A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (1/2)

There are a ton of kitties you can collect in KleptoCats, and all of them have their own unique little quirks. Here's how you can get them all!

There are a ton of kitties you can collect in KleptoCats, and all of them have their own unique little quirks. Here's how you can get them all!

Cat games are addictive — and no one knows this better than a recovering Neko Atsume player. Thankfully, Hyperbeard and Apps-o-Rama aren’t about to let the catnip lie. Their hugely popular mobile game KleptoCats on the Apple App Store and Google Play gives you what Neko Atsume could be if you could play (kind of) with your imaginary cartoon cats.

The main point of the game is to fill up your large and rather empty room with as much of your cats’ stolen goods as you can. 

(For tips and a full list on all the different items in the bedroom, check out A Guide to Getting the Full Bedroom Inventory in KleptoCats). 

How to Collect All Cats

The moment you start the game, it will run through a blistering roulette of all the cats available — and you tap the screen to choose which will be your first cat. (If you don’t like it as your starter cat, you have one more try.)

You have a little while before you start picking up any more. Whenever you send out one of your cats on thief missions, they have a chance of grabbing some extra cash with your item (or if you don’t get a new inventory item, you’ll get a sack of coins anyway).


There are two different kinds of currency in KleptoCats:

  • Coins (gold): can be used to purchase bells (call back your cat from a theft mission faster).
  • Gems (purple): can be used to purchase new cats.

Currency amounts can be found in the top right corner of your screen.

During its theft missions, your cat will bring back coins. Once you have 250, you can trade them for 1 gem. 

(Note: You can also change gems back into coins, but at a worse conversion rate. Of the two, coins are less useful and I personally don’t bother wasting the coins on Bells and prefer to save them for buying new cats instead.)

Each new Bedroom cat costs 4 gems.

Collecting all the cats takes a very long time, but for the most part it is time that you don’t have to spend glued to the game (when you send them off on missions).

Supplement the amount of coins that you get by playing through all the ad videos each day, which gives you 50 coins per video. (Uploading screenshots of your new cat to social media is also supposed to get you 50 coins each, but every time I’ve tried, it has failed to post.)

Cat Description
   Clyde: Likes to sleep all day and then go crazy at night.
   Changuito: Likes to eat bananas.
 Alex: Has an expensive bed but likes to sleep in the sink.
 Larry: Likes to sit in weird places. 
 Blacksad: Believes it’s a PI.
 Sunset: Has the sunset in its tummy.
 Luna: Hates plans and mirrors.
 Jermaine: Likes to play with things that aren’t toys.
 Gerard: An emo cat to reflect your teenage angst.
 Sura: Plays with bags, all the time.
 Ghost: Haunts other cats for fun.
 Leo: Dreams about winning an Academy Award.
 Harry: The cat that lived
 Chilaqui: Once tasted salsa from the floor and cried.
 Mime: Likes to watch you when you sleep. 
 1100011: Prototype of a hypoallergenic pet.
 Ximena: Loves to go after the red light (laser pointer).
 Green: Don’t make it angry. You won’t like it when its angry.
Maddie: Likes to sit on your hands when you are using the computer.
 Mittens: Likes to play with hair bands.
 Julio: Likes to run around the house at high speed.
 Sakura: Collects things in a hidden space behind the couch.
 Zod: Likes to slip its paw under the door crack. 
 Gren: Won’t drink water out of its bowl.
 Mario: Likes to do silly things.
 Cannon: Loves to explore.
 Karen: Has a weird whisper-meow and it sounds like it’s trying to tell you a secret.
 Clement: Likes to nap in uncomfortable places.
 Jared: Likes to play with its poop.
 Queso: Smells like Cheetos.
 Wero: Befriended a mouse once.
 Peeps: Is afraid of drones and the vacuum cleaner.
 Loren: Always tries to fit into things it clearly can’t fit into.
 Gene: Its favorite place is under the table.
 Kinuko: fights other cats for meatballs.
 Cookie: Likes to take long walks on the beach. 
 Oreo: Loves to drink milk.
 David: Likes to look at the stars in a melancholic way.
 Browne: Likes to meow after you sneeze, like saying “bless you”.
 Japon: Eats sushi all the time.
 Neo: Drinks water from a dirty fountain.
 Ichigo: Makes funny sounds when it sees birds.
 Archie: Loves to sleep. It is probably sleeping right now.
 Beast: Believe it or not, it’s a selfie master.
 Godinez: It is actually super boring and doesn’t really do anything notable/weird.
 Chad: Loves fish tacos.
 Ralphie: Gives massages to other cats.
 Fermin: Likes to show other animals who’s boss.
 Keitaro: Likes to smell dirty socks.
 Nube: Learned how to open doors.


And that’s not all! This is only the first half of all the kitties you can potentially add to your collection.

You can find the rest of the list here!

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