
  • \n

Tommy Gun


SMGs are great only in close combat due to their extremely high fire rate and low recoil. However, you should never opt for an SMG instead of an assault rifle, which is by far the best type of weapon in the game.


But if you happen to find a Tommy Gun, then make it your backup weapon in case you have low ammo on your assault rifle.

  • Ammo: .45
  • \n
  • Cap: 100
  • \n
  • Power: 35
  • \n
  • Range: 46
  • \n
  • Stability: 31
  • \n
  • Rate: 100
  • \n



The SKS is definitely not your usual sniper rifle, but it is something between the sniper and the assault rifle. This means that it can also be effectively used in close- and mid-range combat.


It is not as powerful as the AWM in terms of damage, but it possesses high accuracy and good stability.

  • Ammo: 7.62
  • \n
  • Cap: 10
  • \n
  • Power: 50
  • \n
  • Range: 64
  • \n
  • Stability: 48
  • \n
  • Rate: 32
  • \n



What assault rifles can't do, sniper rifles can. Actually, combining these two is the best option you will ever have. If you can't put down an enemy in one shot with a sniper rifle (which is highly doubtful if you'll be using the AWM, with its incredibly high damage), you can always finish the job with an AKM or M16.


The only drawback is that you won't be able to find it on the ground, so wait for the air drop.

  • Ammo: .300
  • \n
  • Cap: 5
  • \n
  • Power: 100
  • \n
  • Range: 100
  • \n
  • Stability: 34
  • \n
  • Rate: 6
  • \n



The main difference between the AKM and the M16 is that the latter one is far more accurate and efficient at long-range combat. But it can be quite effective at close combat, too.


You can switch to burst fire mode and leave no chance to the enemy players due to its high fire rate.

  • Ammo: 5.62
  • \n
  • Cap: 30
  • \n
  • Power: 37
  • \n
  • Range: 62
  • \n
  • Stability: 28
  • \n
  • Rate: 81
  • \n



The most well-known assault rifle in PUBG Mobile is the Kalashnikov. It has two fire modes: semi-auto for close range, and full auto for long-range combat. You can attach a scope to it and increase the magazine for a complete tour de force.


The AKM also has the highest damage amongst all other assault rifles in the game, and at the same time, it has a relatively good accuracy.

  • Ammo: 7.62
  • \n
  • Cap: 30
  • \n
  • Power: 42
  • \n
  • Range: 60
  • \n
  • Stability: 34
  • \n
  • Rate: 61
  • \n

The mobile version of PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds has almost all the essential weapons of the original game. Most of them can be found on the ground, while others can be obtained only through air drops. In any case, it's a good idea to know which weapons to look out for.


Combat in PUBG Mobile is as good as in the original game, so it requires a lot of attention and vigilance. The right type of weapon in the given situation may save your character's life and ultimately win you the chicken dinner.


If you want to know which seven weapons in no particular order are the best in PUBG Mobile, then follow this quick guide for all the info you need.

PUBG Mobile -- How to Buy and Get Clothes Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:36:49 -0400 Kengaskhan

Unlike the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, PUBG Mobile doesn’t do you the same courtesy of giving you a set of clothes to wear before your first drop. You could just pick up whatever pieces of clothing you find lying around in the game world (or off the corpses of whomever you gun down), but if you’re trying to put together a more permanent outfit, then there are a few ways for you to get some clothes to stock your personal PUBG Mobile wardrobe with.

Earning and Spending Battle Points

Just like in PUBG, most of the clothes you get in PUBG Mobile will probably come from the game’s loot crates, which you purchase from the Supplies tab with your hard-earned Battle Points.

Loot crates start at 700 BP, but subsequent purchases will cost you more BP until the price resets at the end of the week. You can also reset your character’s appearance for 3,000 BP if you ever want to change their looks to match any new clothing you get.

Your main source of BP income will be your end-of-match BP rewards, which scale with your personal performance and scoring. There are a few other ways for you to earn BP, all of which will be covered below.

Daily Sign-In Rewards

As is tradition for many free-to-play mobile games, PUBG Mobile gives out free goodies to players just for signing into their game on a daily basis. The specific rewards you get will vary week by week, but you should be able to snag a few wearables this way.

