A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (2/2)

Done collecting all the weird toys your cats keep bringing into the bedroom? Then it's time to collect cats instead! Here is the second half of all the bedroom cats you can get!

Have you ever wanted to take a more proactive form of play with your cats in Neko Atsume

Well, I can't give you that. But what Hyperbeard and Apps-o-Rama has brought to the table gives you the next best thing: cats that depend on you for food, love, and affection as their supreme overlord and master.

In return, they turn their kleptomaniac tendencies to your advantage, filling up your empty room with all their stolen goodies. And when that isn't enough, they'll also bring you back the cash that allows you to afford more cats so that everyone can play with all their ill-gotten gains. It's a win for everybody.

(Please note that this is the second half of the All Cats list! If you want to see the rest, check out A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (1/2)!)

Collecting All Cats

 You get one cat to start with, but every time you cat brings back any extra coins, you can save up to trade them for better rewards. Remember: 

  1. 250 coins can be traded for 1 purple gem.
  2. 4 purple gems can be traded for 1 new cat.

There are 100 cats to be collected in the bedroom. Here is the second half of the list!

Cat Description
   Joe: Hoards a lot of garbage in its house.
 Care: Sometimes, it forgets to eat.
 Mamba: Believes it's a super hacker in disguise.
 Conejo: Addicted to catnip.
 Neko: You'll never see it coming.
 Garfield: Hates Mondays and loves lasagna.
 Pulpy: Is an excellent swimmer.
 Morada: Its favorite color is "purrple".
 Fayer: Moustached adventurer. It doesn't like people that much.
 Chuck: Grumpy Cat's second cousin.
 Feliz: Likes to hide in random places.
 Flufs: Likes to scratch the door, just because.
 Gizmo: Please don't feed it after midnight.
 Alain: Likes to climb on top of the refrigerator.
 Chell: Likes to eat ham. Like, really likes it.
 Pepito: It's back...
 Sugar: Likes to swat the air with its paws.
 Albert: Likes to spy on the neighbors from the window.
 Jack: Hates when you touch its paws.
 Jelly: Is actually an alien in disguise.
 Pepe: Thinks it's cool, but it isn't.
 Sandi: Tried a lemon once and made a silly face.
 Spot: Follows its own tail until it gets dizzy.
Neal D.: Enjoys ruining your favorite movie by explaining scientific facts about it.
 Tanooki: Thinks it can fly.
 Rouge: Likes to eat the dog's food.
 Poptart: Enjoys ignoring you when you call it.
 Fuzzy: I is horrible. I wear fur.
 Mapache: Likes to push its head against your hand.
 JP: Thinks it's an artist.
 Bowtie: Looks fancy but it likes to drink water from the toilet.
Rocky: Likes to play with small insects. 
 Richie: Likes to pretend its is an artist.
 Cleo: *dances like an Egyptian*
 Rodriga: Alpha cat.
 Lucky: Likes belly rubs, but only 3 at a time.
Rootbeer: Great at multi-tasking. 
Gato: Loves human food. 
Barbas: You can't put a collar on it. 
Freezer: Wants to destroy the world and everything on it. 
Tigger: It is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, and pouncy. 
 Momo: Likes to pretend it is a programmer.
 Manhattan: Enjoys being naked. 
 Natasha: Hates other cats and people too. Only likes you.
Potato: Likes to roll over to reveal its tummy. 
Clowny: "How do you call a pile of kittens? A meowntain." 
Princess: Hates when you touch its tail. 
Hips: Enjoys watching you take a shower. 
Beck: Likes to meow as if it was actually speaking. 
Wizard: This kitty is very "purrsuasive". 


(Note: Once you have collected all the inventory items in the first room, the next room (living room) will unlock for free. Save your purple gems for the cats!)

It will take a long time to collect all the cats, so remember that while you start collecting inventory items in the next room, don't forget to keep sending out your cats from the first room out on theft missions for extra cash. This will help speed up your cat collecting by a lot!

Also remember to watch those ad videos when available, you can usually watch about 15 or so a day, and you get 50 coins each time you do!

Good luck and happy collecting!

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