Wow Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Wow Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network All You Need to Get Your WoW Classic Guild Started on the Right Foot Fri, 23 Aug 2019 21:26:42 -0400 GS_Staff

World of Warcraft Classic is right around the corner, and with it will come leagues of current and prior WoW players flooding into the game and trying to get their footing in old Azeroth.

Part of getting that footing is being a part of a guild, whether as a leader, an officer, or a rank and file and sharing a big part your WoW experience with that group.

A few years ago, MMORPG guild-leading veteran Elliot Lefebvre wrote an extensive and long-running series of guides on being a part of and leading a guild, most heavily focusing on effectively running a guild without running it and its players into the ground.

We've collected this series of "guild guides" in one place so that you can go into Azeroth with the right community mindset. These are particularly useful for guild leaders, as these articles touch on a lot more than just the base social aspects of running a guild: managing conflict, running events, effectively recruiting, tiering leadership, and more are covered in these articles.

Without further ado, for your perusing pleasure, here are Elliot's fantastic guides to running a guild in a productive and sustainable manner, and to being a productive and helpful member of any guilds you may be a part of down the road.

Guides and Tips for Guild Leaders

Guild Recruitment and Promotion

Guides and Tips for Guild Members


We wholeheartedly wish you the best adventures in your return to Azeroth of yore, and hope you don't get ganked too many times in STV.

If you're a current or prospective guild leader, check out our sister site Gamer Launch and its tools to build and maintain a guild website. You don't have to have a website to run a guild, but it certainly helps organize your members and keep them engaged with one another.

WoW 7.3 Guide: How to Get the Biletooth Gnasher Mount Sun, 10 Sep 2017 12:42:36 -0400 Kieran Desmond

World of Warcraft's latest 7.3: Shadow of Argus patch introduces a load of new content into the prolific MMO. This of course means new loot to grind the hours away for, one of the cooler looking drops being the Biletooth Gnasher mount. Thankfully, this mount is far more simple to acquire than some of the other mounts in the update. This guide will help you snag one of these demonic beasts for you and your toons.

So far it's been confirmed that the Gnasher drops from 3 rare-elite enemies on Argus in the Antoran Wastes section of the map. Each of these elite enemies can be killed once per day, per character for a chance at the mount dropping.

Those elites are:

Vrax'Thul (Coordinates: 53.1 , 35.8)

Just find and kill Vrax for a chance at the Biletooth Gnasher.

Puscilla and Mother Rosula (Coordinates 65.5 , 26.6)

These two elite enemies are located within pretty close proximity of each other inside a cave. Puscilla is another straightforward find-and-kill job. Rosula however, requires a little more effort to kill.

First of all you'll have to kill Imps that spawn in the cave to collect the Imp Meat drop. Once you collect 100 Imp Meats, right click them to convert them into a Disgusting Feast. Now go to Rosula's green pool and place the feast in front of it to spawn Mother Rosula. Then just kill her and hope for that rare drop.

It's unconfirmed, but many players speculate that the drop rate is between 5 and 10 percent for Mother Rosula and Vrax'Thul. Due to most players reportedly having received their mount from Puscilla, it's likely that she has a higher drop rate.

Now that you know the method to getting your own Biletooth Gnasher, let the grind begin! Keep at it until you get your drop so you can explore the latest WoW update in style.

For more on this latest update to World of Warcraft check out some of our other WoW guides!

WoW Patch 7.3 Guide: How to Get the Lucid Nightmare Mount Wed, 06 Sep 2017 13:17:19 -0400 ESpalding

The devs at Blizzard really like to test WoW players sometimes -- especially with elaborate mysteries and puzzles that are supposed to take a while to solve. But it never goes like that, does it? Somehow, players always crack these puzzles open much faster than the developers probably intended.

This is definitely the case in a recent update to World of WarcraftWith the release of patch 7.3, Blizzard added a new horse-style mount called the Lucid Nightmare that was supposed to be difficult for players to acquire. But a dedicated team of super sleuths has already figured out how to get it. 

Want to get your hands on the Lucid Nightmare mount as well? You're going to need a bit of perseverance to get it, since it's neither easy nor quick to do. You'll have to find clues and solve puzzles to unravel this mystery and get your mount. But follow this WoW guide, and you too will be twirling (yes, it twirls) around Dalaran sooner than you think!

Warning: You need to follow this guide exactly as it is written. The clues have to be read and followed in an exact order for this to work. 

Acquiring the Lucid Nightmare Mount in WoW

Step 1: Solve the First Note's Riddle

The first note is found at the top level of the Curiosities & Moore shop in Dalaran. As you can see from the image above, there is a scroll on one of the tables on the first floor. The scroll reads:

It begins in the 2104059. 
With a most pleasing sign. 
(These letters will not always rhyme.)

It really isn't very straightforward, but 2104059 is an anagram for the release date of the Ulduar patch back when Wrath of the Lich King was released on April 15, 2009, aka 4/15/2009. So the first place you need to head to is the Ulduar raid, which is in Storm Peaks in Northrend.

Step 2: Travel to Ulduar

The easiest way to get to Storm Peaks, is to go to the bottom lot of portals in Dalaran and head for the portal to Wyrmrest Temple. The flight master at Wyrmrest will fly you straight to Ulduar if you have the flight path already, but you can also make your own way there if you don't.

Step 3: Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor

Once you are in Ulduar, you need to get through to the 4th boss, XT-002 Deconstructor. I found that the easiest way to get there was to take a Salvaged Demolisher that can destroy all the towers and the Flame Leviathan boss. The vehicles take on an attack that's relative to your attack power, so it doesn't take any time at all to destroy anything. The only thing that takes time is actually getting there because the demolisher is so slow!

Once you have defeated XT-002, you need to head to the junk pile in the north-west corner of the room. There, on some rubbish, you will see a small rusty lever. Activate it.

Step 4: Solve the Light Puzzle

After you click the lever, a 20-by-20 grid of lights will appear on the floor of the room. Each of the lights can be turned on and off. To solve this puzzle, you need to turn the lights on in a particular arrangement. The green squares on this grid represent the lights that need to be switched on.

Image courtesy of Imgur

Step 5: Get the Next Scroll

After the pattern has been completed, a little red square of lights will show up with another scroll in the middle. It reads:

1000 years imprisoned.
Surely it wears on the mind.

This clue refers to the great C'Thun, the Old God of Madness and Chaos who took up residence in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, which is located in an original content area called Silithus.

Step 6: Travel to Ahn'Qiraj and Defeat the Twins

The quickest way to get where you need to go is, yet again, from the lower portal room in Dalaran and through the portal to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris.

Once you get to Ahn'Qiraj's location, you want to take the raid entrance that is up at the top of the steps. This takes you into the Temple raid rather than the Ruins raid.

The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is just in a big circle, so just follow it around. You don't have to kill all the bosses but you WILL have to kill the Twin Emperors because that unlocks a door you need to get through.

Step 7: Play the Mini-Game

When you get to where C'Thun is, you can bypass him and go immediately to the little steps that are just past his room. At the top, you will find an altar with a Mind Larva on it. Activate the larva and you will have to play a little mini-game akin to Candy Crush.

Step 8: Get the Third Scroll

Keep playing this little gameuntil a scroll appears on the altar. The scroll reads:

Deeper than deep. 
Awaits your seat.

You might think that this clue is referring to someplace deep underwater, but you'd be wrong. It is actually referring to a place in Deepholm, the underground area from the Cataclysm expansion.

Step 9: Travel to Deepholm and Explore the Fissure

The easiest way to get to Deepholm is to go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and use the portal. Before you do though, you should take a Shadoweave Mask with you. This can be found on the auction house or made by a tailor using mageweave and shadow silk.

Once you have your mask and you've made it into Deepholm, head to the cave area below Therazane's Throne. Do you remember where that big rock worm just goes round and round in circles? Yeah, there. It's called the Crumbling Depths. Enter the cave and work your way around to the back of the cave system. There, next to a big rock formation, you will see a fissure on one of the rocks.

Upon clicking on the fissure, a warning will appear saying "WARNING: You are about to fall into a dark fissure. You may not be able to climb back out again. Are you very sure you want to do this?" Accept this and jump down.

Step 10: Get the Next Clue

In the cave below, you will see a small chair at the far end of the cave. On the back of the chair there is a little plaque that shows your next clue:


Detectives have deduced that this is an anagram for "Racksum Greep is the key". Racksum Greep is a goblin NPC that lives in Ratchet.

Step 11: Visit Racksum Greep for Your Next Clue

When you get to Rachet and make contact with Racksum Greep, you'll see that he is wearing a Shadoweave Mask -- but you that's not why you're here. Equip the mask that you have already acquired and a skull will appear on the chair. Interacting with the skull will reveal the next clue which is:

Where the shaded delegate may appear.

This is a reference to the Dark Iron Ambassador -- a rare boss boss that spawns in the Gnomergan instance. So guess where you're headed next?

Step 12: Go to the Gnomergan Instance

Once you've made it to the Gnomergan instance, you need to head towards a part of it called the Engineering Labs. This map shows you the way:

Image was found on imgur 

When you reach the area shown on the image above, you will be faced with 10 levers. Now you have to arrange the levers in a specific way to get your next clue.

Step 13: Solve the Lever Puzzle for the Next Clue

Each lever in this group can be moved up or down. You need to work through all the levers so that they are set in the following sequence: 1222176597.

Once that is done, the next clue will appear.

Games and toys are left behind. 
When you awaken screaming.

This has been interpreted to mean Val'Sharah, one of the new Legion areas.

Step 14: Go to Val'Sharah

The location you need to go to is a little bit north of the Starsong Refuge flight path in a what looks like a cave. It isn't the cave that's shown on the minimap but a house on the ledge above it.

In the building, you will find a red Nightmare Tumor. Clicking on this will display the next puzzle.

Step 15: Solve the Line Puzzle for the Next Clue

This puzzle is a bit tricky, and will take a lot of trial and error to get right. But what you need to do is untangle a lot of lines. Anytime a line crosses another, they turn red. Untangling them turns them blue. There is no set way of doing it, as the puzzle changes. So you'll need to find your own solution. 

But no matter what arrangement your particular lines are in, you want things to start looking like the image below:

Completing the puzzle will reveal the next clue scroll:

What you seek is buried within.

This means that your next destination is the Tomb of Secrets. 

Step 16: Go to the Tomb of Secrets and Eat the Sorcerer's Ashes

Travel to Kun-Lai Summit to reach the Tomb of Secrets, a mogu tomb north of the One Keg flightpath. There is a portal to the Vale of Eternal Blossom in Dalaran, and you can fly to Kun-Lai from there.

Inside the tomb, you will see a statue with an urn at the base of it. Click on the urn to activate the next (and the most time-consuming) part of this hunt. The game will warn you that "you are about to consume the ashes of an evil sorcerer. There is no way to tell what will happen. Are you VERY sure you want to do this?" Of course you want to do this! Accept the warning!

Step 17: Solve the Endless Halls Puzzle

You will be teleported to an instanced area called the "Endless Halls". The aim of this puzzle is to find matching colored orbs and runes by going through the rooms -- but the only problem is that every room is exactly the same, with four doorways. Sometimes the doorways are blocked by rubble.

Every maze is different, so there is no specific route that we can recommend to you. The only way you are going to manage this is if you either draw a map of your own, or download a very handy add-on called Lucid Nightmare Helper.

This part of the journey is very long and extremely frustrating. In my own experience, it took well over an hour to complete. But if you want a little bit of extra help getting it down, a player known as Frogge has written this in-depth explanation of the Endless Halls.

Step 18: Get the Final Clue

Once you finally solve the puzzle and get to the next room, the final clue will be revealed:

The way is now open.
To the greatest secret never told.
A fitting end to your journey.

This bit is going to be really straight forward. This clue indicates that you need to head toward Deadwind Pass and find a place called the Forgotten Crypt. 

Step 19: Search the Forgotten Crypt for the Final Chest

The Forgotten Crypt was going to be used as part of the game, but the designers eventually decided not to use it and left it unfinished. The whole crypt is empty of mobs -- there aren't even critters running around.

You need to find a room called the Pit of Criminals. When you first get in the Crypt, look for some water to swim under and then you will easily find the right room. A chest containing the mount is at the top of a pile of bones.

Congratulations! You now have the Lucid Nightmare mount! Now go and show it off somewhere!


We hope that this guide has helped you get your own mount. If you need some help with other aspects of the game, check out the rest of our WoW guides for more tips, tricks, and solutions:

WoW Patch 7.3 Guide: How to Defeat the Legendary Battle Pets and Get the Felclaw Marsuul Pet Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:01:31 -0400 ESpalding

As with all major patches to World of Warcraft, the latest patch 7.3: Shadow of Argus has unveiled a whole host of new battle pets to fight and collect, as well as achievements that are geared towards to testing your pet battle prowess.

One such achievement is the Family Fighter which, once completed, will reward players with a cool new pet called the Felclaw Marsuul. But how to you complete this achievement? First of all, you need to defeat all the legendary boss pets scattered throughout Argus. You know the kind I'm talking about? Those tough critters with gold nameplates that show as gold paw prints on the mini map.

In this guide, we are going to tell you where to find all the legendary battle pet bosses and give you are break down on how to complete the Family Fighter achievement to get the Felclaw Marsuul pet.

Legendary Pet Abilities

Patch 7.3 also introduces some new, really powerful abilities that only these legendary pets possess -- and they can be quite tricky to work around. Here's what you can expect to encounter.

Greater Apocalypse

This ability calls down three meteors, which will fall 20 rounds from when the ability is used -- and they will instantly kill your team. Luckily, the ability has a 20-round cooldown as well, so it's likely that your opponent will play this one first -- forcing you to defeat the boss as quickly as possible.

It is vital to pay attention to what type of pet it is so that you can use ones that are powerful against it. The attack itself is weak again humanoid pets, but annihilates undead ones.

Antaen Cannon

This ability instantly deals 3105 Mechanical damage, but forces the user to recharge for two rounds afterward -- rendering it unable to move.

If you come across one of the pets with this ability, you might want to consider using an elemental-type pet with a big health pool to attempt to soak the damage this inflicts. It is incredibly strong against beast pets.

Void Gate

This ability deals 564 Magic damage and forces the opponent's highest health pet to swap into battle. Apart from the big magic damage this attack causes, (although it is weaker against mechanical-type pets), you can see where this ability causes problems. Part of beating some of the tougher battle pets is all about which pets you are using to combat them and in which order.

Void Gate has the potential to mess up your order/attack sequence so be prepared! It is particularly strong against flying pets.

Where to Find Legendary Pet Battle Bosses

The planet of Argus is divided into three new zones -- Krokuun, Antoran Wastes, and Mac'Aree. And the 18 creatures you need to find for this achievement are spread all over the planet, so it's going to take a bit of time to find them all.

Currently, there is no flying on Argus, which means you are going to have work through the questlines to unlock all the areas.

Pet Battle Bosses in Krokuun

Ruinhoof (Beast): A fel corrupted talbuk type of creature and is situated in the area of the Petrified Forest, coordinates are 66.7, 72.6. There is a World quest associated with Ruinhoof which requires you to go to the north of Highmountain to defeat a battle pet called Lil'idan.