You’ll also be able to earn small amounts of Battle Points from most daily log-ins, which you can spend to open more loot crates.

Daily Missions

There’s nothing super innovative about PUBG Mobile’s Daily Missions system (or quests or whatever you want to call them), but they’re still a nice way to add a little spice to your daily play sessions.

When you complete a Daily Mission, you earn Vitality stars, and you'll be able to unlock Daily crates for hitting certain Vitality thresholds.

For the most part, you’ll only be earning BP and XP from your Daily crates, but every now and then, you’ll be rewarded with a free loot crate, so be sure to complete as many Daily Missions as you can every day.


There will be Events running in PUBG Mobile that will occasionally provide you with a way to earn even more Battle Points and loot crates. It’s hard to say exactly how each Event will function, given that they tend to be pretty varied compared to your Daily Missions (eg., sharing match replays on social media vs. finishing 3 matches in a day), so be sure to check for any ongoing Events before jumping into a match!

Also, be aware that the Weekly Sign-In Rewards are separate from the Daily Sign-In Rewards -- with the Weekly Rewards, you only collect rewards for the day you log in. For example, if you sign in on Wednesday, the third day of the week, you’ll receive the Day 3 reward. You’ll need to have logged in on Monday and Tuesday to receive the Day 1 and Day 2 rewards, respectively.

However, even if you miss a day, you can spend a small sum of BP to collect a previously missed reward if you think it’s worth it.


With this, the amount of people I see running around in their jammies should hopefully decline. But knowing the PUBG community (and my friends), the nudist look isn't always something that's forced upon you -- too often, it's a lifestyle choice.

If you're interested in some of our other tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile, you can check out our other guides here

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Thu, 29 Mar 2018 10:04:43 -0400 Stephanie Tang

In a move that surprises almost no one, approximately one week after Tencent Games and PUBG Corp released PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS, a ton of players have figured out how to take the PC-game-turned-phone-game back onto the PC. 

From a purely financial standpoint, it makes sense -- PUBG Mobile is free to play (with options for players to splurge on in-game cosmetic items) and includes a low learning curve with bots to guide new players into the game mechanics, whereas the original PC PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still selling for $30 USD and has never really managed to fix their Chinese hacker problems. 

Following this guide also allows you play the game on a PC with the specs of a potato ... and with fairly decent results. I've seen console games (before all the patches, though) that have run far worse. 

What do you need?

There are two real options to get the game up and running on the PC, but neither of them are particularly elegant choices. Specifically, they require you to run the game on an emulator, and currently the two main options available are either BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. The former has built-in support for streaming to social media and Twitch; the latter hit peak popularity during the boom in Pokemon GO location spoofing. 

A phone and a laptop displaying the same screen from PUBG

Player consensus largely agrees that if the two emulator programs were put through a blender and baked into a beautiful emulator cake, it would provide the perfect platform on which to play PUBG Mobile. As it stands:

  • BlueStacks runs the game on Android Nougat 7.1, which gives you better graphics and lets it run smoother. Its control mapping isn't great, though. 
  • NoxPlayer runs Android Lollipop 5.1 and has had a number of issues with screen lag, but its controls are far better.

In both cases, the end result is what players are looking for -- an incredible edge on the rest of the mobile community: first because the majority of "players" that you meet when you first start playing are bots and aren't very smart, and second because the keyboard and mouse combo is superior to the slightly awkward controller workaround for rooted Android phones, and completely obliterates the accuracy of the (intended) two-finger slide and tap approach. 

(You could also make the argument that keyboard and mouse will kill off PUBG Mobile before it's even really begun. But you probably guessed that already too.)

It should be noted that neither option is completely free of issues. Lag, black screens, and game drops aren't uncommon while using these programs, and incompatibility has been reported. 

Players should also be aware that using these programs plays fast and loose with the Terms of Service for the game, and you do risk an account ban for your email address.

How to setup PUBG Mobile on BlueStacks

You're going to want to run this on BlueStacks + N (N means it's running on Nougat).

  1. Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements (don't worry, they're not high) and download and install BlueStacks.

  2. Log in with your Google account (I'd recommend making a new one) so that you can get into the home screen. It will automatically add a few other games plus an app for feedback. Access PUBG Mobile in the App Center, which will open up the Google Play Store -- download and install as you would normally. 

