7 Days to Die: How to Farm Rotting Flesh

If you plan on starting a farm, you'll need plenty of Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die!

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Albeit unusual, Rotting Flesh is necessary as a farming ingredient since it’s required for Farm Plot crafting. If you want to grow food, you’ll need to know how to farm Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die.

How to Farm Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die

While there are a few places you can find Rotting Flesh, you generally won’t harvest a lot of it at once.

Flesh from Zombies

Usually, you get the most Rotting Flesh from the bodies of Zombie Dogs, Bears, and Vultures. You use a Stone Axe and hit the bodies to collect the flesh until the body’s destroyed. Blood Moons spawn plenty of Zombie animals, making them a great opportunity to stock up on Rotting Flesh. However, there are two more ways to farm it if you’re having a hard time hunting Zombie animals or you’re waiting for more of them to spawn in the areas around you.

Flesh from Loot Containers

Next, you could search body bags and other loot containers like garbage piles for Rotting Flesh. Sometimes, a town has a hospital, morgue, or funeral home full of body bags, which lets you harvest a good chunk of flesh from one area. Otherwise, smaller containers like garbage might have a piece or two of Rotting Flesh on occasion.

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Flesh from the Environment

Finally, carcasses on the roads give you Rotting Flesh if you hit them with a tool like the Stone Axe. This doesn’t apply to every bit of gore that you find on the road. However, chunks that have ribs sticking out of them tend to be the ones you can harvest for flesh. Depending on your server settings, new carcasses can spawn. So, you don’t need to worry as much about running out of flesh-farming materials between containers refilling and Zombie animals spawning.

And that’s how to farm Rotting Flesh in 7 Days to Die. Since the hunger meter constantly depletes, farming becomes a must, and that means you need plenty of flesh to build your farm. But for other topics, check our 7DTD guides hub to discover how to make Forged Iron or how to sleep.

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