5 Secret Tips No One Knows in Angry Birds Epic

Tutorials can teach a lot, but they can't always help you choose what weapons to use, how to avoid spending money, and when you're about to do something stupid.
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The latest mobile game to join the hit Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Epic is a new take on the traditional turn-based RPG. The familiar disgruntled faces have moved beyond flinging themselves at buildings and have now taken up swords, healing harps, and wizard hats on an adventure to battle egg-stealing, vegetable-stomping, pirate ship-stealing Pigs. 

Unfortunately for the majority of us, while Angry Birds Epic does its best to break down the gameplay into bite-sized tutorials and helping loading screen hints, there’s a lot of information they simply skip out on and you find out yourself… often the hard way.

Don’t fall into the same trap! 

Here are five things you should know before you throw away your in-game items, your real-life cash, or your phone out of frustration, forever.

1. You don’t need to spend money on the Golden Chili (Or any other in-game items)

One of the first in-game advertisements pops up on your screen is a limited time offer for 50% off the Golden Chili. It asks for in-game currency, but you will never make enough Lucky Coins before the offer expires – it’s an invitation to spend real money to get the item.


At full price, the Golden Chili is worth 125 Lucky Coins. After a few days of play, you will likely have earned that many Lucky Coins just by playing the game normally.

(See How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free to learn about getting more Coins!)

2. The newest weapon is not always the best weapon

As you progress, you will acquire many different blueprints for weapons, off-hands, and potions. Check the stats of the weapon. The game makes it easy for you to compare the Attack (sword symbol) or Defense (heart symbol) of the new weapon/off-hand, but all of these items also have secondary effects, which have a certain % change to cause an extra effect.

These can be very important and very useful. When fighting mobs, you will often be faced with enemies that can buff all enemy targets with shields or increased Attack power. Having a weapon with a high chance to Dispel will help negate these enemy buffs.

3. The Attack Power stat on blueprints is just a guideline.

Similar to #2, just because the Attack Power on a blueprint appears lower than your current weapon does not mean that it is not worth making. Remember that every time you craft a weapon, you will roll a die to determine its stats. With each star, your Attack power/Defense power will increase, and so will the % chance on its secondary effect. 

A lower 3-star weapon will almost always beat out a higher level 0-star weapon. 

4. You will trash the weapon/off-hand weapon you are currently holding. 

When you are running low on crafting materials and want to break down your old weapons/off-hands, remember that what you are currently holding is what you are throwing into the trash can.

This seems a little backward, and has caused me no end of rage for throwing away a really good weapon just because I had the wrong item selected or I pressed the Trash Can button in the Item Equip screen by mistake instead of the red X in the corner to continue out of the screen.

There are no take-backs. 

5. When spinning for Golden Pig rewards, don’t waste your Essence of Friendship.

While there are those who have the luxury of a million Facebook friends who don’t mind being bothered each and every single day to give you a Friendship heart… many of us don’t. Nor do we want to shell out real pennies just to roll a bad hand again.

My advice is to save those heart stones for making Potions or crafting weapons/off-hands. 

If you do not get the rewards you wanted from the daily Golden Pig fight, try refighting the battle (yellow middle button on the Spin screen, with what looks like a rewound sword) to see if you get more stars and a better spin. It can be a little time-consuming, but it is free.

I only advise doing this with the Golden Pig fight because this is the only battle that is not repeatable immediately, and can only be done once a day

(See also How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free for more about getting Essence of Friendship from your Facebook friends.)

If you have any questions or tips you’d also like to contribute, feel free to leave a comment!

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