Pokemon is not hard. With these tips maybe you can change that.

5 DIY Ways to Make Pokemon Sun/Moon More Challenging

Pokemon is not hard. With these tips maybe you can change that.

Pokemon is great. But it’s also a game series primarily developed for kids. Such a wide range of age groups play and love Pokemon that it’s easy to forget just who the games are made for. Since they are for kids, Pokemon games aren’t really all that hard. That shouldn’t deter you from Sun and Moon, the latest additions to the franchise, but it’s true that a harder game can be a more fun game. So, here are 5 ways to make Pokemon Sun/Moon as difficult as you want it to be.

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5. Just One Team

This one isn’t really so bad, since a lot of people basically use the same Pokemon throughout the game anyway, but keep in mind–once you get six, that’s it. You can’t catch anymore Pokemon, and you can’t switch out the ones already in your party so, if you’re not careful with what you catch, you could find yourself facing some severe type disadvantages, among other things.

4. Only One Type

This one is actually guaranteed to put you at a type disadvantage. But, if you’ve got the guts, pick your favorite type and go for it! Become that Bug Catcher we all know you can be. Also, you could combine this challenge with the previous one, and play through the whole game with one team of Pokemon that are all the same type.

3. No Evolutions

Evolving Pokemon and watching them grow into something stronger and cooler are one of the best parts of Pokemon. Well, we’re not doing that. So stock up on Everstones. To make it even harder, you can avoid catching Pokemon with no evolutionary line, like Pachirisu or Mawile from games past.

2. Permadeath

Also known as a “Nuzlocke” run, taking this challenge means releasing any Pokemon that faints. No matter what, if a Pokemon faints, you can’t use them anymore–they’re dead. This run is known for being notoriously hard since, no matter how easy Pokemon as a whole is, it’s basically guaranteed that your Pokemon will go down at some point.

1. Only One Pokemon

This one’s so hard that I’m legitimately unsure whether or not it’s even possible. Pick a Pokemon, and go through the entire game with just that Pokemon. If you want to ease the burden a bit, you could switch out whoever you’re using for a better option, but most would probably just stick with their starter Pokemon. Regardless, it works in the Ferrum League, it should work here, right?


That’s it for this list! I hope it at least gave you some ideas for Pokemon challenge runs. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can combine the ones listed here or give them your own unique spin. What’re your experiences with Pokemon challenge runs? Or maybe you think the normal game play is hard enough? Let us know in the comments!


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