Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Update Adds Two AR Camera Modes

The latest Pocket Camp update adds new ways for you to connect with your favorite Animal Crossing villagers.

A new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update brings campers closer to their favorite villagers thanks to two new augmented reality modes.

The first is AR Camera mode. It transports animals and even pieces of furniture into a real-world setting for some unique photo opportunities. Nintendo released a trailer alongside the information, showing a list of what looks like every animal in Pocket Camp usable in the mode, including Isabelle.

As with Pokemon GO, just make sure to keep safety in mind and be aware of the surrounding area.

The second mode is AR Cabin. This one lets players enter an AR cabin (of course) and hang out with their animal friends "face-to-face," or as face-to-face as AR can be. Players can customize the cabin to suit their tastes and invite eight animals to join them.

Pocket Camp lets players place the cabin door overlay anywhere, but again, keep safety in mind here.

The update also lets players decorate certain areas outside their direct campsite now, a la New Horizons.

Finally, Nintendo is offering a free month of the Furniture and Fashion Plan for new and veteran players alike. The plan adds more storage and chances for exclusive items among other things. After the free month, the subscription automatically renews for $7.99 per month until it's canceled.


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Published Nov. 20th 2020

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