This Beast-type pet uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Chew
  • Hoof 

Baneglow (Flying): Located in the Black Gorge area of Krokuun. Its coordinates are 43.0, 52.0. Baneglow uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Spore Shrooms
  • Tail Sweep

Deathscreech (Flying): A fel bat that can be found lurking in a cave in the Shattered Fields area of Krokuun, coordinates are 29.6, 57.9. This Flying-type pet uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Infected Claw
  • Lift-off

Retch (Critter): Another fel beastie found in Krokuun at coordinates 58.32, 29.74. It uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Deep Bite
  • Acid Touch

Foulclaw (Critter): Found at coordinates 51.5, 63.8 in Krokuun. This feral creature uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Crouch
  • Flurry

Gnasher (Critter): A stalker demon that is hiding right next to the base in the Shattered Fields, coordinates 39.6, 66.5. It uses the following abilities:

  • Greater Apocalypse
  • Maul
  • Rip

Pet Battle Bosses in Antoran Wastes

Watcher (Magic): A magic-type battle pet that can be found in the Fiend's Run area of the Antoran Wastes, coordinates 51.6, 41.4. It uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Eyeblast
  • Eye Beam

Earseeker (Flying): A nasty-looking flying creature that flies around the Spirit Crucible at 56.1, 28.7. It uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Confusing Sting
  • Poison Spit

Minixis (Mechanical): A shrunken version of a Legion spacecraft, similar to the Sentinax that hovered above the Broken Shore. It can be found at the Terminus, coordinates 76.7, 73.9, and uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Fel Exhaust
  • Chaos Beam

Bloat (Critter): Another battle pet boss that can be found a Fiend's Run at 56.6, 54.2 and uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Plagued Blood
  • Diseased Bite

Pilfer (Humanoid): A little demon that inhabits the Felfire Armory at 64.1, 66.0 in the Antoran Wastes. It uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Jar of Smelly Liquid
  • Punch

One of Many (Undead): Found at 59.8, 40.3 in the Antoran Wastes. It uses the following abilities:

  • Antaen Cannon
  • Consume
  • Creepy Chomp

Pet Battle Bosses in Mac'Aree

Bucky (Beast): A mountain goat type of creature that can be found at the Conservatory of the Arcane in Mac'Aree at coordinates 67.6, 43.9. It uses the following abilities:

  • Void Gate
  • Stampede
  • Trample

Gloamwing (Flying): Can be found at Azurelight Square at 60.0, 71.1 and uses these abilities:

  • Void Gate
  • Predatory Strike
  • Slicing Wind

Corrupted Blood of Argus (Magic): Found at the Shadowguard Incursion at 31.9, 31.2. It uses the following abilities:

  • Void Gate
  • Slime
  • Siphon Life

Mar'cuus (Beast): Similar to the Duskcloak Panthara that you come across during the beginning areas in Krokuun, but this one is found at the Praetorium in Mac'Aree, coordinates 74.7, 36.2. It uses the following abilities:

  • Void Gate
  • Prowl
  • Pounce

Snozz (Critter): A similar model as Foulclaw, who is a legendary pet battle boss found in Krokuun but is found at the Conservatory of the Arcane in Mac'Aree. Its coordinates are 69.7, 51.9, and uses the following abilities:

  • Void Gate
  • Buried Treasure
  • Flank

Shadeflicker (Beast): A voidstalker that can be found in Umbra Hollows, its coordinates are 36.0, 54.1. Its abilities are:

  • Void Gate
  • Phase Shift
  • Claw

How to Get the Family Fighter Achievement (Prerequisite Achievements)

Upon defeating all the corrupt pet battle bosses in Argus, you will receive the 10-point achievement, Anomalous Animals of Argus. So far you have been able to battle all the creatures with any team you want from the menagerie in your pet journal -- but if you want the main achievement, you are going to have to work a lot harder.

The Family Fighter achievement is made up of ten other achievements that all require you to defeat each creature multiple times. But each time you do it, you need to defeat them using a team made up of the same pet family. These meta achievements are called:

  • Aquatic Assault 
  • Critical Critters
  • Elemental Escalation
  • Humanoid Havoc
  • Mechanical Melee
  • Beast Blitz
  • Draconic Destruction
  • Fierce Flyers
  • Magical Mayhem
  • Unstoppable Undead

Once you have completed all of those achievements, you'll be able to welcome the cute little Felclaw Marsuul into your menagerie. 


There you have it! You now know where to find all the legendary pet battle bosses and their abilities -- but you are going to have to find out the teams that work in order to complete each battle successfully and nail this achievement. 

Need more help with your adventures in World of Warcraft? Check out the rest of our WoW guides for more tips, tricks, and how-tos!

How to Complete the Crystal Eyes Quest in World of Warcraft Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:36:02 -0400 stratataisen

"Crystal Eyes" is an archaeology questline in World of Warcraft that starts out in New Dalaran (Legion) by talking with Dariness the Learned in the Magus Commerce Exchange (coordinates: 40.8, 26.4). She will give you the quest  “A New Lead” that will send you to Lessah Moonwater in Highmountain.

To get to her, take the flight path from New Dalaran (Legion) to Thunder Totem. She will be right in front of you when you land at you destination. After you turn in “A New Lead”, you’ll get the “Crystal Eyes” quest.

How to Finish the Crystal Eyes Quest in WoW

When this quest starts, Lessah asks you to interact with two resonating crystals. In order to do this, you’ll need 3 Highmountain Ritual-Stones -- 6 in total for both. These are the keystones you normally get from doing archaeology in Highmountain.

There are several different ways to get these stones:

  • Surveying dig sites
  • Pristine quests (random quest drop from surveying dig sites)
  • Drop from Angry Tauren Spirit (21% Drop rate - spawn randomly from surveying dig sites)
  • Buying them from the Auction House

Unless you’re buying them from the Auction House -- which would definitely be more expensive option during the week this quest is running-- it may take you a while to gather the 6 Ritual-Stones you need because of the randomness of receiving one.

Once you have the stones, though, it’s a simple matter of following the quest arrow as you interact with the two crystals in a certain order. The first resonating crystal is in Mucksnout Den (41.64, 46.94, Cave Entrance). The second is in Rockcrawler Chasm (48.07, 33.85, Cave Entrance).

Return to Lessah once you’ve interacted with both crystals, and she will give you the last part of the questline -- “Drogbar Deception.”

Head to Lifespring Cavern (38.37, 61.32, Cave Entrance). From there you want to find and kill Gelmogg. Enter the cave and follow the path -- but if you get to a rope bridge, you’ve gone too far. There’s an actual map for this cave system, and Gelmogg will be marked on it.

Once you defeat and loot him, head back to Lessah to claim your reward: the Prizerock Neckband.

Helpful Mods for Completing This Quest

If you want a helping hand for finishing this quest successfully, you can use the Archy - Archaeology Assistant mod to make things significantly easier. This mod allows you to:

  • See what item you’re working on
  • View how close you are to the dig sites and what type of artifact fragments they yield
  • Quick artifact solve (But be careful with this feature, as you don’t want to accidentally use your Highmountain Ritual-Stones.)
  • Utilize even more customization features

Whether or not you opt to pick up this mod, following the simple instructions above should have you completing this quest in no time! And be sure to check out the rest of our WoW guides for more help with questing and other aspects of the game.

How to Fix WoW Legion App Not Connecting After Patch 7.2 Mon, 26 Jun 2017 17:48:06 -0400 ESpalding

More often than not, whenever there is an update or patch to a game, something always gets messed around a bit. Even the folks at Blizzard sometimes have problems after patching their game.

This happened recently when World of Warcraft: Legion got patch 7.2. Soon after the patch was downloaded, players started flooding to the forums to say that the WoW: Legion companion app on their mobile devices wouldn't connect.

So, in case this happened you, here is a simple and brief guide to get you going again. Luckily, the solution to this issue is pretty simple. So in just a few minutes your companion app should be up and running. 

How to Fix Connection Issues With the WoW Legion App (Patch 7.2)

All it takes to solve the problem is removing and reinstalling the app:

  • Delete the app from your phone
  • Reinstall the app from your app store
  • Reset the password to your account and log back in

Yep! It is as simple as that! 

Before you get back into the app, though, you will need to make sure that you have the app set to the right region. When reinstalled, the app will automatically reset to US region. So if you are in Europe, for example, and you don't change the region, the character selection list will show up blank.

The Broken Isles are in the palm of your hand

The Companion app was introduced in September 2016 and allows players to take care of certain in-game activities when they are away from their screens. The main purpose of the app is to:

  • Explore World Quests and World Events such as invasions and Broken Isle camp upgrades on the World Map
  • Manage followers, activating and deactivating them to make sure they are all leveled
  • Train exhausted recruits and find artifact research notes,
  • Start and complete class hall missions and change your combat ally
  • Research Order Hall upgrades.

Checking in on missions

Hope this guide was of help to you! It's a straightforward fix -- but if you don't know, then you don't know! In the meantime, take care out there in the Broken Isles. The Legion is coming in force and we all need to be prepared. If you want some extra help getting ready, check out the rest of our World of Warcraft guides as well. 

How to Obtain the Sun Darter Hatchling in WoW Legion Fri, 23 Jun 2017 15:08:54 -0400 ESpalding

For some, raiding isn't the "be-all and end-all" of playing World of Warcraft. The game now holds so many fun features and achievements that there is something for everyone once they hit top level. The pet battle system is one such feature.

It has been a very successful addition to the game, and some now strive to catch every pet in-game and to become the best pet battler in WoW. With every new patch and expansion comes a whole menagerie of collectible pets. One such pet was introduced in the latest update, patch 7.2.5, and it is called the Sun Darter Hatchling.

While many pets can easily be found, acquiring this stunning little guy requires participating in a long and drawn-out event that entails great planning and quite a bit of farming. Luckily, the puzzle has already been solved by numerous dedicated pet hunters, so we are able to share with you what has to be done.

Make sure you read this guide in full before heading off to get the pet, because there are a lot of things you have to do first.

Where in the World (of Warcraft) is the Sun Darter Hatchling Located?

The Sun Darter Hatchling comes from an Oddly-Colored Egg. To get the egg, first you need to head to Winterspring -- that snowy zone at the top of Kalimdor. There is only one flight path in Winterspring, and that is Everlook. It is used by both factions and in a central location.

You will need to head to Frostsaber Rock and continue heading north until you reach the shore, where it turns grassy. The event takes place inside the Cavern of Consumption (coordinates 61.25, 24.10).

Out beyond the northern mountains in Winterspring

What You Need to Have Before Trying to Get the Sun Darter Hatchling

You cannot hearthstone once you are in the cavern, so you need to make sure you have the following items with you. It is advisable that you carry two or more of each in your bag.


All of the following potions can be made by alchemists or can be found on the auction house. If you are an alchemist and don't already have the recipe for these potions, I have included where they can be found. All of the following potions are from The Burning Crusade expansion, so you need to make sure you are in the "correct" Outland zones.

  • Major Arcane Protection: Dropped by Vir'aani Arcanists in Nagrand. It has a relatively short respawn time, and one good place to find them is around the Oshu'gun crystal formation to the south.
  • Major Fire Protection: A zone drop in the Mechanar instance in Netherstorm.
  • Major Frost Protection: Dropped by Nexus-Prince Shaffar who is the last boss in the Auchindoun instance Mana-Tombs.
  • Major Holy Protection: Dropped by Abyssal Flamebringer demons in Blade's Edge Mountain. You need to head to the Forge Camp at the bottom of the map. Remember that you need to be flying to get there, but be prepared to be shot down but Fel Cannons.
  • Major Nature Protection: A reputation item that requires you to be exalted with the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh.
  • Major Shadow Protection: Dropped by Shadow Council Warlocks at the Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley, on your right as you enter from Terrokar Forest.

Farming Vir'aani Arcanists in Nagrand for the Arcane Protection Potion recipe


There is actually only one elixir you need to get for this event, and it has been around since WoW first began. The Noggenfogger Elixir can be purchased from Sprinkle Noggenfogger who resides in Gadgetzan, Tanaris. One of the effects of this elixir is that it turns you into a skeleton and allows you to breathe underwater. This elixir may not turn you into a skeleton on the first try so make sure you have a good number on you.

Misc. Crafted Items
  • Ethereal Oil: An alchemist trained item. It requires a fish called glassfin minnow, which is caught in abundance in Wintergrasp.
  • Pygmy Oil: This is another item that an alchemist can train and requires pygmy suckerfish that can be found throughout Northrend. Take between 5-10 of them with you to ensure your Pygmy transformation.
  • Scroll of Intellect: This can be made by scribes and is one of the starting recipes for that craft.

On the hunt for a Lucky Coin

  • Scotty's Lucky Coin: This drops from Scotty in Townlong Steppes. He can be found on the island of Sra'vess, well-hidden in an alcove beneath the tree. When used, you will be disguised as a "Scotty" sprite.
  • Gordok Orge Suit: This isn't technically a drop, but it is a quest reward. It requires you to complete a quest in the Dire Maul East dungeon. When you use the suit, you are transformed into a Gordok Orge.
  • Dire Brew: To get this, you need to head to Blackrock Depths and specifically to the Grim Guzzler bar at the center of the instance. Once you get there, find the Dark Iron Brewer, wait until he passes out from drinking too much, and then loot the Mug of Dire Brew. This turns you into a Dark Iron Dwarf when consumed. If you are lucky enough to have a Direbrew's Remote, then you can teleport to the inn from the start of the instance.
  • Winterfall Firewater: This is drops from the furblogs in Winterspring. Its main property increases your attack power, but it also has a nifty side effect that increases your size.
Perky Pug

This cute little pug battle pet is a reward for completing the Looking for Multitudes achievement. You get this for completing random heroic instances until you have grouped with 100 random players.

"Little Princess" Costume

This is a pet battle related item and can be bought from any pet battle vendors for one pet charm or 500 Timeless Coins from dailies and drops on the Timeless Isle. This can only be used on your Perky Pug pet.

So now you have everything you need to do this event. Before we get into the details of what goes on in the cavern, you need to hear some advice: Do not forget to use a consumable when directed and do not cancel any buffs unless you are told to.

We are ready to start the fun!

Ready? Here we go!

How to Get the Sun Darter Hatchling in WoW

The first things you come to are two barriers. The first one is fire, and requires you to use the Major Fire Protection potion. The next is a fel barrier which requires you to use all of the remaining potions -- Arcane, Frost Holy, Nature, and Shadow. 

As you continue along, you will happen across a gargoyle called a Diligent Watcher. Use the Noggenfogger Elixir as many times as it takes to transform you into a skeleton and then pass by him.

The path in front of you now splits in two. You need to go through the wall of vines first and this requires you to use Scotty's Lucky Coin to transform into a sprite. In the next room, you will find a stone called a Water Stone -- use it and it will give you a 15min buff. Run back to the where the path splits and take the route. The new buff will allow you to pass through the blue barrier.

Now I'm a Dark Iron Dwarf and ready for the next bit!

Next, you will see a Stone Watcher. Similar to the way you got past the gargoyle, use the Dire Brew to become a Dark Iron Dwarf and you can pass right by him.

Now it where it gets a bit tricky. Remember to keep following as per the instructions and you'll be fine.

The path now splits into three.

Go up the slope to the purple barrier on the right. Use the Ethereal Oil to pass through it. In the next room you will see a strange stone with a hole in it. By putting your arm in the hole, you will get your next buff which is the Sign of the Second but you need to make sure your arm fits the whole. To do this you need to use the Gordok Orge Suit and the Winterfall Firewater to increase your size. Now use the hole and get the buff.

Now you need to go back to where the path splits and go to the gate on the left. You are a little bit big to get through there at the moment, so take the Pygmy Oil until you have transformed into a Pygmy and go through.

Before you is now a floating, glowing cube called the Wisdom Cube. Interacting with it will reveal that next you need to summon your little Perky Pug and equip it with the Little Princess costume. Interact with it again, place your arm underneath and it will give you the next buff which is the Sign of the First.

Aww... cute little princess pug!

Once you leave that room you will see that the third path is now open. Take it until you see a plaque on a pillar. Click the plaque. Before doing what the plaque says and crossing the water, you MUST cancel the Winterfall Firewater buff and apply the Scroll of Intellect. DO NOT just jump into the water. Make sure you got around to the water where you can walk down a slope into the water. Now you can cross the water happily and get your Oddly Colored Egg and enjoy your next Sun Darter Hatchling pet.

Yay! Got my own Sun Darter Hatchling!!!


