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7 Days to Die: How to Sleep

Learn how to sleep in 7 Days to Die and how it actually works.

If you’re just starting to enjoy 7 Days to Die, you may be confused about the Bedroll and sleeping. The system and the UI around the Bedroll aren’t necessarily intuitive yet. Here, we tell you how to sleep in 7 Days to Die and how it works.

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How to Sleep in 7 Days to Die

The thing with sleeping in 7 Days to Die is that it’s simply a way to set a spawn point for yourself, similar to Minecraft. However, unlike in Minecraft, you don’t need to actually sleep. That is, there’s no animation or downtime, and you can’t interact with the Bedroll.

Therefore, in terms of gameplay, you don’t sleep in 7 Days to Die. What you do need to do is get a Bedroll for setting a respawn point for yourself. Here’s how to acquire one through crafting:

  • Open up your Crafting menu.
  • In the search bar, type in “Bedroll” and select it.
  • It is made with ten pieces of Plant Fibers (obtained from punching Tall Grass, Brown Grass, or Prickly Pear).
  • Place it in your action bar.
  • Select it and place it down.

How to Reset Your Respawn Point in 7 Days to Die

The neat part about this system is that you can pick up the Bedroll at any time and move it. This effectively relocates your respawn point. Placing a new one or picking up the last one will permanently reset all past respawn points. 

Moreover, the Bedroll can be seen at all times on your map and compass as a little house icon. It can also prevent zombies from spawning near your respawn point. This ensures that each time you die, you’ll respawn in a relatively safe location. However, you should generally always keep an eye open, especially when your respawn point is in an improvised location.

That’s how to sleep in 7 Days to Die. We hope it’s helped you clear up some confusion about sleeping in the game. For more tips and clarifications on the game, check out our 7 Days to Die guides page.

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