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A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas Advent Calendar 2023 Rewards Detailed

A Very Baldur's Gate 3 Christmas advent calendar has special rewards for BG3 fans.

It’s not quite a Christmas event, but it’s definitely a goodie bag for fans of Larian’s blockbuster CRPG. We’ll be detailing the rewards for A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas, in case you’re not sure you want to participate or just to sate your curiosity.

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A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas Memory Game Details and Rewards

This is an instance of a holiday event not taking place inside the game it has to do with, which is just fine by me. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a magical microcosm of wonder, and while it’s great that the developers celebrate a real life holiday, our favorite companions doing so in the game would be a little immersion-breaking. I digress, though, let’s get to how to take part in Larian’s little Christmas game.

How to Participate in A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas Event

Head over to the A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas website to check out the advent calendar Larian has created for this event. Each day from December 13 through December 24 will bring new rewards for participants, but you’ll have to complete a matching puzzle to get them.

The matching games are randomized, and based on my experience, you don’t have to make an additional account or log in to get any of the rewards so far. What might be the biggest draw here is actually the story of How the Gremishka Stole Christmas, which they’ll be releasing in snippets through the course of the event.

A Very Baldur's Gate 3 Christmas calendar puzzle.
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A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas Rewards Detailed

So far, two days have granted music tracks from the game. All you have to do to receive your rewards for completing a day’s puzzle is click the checkbox stating “I have read and accept the Terms and conditions of the Agreement.”

  • December 13: How the Gremishka Stole Christmas Chapter One
  • December 14: Downloads for Ambience City Streets ST and Ambience City Streets Surround downloads
  • December 15: A download for Baldur’s Gate 3 OST Dark Corners download
  • December 16: How the Gremishka Stole Christmas Chapter Two
  • December 17: Ambience Underdark and Ambience Underdark Surround download
  • December 18: Baldur’s Gate 3 OST Freedom Flight download
  • December 9: How the Gremishka Stole Christmas Chapter Three

How the Gremishka Stole Christmas Chapters

There’s only one chapter of this tale so far, but more are sure to come over the coming days. We’re logging them to have each chapter all in one place for easy reading. The following texts are taken directly from the A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas website.

The first chapter of How the Gremishka Stole Christmas.
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Chapter 1 Story

In the taverns and halls where gossip’s most prevalent Is where tales are whispered of a creature malevolent Who appears once a year on the feast of midwinter To take from the revelers knee-caps, noses, and fingers.

“She loathes Christmas joy, the mirth and the cheer,” or so says your nan, her eyes widened with fear. “Never go to ‘er dwellings in the caves ‘cross the river, Else the Gremishka will get ya and she’ll make you her dinner.”

Chapter 2 Story

And you with pure heart, so full of kindness So sure despite differences Christmas can bind us Smile back at her broadly, and with a nod of the head Tune out all her warnings, and dream of Gremishkas instead.

“They know not its heart, this “creature infernal” You say to yourself via dialogue, internal I’ll teach it friendship with a yuletide gift! The true meaning of Christmas is sure to mend our rift!”

Chapter 3 Story

Through the snowy paths in winter’s hold you trudge ahead, determined. Up to Gremishka’s cavern home where, in the end, you’re certain Her heart will swell three times its size, you’re under no illusion When she receives her Christmas gift, not due to vascular occlusion.

“My dear Gremishka” you bellow loud as you reach her lonely cave “I’ve hiked this path through snow and ice, but not to prove I’m brave. I come here with a gift in tow, a show of Christmas cheer Please let this be a time of peace, we need not live in fear!”

We’ll be adding to this guide as A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas pushes on with more rewards. If you’re a fan of the game, which surely you are considering you’re reading about its Christmas event, consider checking out some of our comprehensive BG3 guides library.

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