So, there you have it! You now have this very cute battle pet in your arsenal! We hope that this guide has helped you and would love to know if you'd managed to get the pet yourself! Credit for unraveling this puzzle goes to the hardworking folks at the Secret Finding Discord Community.

If you need more help with various objectives in this iconic MMO, check out the rest of our WoW guides for all the answers you need!

World of Warcraft Legion: Corrupted Egg Fragment Explanation Wed, 28 Sep 2016 10:56:22 -0400 Synzer

If you are level 110 in Legion, chances are you've seen the Facing Our Fears follower mission in your class order hall. Many people are wondering what the corrupted egg fragment is, what the quest is, and what you get from it.

I'm here to answer all those questions and more!

Facing Our Fears Follower Mission

The first thing you need to know is that the follower mission is item level 830 and has a long timer before it expires -- mine is currently 8 days and 22 hours.

This means that you want to get your followers at least close to 830 if they are not already there.

wow legion facing our fears follower mission

It also has bonus loot if you are lucky enough, which lets you do an extra loot roll on certain bosses in Legion.

The modifiers are Boss, Minions, and Hazard, so get followers that can counter all 3.

The actual effects of those modifiers will vary, but the modifiers themselves are the same for everyone.

If you counter everything, it is a 16 hour mission.

Corrupted Egg Fragment Quest and Reward

When the mission is over you get a Corrupted Egg Fragment.

This is an item that starts a quest to kill Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption in the Emerald Nightmare raid.

When you do it, you will complete the quest and get a Cache of Nightmarish Treasures. This contains a random piece of loot from the raid.

There are 4 version of this item, meaning there is 1 for each difficulty. Right now, we currently don't know exactly how to get the higher version other than number of kills.

It is speculated that you need 10 kills on a difficulty to get the next tier of loot. Example: 10 kills on Normal grants Heroic and 10 kills on Heroic grants Mythic.

This should be total kills and not 10 kills on 1 boss. I will update this if it turns out to be different.

That's it for the guide on the Corrupted Egg Fragment and Facing Our Fears follower mission. Let me know if you have any questions!

World of Warcraft Legion Emerald Nightmare: Quick Nythendra Guide Wed, 28 Sep 2016 07:19:56 -0400 Synzer

The first raid in the World of Warcraft Legion expansion is the Emerald Nightmare. This is a corrupted version of the Druid's Emerald Dream, and ties in heavily with their story and Val'sharah.

As soon as you enter the raid, you will see the first boss, with some enemies (trash) to take out first.

Although the first boss isn't too difficult, it can still take multiple tries until everyone gets the mechanics down.

I'll go over what you need to know for this encounter to help you defeat it easier.

This guide will go over defeating Nythendra in the Emerald Nightmare raid in Legion including:

  • Fight Basics - The important things you need to know, no matter what role, and how the fight works.
  • Role Orders - What each role, DPS, tank, and heals, needs to do in this fight.

Fight Basics

This will a brief rundown of everything needed to complete this fight.

  • This is a dragon fight, so be sure not to stand in front (unless you are a tank) or behind it.

This fight has 2 phases and she will switch between the 2 multiple times.

Phase 1 - The Plagued Dreamer
  • During this phase the tank should turn the boss so that her left side is facing the entrance
  • Everyone else stand at her left side, but not too closely stacked.
  • When you get an ability called Rot placed on you, run to the edge of the room until the timer expires and you drop a green puddle (Infected Ground) on the ground.
  • When the boss uses her breath attacks, quickly run out of it.
    • These will also leave Infected Grounds where she breathes.
  • Tanks need to run away from everyone when they get Volatile Rot.

When Nythendra's energy is gone, she falls down to begin Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Heart of the Swarm
  • This is when you should use Heroism/Bloodlust and DPS cooldowns.
  • Just attack the boss, but watch for the Infected Grounds that were dropped by Rot and Infected Breath.
    • These will move back towards the boss and damage you if you stand in it.
  • Also, insects will randomly turn big during this phase and explode after a while. 
    • Make sure you are not near the bugs when this happens.

When her energy is back to full, she stands up and goes back to phase 1. Repeat until boss is dead.

wow legion nythendra

Role Orders

This part gives more detail to what each role should do during the fight.

  • Tanks will need to swap when the active tank gets Volatile Rot.
  • The tank with Volatile Rot should run far away from the raid, so they take less damage.
    • After the explosion, there will be a bunch of Infected Grounds in the location, so keep that in mind.
  • After Infected Breath, the whole raid should rotate, so they will need to rotate the boss slightly afterwards.
  • The raid will take increased damage over the course of the fight because Rot will start applying to more people at once.
  • Keep an eye one everyone in phase 2 because the insects' Burst of Corruption does a lot of damage to anyone that didn't make it away.
  • Try not to stack too close together because Rot deals damage instantly when it it is placed on targets.
  • Everyone should move to one side during breath, then stay there to stay away from Infested Ground.
  • Don't stand near people with Rot, especially if they each have it.
  • Try to keep one side of the room clear from Rot so you have a safe place to stand during phase 2.

That's it for my quick Nythendra guide for the Emerald Nightmare raid in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions or extra tips of your own!

World of Warcraft: Legion's Class Halls Are Superior to Garrisons, and Here's Why. Thu, 22 Sep 2016 05:02:53 -0400 Joshua Potter

Massive online role playing games like World of Warcraft and others of the ilk offer a gaming experience that no other genre of game really copies.  These games often take days, weeks, even years of time in order to really experience everything they have to offer. As such, many of the successful MMOs out there, such as Final Fantasy XIV and Ultima Online, have offered player housing -- which would lead you to believe a major game like World of Warcraft would follow suit.

Instead, we got garrisons. These areas were promised to be a personal base of operations for our champions, where we could customize armies, strategically assign building locations and lead as commander of our forces. While these claims aren't exactly wrong, they also paint a different picture from what we actually got.

Let's focus on all the things Garrisons did right, before we focus on where they went wrong.

The Good:

One of the best things about the Garrison system was its progression. It starts out as nothing more than a pile of lumber and grunts, and turns into a massive town you design. You get a decent amount of buildings, although more would not have been a bad thing. It also populates with not just followers you recruit during your travels, but also people, animals, and mythical creatures you save/help/encounter along your travels.

Each person you bring into your garrison is like a badge of honor. Having a fully completed garrison, it's pretty cool to see every follower I have wandering around, or to have an Ancient of Lore I saved sell me fruit and act as a general goods vendor. I like having these reminders of who my character is and what accolades I've achieved. It feels like my time isn't wasted when I'm satisfying my quest compulsions by making sure I do every little thing in every zone.

I also enjoyed the bodyguard mechanics related to followers, and the buddy system you form with them as you travel together, "leveling" them up as you take them with you on quests. I even liked the mining, fishing, and herbalism shacks that they give you, since they help immensely with leveling up the associated professions. It's convenient to have these places all in one area.

The Bad:

You may notice I chose to use the Horde Garrison for this one, and the Alliance for the good. That's because I mained Horde during this expansion. Past tense. After having completed my garrison to the fullest, I realized just how much I hated the aesthetic of literally everything. I play Forsaken, during an expansion when Orcs are no longer the leaders of the Horde, why does my garrison look like this?

Sure, you can choose to assign whatever faction you want as guards, personalizing the experience a little bit, but I want the whole thing. Buildings specific to the Forsaken are already in the game, would it be that hard for the building choices to have skins? This is being nitpicky, but it really pushed me into the lush and lovely forest area of the Alliance as opposed to the cold nothingness that the Horde has. While this does fit their rugged style, it's just too bland for me to call home.

Now that I have that out of my system, lets move on to the more glaring issues with Garrisons. There's nothing to do with them. As great as it is that you get followers who will run missions for you, there is zero interactivity with them. You look at a list, you send the associated followers, you move on. It's also constant. I used to play Avenger's Alliance when that was a thing on Facebook prior to their recent shut down, and it reminded me of that experience.  Your only investment was time.

After a while you get everything your garrison has to offer. Since you're limited on buildings you'll be swapping out useless ones: the inn, the stables, the goblin/gnome engineering faculty, etc. for more useful long term buildings like the war mill or PvP arena. In reality, the customization is forced on you due to the inherent functions of the buildings. Most crafting buildings -- with the exception of the one that matched your own profession -- were useless at launch; and everything had its own dedicated space. In the end, it really didn't invoke the feel of Warcraft III's base building at all.

There's also the problem with the raids your base is supposed to suffer from enemy forces. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I rarely got the quests to do them. Throughout my entire time playing, and believe me when I say I've invested a gross amount of time into my Undead Warlock, I only ever had three -- one of which granted me the item to summon the raid boss. Why wasn't this a more common thing? It flexed the strength of the garrison by having you fight alongside literally everyone you've ever recruited as well as bringing some friends along for the ride. It was like they were afraid to make the most out of one of the best features in the zone.

Why Class Halls are so much better.

When I first saw Class Halls, I admit I felt a bit of loss for my garrison. I put so much time into it after all, and was curious why I needed to have it stripped away from me after I fully completed one for both Horde and Alliance. Now that we're a few weeks into Legion, I see exactly why it had to go.

Class Halls are not the private experience granted by garrisons, and that's okay. I'm a bit of a hermit when it comes to MMORPGs, and only like to really play with my friends, but it definitely adds a bit of liveliness to a zone that otherwise would have felt humdrum. Sure, it's weird to see seven other people running around with the Ashbringer, but at the same time it's kind of nice just to see people.

So far I have 3 max level characters -- a Death Knight, a Paladin and a Demon Hunter -- and each experience has been dramatically different thanks to the new class hall. It's fun to have private access to an area only YOU can see. It's fun to have various in lore ways to travel to your private sector. It feels personal, and that's really all I wanted from something like this. Clearly, Blizzard doesn't plan on giving us traditional housing, so rather then giving us something halfway like the garrison was, this goes into a completely new direction.

Class Halls are vibrant and unique. They tell a story. More importantly, they tell your story. The followers you gather are few, but they're powerful and mean something more than just fifty random inhabitants you recruit with a few here and there that have been introduced in the past. You gain champions who represent your potential, people you've looked up to in the past and now look up to you. It tells a story of character growth and power. You feel strong wielding these legendary weapons, and continuing to grow with them even past max level. 

The experience as a whole feels rewarding, and there's so much to do. Even after you max out one artifact, you still have other specializations and associated artifacts to master. Who even has time for alts anymore? If you wanted a single game to sink your time into, World of Warcraft: Legion has you covered.

Are you a fan of Draenor's Garrisons or the Broken Island's Class Halls? Do you have a favorite class? Let us know below in the comments.

World of Warcraft Legion Guide: Druid Campaign Mon, 19 Sep 2016 08:08:45 -0400 Synzer

The Druid campaign in World of Warcraft: Legion ties into the story of Val'sharah and the Emerald Nightmare raid. It is about communing with nature and learning more about the Emerald Dream and the history of Druids.

I'm going to list the quests you get and what you must do, as well as when you get them. The follower missions will take a big portion of your time, so I'll list each one of those as well and when you get them.

This guide will go over everything about the Druid Class Order Hall Campaign in Legion including:

  • Class Order Hall - Where it is and how to get there.
  • Druid Campaign - Each quest and what you must do.
  • Follower Missions - The long missions you must send your champions on and how long each one takes.

Class Order Hall

The order hall is the Dreamgrove, which you can access from the Emerald Dreamway.

After completing the initial Druid quest line to start Legion, you will get a teleport ability called, "Dreamwalk". This teleports you to the Emerald Dreamway, and you go to the Dreamgrove portal from there.

wow legion druid class order hall

Druid Campaign

The first quests you get at 101 are similar for every class. They are a tutorial for how order hall missions work, selecting your first champion, and how recruits work.

The first order hall follower mission takes 4 hours, so be sure to start it as soon as you can after reaching level 101.

After all that is done, your first real start is at level 103. I'm going to list all the missions starting from there. I will not go over the details of the follower missions, except for the ones that take a very long time.

Also, there are obvious spoilers ahead since I'm listing the missions and what you must do.

Level 103

Sampling the Nightmare
  • Follower mission that unlocks the rest of the campaign quests.
Dire Growth
  • Meet with Naralex, plant the Lasher Seed, and analyze its effects.
Malrone's Refuge
  • Speak to Broll Bearmantle at Malorne's Refuse in Val'sharah.
Grip of Nightmare
  • Kill 5 Darkfiend Raiders, rescue Sylendra Gladesong, and examine the Altar of Malorne.
Tracking the Enemy
  • Use your cat form to follow the 3 sets of Satyr tracks.
Idol of the Wilds
  • Attack 6 Darfiend Satyr and extract information about the Idol of the Wilds.
The Protectors
  • Enter the Emerald Dreamway and commune with the Feral, Guardian, Balance, and Restoration stones.
Essence of Ferocity
  • Collect an Essence of Ferocity from Fenryr in the Halls of Valor dungeon, then complete Odyn's trial.
Essence of Tenacity
  • Collect an Essence of Tenacity from Rokmora in the Neltharion's Lair dungeon, then kill Dar'grul the Underking.
Essence of Balance
  • Collect an Essence of Balance from Wrath of Azshara in the Eye of Azshara dungeon.
Essence of Regrowth
  • Collect an Essence of Regrowth from Oakheart in the Darkheart Thicket dungeon, then slay the Shade of Xavius.
Gathering the Dreamweavers
  • Complete 5 Gathering the Dreamweavers Follower missions.
  • Each is 8 hours long and you can only do 1 at a time.

Level 110

You can continue, and finish, the campaign once you hit 110. Make sure you have all the 103 quests done as soon as you can so you can continue.

The Grove Provides
  • This unlocks your class order hall set head piece.

wow legion druid class order hall head set piece

The Way to Nordrassil
  • Speak to Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem in the Emerald Dreamway.
Enduring the Nightmare
  • Kill 12 Aberrations of Nightmare
Cleaning Up
  • Cleanse 100 nightmare creep
  • You do this simply by running over the nightmare creep in the Emerald Dreamway
A Dying Dream
  • Kill Witherheart
Teensy Weensies!
  • Use Mylune's Flute to gather 15 Teensy Weensy Fae Dragons.
Communing with Malorne
  • Speak to Remulos at Nordrassil
A New Beginning
  • This unlocks the order hall wrist set piece, 1,000 artifact power item, and 1,500 order hall resources.
Power the Portal
  • Collect 10 Shards of Nightmare from Powering the Portal follower missions.
  • These are the last of the big follower missions. There are 10 missions and each take 4 hours long. You can only do 1 at a time.
The Pendant of Starlight
  • Retrieve the Pendant of Starlight from Abyssal Queen Sha'rathra, who patrols along the coast of Val'sharah.
  • You can reach her by going north, into the water, while in the Dreamgrove.
Focusing the Energies
  • Collect 10 Blood of Sargeras
Defending the Isles
  • Complete 30 world quests
Cleansing the Dreamway
  • Collect 25 Rarefled Water from the Naga in the Eye of Azshara dungeon.
The Cycle Continues
  • Plant 100 Dream Seeds on corpses.
Enter the Nightmare
  • Go through the Nightmare portal in the Emerald Dreamway.
Defenders of the Dream
  • Choose an ally
The War of the Ancients
  • Win the War of the Ancients
Archimonde, the Defiler
  • Kill Archimonde
The Demi-God's Return
  • Return to the Dreamgrove to receive Malorne's Blessing.
  • This completes your campaign to unlock the order hall chest set piece, 1,000 artifact power, 5,000 order resources, a artifact relic, and the Archdruid title.
  • This also will let you unlock your 3rd relic slot.

That's it for the Druid class order hall campaign quests in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

World of Warcraft Legion Guide: Demon Hunter Campaign Thu, 15 Sep 2016 06:00:01 -0400 Synzer

Every Class Order Hall has their own story line in World of Warcraft: Legion. The Demon Hunter campaign involves you leading the Illidari, finding out news about Illidan, and attacking one of the demon home worlds.

