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CoD Modern Warfare 3: Does the MW3 Campaign Have Co-Op?

Call of Duty has had tons of co-op modes in the past. Will MW3 let you play the campaign that way?

Couch and online cooperative play have always been a major draw for modern games. Whole franchises have built their popularity on the quality of those experiences. Call of Duty is no stranger to either, but does the Modern Warfare 3 campaign co-op?

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Does the MW3 Campaign Have Co-Op? Answered

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In short, no. The MW3 campaign doesn’t have co-op. The single-player campaign is just that: single-player. The story of Captain Price, Soap, Ghost, and all of Task Force 141 fighting to save the world from Makarov is yours to experience on your own.

That fact has been true in all the previous Modern Warfare games following the 2019 reboot. The previous incarnation of the franchise had the Spec Ops and Survival modes, and Spec Ops also made its way to MW2 and MW, but there’s been no mention of that mode returning in MW3.

Having multiple versions of the main playable character would make designing setpiece moments orders of magnitude more difficult, and having a second player character vanish for cutscenes would break the immersion developers are going for.

Will Co-Op Ever Be Available for the MW3 Campaign?

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If the last several Call of Duty games are any indication, no: co-op will never be available for the MW3 campaign. Instead, you’ll be putting your cooperative focus on Zombies and Warzone (and multiplayer, if you have a squad to play with).

Modern Warfare: Zombies, the latest version of the classic mode, is taking the fight against the undead in a much bigger co-op direction. Instead of up to only four players, now up to 24 can work together across six squads in the new Urzikstan map. Your job is to get in, complete Zombies-related objectives, and get out.

Let’s not forget about the new Warzone experience, also taking place in Urzikstan. The battle royale mode has always put team play at the forefront, though solo is its own breed of fun. It might not be campaign co-op, but the possibilities for creative problem-solving are almost endless in Warzone.

What Other FPS Games Have Good Campaign Co-Op?

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If you need to have that single-player experience with some friends, there are dozens of games you can choose from, most probably on your platform of choice. For Xbox and PC users, both Halo and Gears of War have always boasted a solid cooperative experience, though Halo Infinite took way longer to implement than many players were happy with. It’s available now, though.

The Borderlands series has almost always been better with friends, and its wacky gun effects and broken build possibilities make for an absolute riot of a time. The whole series is available on the three main platforms — Xbox, PlayStation, and PC — and the latest, Borderlands 3, is cross-platform. You can play with anyone, no matter where they play. For more science-fiction co-op experiences, Destiny 2 offers endlessly replayable campaigns going back four expansions and more than five years. D2 is also fully cross-platform.

While MW3 campaign co-op isn’t a thing, there are plenty of cooperative opportunities in the game outside the single-player section. Stick around for more Modern Warfare 3 guides leading up to and after the full release, including the best PC settings for good FPS, all Mastery camos, and more.

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