  3. The first time you try and launch the app, it will open and just close back down again. Relaunch and it should play just fine. Some tutorials advise setting all volume to max (volume settings are in the bottom-right corner on BlueStacks) because otherwise it can start out too quiet. 

  4. Change emulator settings:
    • Set display to 1280 x 720 (you can run higher, but it's not going to help it look any better -- it's a mobile game)
    • Set on high DPI
    • Recommended to run graphics mode on OpenGL (DirectX has apparently been giving BlueStacks more trouble than Nox)
    • Keep "use advanced graphics engine mode" unchecked -- it's a beta setting that's been known to cause graphical errors like missing buildings
    • Set CPU cores to 2 or higher
    • Set RAM at least at 1800, although you can probably push for more

You're going to need to relaunch after messing around with the settings, and you'll be on the load screen for a long while. This is normal. Make sure to take a look at the controls menu when you've actually loaded into the game and created a character in order to map everything out the way you want it. 

How to setup PUBG Mobile on NoxPlayer

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer. If you already have it installed, make sure that you're running version V6.0.5.0 and above (the version number is on the top-left corner of the program window). 

  2. Navigate to the Google Play Store and download and install PUBG MobileAt this stage you may run into an incompatibility error -- just close and restart NoxPlayer to clear your cache and try again.

    PUBG Mobile settings screen
  3. Change emulator settings:
    • Set CPU to 2 or higher
    • Set memory to 2048 or higher
    • Set startup setting resolution to 1280 x 720
    • Set graphics rendering mode to run in DirectX (if this does not work, you can try this in OpenGL)
  4. Change your keyboard setting (access by clicking the keyboard menu button -- second from the top on the bar to the right). You will really just need to change the keyboard opacity on the overlay -- Nox recommends keeping it at about 50%.

You should be able to start playing right away, but if you see a white screen instead, just restart Nox and run as normal. Take a good look when you're in to double-check your keyboard controls.

Mapping your controls in BlueStacks

  1. Once you load into the game and create your character, access the settings menu (gear icon on the top right), go down to controls, and customize. This will bring up the PUBG Mobile HUD.

  2. Access the keyboard icon on the BlueStacks menu at the bottom. A bar at the top will display the control options that you can setup as an overlay. Drag them down and then set your hotkeys.

Don't forget to set the controls for the drive commands as well, since you will definitely find yourself in need of a vehicle at some point in your clandestine Battle Royale career. 

You can take a look at how to set up your control map in the YouTube video below by Johan Fayt. (The earlier part of the video just runs through starting up the .apk in the emulator.)

Mapping your controls in NoxPlayer

The basics of mapping the controls in Nox are fairly similar to how you need to set them up in BlueStacks. The locations of the control map buttons differ. 

  1. Pull up the settings > controls > customize menus in order to bring up your control map.

  2. The button to create your keyboard and mouse overlay is the same one that you accessed earlier in order to set up its opacity. Pull the controls onto the screen to map it accordingly, and then set your keys.

Don't forget the vehicle controls! You're going to need those eventually too -- the PUBG Mobile map is huge.

Take a look at the video below by Johan Fayt (the earlier segment is starting it up in the emulator) for a more visual example of mapping out your control keys.


That's all! If you don't think keyboard and mouse is enough to give you enough of a head start, take a look at some of our other PUBG Mobile guides for some pointers. 

Why Bots Are Great for PUBG Mobile Wed, 28 Mar 2018 15:03:06 -0400 Will Phillips

You may have seen some headlines recently about how the recent mobile release of PUBG populates its matches with game bots. I understand that this fact won’t sit well with everyone. Some of the more hardcore audience might have fears that this makes the game too easy. Yet despite its possible drawbacks, I believe that the benefits bots bring to the game far outweigh the negatives.

Reason 1: Newbies

It’s been touched on before, but a lot of people have been talking about how bots help introduce new players to the game. Bots let them get a grasp on the fundamentals before being tossed into the lion’s den with 99 other live players thirsty for blood. This is an excellent decision, given that new players to the series would be scared away if they kept loading into games and seeing this screen within a minute:

A black screen like the one you receive when dying early in a match of PUBG

You would rather them have their first couple of games be a positive experience, which the bots help to make happen. And don’t lie, even if you went into your first mobile PUBG match knowing it was mostly bots, you still felt great getting that chicken dinner.