I'm going to list the quests you get and what you must do, as well as when you get them. The follower missions will take a big portion of your time, so I'll list each one of those as well and when you get them.

This guide will go over everything about the Demon Hunter Class Order Hall Campaign in Legion including:

  • Class Order Hall - Where it is and how to get there.
  • Demon Hunter Campaign - Each quest and what you must do.
  • Follower Missions - The long missions you must send your champions on and how long each one takes.

Class Order Hall

The Order Hall is located in Mardum, The Shattered Abyss. There is a portal you must take in Dalaran to get there.

  • Go to the flight point area in Krasus Landing.
  • Facing away from Dalaran, jump off the right side and Glide to the floating island. The portal is there.

wow legion demon hunter class order hall

Demon Hunter Campaign

The first quests you get at 101 are similar for every class. They are a tutorial for how order hall missions work, selecting your first champion, and how recruits work.

The first order hall follower mission takes 4 hours, so be sure to start it as soon as you can after reaching level 101.

After all that is done, your first real start is at level 103. I'm going to list all the missions starting from there. I will not go over the details of the follower missions, except for the ones that take a very long time.

Also, there are obvious spoilers ahead since I'm listing the missions and what you must do.

Level 103

Securing Mardum
  • Follower Mission to unlock Ariana Fireheart
Green Adepts
  • Speak with Illidari Recruiter, Ariana Fireheart
  • This unlocks new, more powerful troops
The Blood of Demons
  • Collect 100 Fel Blood from any demon on the Broken Isles.
Immortal Soul
  • Make the Blood Offering to complete the ritual and contact the soul of Illidan Stormrage.
Leader of the Illidari
  • Go upstairs and take your place as the new leader of the Illidari.
The Arcane Way
  • Locate Archmage Lan'dalock at the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.
Move Like No Other
  • Chase Down the sneaky Imp and recover the Grimoire of Arcane Ways.
  • You have to constantly chase the imp and stop his escape before you get it.
Back in Black
  • Follower mission
Confrontation at the Black Temple
  • Use the gateway to the Black Temple and confront Akama.
  • This is where your choice during the Demon Hunter tutorial comes into play.
    • If you chose Kayn Sunfury, you get the Shade of Akama as your champion.
    • If you chose Altruis the Sufferer, you get normal Akama as your champion.
Into Our Ranks
  • Recruit Akama/Shade of Akama and Kor'vas Bloodthorn.
Unexpected Visitors
  • Listen to your unexpected visitors.
Working with the Wardens
  • This is the first big group of follower missions.
  • There are 5 follower missions you must complete and each one takes 8 hours.
  • They all start with Working with the Wardens and you can only do one at a time.

Level 110 

Be sure you finish all of the Working with the Wardens missions by the time you get to 110. If not, prioritize those first.

You Will Be Prepared
  • This unlocks your Class order hall Helm set piece.
One Battle at a Time
  • Complete 30 world quests.
We'll Need some Obliterum
  • Find Camille Kleister in the Magus Commerce Exhange.
  • You will have to do another quick side quest when you find her that involves putting out fires.
Deadly Warglaives
  • Collect 1 Obliterum.
  • You can either get it from someone else, or get it yourself by completing the quest line to unlock the Obliterum forge.
A Very Special Kind of Fuel
  • Collect 15 Sovereign Souls from bosses in Legion dungeons.
  • Collect a Fel Engine Injector, Soul Configuration Matrix, Fel Engine Ignition, and Vile Spirit Converter from Felsoul Hold and Faronaar.
A Final Offer
  • Investigate what is happening outside of the Fel Hammer.
Deal With It Personally
  • Kill the Devouring Darkness in Highmountain, Hertha Grimdottir in Suramar, and Theryssa in Val'Sharah.
Malace in Vrykul Land
  • Grab a flight from Aludana Whitecloud and find Malace Shade in Stormheim.
Rune Ruination
  • Deactivate the 3 runestones to set Malace free.
Strange Bedfellows
  • Meet Malace on the bride to the Gates of Valor and kill Lochaber.
Vault Break-in
  • Retrieve the Sargerite Keystone.
The Crux of the Plan
  • Place the Sargerite Keystone above the scouting map.
Two Worthies
  • Recruit Belath Dawnblade and Matron Mother Malevolence.

wow legion demon hunter followers

Preparations for Invasion
  • This is the last huge set of follower missions.
  • This requires you to complete 5 missions that take 12 hours each.
  • You can only complete 1 at a time and they start with, "Preparations for Invasion".
The Invasion of Niskara
  • Activate the control console and complete "The Invasion of Niskara".
Last, But Not Least
  • Recruit Allari the Souleater and Jace Darkweaver.
I Am the Slayer
  • This unlocks your class set chest piece, your 3rd Relic slot on your artifact weapon, and a relic to put in that slot.

That's it for the Demon Hunter Class Order Hall campaign quests in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

World of Warcraft Legion Profession Guide: Leatherworking Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:40:06 -0400 Synzer

World of Warcraft: Legion decided to mix things up a bit and made quest lines to unlock important crafting and gathering skills. There are also different ranks for each recipe/skill to improve how you gather or craft.

There are many quests, they are available in different areas, and different times along the quest line. I'm going to list all the Leatherworking quests, what you have to do, and more.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about Leatherworking in Legion including:

  • How to start Leatherworking in Legion - Where to go to begin your crafting journey.
  • All Leatherworking Quests - All the Leatherworking quests available in Legion.

How to Start Leatherworking in Legion

You can start the Legion Leatherworking quests in Dalaran.

  • Go to the Legendary Leathers shop in the Magus Commerce Exchange.
  • Namha Moonwater will have the quest and be your main quest giver.
  • It is recommended that you also have skinning, or at least a reliable way to get all the skins you need.

Once you get your first quest, "Skin Deep", you are ready to begin.

All Leatherworking Quests

I'm going to list each quest, where you get them, what you have to do, and the reward.

Some quests will start from the Trainer and lead to other NPCs. Others will start from either the Leather or Mail armor expert in Legendary Leathers in Dalaran.

wow legion leatherworking quests

Skin Deep
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Gather 20 Stormhide Leather and 5 Stormscales.
    • You get the leather from skinning normal beasts and Stormscale from scaled enemies, like dragons.
  • Reward - Unlocks Legion Leatherworking, increasing the max skill level to 800.
Over Your Head
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Craft a Rough Warhide Mask.
    • This is a quest item and requires you to use the quest materials you can get in Legendary Leathers.
    • You must also use Namha's Tanning Rack and Workbench in the shop to craft it.
  • Reward - Unlocks Broken Isles Helms: Warhide Mask and Battlebound Warhelm.
Leather Lady
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Meet with Diane Cannings.
  • Reward - Unlocks the leather armor quests.
Stormheim Savagery
  • Zone - Stormheim
  • What to do - Obtain 7 Vrykul Leather Bindings.
  • Reward - Unlocks Warhide Armor: Warhide Belt and Warhide Pants.
Vestment Opportunity
  • Zone - Stormheim
  • What to do - Obtain a Hideshaper's Vestment.
  • Reward - Unlocks Warhide Jerkin, chest armor.
Mail Men
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Meet with Thanid Glowergold.
  • Reward - Unlocks the mail armor quests.
Black Rook Bandit
  • Zone - Val'sharah
  • What to do - Obtain 5 pieces of Black rook Armor.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Armor: Battlebound Girdle and Battlebound Leggings.
Too Good To Pass Up
  • Zone - Val'sharah
  • What to do - Obtain a Black Rook Hauberk.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Armor: Battlebound Hauberk
Adventuring Anxieties
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Talk to Mei Francis about her barding idea.
  • Reward - Unlocks the quest, Necessary Materials.
Necessary Materials
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Gather 100 Stonehide Leather.
  • Reward - Unlocks the quest, Dazed of the Past.
Dazed of the Past
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Construct a Stonehide Leather Barding.
    • All the materials needed for the quest is in the Legendary Leathers shop.
  • Reward - Unlocks Stonehide Leather Barding. This is a use item that stops players from being dazed while mounted in the Broken Isles.
Battle Bond
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Talk to Lio the Lioness (Alliance) or Serr'ah (Horde) at the Magical Menagerie shop, then return to Namha.
  • Reward - Unlocks the quest, Playthings.
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Craft a prototype for the pet bed.
    • Materials needed are in Legendary Leathers.
  • Reward - Unlocks Pet Bed, a toy that lets you place a bed for most companion pets.
From Head to Toe
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Craft a pair of Sturdy Stonehide Boots.
    • The materials are in Legendary Leathers
  • Reward - Unlocks Broken Isles Boots: Warhide Footpads and Battlebound Treads.
Tauren Tanning
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Report to Hrul Sharphoof.
  • Reward - Highmountain Leatherworking quests.
Drogbar Durability
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Kill 15 Drogbar in whitewater Wash.
  • Reward - Unlocks Highmountain Leatherworking: Warhide Bindings and Warhide Gloves.
Shoulder the Burden
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Obtain Lohrumn's Shoulderguard.
  • Reward - Unlocks Warhide Shoulderguard.
Claw of the Land
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Obtain 100 stalker claws.
  • Reward - Unlocks Advanced Highmountain Leatherworking: Rank 2 in Warhide Bindings, Warhide Belt, and Warhide Gloves.
Stamped Stories
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Learn from the stories from each of the tanning racks.
  • Reward - Unlocks Rank 2 in Warhide Jerkin.
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - go to the Underbelly in Dalaran and recover 3 Highmountain Leatherworking patterns.
  • Reward - Artisan Highmountain Leatherworking: Rank 2 in Warhide Shoulderguard and Warhide Mask.
The Final Lessons
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Report to Hrul Sharphoof in Highmountain.
  • Reward - Unlocks final Highmountain Leatherworking quests.
Respect for the Past
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Go to the 4 tanning racks around Highmountain and hear their stories.
  • Reward - Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Pants.
Strength of the Past
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Return a scale of Deathwing to Hrul.
  • Reward - Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Mask.
Evolution of the Past
  • Zone - Highmountain
  • What to do - Obtain 5 Basilisk Hides.
  • Reward - Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Gloves.
Well Spent Time
  • Zone - Highmountain, then Dalaran
  • What to do - Tell Namha of your time with the tauren in Highmountain.
  • Reward - Unlocks Suramar Leatherworking quests.
Demon Flesh
  • Zone - Suramar
  • What to do - Search for a master leatherworker in Suramar.
  • Reward - Unlocks more Suramar Leatherworking quests.

You can find this npc in a cave up a hill on the western part of Felsoul Hold. You won't be able to get any quests from NPC until you complete Well spent Time and get the Demon Flesh quest. 

The map below shows the location. I circled in in red and wrote the NPC's name.

wow legion leatherworking quests

Hounds Abound
  • Zone - Suramar
  • What to do - Obtain 5 felhound corpses.
  • Reward - Required to unlock the Fel Tanning quest.
Wrong End of the Knife
  • Zone - Suramar
  • What to do - Kill the traitor leatherworkers, Feorias, Tallian, Syana.
  • Reward - Required to unlock the Fel Tanning quest.
Fel Tanning
  • Zone - Suramar
  • What to do - Craft a pair of bracers for Stalriss using the tanning rack. What you need is in the area.
  • Reward - Unlocks Fel Leatherworking: Dreadleather Bindings and Gravenscale Armbands.

At this point you can start making the crafted gear that started at 815 and can be upgraded 6 times with Obliterum.

The 2 recipes you get are for 2 of the required pieces for the quest that unlock the Obliterum forge in Dalran. You can also buy more recipes from Stalriss, but you need things like leather, enchanting, and mining materials.

Before you make any, you can go back to the trainer in Dalran and learn the Rank 2 versions to make it cost less materials.

I will continue with the rest of the quests, which are required to unlock the final one for a mount recipe.

Links in the Chain
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Find a leatherworking amster in Azsuna. The NPC is near the Illidari Stand flight point.
  • Reward - Unlocks Azuna Leatherworking quests.
Naga Know-how
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Obtain 7 Naga Shoulderguards.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Spaulders recipe.
A Daring Rescue
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Find Taldranis in Oceanus Cove and deliver the armor to him.
  • Reward - Unlocks Testing the Metal quest.
Testing the Metal
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Escort Taldranis to safety.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Hauberk Rank 2.
Reclaimed Cargo
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Obtain 5 mail armor shipments.
  • Reward - Unlocks Advanced Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Armbands, Girdle, and Grips.
Best Served Cold
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Kill Ranaris in the El'dranil Shallows.
  • Reward - Unlocks Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Armbands and Grips.
Leather Legwork
  • Zone - Dalaran
  • What to do - Talk to Bragund Brightlink
    • Ask Imindril Spearsong about armor stands
    • Ask Shandy Glossgleam to clean dress. Pay 2 gold to do this.
    • Return dress to Imindril Spearsong
    • Return armor stand to Bragund Brightlink
  • Reward - Unlocks Artisan Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Spaulders and Warhelm.
A Debt Paid
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Go to Celea in Azuna.
  • Reward - Unlocks final Azsuna Leatherworking quests.
Scales of the Earth
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Obtain the Axetail Basilisk Matriarch Scales.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Leggings Rank 2.
Scales of the Arcane
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Speak with the blue Dragonflight and acquire one of their scales.
    • Talk to Cedonu.
    • Talk to Kharmeera.
    • Talk to Agapanthus
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound GripsRank 2.
Scales of the Sea
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Go to eye of Azshara and obtain Warlord Parjesh's Hauberk.
  • Reward - Unlocks Battlebound Warhelm Rank 2.
Time Well Spent
  • Zone - Azsuna
  • What to do - Tell Namha of your time with the Night Elves in Azuna.
  • Reward - Required for final quest.

The last quest gets you the recipe to craft the Leatherworking-only mount, Elderhorn. You must complete all the other quests listed above.

The Leather quests in Highmountain and Mail quests in Azsuna are separate and can be done at any time, but all must be done to unlock the last quest.

Mounting Made Easy
  • Zone - Stormheim, starts and ends in Dalaran
  • What to do - Mount up and capture the Great Northerns Elderhorn.
  • Reward - Unlocks Elderhorn Riding Harness Recipe. It requires Leatherworking of 800 to sue this mount.

That's all for the guide on all the Leatherworking quests in World of Warcraft: Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

World of Warcraft Legion: Best Artifact Relics for Each Artifact Weapon Sat, 10 Sep 2016 12:33:09 -0400 Synzer

The artifact weapons in World of Warcraft: Legion change the game significantly. Not only is there a weapon for each specialization in the game, but they each have their own traits.

These traits work like the older talent system, giving things like increased damage to certain abilities or reduced damage taken. I'm here to list the best relics for each weapon and what they do.

This guide will go over everything about artifact relics in Legion including:

Artifact Relic Info

  • Each weapon can have a total of 3 relic slots.
  • Each slot is a certain type, like fire, life, blood, etc.
  • Relics add ranks to one of your weapon's traits. 
  • You still get the benefit even if you haven't reached that trait yet.

It is important to know that even if you maxed a trait, relics can go beyond that to add even more.

You also still need to put the full amount of points in a trait to move on, even if you have some added from a relic.

For example: If you have 2 points in a trait that has a max of 3, but get a 3rd point from a relic, you must still put another point in before you can move to the next trait.

wow legion vengeance artifact relic

Best Artifact Relics for Each Weapon

I'm going to list each weapon alphabetically by class, then spec. I'll also list what types of relics each weapon can hold. Relics also only add points to the traits that have a max of 3 ranks.

