The latest wearable device you can check emails, text messages and receive phone calls on, the new Apple Watch also allows you to play video games when in the mood or time permits.

7 Incredible Games for Apple Watch

The latest wearable device you can check emails, text messages and receive phone calls on, the new Apple Watch also allows you to play video games when in the mood or time permits.

The latest smartphone allowing wearers to address emails, phone calls and text messages, the Apple Watch also allows you to play a growing number of video games. 

With a small viewing screen and one-handed control system, the new Apple Watch doesn't look like a device it would be fun and interactive to play video games on. 

The list of mobile video games developed for the Apple Watch is also small, so far, and many aren't much fun.

Many have play periods that are too long for a small, wearable device like the Apple Watch. A few, however, are entertaining and the developers appear to have a better grasp of the possibilities. 

This slideshow covers the top 7 Apple Watch games released, so far.

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Spy_Watch is specifically developed and designed to play on the Apple Watch, and it has the feel of a game made for this platform. 

You give orders to a fellow agent on your spy watch, who completes each mission, and then updates you by text messages left on your Apple Watch.

Completing missions earns you cash and upgrades the skills and ability of agents, which makes it fun and entertaining to play Spy_Watch

You feel like an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D playing this game! 

Download the game on Apple's App Store.


Everywear Games' first Apple Watch game shows a lot of promise, with short play sessions perfect for moments between meetings or during a bathroom break.  

I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend hours hunched over a wrist phone playing an RPG. The design of Runeblade makes it possible to play for a few minutes when I am in the mood or time permits.

The simplified upgrade system and mechanics make it fun and entertaining to continue to play in short sessions.

Play Runeblade on your Apple Watch!

You can download and play the game for free on Apple's App Store.


The first officially released game for the new Apple Watch, Rules! is a polished brain trainer that's fast-paced, challenging and fun to play, but less interactive and complete on this smaller platform. 

The sessions playing this game are short, which makes it a good fit for the Apple Watch. You need mental and physical speed to complete each puzzle and continue. 

A nice brain teaser to have on the wrist to entertain during quiet moments, Rules! is one of the best Apple Watch games, so far. 

Gamers can download the game on Apple's App Store.


Simple and entertaining, NimbleBit's Letterpad is a great video game to fill moments standing in line or whenever you have a free moment with fun.

Players must figure out the spelling of a hidden word using only a hint and a letter or two of the word.

The difficulty of each puzzle increases nicely as you figure each out, so I found this Apple Watch game great when played puzzle-by-puzzle.

Playing the game and tapping out the results is fun and quick.

You even get a notification if a friend creates a new puzzle and can immediately begin playing.

You can download Letterpad for free on Apple's App Store

Watch Quest: Heroes of Time

You need an iPhone and Apple Watch to play WayForward's RPG Watch Quest: Heroes of Time, and this setup is very unique.  

Players use the iPhone to keep all of the information on their kingdom, inventory and select the right hero for each quest.

The Apple Watch is where the gameplay and adventures will actually occur while playing this game. 

Gamers have the choice of playing this video game with a passive or active approach to the Quest system. You can decide to let the game do most of the work or take on a more active role in the puzzle solving and monster fighting.

You can download the game on Apple's App Store.

Snappy Word

Similar to words games like Scrabble, Friends, and Boggle - but with a simpler design suited to the Apple Watch - Snappy Word displays four letters on the screen and then challenges you to make as many words as possible in 30 seconds. 

Snappy Word is a challenge you need to try if you love to play with words.

You can download the game for free on Apple's App Store


BoxPop is fun and the design of the game works on the small screen of the Apple Watch.

It takes a little getting use to succeed playing this video game at first, but stick with it, and it gets easier to figure out the puzzles. 

One of the more challenging of the crop of puzzle games for the Apple Watch, BoxPop will keep you thinking and challenge your mind.

You can download the game on Apple's App Store.

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