Reason 2: Learning Touch Controls

Noobs aren't the only ones who could stand to benefit from having a game to acclimate themselves; bots are great even if you’re a veteran PUBG player. This is because no matter how many hours you've dedicated towards mastering the game, everyone will have to come face to face with the new challenge of touch screen controls. Don’t worry, you’ll more than likely get the hang of them after a couple of rounds, but that process is made all the easier by the fact that you’ll have some moving targets to practice on.

touch control screen for PUBG Mobile

Reason 3: Easy Loot

Bots don’t necessarily pack the best loot, but it seems that they prioritize most things that your auto loot prioritizes, including med kits, decent weapons, ammo, etc. So bots can essentially be a care package of sorts, filling out your pack with items you may not have come across. This especially helps out the people who like to hold it down in one location, giving them replenishment on items after they’ve already looted their territory.

Four useful items that can be acquired in PUBG Mobile

Reason 4: More Engaging Gameplay

This is probably the most important reason to me. One of the biggest critiques I and others have about PUBG is its long and boring segments of game play where nothing is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the constantly shifting pace of PUBG makes it great, but I think most would be lying if they said they’ve never once felt bored when lying prone in a single spot, just because they conveniently kept getting circle. Halving the time a game takes definitely did its part to speed things up, but I believe that bots contribute to the increased pace just as much if not more.

When you hear footsteps, there’s no way to decipher whether they belong to a human or a bot. So while bots don’t often kill you, you have to treat it as though it can until you’re sure it’s a bot. This helps add a little more spice to the times that would otherwise be spent in silence and speeds up the pace a little overall. And I think everyone can agree that bot or not, PUBG is always better with something to shoot at.


What are your thoughts on bots in PUBG Mobile? Have they helped or hindered your experience, and do you have any suggestions on how they could be better implemented? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PUBG new, tips, and guides.

PUBG Mobile: Let's Play Spot the Bots! Sun, 25 Mar 2018 13:40:10 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Fresh off the press just last week, Tencent Studios and PUBG Corp quietly released a full version of PUBG Mobile while fans of Fortnite Battle Royale were still falling over each other waiting on invite codes from Epic for closed beta.

And it looks fantastic! Hardly any lag, some super-handy additions like color markings on your map for better sense of surrounding dangers when you don't have headphones in, a left-hand fire button for when you want to strafe and fire.. it's nice.

It's been easier than ever to pop into a PUBG game.. and easier to walk away with a winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

There have been tons of people taking to Twitter posting about their newfound skill on the killing floor, vanquishing dozens of other players to come out on top in ways they were never able to do on either console or PC.

And then early reports started filtering in - from large numbers of players on Twitter and various online forums, a number of different outlets including The Verge, and on the PUBG Mobile Reddit in a PSA

So far it looks like the official word from the developers have been to keep mum about the entire situation, but at this point we're all fairly certain that if you've jumped into a PUBG Mobile game, you've found yourself pitted against bots. 

Not everyone in these games will be a bot, but the ratio definitely seems to skew towards giving players a learning curve when they're bad/just starting out - for both learning curve purposes, and just to deter the inevitable rage quit frenzy.

How can you tell if an enemy player is a bot?

These aren't hard and fast rules, but there are often some telltale signs. 

  • Visual cues: I spawned into one game with a huge chunk of enemy players were running around in the same shirt with the same haircut. Now PUBG Mobile may not have the most down to the details character creation menu, but most people on the Internet have a little more room for variation than that. 
  • Situational awareness: If you creep up on a player (for example when they have their back turned), they shouldn't have any idea you're there. Bots will notice you pretty much as they appear in your line of site, regardless of whether or not they should be able to. 
  • Gameplay intelligence: There are a lot of dumb players out there, but that doesn't change the fact that 9 times out of 10, bots can be pretty dopey. If the fact that they can scope you out too easily scares you, they're also not very smart and are designed to be more or less cannon fodder.
  • Extra loot: When you kill a bot and loot their body, you'll often find they were carrying more than they visually appeared to be (e.g. armor when they weren't wearing any). 
  • Loadout: Similar to above, most of the bots are running around with only one weapon, and won't ever attempt to switch between the two (they don't really need to). If they're still around in endgame, you can be pretty certain that even the noobest player on the planet will have scavenged around enough to kit themselves out a little better. 