Death Knight

Blood Relics
  • Blood
  • Iron
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Vampiric Fangs - Increases the max HP gained by Vampiric blood by 10% and increases healing received by an additional 10%.
  • Meat Shield - Increases max Stamina by 1%.
  • Veinrender - Increases damage done by Heart Strike by 3%.
Frost Relics
  • Frost
  • Frost
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Nothing but the Boots - Increases critical strike damage of Obliterate and Frostscythe by 6%.
  • Ambidexterity - Increases off-hand weapon damage of Frost Strike and Obliterate by 10%.
  • Cold as Ice - Increases all Frost damage to deal by 1%.
Unholy Relics

wow legion unholy dk artifact

  • Blood
  • Fire
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • The Darkest Crusade - Increases the effect of your Fallen Crusader Runeforge by 10%.
  • Plague Bearer - Increases the damage done by your Virulent Plague by 7%.
  • Rotten Touch - Increases damage done by Festering Strike by 7%.

Demon Hunter

Havoc Relics
  • Fel
  • Fel
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Sharpened Glaives - Increases the damage dealt by Throw Glaive by 5%.
  • Critical Chaos - Increases critical strike damage of Chaos Strike by 6%.
  • Unleashed Demons - Reduces cooldown of Metamorphosis by 20 seconds.
Vengeance Relics

wow legion vengeance demon hunter

  • Iron
  • Arcane
  • Fel

Top Relics

  • Devour Souls - Soul Cleave heals for an additional 3%.
  • Embrace the Pain - Increases max health gained by Metamorphosis by an additional 5%.
  • Aldrachi Design - Increases your chance to parry by 1%.


Balance Relics
  • Arcane
  • Arcane
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Scythe of the Stars - Increases the critical strike chance of Starsurge by 6%.
  • Falling Star - Increases the damage bonus of Stellar Empowerment by 10%.
  • Solar Stabbing - Increases damage done by Solar Wrath by 5%.
Feral Relics

wow legion feral druid artifact weapon

  • Blood
  • Frost
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Razor Fangs - Increases the damage dealt by Rip by 7%.
  • Tear the Flesh - Increases the damage dealt by Rake by 7%.
  • Ashamane's Energy - Tiger's Fury generates an extra 5 energy every 1 second for 3 seconds.
Guardian Relics
  • Blood
  • Fire
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Wildflesh - Increases healing done by Frenzied Regeneration by 5%.
  • Ursoc's Endurance - Increases the duration of Barkskin, Iron Fur, and Mark of Ursol by 0.5 seconds.
  • Reinforced Fur - Ironfur increases armor by an additional 4%.
Restoration Relics
  • Frost
  • Life
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Knowledge of the Ancients - Increases mana regeneration by 2%
  • Infusion of Nature - Reduces mana cost of Wild Growth by 2%.
  • Grovewalker - Increases all healing over time you do by 1%.


Beast Mastery Relics
  • Arcane
  • Iron
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Pack Leader - Increases the damage dealt by Kill Command by 5%.
  • Jaws of Thunder - Kill Command has a 10% chance to deal 50% of its damage as Nature damage.
  • Furious Swipes - Increases damage done by Beast Cleave by 10%.
Markmanship Relics

wow legion marksmanship artifact weapon

  • Blood
  • Life
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Windrunner's Guidance - Increases the damage dealt by Marked Shot by 3%.
  • Precision - Increases the critical strike chance of Marked Shot by 3%.
  • Marked for Death - Marked Shot increases the critical strike chance of Aimed Shot by 2% against the target for 10 seconds.
Survival Relics
  • Blood
  • Iron
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Sharpened Fang - Increases damage dealt by Mongoose Bite by 3%.
  • Explosive Force - Increases Explosive Trap damage by 3%.
  • Lacerating Talons - Increases damage of Lacerate by 3%.


Arcane Relics
  • Arcane
  • Arcane
  • Frost

Top Relics

  • Ethereal Sensitivity - Spells have a 1% increases chance to activate Arcane Missiles.
  • Aegwynn's Wrath - Increases Critical Strike chance by 1%.
  • Blasting Rod - Increases damage done by Arcane Blast by 2%.
Fire Relics
  • Arcane
  • Fire
  • Fire

Top Relics

  • Pyroclasmic Paranoia - Increases the damage dealt by Pyroblast by 2%.
  • Fire at Will - Decreases the cast time of Fireball by 3%.
  • Everburning Consumption - Increases damage dealt by ignite by 4%.
Frost Relics

wow legion frost mage artifact weapon

  • Arcane
  • Frost
  • Frost

Top Relics

  • Let it Go - Increases the critical strike damage of Ice Lance by 4%.
  • Frozen Veins - Frostbolt critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown of Icy Veins by 0.5 seconds.
  • Ice Age - Increases damage of Flurry by 5%.


Brewmaster Relics
  • Iron
  • Life
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Hot Blooded - Increases the damage done by Breath of Fire's Burning effect by 50% and reduces the target's damage done to you by 4%.
  • Overflow - Each time Gift of the Ox generates a Healing Sphere, it has a 5% chance to generate a Greater Healing Sphere that heals for twice as much.
  • Dark Side of the Moon - Blackout Strike also reduces the damage of the target's next auto attack against you by 4%.
Mistweaver Relics
  • Frost
  • Life
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Extended Healing - Increases the duration of Renewing Mist by 1 second.
  • Way of the Mistweaver - Increases healing done by Enveloping Mist by 3%.
  • Infusion of Life - Increases healing done by Vivify by 5%.
Windwalker Relics

wow legion windwalker monk artifact weapon

  • Iron
  • Storm
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Fists of the Winds - Increases the damage dealt by Fists of Fury by 5%.
  • Rising Winds - Increases damage dealt by Rising Sun Kick by 5%.
  • Inner Peace - Increases max Energy by 10.


Holy Relics
  • Holy
  • Holy
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Shock Treatment - Increases the critical strike damage and healing of Holy Shock by 8%.
  • Deliver the Light - Increases the healing done by holy Light and Flash of Light by 3%.
  • Expel the Darkness - Increases the healing done by Light of Dawn by 3%.
Protection Relics
  • Arcane
  • Holy
  • Iron

Top Relics

  • Faith's Armor - Increases Armor by 20% when under 40% health.
  • Scatter the Shadows - Increases healing done by Light of the Protector by 10%.
  • Consecration in Flame - Increases the duration of Consecration by 1 second.
Retribution Relics

wow legion retribution paladin artifact weapon

  • Fire
  • Holy
  • Holy

Top Relics

  • Wrath of the Ashbringer - Increases the duration of Avenging Wrath/Crusade by 2.5 seconds.
  • Highlord's Judgment - Increases damage dealt by Judgment by 8%.
  • Deliver the Justice - Increases damage dealt by Blade of Justice/Divine Hammer/Blade of Wrath by 8%.


Discipline Relics
  • Holy
  • Holy
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Confession - Increases damage dealt by Penance by 4%.
  • The Edge of Dark and Light - Increases damage dealt by Shadow Word: Pain by 5%.
  • Shield of Faith - Increases the damage absorbed by Power Word: Shield by 5%.
Holy Relics

wow legion holy priest artifact weapon

  • Holy
  • Holy
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Serenity Now - Increases the critical strike chance of Holy word: Serenity by 5%.
  • Reverence - Increases healing done by Flash Heal and Heal by 3%.
  • Words of Healing - Increases healing done by Holy Word spells by 3%.
Shadow Relics
  • Blood
  • Shadow
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Unleash the Shadows - Vampiric Touch critical strikes have a 15% chance to generate a Shadowy Apparition.
  • Creeping Shadows - Increases Shadow damage dealt by 1%.
  • To the Pain - Increases damage of Shadow Word: Pain by 6%.


Assassination Relics
  • Blood
  • Iron
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Gushing Wound - Increases damage dealt by Rupture by 3%.
  • Serrated Edge - Increases critical strike chance of Rupture by 3%.
  • Balanced Blades - Increases critical strike chance of Mutilate by 2%.
Outlaw Relics

wow legion outlaw rogue artifact weapon

  • Blood
  • Iron
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Fate's Thirst - Increases damage dealt by Run Through by 8%.
  • Fortune's Strike - Increases damage dealt by Main Gauche by 10%.
  • Fatebringer - Reduces the energy cost of finishing moves by 4.
Subtley Relics
  • Fel
  • Fel
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Demon's Kiss - Increases damage of Nightblade by 5%.
  • Gutripper - Increases critical strike chance of Eviscerate by 5%.
  • Precision Strike - Increases damage of Shadowstrike by 5%.


Elemental Relics
  • Frost
  • Storm
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Lava Imbued - Increases damage dealt by Lava Burst by 3%.
  • Molten Blast - Increases critical strike damage done by Lava Burst by 2%.
  • Call the Thunder - Increases the Nature damage you deal by 1%.
Enhancement Relics

wow legion enhancement artifact weapon

  • Fire
  • Iron
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Wind Strikes- When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown of Stormstrike, you gain 10% attack speed for 3 seconds.
  • Gathering Storms - Each target hit by Crash Lightning increases the damage you deal with your next Stormstrike within 12 seconds by 2%.
  • Weapons of the Elements - Increases damage done by Flametongue, Rockbiter/Boulderfist, and Frostbrand by 3%
Restoration Relics
  • Frost
  • Life
  • Life

Top Relics

  • Queen Ascendant - Your direct heal criticals reduce the cast time of your next heal by 5%.
  • Tidal Chains - Tidal Waves reduces cast time and increases critical effect chance by an additional 10%.
  • Pull of the Sea - Increases healing done by Riptide by 6%.


Affliction Relics
  • Blood
  • Shadow
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Shadowy Incantations - Increases your Shadow damage dealt by 1%.
  • Inimitable Agony- Increases damage dealt by Agony by 4%.
  • Inherently Stable - Increases critical strike chance of Unstable Affliction by 2%.
Demonology Relics

wow legion demonology artifact weapon

  • Fel
  • Fire
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Summoner's Prowess - Increases the health and haste provided by Demonic Empowerment by 2%.
  • Infernal Furnace - Increases the damage dealt by Wild Imp's Firebolt by 10%.
  • The Doom of Azeroth - Increases damage done by Doom by 10%
Destruction Relics
  • Fel
  • Fel
  • Fire

Top Relics

  • Chaotic Instability - Increases critical strike damage of Chaos Bolt by 3%.
  • Burning Hunger - Increases critical strike chance of Immolate by 8%.
  • Residual Flames - Increases damage dealt by Immolate by 6%.


Arms Relics
  • Blood
  • Iron
  • Shadow

Top Relics

  • Exploit the Weakness - Tactician's chance to trigger is increased as if you spent 10% more rage.
  • Precise Strikes - Colossus Smash reduces the rage cost of your next Mortal Strike or Execute by 15%
  • Many Will Fall - Increases damage dealt by Whirlwind by 5%.
Fury Relics

wow legion fury warrior artifact weapon

  • Fire
  • Iron
  • Storm

Top Relics

  • Wrath of Fury - Increases damage dealt by Raging Blow by 5%.
  • Unrivaled Strength - Increases the critical strike damage you deal by 5% during Battle Cry.
  • Raging Berserker - Increases damage you deal while enraged by 1%
Protection Relics
  • Blood
  • Fire
  • Iron

Top Relics

  • Dragon Skin - Increases the total damage ignore by Ignore Pain by 2%.
  • Vrykul Shield Training - Increases armor by 2%.
  • Shatter the Bones - Increases the critical strike chance of Shield Slam by 5% during Shield Block.

That's it for the guide on best artifact relics for each weapon in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

World of Warcraft Legion: Havoc Demon Hunter Guide Wed, 07 Sep 2016 09:53:17 -0400 Synzer

Demon Hunters are the newest class in World of Warcraft. Havoc is the DPS spec and offers high mobility. Demon Hunters are different from other classes and get most of their talents after 100. 

I'll help you master the Havoc Demon Hunter by explaining the talents, as well as their artifact weapon traits and play style.

This guide will go over everything about Havoc Demon Hunters in Legion including:

  • Havoc Playstyle - How Havoc Demon Hunters play, and stats that help them the most.
  • Talent Choices - Which talents are suggested and why.
  • Artifact Weapon Traits and Relics - Beginning path to take for traits and the best relics to use.
  • Havoc Rotation - The suggested rotation of a Havoc Demon Hunter.

Havoc Playstyle

Havoc Demon Hunters use Fury as a resource for their attacks. Some attacks generate Fury, while others spend it. The main idea is to use those abilities that gather Fury until you can use those that spend it.

  • Demon's Bite - Low Physical attack that generates 20-30 Fury.
  • Chaos Strike - High Chaos attack that spends 40 Fury. Critical hits refund 20 Fury.
  • Blade Dance (10 Second Cooldown) - Physical attack that hits all enemies, increases Dodge by 100% for 1 second, and spends 35 Fury.
  • Eye Beam (45 Second Cooldown) - Spends 50 Fury to blast all enemies in front of you for Chaos Damage.
  • Fel Rush (10 Second Recharge) - Charges forward to deal Chaos damage to all targets in your path. It has 2 charges.
  • Vengeful Retreat (25 Second Cooldown) - Attacks enemies with Physical damage and slows their movement by 70%, then vaults back 15 yards.

Havoc has great mobility with attacks such as Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat. If you time it right, you can use Vengeful Retreat to escape danger, then Fel Rush to get back into the fight. You can also use it as pure escape, or for crossing distances quicker.

They also have a big cooldown ability called Metamorphosis. This ability causes the Demon Hunter to leap into the air and land with area damage. After the landing, they transform into a demon for 30 seconds.

This empowers their Chaos Strike and Blade Dance abilities, and grants 25% haste. Chaos Strike becomes Annihilation and deals more damage. Blade Dance becomes Death Sweep and also deals more damage. The idea is to use as many Annihilations as possible during that 30 seconds,  and Death Sweep if there are many enemies.

Stat Priority
  • Agility
  • Critical Strike
  • Versatility
  • Haste
  • Mastery

Talent Choices

 I'll list all the talents in each tier, then tell you which ones are suggested.

wow legion havoc demon hunter talents

Tier 1 - Level 99
  • Fel Mastery - Increases Fel Rush damage by 50% and grants 25 Fury when Fel Rush damages at least 1 target.

  • Chaos Cleave - Causes Chaos Strike to hit an additional target for 50% damage.

  • Blind Fury - Increases the duration of Eye Beam by 50%.

The best choice is Fel Mastery because it is great in all situations. Chaos Cleave is only good if there are 2 targets and no more.

Tier 2 - Level 100
  • Prepared - Reduces the cooldown of Vengeful Retreat by 10 seconds and generates 40 Fury of 5 seconds if Vengeful Retreat hit at least 1 enemy.
  • Demon Blades - Causes your auto attacks to have a 75% chance to generate 10-15 Fury and takes away your Demon Bite ability.
  • Demonic Appetite - Chaos Strike has a chance to spawn Lesser Soul Fragments, which grants 30 Fury when consumed.

Currently, Prepared is the best choice. Demon Blades is good if you want a simpler rotation.

Tier 3 - Level 102
  • Felblade - Active ability that charges target and deals fire damage.
  • First Blood - Reduces cost of Blade Dance and increases damage it deals against the first target it hits.
  • Bloodlet - Throw Glaive causes targets to bleed for 200% of the damage over 12 seconds.

Bloodlet is the best ability in this tier. It gives you extra damage on the good ability, Throw Glaive.

Felblade isn't worth adding to your rotation and does not flow well. First Blood just is not as strong.

Tier 4 - Level 104
  • Netherwalk - Active ability that increases movement speed by 100%, makes you immune to damage, and unable to attack for 5 seconds.
    • It replaces the Blur ability and has a 1.5 minute cooldown.
  • Desperate Instincts - Automatically activates Blur when you fall below 35% health. This cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
    • This replaces the normal Blur
  • Soul Rending - Gain 100% Leech while Metamorphosis is active.

Overall, Soul Rending should be the choice here because it lets you get a bunch of health back while attacking in Metamorphosis.

Netherwalk can be useful in certain situations to save you from death. Desperate Instincts is not great because you lose the ability to use Blur on command and it could be down when you need it most.

