Batman: Arkham Knight New Batmobile Gameplay

New 3 part Batman Arkham Knight gameplay video. Part 1 is out, and shows off new abilities. Part 2 is coming December 1st and part 3 on December 6th.

Batman: Arkham Knight has a new gameplay trailer which shows off new abilities Batman and his Batmobile have.

The trailer shows Batman infiltrating Ace Chemicals, trying to stop Scarecrow. It also sounds like this is the first time you will meet the Arkham Knight in the game.

The trailer starts with Batman talking to Oracle talking about the Arhkam Knight, about Ace Chemicals and about Scarecrow's plans.

Batman never looks happy, but this...

New Abilities

Batman has a few new tricks in his utility belt, the already talked about Fear Takedowns, which allows Batman to takedown multiple enemies in quick succession. Another new way to takedown enemies is directly from gliding, as seen in the trailer, Batman drops through a skylight. More takedowns come in the way of environmental takedowns, the trailer shows Batman cutting a light down from the ceiling and it falling on top of an enemy, then another is Batman smashing an enemies head into a some sort of wall mounted electrical box.

The Batmobile's new abilities are that you can now drive remotely by the looks of it, and can change into Combat Mode mid-air. It has a power winch, which can pull down walls with ease. Batman can, of course, eject and takedown/glide from the Batmoblie, but he can also get into the Batmobile mid-air. Lastly, the Batmobile has a two-seater compartment in the back, which can hold passengers.

This trailer is part 1, of a 3 part series. Part 2 is coming December 1st. The Playstation Experience on December 6th during the game's keynote will coincide with part 3.

Then end of the trailer reminds us that Batman: Arkham Knight is due out on June 2nd 2015, and if you pre-order the game you can play as Harley Quin.

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Published Nov. 24th 2014
  • Adam Koziol
    The way they've integrated the Batmobile into gameplay looks pretty impressive
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Yep, I really like it. I especially love the animation work they have done with Batman interacting.

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