Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know – Dungeon Floor Guide

Know your enemies before delving too deep into the dungeon in Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know starts off easy enough. As you progress further into the dungeon, however, the enemies become stronger and change-up their ways of attacking.

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If you’re getting your butt kicked or just want to take some preventive measures to keep your tush nice and safe, fear not! I am writing this AT:EtDBIDK dungeon floor guide just for you!

Dungeon Floors

This is not going to be the same kind of guide you will find for a game like Pokemon X Y or even one like FFXIV. These levels are randomly generated, so, I cannot give you a walkthrough. However, I can fill you in on the kinds of enemies you will run into and what to look out for.

Throughout your adventure, you will run into enemy spawning skeleton mounds. You will want to destroy these as quickly as you can or they will flood your screen with enemies.

Floors 1-9
  • Floor 1 and Onward: Skeleton warriors with melee attacks
  • Floor 1 and Onward: Tentacles that pop up from the ground that shoot projectiles
  • Floor 3 and Onward: Bird enemies that will dodge your attacks and divebomb you
  • Floor 6 and Onward: Plants that shoot projectiles and can spawn other plants

You will want to make the plant enemies your priority when they appear on screen. They slowly will spawn clones of themselves. This is shown by a little burrowing animation going across the floor. Attack the closest plant to stop this from happening!

 Floors 11-19
  • Floors 11 and Onward: Fairies with pickaxes that shoot projectiles at you
  • Floor 16 and Onward: Drill mermaids that pop up in pools of water that will shoot projectiles
  • Floor 16 and Onward: Dynamite buff guys that will fight you with melee; they explode upon death
  • Floor 16 and Onward: Hug Wolves that will hug your character to harm them; they give you a hug curse which can be cured with Cyclop’s Tears

As you’ll note when you get to these floors, previous enemies still try their best to kill you. The difference is they palette swap, gain health, and sometimes do more damage.

These dynamite guys are great news if you play Marceline as your main character in AT:EtDBIDK. Kill them and hold down your projectile absorption button over the corpse to absorb all the projectiles. This will almost completely fill your imagination bar.

I am not entirely sure what the hug curse does to you in AT:EtDBIDK. I have yet to play the game co-op yet and I think it really only affects you in a co-op mode. My best guess is that you will hug your friends and do damage to them, just like the hug wolf does to you.

 Floors 21-29
  • Floor 21 and Onward: Deers that will propel themselves at you
  • Floor 21 and Onward: Plant enemies have upgraded and will shoot projectiles in all directions
  • Floor 26 and Onward: Pigs that will use magic wands to shoot projectiles at you; these projectiles deal one full thump of damage
  • Floor 29 and Onward: Treasure chests will sometimes be trapped and do damage

Playing Marceline on this stretch of floors is a mixed bag: the new plant enemies will fill up your imagination super fast, but the pigs’ projectiles are not possible to absorb. Try to kill the pigs before they spawn too much and surround you with projectiles.

Floors 31-39
  • Floor 31 and Onward: Mimic chests that are impossible to kill
  • Floor 32 and Onward: Electric worms that will turn into invulnerable circles that charge at you and bounce off walls at high speeds
  • Floor 38 and Onward: Bird enemies are now red; they will split into two enemies and home in at you harder

 The mimic chests are so obnoxious, I will tell you this right now. From now on, always attack a chest before trying to open it.

As annoying as the chests are, they do not have anything on the eels. They will seriously mess you up so do not take them lightly.

This is an incomplete list of the floors in AT:EtDBIDK. It will be updated frequently until I complete the list. Be sure to check back again for more information!

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