Tier 5 - Level 106
  • Momentum - Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat increase your damage done by 20% for 4 seconds.
  • Fel Eruption - Active ability that hits a target with Chaos damage and stuns them for 2 seconds. It deals 100% more damage to targets immune to stun. It has a 35 seconds cooldown.
  • Nemesis - Active ability that increases the damage you do to the target by 20% for 1 minute. It has a 2 minute cooldown.
    • If the target dies before the minute is up, you will deal 20% more damage to enemies of that same type, like humanoid, demon, etc.

Momentum is the best choice for overall damage, but it requires you to be very mobile and a more complicated play style.

Nemesis is the easier and better choice for single target. It also helps in fights with adds of the same type that can die in under a min. Fel Eruption just doesn't compare to the other 2.

Tier 6 - Level 108
  • Master of the Glaive - Gives Throw Glaive 2 charges and reduces enemies movement speed by 50% for seconds.
  • Unleashed Fury - Removes the Fury cost of Chaos nova and reduces its cooldown by 33%.
  • Demon Reborn - Using Metamorphosis also resets the cooldown of Eye Beam, Chaos Nova, and Blur.

Master of the Glaive is vastly superior, especially if you have the Bloodlet talent because it causes a lot of damage when stacked.

Demon Reborn is a decent alternative for burst damage. Unleashed Fury is not worth it compared to the others.

Tier 7 - Level 110
  • Chaos Blades - Active ability that increases all damage done by 20% (based on Mastery) for 12 seconds. 
    • While active, also increases auto-attacks damage by 200% and causes Chaos damage
  • Fel Barrage - Active ability that has a max of 5 charges that deals damage to your target and up to 5 enemies, depending on number of charges.
    • Your attacks have a chance to generate a charge.
  • Demonic - Eye Beam causes you to enter Demon Form for 5 seconds after it finishes doing damage.

Chaos Blades is best for single target and Fel Barrage is best for multiple targets. Demonic is good for questing, but not as good as the other 2 for dungeons and raids.

Artifact Weapon Traits and Relics

I'm going to outline the path you want to take for your first golden trait, which is after 13 points.

First, the trait you get automatically for equipping it is an active ability called Fury of the Illidari. Fury of the Illidari is an active ability with a 1 minute cooldown that deals Chaos damage over 3 seconds to all nearby enemies from the place you activated the skill.

Each trait has a number of ranks. You must must put points in all ranks before moving on to the one that comes after it.

For example, Demon Speed comes after Unleashed Demons or Illidari Knowledge, which each have 3 ranks. You must put points in all 3 ranks of one of those traits before you can get Demon Speed. Points you get from Relics do not count.

wow legion havoc demon hunter artifact weapon traits

  • Warglaives of Chaos (1 Rank) - Increases damage dealt by Chaos Strike by 15%.
  • Sharpened Glaives (3 Ranks) - Increases damage of Throw Glaives by 15% at 3 ranks.
  • Balanced Blades (1 Rank) - Increases Blade Dance damage by 10% for each target within 8 yards.
  • Unleashed Demons (3 Ranks) - Reduces cooldown of Metamorphosis by 60 seconds at 3 ranks.
  • Demon Speed (1 Rank) - Activating Blur generates 2 charges of Fel Rush.
  • Illidari Knowledge (3 Ranks) - Reduces the magic damage you take by 12% at 3 ranks.
  • Rage of the Illidari (Golden) - When Fury of the Illidari ends, 60% of its damage is divided among nearby enemies.

I'm going to list the top 3 traits you want your relics to give. Keep in mind that you get an extra relic slot when you complete the Class Order Hall Campaign.

  • Sharpened Glaives - Increases Throw Glaive damage.
  • Critical Chaos - Increases critical strike damage dealt by Chaos Strike by 6%.
  • Unleashed Demons - Reduces cooldown of Metamorphosis.

Havoc Rotation

Single Target
  • Vengeful Retreat if at 85 Fury or lower and you took the Prepared Talent.
  • Fel Rush if at 70 Fury or lower if you took the Fel Mastery talent, or if you are about to hit 2 charges
  • Fury of the Illidari
  • Throw Glaive
  • Chaos Strike at 70 Fury or above
  • Eye Beam
  • Demon's Bite, or auto attacks if you took the Demon Blades talent, to generate Fury
  • Fel Rush at 2 charges
  • Vengeful Retreat
  • Fury of the Illidari
  • Fell Barrage at 4 stacks or more if you've taken this talent
  • Throw Glaive
  • Fel Rush
  • Eye Beam
  • Chaos Strike if 3 or less targets, Blade Dance at 4 or more
  • Demon's Bite/Demon Blades to generate Fury

That's it for the World of Warcraft: Legion guide to Havoc Demon Hunters. Let me know if you have any questions.

A solo player's guide to World of Warcraft: Legion's end game Wed, 07 Sep 2016 02:51:55 -0400 Joshua Potter

Congratulations! You've conquered the new zones in World of Warcraft: Legion! For now, the Burning Legion has been thwarted and you're regarded as a hero among the populace of the divided regions. Now what? A common problem for new players in any MMORPG is that they often feel directionless upon hitting the max level.

For some, this is where the real game begins. Raiding, harder dungeons, reputation grinds, and PvP are just some of the options available to you now. Here's a guide to help you get situated and figure out where it is you want to adventure next.

PvE Content

PvE content is divided up based on how many people you're willing to associate yourself with. There's plenty of content in game for players looking to play alone, as well as with a small to huge party. Here's just some of the examples.


Currently, there are six factions adventurers can gain reputation with. Five of them have zones associated with them, and questing there will increase your reputation up to honored. The only exception to this, is The Wardens reputation that is only available once you've achieved max level.

At level 110, players are given the quest Uniting the Isles.  This quest is required to begin doing world quests, and gain reputation for the factions beyond what is available simply by leveling in each zone. Some classes and races gain benefits when it comes to gaining reputation, such as Human's Diplomacy. Mages now gain a 5% bonus if they are in possession of the artifact Ebonchill. Hunters also have a follower that records your feats, granting you a 5% bonus as well.

Why would you want to grind reputation? Well, aside from story aspects associated with each faction, they also have vendors that each offer different profession oriented recipes, as well as toys and pets. But perhaps most important is that gaining Revered rank with all factions gains you progress toward the achievement Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. Unlocking this achievement allows faster travel around the Broken Isles, and is presumed to be the first step towards flight in the new zones.

Class Halls:

One of the new additions to World of Warcraft: Legion is the introduction of Class Halls. Each one is unique to the class of your hero, and each has a quest chain that will require quite a lot of time to complete. The classes have various paths to completing their unique stories, but each one has a similar theme. You'll need to scour dungeons for powerful materials, send your champions out to put down threats or retrieve treasures, and collect some yourself from various enemies around the Broken Isles in order to finalize your class' story.

Improving your class hall will also net you some pretty sweet rewards in regards to gold, artifact power, gear, and visual upgrades for your artifact. It's one of the most reliable ways to gain artifact power, but it also requires you to have the resources to pay your champions, which will require you to go out into the field. There's also an app that you can download that GameSkinny has talked about previously.


As you've traveled the Broken Isles, odds are you've seen the enormous Elven city of Suramar. Suramar honestly deserves its own guide, and as such, we will cover all of its intricacies in detail later in the week. For now, lets discuss what you're in for if you decide to head to this zone.

Suramar is exclusive to level 110 players. This zone was intended by the designers to have a heavy focus on story, and is not intended to be a fast way to gear your character. The city is a complicated network of alleys and streets, each of them leading to a variety of enemies and allies that will help you solve the puzzle of this ancient city.

It is difficult to traverse at first, with only three flight paths in the entire area, so you will become reliant on teleporter beacons scattered throughout to quickly get to where you want to go. There are also two dungeons that can only be unlocked from completing the Suramar story line. If you enjoy World of Warcraft's rich lore, this should be your first stop upon achieving max level.


World of Warcraft has been out for over a decade. As such, there are a LOT of things you can collect. For example, there are...

  • Alternative outfits and weapons
  • Toys
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Achievements
  • Titles
  • Profession Recipes

None of these are new to Legion, but the expansion has done its part to add quite a few more of these to the game, as well as adding the transmog system that will allow you to permanently unlock any wearable armor/weapon's appearance across all characters that can use it. And yes, if you hate your Artifact Weapon's look, you can change it.

PvP Content

As of right now, Player vs. Player content in World of Warcraft: Legion is not that different from what it was prior to the expansion going live. Granted, no one is running around the unsuccessful Ashran nowadays, most of the battlegrounds and arena maps you'll visit will be the ones you're already used to, with one major change.

The Prestige System:

Players now gain ranks from PvP that allow them to learn new talents specific to PvP battlegrounds and arenas. After you've hit level 50, you are allowed to Prestige your character, netting you some sweet cosmetic rewards: including mounts, artifact appearances, and portrait badges.

The new talents start with the Gladiator's Medallion, which works very similar to the old Insignia of the Alliance/Horde trinkets, but now acts as a spell instead of taking up a trinket slot. Each talent tree is not only unique to your class, but to your specialization as well, furthering the customization players will have when playing their favorite role.

An example of the cosmetic Portrait Badge upgrades.

While there is currently no new battlegrounds intended for Legion, there is a new arena for players who have grown bored with seeing the same locations time and again. This new addition is called Ashamane's Fall, and is located in the Val'Sharah section of the Broken Isles. It has a rich forest and is sparsely decorated with minor obstacles, although I'm sure Druids will still find something to hide behind.

Later on this week we'll talk about the group content available to players, including the upcoming raids that have been announced and dungeons for players to explore. If you have any favorite ways to spend your time in the new expansion, tell us about it below. 

World of Warcraft Legion: What to Do at Level 110 Tue, 06 Sep 2016 08:10:03 -0400 Synzer

The Legion expansion for World of Warcraft has a lot to do while leveling, and even more at the new max level of 110. There have been changes to how daily quests work, there is a new zone and story line, gearing for harder content, plus there is your artifact weapon and class order hall.

Not everyone knows how important some of the choices are if you are trying to get ready for raiding as soon as possible. I'm going to help by explaining what things you should focus on after getting 110.

This guide will go over what to focus on when you get to max level in Legion including:

  • Artifact Knowledge - What it is and why it is important.
  • Class Order Hall Campaign - Why you should focus on this early.
  • Suramar - The new area that opens when you reach level 110
  • World Quests - How they work and why they are important.
  • Dungeons - The rewards you can get from doing dungeons.
  • Professions - How the new system works.

Artifact Knowledge

Artifact Power is very important because you need it to access Artifact Traits on your Artifact weapon. After a certain point you need thousands to get the next trait and it just goes up from there.

wow legion artifact knowledge

  • Artifact Knowledge increases the amount of artifact power you get when you use items. Each level increases it by 25% and there are 25 total levels.
  • You can start getting Artifact Knowledge at level 110 by doing Artifact Work Orders in your Class Order Hall.

You will get a quest to talk to an NPC that starts the work orders. It takes 5 days for each level. There is a mechanic in place that will shorten the time it takes to do these if you are very behind.

You can keep playing the game like normal, the Artifact Knowledge will just lower the time it takes to fill up your artifacts as the weeks go by.

It is not worth waiting until higher Artifact Knowledge levels before completing things. It is only meant to let people catch up and to make the higher levels of the weapon possible.

Since it takes multiple days to do, you want to start these work orders as soon as you hit 110.

Class Order Hall Campaign

This is another thing that takes days because of artificial limits. Each class campaign involves sending Order Hall champions out on 10 long missions. 5 of these take 8 hours, and 5 of these take 12 hours.

These are missions that you must wait for before progressing, so you can just go back to playing. Other than that, each class has their own objectives. The long missions are just a smaller part in the overall class story.

This is important because you unlock the 3rd artifact slot on your weapon when you complete the campaign. You also get a free relic for that slot, a huge artifact knowledge reward, and a piece of your class order hall armor set.

If you want to get your weapon to the highest it can be, this is the only way.


This is the area that opens at 110 and it is very useful for many reasons.

  • Suramar has many quests and you will get a lot of artifact power for completing them.
  • Rep in Suramar is very important because you need it to unlock 2 dungeons and world quests.
  • There are professions and class quests that often involve Suramar.

Suramar will take you a long time, so need to rush through it. It is important to get to Friendly as quick as you can, because it is a requirement for unlocking world quests.

World Quests

These replaced daily quests in Legion. Every day there are multiple quests called World Quests in each Legion zone.

wow legion world quests

To unlock World Quests, you must be Friendly with the main faction in each zone, including Suramar. Below is a list of those Factions.

  • Azuna - Court of Farondis
  • Val'sharah - Dreamweavers
  • Highmountain - Highmountain Tribe
  • Stormheim - Valarjar
  • Suramar - The Nightfallen

The world quests are indicated by the exclamation points on the map. When you hover over 1, you'll see which faction it is for, the time left, objectives, and reward.

  • The bottom left of the above picture shows the emissary quests.
  • Every day you get a new Faction listed on the bottom left.
  • If you complete 4 world quests for that faction, you will get a quest to turn in.
  • The rewards are 1,500 rep with that faction, and a chest that can contain multiple things such as artifact power or even legendary items.

Each new emissary last for 3 days, and you can have up to 3 active at a time. The one on the far left will expire first, so do those before the others.


When you reach an overall item level of 810, you can start queuing for heroic dungeons. Each day, your first one grants a lot of artifact power and gold, but you can continue to get smaller amounts after that.

You also get a chance of getting a legendary item every time you do a heroic or higher dungeon. Plus it will get you geared for when raids are available.


In Legion, professions have their own quest lines. If you want to be able to craft or make the highest items, you need to do these quests.

You also need high level crafted wrists to complete a quest to unlock the Obliterum Forge in Dalaran. This allows you to break down crafted gear for Obliterum, which is used to upgrade your other crafted gear.

That's all for my guide on what to do at 110 in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions, or anything to add!

World of Warcraft Legion: Preparation Guide Thu, 25 Aug 2016 07:03:55 -0400 Synzer

World of Warcraft: Legion is mere days from launch. There are a lot of changes and many things to do in this expansion. Some people could be overwhelmed, and others will want to know how to prepare. Don't worry, I got you covered on all of that.

I'm going to give some tips on what to do do to get ready for Legion, as well as things to keep in mind when starting.

This guide will go over preparing for and starting Legion including:

  • Getting Ready for Legion - What to do in the last days before Legion launches.
  • Starting in Legion - What to do when you first start Legion, as well as while leveling.
  • Max Level in Legion - What you should focus on when you get to max level Legion.

Getting Ready for Legion

Many people are waiting for Legion with nothing to do, but there are some things you can get done while you wait.

Make sure at least your primary professions are maxed

This is particularly important for gathering professions. Even though you can still level them in Legion, you will get a lot less materials if you have low level in them. 

Use this time to max them out so you can get the full amount of materials, and cut down on grinding them out later.

Complete Mythic Dungeons to Unlock Heirloom Trinkets

wow legion mythic dungeon heirloom trinket

If you have not done this already, get on it ASAP. Every boss in a Mythic level dungeon has a chance to drop an heirloom trinket that you can use on any character on your account.

These trinkets start at level 100 and scale to level 110, so they will be useful in Legion. They are also very good and give extra effects when fighting demons, which will happen a lot in Legion.

The most important thing to know is that when Legion launches, you will no longer be able to get these trinkets. You can only do each dungeon on Mythic once a week, so hope you can get at least 1 or 2 if you have never gotten any.

Do things you never had time for before

Complete old raids and dungeons, do some achievements, enjoy some pet battling, level fishing (ugh), or just explore the world.

Many people get caught up in progression or daily activities and never get around to doing some of the other things the game has to offer. Now is the perfect time to experience that while you wait.

The Day Before
  • Clear out old quests and junk from your bags
    • No need to save up quests, you will get more than enough exp just playing normally through each zone.