Any of this sound familiar? Bots. Definitely bots. 

But don't be mad. There are tons of players registering on PUBG Mobile every day, and whether or not the bots are there to boost player count for faster game queues, to provide practice, and/or just to make players feel good about their kill counts, you're sure to start 1v1ing real players very soon. 

How do I get rid of the bots? 

You don't. There's no real way to disable them or kick them out of the game. They're simply a fact of gameplay life, at least while you're starting out. Players report that once they won enough games to rank themselves up out of Bronze level, they started seeing the number of real players in their games spike dramatically. 

In the meantime... just enjoy the feeling of being on top of the scoreboard for a little while longer. You're going to start feeling the challenge soon enough! If you've got more questions or need more tips to step your game up, feel free to peruse our PUBG Mobile guides.

How to Invite and Play With Friends on PUBG Mobile Sat, 24 Mar 2018 13:09:33 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you're tired of playing with randos in PUBG Mobile, inviting and playing with friends can completely change the entire experience of this battle royale hit. But if you're like some players, you might wondering: How do I play with friends? 

If you've already added other players to your friends list, adding them in duos and squads is really easy. If you're like me and don't have any friends on PUBG Mobile yet, searching for them is easy, too. This guide will quickly go over the steps on how to do each of those things -- making that chicken dinner even more juicier than it already is. 

Adding Friends in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile homescreen shows gameplay options and man in underwear

So how do you add friends on PUBG Mobile? It's super easy, really. On the home screen, tap the silver silhouette of two people that's located in the bottom left-hand corner. 

PUBG Mobile add friends lobby highlighting how to search for friends

Once you've done that, you'll be taken to the lobby screen above where you'll invite your friends to join your list. Tap the "Add Friends" button on the right-hand side of the screen. You'll need either a username or a player ID to find each of your friends on PUBG Mobile.

If you don't already know those names or IDs, you'll probably need to ask them. If you do know one or the other, enter it in the bar at the top of the screen. Tap the plus icon on the right-hand side of their banner to add them to your friends list. 

Starting Duos and Squads With Your Friends 

To invite and play with friends in squads or duos on PUBG Mobile, all you'll need to do is return to the main screen (the first picture above) and choose squads or duos from the drop-down menu found under the big yellow "Start" button. 

Once you do that, click the up arrow next to "Invite Friends" (also shown at the bottom of the screen in the first picture above), and you'll add them by clicking the "+" symbol next to their name(s). 


And that's all you need to know about adding friends and playing with in squads and duos in PUBG Mobile! Wondering if a gamepad or controller is supported in the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? Check out our guide on pairing an input device to your phone!

PUBG Mobile: How to Fix Internet Error 154140712 Now Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:23:28 -0400 Sergey_3847

Many users of the English version of PUBG Mobile have been experiencing an internet error that doesn't allow them to connect to the game servers. This may happen due to ISP issues or due to mobile data errors.

In any case, there is a way to fix this problem right now without waiting for the official solution. If you want to know how to bypass the PUBG Mobile internet error, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

How to Fix Internet Error 154140712 in PUBG Mobile

menu screen in PUBG mobile

Step 1: Download and Install VPN

VPN software will allow you to bypass any regional restrictions and make your PUBG Mobile internet error go away.

All you need to do is go to either Google Play or the App Store and download either a free or premium VPN software. Beware that premium VPN software will protect your data much better than the free options, so it's your choice entirely.

Step 2: Activate VPN

After you've downloaded and installed your VPN software, you need to log in by using either your Facebook account or by registering. Then, you can start using the software by activating the VPN server.

This will provide you with a different IP from another region. However, you don't need to use the VPN every time to play PUBG Mobile. The answer is in the next step.

Step 3: Change Server Settings

The internet error should now be gone, and you should be able to log in to your PUBG account. Then, go to the Server option in the game menu and change it back to your region.

At this point, you can close the VPN and restart PUBG Mobile. You will see that you can now play the game without a VPN or any internet errors.


