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10 Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

Want to enhance your headwear in Minecraft? Here's our picks for the 10 best helmet enchantments.

One of the best ways to upgrade what you can do in Minecraft is to enchant your items. This is easy enough with weapons, but it can be a bit more difficult with armor since not everything is applicable to each piece. One of the most apparent examples of this is your headwear. Below you’ll find our Minecraft list of the 10 best helmet enchantments.

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10 Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

1. Curse of Vanishing

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There are only so many helmet enchantments in Minecraft, and a list like this does need to dip into the less helpful curses. Of the ones that are available, we believe the Curse of Vanishing is the least annoying. It merely makes it so that the item will disappear after the player dies. This only happens if it’s in your inventory, so you could hypothetically throw it away before you meet your end and find it later.

2. Mending

One of the most unique enchantments is Mending. It makes it so that any experience orbs can be applied toward fixing the item instead. It’s important to remember that this can be applied to any armor piece, tool, or weapon.

3. Thorns

If you want to deter any attackers, Thorns is a fun helmet enchantment choice. Any mob or player that attacks you will take damage. However, there is a trade-off as the item’s durability will also deteriorate much quicker.

4. Unbreaking

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If you want your helmet to last longer, the Unbreaking enchantment might be what you’re looking for. This adds a chance that your armor piece’s durability won’t be spent when you take damage. Mix this with the aforementioned Thorns or Mending for a fun combo.

5. Projectile Protection

That brings us to the first defense-based enchantment, which is Projectile Protection. This helps reduce any ranged damage from other players or mobs such as Skeletons, Blazes, or the Drowned. It’s pretty specific but certainly has its uses when you come across some nasty long-range enemies.

6. Fire Protection

Next up is Fire Protection. As the name implies, this reduces any fire-based damage you receive. We highly recommend this if you’re going to be traversing through The Nether. Fire Resistance potions are what you’ll need to go for if you want immunity from this kind of damage though.

7. Blast Protection

Things that blow up present their own special type of danger, which is where Blast Protection comes into play. Having this will reduce explosion damage as well as the knockback you take. It might be another specific one, but it’s helpful if you’ll be near a lot of Creepers or TNT blocks.

8. Protection

Out of all of the helmet enchantments on this list, Protection will likely be one of the most notable. It reduces damage against multiple sources, albeit at a lower rate than the specific ones listed above.

9. Respiration

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These final two enchantments are only available for helmets and they’re arguably some of the most useful. First up is Respiration, which extends how long you can breathe underwater and reduces any drowning damage you take. This is a necessity if you’ll be exploring the depths.

10. Aqua Affinity

Last on the list and also related to deep diving is Aqua Affinity. Having a helmet with this negates the mining speed reduction you normally have underwater. Simply put, you’ll be able to mine blocks as fast as you do on land.

That does it for our list of the 10 best helmet enchantments in Minecraft. If you’re trying to experience content outside of the vanilla game, check out our 15 best mods guide. All other lists and tips are available on our Minecraft guides page.

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