Starting in Legion

If you are playing alts, be sure to log on to all of them after launch so they can start their rested experience.

The first thing you do in Legion is get a quest to go to Dalaran.

  • After that you will choose which spec you want to get your 1st artifact weapon.
  • After choosing the spec, you will do a quest to obtain your artifact weapon and unlock your class order hall.
    • I suggest if you are playing solo, to choose a DPS weapon and level with that. You will unlock your other weapons at level 102.

wow legion balance druid artifact weapon

Now that you have all that out the way, you will be able to choose where you want to start questing in Legion.

Questing and Zones
  • If you plan on doing professions, which you really should, get the professions quests from Dalaran before everything else.
  • They require you to go to a specific zone, so that's where you should start your journey.

This not only lets you unlock recipes and levels your professions, but you get a lot of exp for completing them.

You will also want to complete each zone because you will get a lot of exp and artifact power for the last quests, which involves completing a dungeon.

If you want to make doing world quests easier at max level, but level slower, get your rep for each zone to Friendly, then go to a new one.

Artifact Power

Artifact Power is very important. This is how you unlock the traits in your artifact weapon. You earn artifact power by using items you get from completing quests, dungeons, and more.

Every time you unlock a new trait, the cost for the next one increases. There is a catch-up mechanic for those that complete the content at a slower pace, or people that come in the expansion later.


Dungeons do not give much exp on their own in Legion. You will want to wait until you reach the end of a zone and get a quest to complete a certain dungeon. Those give a lot of experience.

Order Hall

wow legion class order halls

Do Order Hall campaign quests immediately. Drop everything you are doing and complete these as soon as possible.

They give exp, they take a while to complete, and they unlock several things.

Your order hall is also where you customize your artifact and artifact traits. You can respec your traits, but that costs the same amount as what your next artifact trait would cost. It is not recommended you do this, so choose your traits carefully.

You will eventually unlock all traits over the course of the expansion, so don't fret too hard if you are level 13 or higher in your weapon and you want different traits. Just keep playing and you will get them eventually.

Upgrading your Order Hall and Order Hall Resources

It takes Order Hall Resources to upgrade and complete Order Hall missions. Unlike Garrisons, you don't get a lot of resources, so don't spend them freely.

I suggest saving up and upgrading to tier 2 as soon as you get to level 105. This lets you choose an upgrade, and multiple hidden artifact weapon appearances are tied to which tier 2 upgrade you choose.

Max Level in Legion

Artifact Knowledge 

The first thing to do is start Artifact Knowledge. This is available at 110 and increases how much Artifact Power you can get.

  • At the beginning it takes 5 days per research to level up your Artifact Knowledge.
  • Each level increases how much Artifact Power you get from items by 25%.

Over the course of the expansion, as long as you keep up with Artifact Knowledge, you will gain a ton of Artifact Power from each item.

If you are leveling alts, this is the best thing you can do. Get them to max level so you can start Artifact Knowledge.

World Bosses

Each week 3 world bosses will be available. Make sure you defeat all 3 every week because they give loot, Artifact Power, and some are needed for certain hidden artifact weapon appearances.


Suramar is what you should be spending most of your time on. The artifact Power you get from this zone is incredible and there is a story line to complete. 

You will be stopped by the amount of rep you need, so complete everything you can.

This is also require to unlock 2 dungeons, and you will need to raise your rep to unlock more essentials.

Dailies and World Quests

You can unlock dailies for a zone after reach Friendly rank with that zone's faction.

World Quests appear periodically during the day, which you can see from your Order Hall. These are also very important, so complete them every chance you get. They are only available after you reach Friendly rep with all 5 factions.

However, I would try and get your gear up a bit before unlocking them. Complete Suramar quests, dungeons, and other quest lines before doing this. The world quests only come periodically, and they scale to your ilvl. 

Max Level Dungeons

You can do Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons at level 110. All of these have a chance to drop legendary items.

Mythic+ dungeons require you use a keystone to raise the difficulty and loot you get. You have a chance at getting these from completing Mythic dungeons, depending on how fast you complete them.

The + is for the type of keystone you get. For example, if you get a +5 keystone from completing a Mythic dungeon, you can attempt a Mythic+5 dungeon.

These have time limits and you will get loot only at the end of the dungeon. How fast you complete it will determine how much loot you get at the end. You will still get 1 if you complete the dungeon after the time limit is up.

That's all I have for Preparing for Legion. Let me know if you have any questions, or tips of your own!

World of Warcraft Legion: Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearance Guide Wed, 24 Aug 2016 17:15:06 -0400 Synzer

There are more than just the standard Artifact Appearances in World of Warcraft: Legion, there are hidden ones. All 36 artifact weapons have a hidden appearance, and 4 total colors for that appearance. You can unlock these in many different ways, from just buying an item, to getting one from a random drop.

I'm going to go over all of the known ways to get hidden appearances so far. It is not known how to get some of the appearances, so I'll update when I find out.

You can see what each color looks like by visiting wowhead.

This guide will go over how to unlock all the hidden artifact weapon appearances in Legion including:

Unlocking Alternate Hidden Artifact Weapon Colors

Unlocking the first hidden appearance is different for each weapon, but getting the other 3 colors for it is the same for every weapon.

2nd Color
  • Complete 100 dungeons using a hidden appearance
3rd Color
  • Complete 200 World Quests using a hidden appearance
4th Color
  • Kill 1,000 enemy players using a hidden appearance

Death Knight 


Wow Legion Blood Death Knight hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get this by looting the large chest at the end of "The Collapse" Scenario in Suramar, which requires 10 Withered.
    • This is also known as the Withered Training scenario.
    • The chest is down the stairs 1 level, and on the other end of where enter.
    • It is called Glimmering Treasure chest and you'll need 10 Withered to send it back to the entrance for you to open after the scenario is over.

You can get this by killing the Soultakers world boss when it shows up and you have at least Artifact Knowledge level 4.


At artifact knowledge level 6 you have a small chance to spawn a special Army of the Dead when you use Army of the Dead. This will drop Professor Putricide's Lost Journal.

This leads to a special trapdoor in Icecrown Citadel to fight Stitchwork, who drops the hidden appearance.

>Demon Hunter


wow legion Havoc Demon hunter hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • First, you need to get Candrael's Charm. This is a random drop from enemies in Suramar.
  • Once you get it, go west of the Felsoul Crater area in Suramar and up a cliff until you reach Candrael Twinshadow.
  • After talking to her with the charm, she kicks you to a felbat boss, Downfall.
  • Defeat Downfall to get the hidden appearance.

wow legion Vengeance demon hunter hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You need to upgrade your order hall to tier 2, available at level 105, and select the Twisting Nether upgrade.
  • The bosses in the Twisting Nether portal have a chance to drop Bulwark of the Iron Warden, the item that unlocks the hidden appearance.



wow legion balance druid hidden artifact weapon appearance

There are 2 parts you need, the first is the Seed of Solar Fire -- which you can get from the Dreamweaver Quartermaster when you reach Exalted with that faction. 

The second requires Dreamweaver to be Exalted and Artifact Knowledge level 5. After that, it can drop from the first boss, Archdruid Glaidalis, in Darkheart Thicket.


Everyday you have a chance to hear screeches in the Dreamway of the Druid class hall if you have at least Artifact Knowledge level 4.

Go to where the screeches are heard, then find the Owlcat stone to click.

Once you have done this 3 different times, Ela'Lothen will spawn in the Dreamway. Type /sit while in front of him to get the appearance.


wow legion guardian druid hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get the item that grants the appearance from a drop from Ursoc in the Emerald Nightmare raid. You can even get it in LFR mode.

wow legion restoration druid hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You need to get your Order Hall to tier 2 and pick the Evergreen upgrade, which requires level 105.
  • This allows you to plant seeds in 2 plots of rich soil, which you can harvest every 3 days for helpful items.
  • You have a chance to get Acorn of the Endless whenever you harvest, which is the item that grants the hidden appearance.


Beast Mastery

wow legion beast mastery hunter hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can buy the item, Designs of the Grand Architect, from Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran for 8,000 gold.
  • He is in the Kirin Tor faction, so you can lower the price to 6,400 if you get Exalted with them.

wow legion marksmanship hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can buy the item, Syriel Crescentfall's Notes: Ravenguard from Veridis Fallon, the Court of Farondis quartermaster.
  • You must reach Revered rep rank with the Court of Farondis faction before you can buy it.

wow legion survival hunter hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get the item that grants the appearance from a drop from Ursoc in the Emerald Nightmare raid. You can even get it in LFR mode.


  • Polymorph specific enemies in 5 different Broken Isles Zones.
    • Azsuna - Cliffwing Hippogryph
    • Highmountain - Highspeak Goat
    • Stormheim - Plains Runehorn Calf
    • Suramar - Heartwood Doe
    • Val'sharah - Wild Dreamrunner
  • Reach Artifact Knowledge Level 6
  • Each day there is a chance to spawn a Volatile Sheep in your Class Order Hall. Right click it until it explodes.
  • Find an Extremely Volatile Stormheim Sheep in Runewood, Stormheim. Right click until ti explodes.
  • Head to the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest for a short event and to get the appearance.

wow legion fire mage hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get the item, The Star's Design, from a random drop off Nightborne enemies in Suramar.
  • Rare spawns have a higher chance of dropping it.

wow legion frost mage hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • Upgrade your Order Hall to tier 2 and select the Teleportation Nexus upgrade, which requires level 105.
  • Whenever you teleport back to the Order Hall, you have a chance to trigger a message that tells you about a sound at the portals downstairs.
  • Take any of those portals and you will be teleported to a special version of Frostfire Ridge in Draenor.
  • There will be a crystal on the ground that you can loot to give you the Everburning Crystal. Use this to unlock the hidden appearance.



wow legion brewmaster monk hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • Upgrade your Order Hall to Tier 2 and select the Brewhouse upgrade.
  • This lets you loot a Bubbling Keg once a day for an item that provides an ability bonus.
  • Whenever you loot the Bubbling Keg, you have a chance to get the item, Legend of the Monkey King. This grants the hidden appearance.

wow legion mistweaver monk hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get the item, Breath of the Undying Serpent, as a drop from the Dragons of Nightmare fight in the Emerald Nightmare raid.

wow legion windwalker monk hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can loot The Stormfist, which gives the hidden appearance, from the chest at the end of The Collapse scenario in Suramar.



wow legion holy paladin hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion holy paladin hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get this from the item, Lost Edicts of the Watcher.
  • This is a random drop from demons in Faronaar, the island to the east of Azsuna

wow legion protection paladin hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion protection paladin hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get Spark of the Fallen Exarch from the large chest at the end of The Collapse scenario in Suramar.

This is a very long and complicated questline that involves fishing, Nat Pagle Books, killing Nefarian in Blackwing Lair and more. Full details can be seen here. You need at elast artifact knowledge level 6.



wow legion discipline priest hidden artifact weapon appearance

This requires you to collect 12 items from different locations.

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Scholomance - Bookshelf in Instructor Chillheart's room
  • Scarlet Halls - Bench in Flameweaver Koegler's room
  • Karazhan - Guardian's Library after the Curator boss


  • New Hearthglen Church in Dragonblight - On top of a bookshelf in the library.


  • Violet Citadel - On a bookshelf near Archivist Elysiana

Order Hall

  • On a table behind Juvess the Duskwhisper
  • On the bottom of a bookshelf behind Meridelle Lightspark
  • From a conversation with Archivist Inkforge

Broken Isles

  • Stormheim - Inquisitor Ernstenbok, who is in a cave southwest of Halls of Valor.
  • Val'sharah, in the Black Rook Hold Dungeon - On a table in the Map room after defeating the Amalgam of Souls boss.
  • Azsuna - Chief Brittlebine, who is below decks of the ship, "Queen's Reprisal".
  • Suramar - Artificier Lothaire, who is in Moon Guard Stronghold.

wow legion holy priest hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You need to combine 2 items to make the Staff of the Lightborn
  • Crest of the Lightborn is dropped by Hyrja in the Halls of Valor dungeon.
  • You can buy the Rod of the Ascended from Valdemar Stormseeker when you reach Exalted rank with Valarjar. He is located in Valdisdall, Stormheim.

wow legion shadow priest hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion shadow priest hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You can get the item for the hidden appearance as a potential drop from Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption in the Emerald Nightmare raid on any difficulty.



wow legion assassination rogue hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • The Cypher of the Broken Bone can drop from rare enemy spawns in the Underbelly of Dalaran.

This requires artifact knowledge level 5 and two bindings drops. You can get them from Neltharion's Lair, and Vault of the Wardens.


wow legion subtlety rogue hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • Get your Order Hall to tier 2 and pick The Vault upgrade.
    • This allows you to sometimes get a Vault ticket when completing Order Hall missions.
  • You can turn in the Vault ticket once a week to Marin Noggenfogger for access to the Uncrowned Vault.
    • You can also get Marin Noggenfogger's Lucky Coin sometimes by pickpocketing enemies in the Broken Isles.
  • There is a satchel of keys you want to pick up in the Uncrowned Vault. This gives you Key to the Palace of Lei Shen.
  • Speak to Taoshi in your order hall to start the scenario. You need 1 key each time.
  • While in the scenario, you want to get as many Trove Burial Keys as you can
    • You can get these from chests, Skumblade Pillager, God-hulk Gulkan, and speaking to Tenwu of the Red Smoke if you reach him before time runs out.
  • You have a chance of getting the item for the hidden appearance every time you open a Lei Shen Burial Trove in the rest area after completing the scenario.



wow legion elemental shaman hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion elemental shaman hidden artifact weapon apperance

  • The Lost Codex of the Amani can drop from rare enemy spawns in the Underbelly of Dalaran.

wow legion enhancement shaman hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion enhancement shaman hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • The Warmace of Shirvallah drops  from aquatic world bosses in the Broken Isles.

wow legion restoration shaman hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion restoration shaman hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • Coil of the Drowned Queen can drop from bosses in the Eye of Azshara dungeon in Legion.



wow legion affliction warlock hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • First, get the Grimoire of the First Necrolyte, which can drop from Eredar Supplicants in Faronaar, Azsuna.
    • This lets you start the quest, The Grimoire of the First Necrolyte, where you must collect 13 Skulls of the Executed.
  • You can get the skulls from Rare Elite enemies in world quests, which usually take multiple people to defeat.
  • Once you have 13, go to the Executioner's Altar in Deadwind Pass.
  • Summon Sataiel and defeat her to get the item that unlocks the hidden appearance.

Reach artifact knowledge level 5, then kill eredar in Azsuna. You must loot 5 junk item heads before you can finally loot the appearance item.

These are called: Damaged Eredar Head, Deformed Eredar Head, Malformed Eredar Head, Deficient Eredar Head, and Nearly Satisfactory Eredar head.


wow legion destruction warlock hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • Get your Order Hall to tier 2, then select the Demonic Offering upgrade.
    • This allows you to summon demons for you to fight.
  • You can get the item needed, The Burning Jewel of Sargeras, randomly from killing the demons you summon.



wow legion arms warrior hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You get this by completing the quest, Secrets of the Axes.
  • There is a daily chance this will spawn in your class order hall.

wow legion fury warrior hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • You need 3 items to create the Dragonslayers.
  • Haft of the God-King is dropped from God-king Skovold in the Halls of Valor dungeon.
  • Skull of Shar'thos is dropped from the Legion world boss, Shar'thos.
  • Skull of Nithogg is dropped from the Legion world boss, Nithogg.

wow legion protection warrior hidden artifact weapon appearance

wow legion protection warrior hidden artifact weapon appearance

  • The Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker is found in a cave called Neltharion's Vault, in Highmountain.
  • It can spawn in the treasure found in the cave.

That's all of the hidden artifact weapon appearances in Legion so far. Let me know if you find any others or have any questions!