That is how you can fix the internet error with the help of VPN software, and for other PUBG guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

PUBG Mobile Guide: Beginner's Tips to Getting Chicken Dinner on the Go Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:13:03 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Taking into account that Chinese mega mobile publisher NetEase Games has four different PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds clones already on the mobile market (most popularly Rules of Survival and Knives Out), and both Fortnite and its Chinese mobile clone, FortCraft, were just recently released for closed beta last week ... it really was just a matter of time until PUBG finally made the jump to phones and tablets. 

Tencent Games recently came out with the pretty comprehensive PUBG Mobile -- and unlike Fortnite Battle Royale, it doesn't have its players scrambling for invite codes. 

PUBG player skydiving into battle

So what do you need to know about getting winner, winner, chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile as often as you do on PC or console?

Know how to stay alive!

It sounds like common sense, but keep in mind -- you're controlling a character that, in some ways, moves like a tank. Strafing, moving, aiming, firing, and trying to do all of these things at once is not easy on a mobile device, and it gets significantly harder when most of the zones have closed and you're down to the last dozen or so players.

  • Run away and heal up whenever you can. This is fairly good advice at almost any stage in the game, but it becomes absolutely imperative to maintain an edge near the end because it's not a mere possibility but a high probability that there are other players close by that can hear your firefight. Try to disengage as quickly as possible if you can't get a quick 1v1 kill, because whoever's watching you will have the upper hand at aiming if they're standing still (and/or sniping!).

    Keep yourself healed and your energy high. This will help you with health regeneration and speed in those last-ditch fights!

  • Only use your vehicles in the beginning. They're not too difficult to handle, and if you landed in some of the far-off areas, you're going to want something to help you hoof it when zones start closing and you're stuck in areas with a lot of bridges. End game, though, the engine noise just isn't worth the extra speed, especially with a smaller map space to navigate through. Be a sneaky ninja.

  • Shoot to kill. While spray and pray generally works better in mobile firefights, only shoot when you have to. Gunfire draws attention to you just as much as engine noise does, and someone else is going to want to take advantage of your distraction.

  • Be careful about when you're looting. In the end game, moving around and looting should be done as sparingly as possible -- and only if you're running low. If you get too greedy and try to loot the body of someone you killed right away, chances are anybody who's been watching will know exactly where you are and can pick you off while you're distracted.

  • Only move when you have to. Again, this is specifically for endgame only. Early game you should explore, loot, customize your guns, do whatever you need to do. But as the area starts to get smaller, you should be watching the zone carefully and moving to accommodate for that, not to simply run around looking for a fight. It will come to you soon enough without giving the upper hand to someone else! This will also make it easier for you to aim and kill when you don't have to concentrate so much on movement in your first few shots.

Learn the controls before you play for real

At this point, there are quite a few similarities to all the different kinds of available Battle Royale shooters -- and luckily for me, all of them have control setting configurations that are geared for left-handed players. You don't need to be left-handed to benefit from them, though -- having an extra fire button on the left side comes in handy even if you're not a southpaw, especially when you're in the middle of moving and aiming. 

Crouched player waiting to ambush opponents in PUBG

PUBG Mobile has streamlined some of the controls for ease of use, e.g., automatically sprinting when you hold forward on your movement "joystick." It has also made picking up weapons, switching between them, and loading them especially easy to do, although it does get trickier when it comes to adding on attachments; if you've got a big inventory, you might find it a little fiddly on a small screen to select the item you want right away. A larger iPad or tablet device might be recommended if you're having trouble with inventory control on the small screen. 

With the above in mind, I highly recommend playing around with the control settings to find the aim/move/fire combination that works for youPUBG Mobile has an impressive number of settings and sliders that you can customize, and even as someone who rarely likes to mess with vanilla, I have been known to fiddle around with these a bit to get the game playing the way I want it to. 

Playing on mobile with a controller

This is particularly important because as of right now, there isn't really very good controller support for PUBG Mobile. Players that enjoy using a controller will find that you can connect the movement controls but not much of anything else. There are some available workarounds for rooted Android phones, but you'll probably want to hold off until Tencent comes out with official controller support. 

Keep the limitations of playing on mobile in mind

  • Have a phone or tablet charger handy. Pretty common sense, but it's always surprising how quickly you can drain your battery down to nothing while you're playing a game, particularly if you're playing on medium to high settings, and also if you're on an older device.

