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Fallout 4 has loads of weapons, but not all are created equal.

5 Best weapons in Fallout 4 and how to find them

Fallout 4 has loads of weapons, but not all are created equal.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Fallout 4 is a big and beautiful creation and has the players surviving the harsh wastelands. While these wastelands hold many secrets worth discovering, they also hold threats that cannot be eliminated with your peashooter.

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Fortunately among other things, weapons are also a part of the secrets we talked about, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy to find. Therefore, here is a list of 5 best weapons in Fallout 4 along with a mini-guide to help you get them.

Righteous Authority

This is one powerful weapon, probably the best early energy weapon relying on fusion cells to work. It is fairly easy to get and has loads of modding options allowing you to increase the damage dealt.

While heading towards Diamond City, you’ll hear a distress call from Cambridge Police Department. It leads to a group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers fighting feral ghouls. Their team leader will give you a mission once you help them. The mission is to get some equipment from ArcJet Systems which is swarming with synths.

Once you finish this mission alongside the team leader, you get his weapon as a token of gratitude.

Furious Power Fist

This bad boy inflicts a massive damage of 57, which increases with every strike on the same enemy. It is a difficult one to get hold of and requires a bit of work.

This weapon is guarded by a behemoth mutant named Swan. The weapon along with its guard is located in a swan pond in Boston Common. Swan takes some big blows to fall, so bring along loads of explosives and keep your distance. Once he is down, loot his body to receive Furious Power Fist.

You can check out our guide to finding and killing Swan.


A freeze gun with a continuous blast that can freeze your enemies. Bigger enemies take greater time to get affected, some even seem immune, but nonetheless it’s a great weapon and is fun to use.

It can be found in the Vault 111 itself in overseer’s office. Cryolator is locked behind a cabinet that can be lock-picked, but your skills need to sufficiently high enough. A glitch has also been reported which gets you this gun without lock-picking. Whether it works or not, it is worth a try. Just bring Dogmeat with you to overseer’s office and ask it to find item. This usually gets you the Cryolator. It comes with generous amount of ammo, but finding more is quite difficult, so don’t go freezing everyone off.

Check out our quick guide on how to get the Cryolater from the start!

Alien Blaster

Like every other Fallout game, Fallout 4 features an Alien Blaster. Small but powerful, this Unidentified Firing Object inflicts a great deal of damage. The gun has limited ammo, and more cannot be found. However, once your Science perks are sufficiently high enough you can modify it to work with Fusion Cells. This, however, will decrease the damage inflicted. So, ’til you can get it to work with Fusion Cells, use it only in dire needs.

It’s still debatable what causes an alien saucer to crash which gets you this weapon. Some think it happens once you’ve completed Vault 75 and/or at level 20. At some point in the game, you’ll see a streak of light in the sky and hear some noise. Your companion comments about the same. Afterwards, you need to go to Beantown Brewery in western area of The Commonwealth just north to Oberland Station. You’ll see some trees on fire in a rocky area. Among the flaming trees, you can find the crashed saucer. Just follow the trail of green blood, it will lead you to a cave where you can get the gun by killing the alien pilot.

Big Boy

This weapon asks and answers the question, what is better than a mini nuke? The answer, two nukes. This looks like a regular Fat Man personal nuclear warhead launcher but instead fires an additional nuke simultaneously. Best of all it uses only one warhead in doing so.

You can buy this from Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City market for a freakishly huge amount of caps. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get this one. So start saving if you want this. Big Boy costs 10453 caps.

So, these were five best weapons in Fallout 4 along with a short guide on how to find them.

Tell us what you think about the list. Did it help? Be sure to comment below.


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