World of Warcraft: Legion Artifact guides for Paladin And Priest Tue, 23 Aug 2016 08:48:48 -0400 QuintLyn

Blizzard is preparing for the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion -- and players are too. With a large variety of changes, including the introduction of Artifact Weapons due to hit servers in about a week, players have quite a bit to learn if they want to stay ahead of the curve. With a total of 36 artifact weapons -- based on class specialization -- there's a lot in the way of new stats and traits to learn. So, we've been compiling that data for you in one easily consumable package. 

Below you will find everything you need to know about the artifact weapons for the Paladin and Priest classes in WoW: Legion. There is information on the quest required to get your hands on the weapon as well as the all important stats and traits.  Guides for the other classes will follow shortly and include:


The Silver Hand and Tome of the Silver Hand - Holy Spec -  Two-Handed Mace and Off-Hand Shield 

Acquisition quest: The Silver Hand

Equip effect: Grants the Tyr's Deliverance ability, which unleashes a torrent of healing on nearby allies.


The Silver Hand

  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • 2642 - 3963 Damage (917.37 DPS)
  • 3.60 Speed
  • +766 Stamina
  • +511 Intellect
  • +346 Critical Strike
  • +2786 Mastery
  • +2925 Spell Power

Relic slots:

  • Holy Artifact  x2
  • Life Artifact

Tome of the Silver Hand

  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • +328 Stamina
  • +219 Intellect
  • +148 Critical Strike
  • +142 Mastery

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
Blessings of the Silver Hand 3 Reduces the cooldown of Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection, and Blessing of Sacrifice by 5% to 15%.
Deliver the Light 3 Increases the healing done by Holy Light and Flash of Light by 3% to 10%.
Expel the Darkness 3  Increases the healing done by Light of Dawn by 3% to 10%.
Focused Healing 3 Lay on Hands cools down 10% to 30% faster.
Justice through Sacrifice 3 Increases healing done by Light of the Martyr by 5% to 15%.
Knight of the Silver Hand 3 After Judgment strikes an enemy, all damage you take for the next 4 seconds is reduced by 3% to 10%.
Power of the Silver Hand 1 Holy Light and Flash of Light have a chance to unlock the power of The Silver Hand, increasing the healing of your next Holy Shock by  10% of all damage and effective healing you do within the next 10 seconds.
Protection of the Light 1 Increases the duration of Divine Protection by 4 seconds.
Protection of Tyr 1 Aura Mastery also increases all healing recieved by party or raid members within 40 yards by 15%.
Second Sunrise 3 LIght of Dawn has a 5% to 15% chance to cast a second time for no addtional mana cost.
Share the Burden 3 Reduces the damage you take from Blessing of Sacrifice by 10% to 30%.
Shock Treatment 3 Increases critical strike damage and critical healing of Holy Shock by 8% to 24%.
Silver Touch 20 Just cause and actions bond you with the hammer of Tyr, making your spells more powerful and increasing healing done by 5% to 15%.
Templar of the Light 1 Increases the duration of Aura Mastery by 2 seconds.
The Light Saves 1 Light target falls below 50%, your next Holy Light or Flash of Light on our Beacon of Light target will heal for an additonal 100%. Can occur once every 30 seconds.
Tyr's Deliverance 1 Releases the Light within The Silver Hand for 10 seconds, healing an injured ally within 15 yards for an amount equal to 150% of Spell power every second.
Vindicator 1 Activating Avenging Wrath increases critical healing by 25% for 10 seconds.
Virtues of the Light 1 Critical strike chance increased by 3%.
Oathseeker and Truthguard - Protection Spec - Main Hand Sword and Off Hand Shield


Acquisition quest: To Northrend

Equip effect: Grants the Eye of Tyr ability, which unleashes a burst of light from your shield, weakening nearby enemies.



  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup 
  • Off Hand
  • 831 Armor
  • +287 Strength
  • +431 Stamina
  • +194 Critical Strike
  • +187 Mastery

Relic slots:

  • Holy Artifact
  • Iron Artifact
  • Arcane Artifact


  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • Main Hand
  • 1297 - 2409 Damage (712.75 DPS)
  • 2.60 Speed
  • +219 Strength
  • +328 Stamina
  • +148 Critical Strike
  • +142 Mastery

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
Bastion Truth 3 Increases Block chance by 2% to 6%.
Bulwark of Order 1 Avenger's Shield also shileds you for 8 seconds, absorbing 20% as much damage as it dealt.
Consecration in Flame 3 Increases the duration of Consecration by 1 to 3 seconds.
Eye of Tyr 1 Releases a blinding flash from Truthguard, causing Holy damage equal to 300% of Attack power to all nearby enemies and reducing the damage they deal by 25% for 9 seconds.
Faith's Armor 3 Increases your armor by 10% to 30% when under 40% health.
Forbearant Faithful 1 Each active Forbearance you cause increases the cooldown recovery rate of al your Forbearance causing abilities by 50%.
Hammer Time 3 Increases damage done by Hammer of the Righteous and Blessed Hammer by 5% to 15%.
Light of the Titans 1 Light of the Protector will also heal for an amount equal to 500% Attack power over a period of 15 seconds.
Painful Truths 1 While Ardent Defender is active, all melee attacks that strike you deal Holy damage equal to 80% of Spell power back to the attacker.
Resolve of Truth 3 Increases maximum health by 1% to 3%.
Righteous Crusader 3 Increases damage deal by Shield of the Righteous by 3% to 9%, and Shield of the Righteous reduces damage you take by an additional 3% to 9%.
Sacrifice of the Just 1 Reduces the cooldown of Blessing of Sacrifice by 60 seconds.
Scatter the Shadows 3 Increases healing done by Light of the Protector by 10% to 30%.
Stern Judgment 3 Increases the critical strike chance of Judgement by 3% to 9%.
Truthguard's Light 1 Increases Holy damage dealt by 5%.
Tyr's Enforcer 1 The knowledge of the Watchers cases Truthguard to deal damage of an amount equal to 37.5% of Attack power to all enemies within 5 yards of each target hit by Avenger's Shield.
Unflinching Defense 3 Reduces the cooldown of Ardent Defender by 10 to 30 seconds.
Unrelenting Light 20 As its its power increases, Truthguard shrugs off blows with increasing ease. Increases armor by 10% to 29%.
Ashbringer- Retribution Spec - Two Handed Sword


Acquisition quest: Claim the Ashbringer

Equip effect: Grants the Wake of Ashes ability, which deals massive damage to enemies in an area.


  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup 
  • 2642 - 3963 Damage (917.37 DPS)
  • 3.60 Speed
  • +766 Stamina
  • +511 Strength
  • +346 Critical Strike
  • +322 Mastery

Relic slots:

  • Holy Artifact x 2
  • Fire Artifact 

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
 Ashbringer's Light 20 Increases all damage by 5% to 20%.
Ashes to Ashes 1 Wake of Ashes also generates 5 Holy Power and causes all enemies hit to burn for Radiant damage equal to 660% of Attack power for over 6 seconds.
Blade of Light 1 Increases damage dealt by Crusader Strike by 15%.
Deflection 3 Reduces the cooldown of Shield of Vengeance by 10 to 30 seconds.
Deliver the Justice 3 Increases the damage dealt by Blade of Justice by 8% to 24%.
Divine Tempest 1 Ashbringer projects Divine Storm forward 20 yards, damaging all enemies in its path. Also increases damage dealt by Divine Storm by 20%.
Echo of the Highlord 1 Ashbringer mimics Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm, dealing 10% of normal damage.
Embrace the Light 3 Increases healing done by Flash of Light by 15% to 45%.
Endless Resolve 1 Reduces the duration of Forbearance by 10 seconds.
Healing Storm 1 Divine Storm also heals up to 6 nearby allies for an amount equal to 150% of Attack power.
Highlord's Judgment 3 Increases the damage dealt by Judgment by 8% to 24%.
Might of the Templar 3 Increases the damage dealt by Templar's Verdict by 2% to 6%.
Protector of the Ashen Blade 3 Reduces the cooldown of Blessing of Protection by 10% to 30%.
Righteous Blade 3 Increases the damage dealt by Divine Storm by 5% to 15%.
Sharpened Edge 3 Increases the critical strike chance of Crusader strike by 6% to 18%.
Unbreakable Will 1 When unable to act in combat for more than 2 seconds, Ashbringer will break you free. Only works once every 2 minutes.
Wake of Ashes 1 Lash out with Ashbringer dealing Radiant damage equal to 650% of Attack power to all enemies within 12 yards in front of you, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Demon and Undead enemies struck by Wake of Ashes are stunned for 6 seconds.
 Wrath of the Ashbringer 3 Increases the duration of Avenging Wrath by 2.5 to 7.5 seconds.


Light's Wrath - Discipline Spec - Two-Handed Staff


Acquisition quest: The Light's Wrath

Equip effect: Grants the Light's Wrath ability, which unleashes a torrent of Holy fire upon an enemy.


  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • 1321 - 1982 Damage (458.76 DPS)
  • 3.60 Speed
  • +511 Intellect
  • +766 Stamina
  • +340 Haste
  • +2786 Mastery

Relic slots:

  • Holy Artifact x 2
  • Shadow Artifact

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
Barrier for the Devoted 1 Increases healing done by atonement by 100% on targets inside your Power Word: Barrier.
Borrowed Time 3 Applying Atonement to a target reduces the cast time of your next Smite or Light's Wrath by 5% to 15%, or causes your Penance to channel 5% to 15% faster.
Burst of Light 3 Increases healing done by Power Word: Radiance by 5% to 15%.
Confession 3 Increases damage deal by Penance by 5% to 15%.
Darkest Shadows 3 Increases healing done by Shadow Mend by 3% to 10%.
Doomsayer 3 Increases the duration of Rapture by 1 to 3 seconds.
Forbidden Flame 20 Increases all damage by 5% to 15%.
Invoke the Light 1 Increases damage dealt by Smite by 15%.
Light's Wrath 1 Draws upon the power of Light's Wrath, dealing Radiant damage equal to 700% of Spell power, increase by 10% per ally affected by your Atonement to the target.
Pain is in Your Mind 3 Reduces the cooldown of Pain Suppression by 10 to 30 seconds.
Power of the Dark Side 1 Shadow Word: Pain has a chance to increase damage dealt by your next Penance by 50%.
Share in the Light 1 Casting Power Word: Shield on a target other than yourself also shields you for 15% as much.
Shield of Faith 3 Increases damage absorbed by Power Word: Shield by 5% to 15%.
Sins of the Many 1 Increases all damage you deal by 1% per ally affected by your Atonement.
Speed of the Pious 1 Move 30% faster while casting Penance.
Taming the Shadows 1 Shadow Mend has a 15% chance to deal no damage.
The Edge of Dark and Light 3 Increases damage dealt by Shadow Word: Pain by 5% to 15%.
Vestments of Discipline 3 Activating Fade reduces all damage you take by 3% to 10% for 6 seconds.
T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru - Holy Spec - Two-Handed Staff

Acquisition quest: Light's Charge

Equip effect: Holy Word spells have a chance to summon an image of T'uure at  your side to aid you in combat.


  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • 1321 - 1928 Damage (458.76 DPS)
  • 3.60 Speed
  • +766 Stamina
  • +511 Intellect
  • +346 Critical Strike
  • +2786 Mastery

Relic slots:

  • Holy Artifact x 2
  • Life Artifact

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
Beacon of Light 20 Increases healing done by 5% to 15%.
Blessing of T'uure 1 Critical heals with Heal or Flash heal have a chance to increase all healing you do by 20% for 12 seconds.
Focus in the Light 1 While Focused Will is active, Holy Fire and Holy World: Chastise reduce the target's movement speed by 30% and increase your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Follower of the Light 1 Increases all healing done by 5%.
Guardians of the Light 1 Guardian Spirit summons an additional spirit to watch over you.
Hallowed Ground 3 Reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: Sanctify by 3 to 10 seconds.
Holy Guidance 3 Increases healing done by Prayer of Healing by 4% to 12%.
Holy Hands 3 Increases healing done by Renew by 5% to 15%.
Holy Mending 1 When Prayer of Mending jumps to a target affected by your Renew, that target is instantly healed for an amount equal to 150% of Spell power.
Invoke the Naaru 1 When you use a Holy Word spell, you hae a chance to summon an image of T'uure at your side. For 15 seconds, whenever you cast a spell, T'uure will cast a similar spell.
Light of T'uure 1 Applies Light of the Naaru to the target, healing for an amount equal to 400% of Spell power and increasing all healing you do to that target by 25% for 10 seconds. Has a maximum of 2 charges.
Power of the Naaru 3 Casting Holy Word: Sanctify increases healing done by Prayer of Healing by by 6% to 18% for 15 seconds.
Renew the Faith 1 While Divine Hymn is active, Prayer of Mending jumps to a new target every second without consuming any charges.
Reverence 3 Increases healing done by Flash Heal and Heal by 5% to 15%.
Say Your Prayers 3 Prayer of Mending has a has a 7% to 20% chance to not consume a charge when it jumps to a new target.
Serenity Now 3 Increases the critical strike chance of Holy Word: Serenity by 15%.
Trust in the Light 3 Leap of Faith heals the target for 5% to 15% of maximum health over 6 seconds.
Words of Healing 3 Increases healing done by Holy Word spells by 3% to 10%.
Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire - Shadow Spec - Dual Wield Daggers (Same Stats for Both)


Acquisition quest: Fists of the Heavens Chosen

Equip effect: Grants the Void Torrent ability, which unleashes massive shadow damage, and delays your descent from madness.

  • Item Level 750
  • Binds on pickup
  • 449 - 734 (356.41 DPS)
  • 1.80 Speed
  • +219 Intellect
  • +328 Stamina
  • +148 Critical Strike
  • +2784 Mastery

Relic slots:

  • Shadow Artifact x 2
  • Blood Artifact

Artifact traits: 

Name Max Rank Description
Call to the Void 1  Mind Flay has a chance to spawn a Void Tentacle that channels Mind Flay at the target for 10 seconds.
Creeping Shadows 3 Increases Shadow damage dealt by 1% to 3%.
Darkening Whispers 20 Increases Shadow damage by 5% to 15%.
Death's Embrace 3 Increases damage done by Shadow Word: Death by 3% to 10%.
From the Shadows  3 Increases damage done by Touch of Death by 10% of all damage dealt to the target during the duration.
Mass Hysteria 1 Every second, Voidform increases damage dealt by Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch by 2%. Stacks until Voidform ends.
 Mental Fortitude 1 Healing from Vampiric Touch when at maximum health will shield you for the same amount. The shield can not absorb more damage than your total health * 0.08.
Mind Shattering 3 Increases damage dealt by Mind Blast by 5% to 15%.
Sinister Thoughts 1 Increases damage done by Void Bolt by 15%.
Sphere of Insanity 3 The Sphere of Insanity manifests for the duration of Voidform. Void Bolts, Mind Blasts, and Mind Flays cause the sphere to duplicate 5% of their damage to all enemy's affected by the Shadow Word: Pain.
Thoughts of Insanity 3 Increases healing done by Shadow Mend by 10% to 30%.
Thrive in the Shadows 1 Dispersion heals you for 50% of maximum health over its duration.
 To the Pain 3 Increases damage dealt by Shadow Word: Pain by 6% to 18%.
Touch of Darkness 3 Increases the damage done by Vampiric Touch by 15%.
Unleash the Shadows 3 Vampiric Touch critical strikes have a 15% to 45% chance to create a Shadowy Apparition.
Void Corruption 3 Increases damage done to Mind Sear by 5% to 15%.
Void Siphon 1 Increases damage dealt by Mind Flay by 20%.
Void Torrent 1 Channel a torrent of void energy into the target for Shadow damage equal to 960% of Spell power over a period of 4 seconds. Requires Voidform.


And there you have it, complete guides for the Priest and Paladin Artifact Weapons in World of Warcraft: Legion. If you're looking for another class, you'll be able to find it in one of the following guides.