    Besides, in a game as big as this one and with so many starting players (100), any PUBG veteran knows that if you don't get picked off right away, these games can run loooonnngg.

  • Personal space and comfortable surroundings are important. When it comes down to the 1v1 fights, they can be unexpected and fast-paced. You're going to want to aim the very best that you can -- and it's doubtful you're going to have that ability if you're trying to play while elbowing your way from the train to the subway car. 

  • Use headphones! Same as when playing on any other platform, it highly benefits you to have headphones on so you can listen for enemy footsteps and gunfire. Headphones will also come in handy when you're trying to communicate with your teammates in squads and in duos (remember to go through your microphone settings), but try to keep the chatter to a minimum while you're hunting down others!

A note on bots in PUBG Mobile and difficulty level

PUBG Mobile player coming upon another player or perhaps a bot

There have been a bunch of players and a number of different news outlets that have reported that they've had better luck winning their chicken dinners on PUBG Mobile than they have ever had playing on either console or PC. 

The question has arisen as to whether or not the game really plants 100 different players into the instance at the same time or whether they incorporate bots into the game as well in order to ease new players into the game.

So far, there hasn't been any official word on that front from Tencent or PUBG Corp, but it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for during your own games. 

You can find PUBG Mobile on the Apple App Store and Android's Google Play


With these beginner's tips, you should have no problem getting started in PUBG Mobile. As always, stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your PUBG Mobile guides and info. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support? Tue, 20 Mar 2018 12:38:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support? Yes ... kind of. Using a controller for the mobile battle royale hit is a bit complicated. Controller support isn't quite ubiquitous. 

The official word from Tencent and Bluehole is that controllers and mobile gamepads and Bluetooth controllers aren't officially supported by PUBG Mobile on any device, Android- or iOS-based.

You can connect a controller such as SteelSeries' Stratus Duo or the Rotor Riot and move around using the analog sticks, but that's about it. So you won't be able to shoot or pick up items. 

However, some resourceful Android users have found a way around the issue by using rooted devices. As of this writing, the method seems to work just fine for some controllers, but it could be patched out, so keep that in mind. 

Note: If you're playing PUBG Mobile on an iOS device, the method below won't work as of this writing ... mainly because we all know that Apple products can be difficult. 

PUBG Mobile Controller Support for Android  

PUBG Mobile in-game Controls Screen

Here are the steps you need to take to connect a controller to PUBG Mobile

1. Make sure your Android device is rooted. As of now, only rooted Android devices can provide controller support. 

2. Get a USB to OTG adapter. You can purchase these on Amazon for $4.99. 

3. Get a DualShock 3 (PS3) or DualShock 4 (PS4) controller. You can also purchase these from any retailer, but Amazon has wireless PS3 controllers for $25 and PS4 controllers for $59, though they often go on sale. 

3. Take screenshots of PUBG Mobile's controls. Do this so you can properly map them later on. This can literally be any screen that shows all of PUBG Mobile's controls, such as the screenshot above.

4. Download and install the Sixaxis Controller App. Unfortunately, it's no longer on the Google Play Store, so you'll have to search the web to find a download site (we'll let you make the decision of what site you think is safest to download it from).  

5. Connect your Dualshock to your Android device via the OTG adapter.

6. Pair the controller to the device by clicking "Pair Controller." 

7. Disconnect the Dualshock from the device and press the PS button to turn the controller on. Your device should now recognize the controller.

8. Next, go into the Sixaxis App's settings and follow this path: Settings > Touch Emulator > Edit Profile. 

9. When you're presented with the white screen that says "Double Tap for Menu," double-tap to open your device's menu and select the photo of PUBG Mobile's controls you took when we started. 

10. Make sure the picture is right-side up and choose "Add Button" to open a menu of all assignable buttons. Choose the button you want to assign, and when the menu closes, drag that button to the control point you want to assign. 

11. Save, and you're done. Unfortunately, you'll have to open the "Add Button" menu every time you want to assign a new control point, so keep in mind what buttons you've already used. 


This method of using a controller with an Android device should also work for a lot of other games on the Google Play Store, so experiment and see what works! And now that you have controller support for PUBG Mobile, getting those chicken dinners will (in theory) be a lot easier! 

Thanks to Youtuber Kimmy's Portal for the tips on how to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PUBG Mobile guides.