Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn — Dragon Lord and Lizardfolk Tips

Our Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn guide discusses various tips when you're starting out as a Lizardfolk Dragon Lord.

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The Age of Wonders 4 Dragon Lord and Lizardfolk options have been added as part of the Dragon Dawn content pack. With these, you’ll have an assortment of mechanics to consider as you play. Our Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn guide discusses various tips when you’re starting out as a Lizardfolk Dragon Lord.

Tips for a Lizardfolk Dragon Lord in Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn

Best Body Traits and Mind Traits

The Age of Wonders 4 Lizardfolk race option can be selected once you choose a realm and pick a custom faction. From here, you can pick from a variety of Body Traits and Mind Traits:

  • Body Trait: Fast Recuperation — My personal pick for the Body Trait is Fast Recuperation, since it allows you to heal +5 HP each turn while on the world map. This is quite beneficial if you’re further away from friendly territory. Strong and Quick Reflexes are also good options. The former grants +10% melee and physical ranged damage, and the latter makes it 30% harder for your race to get hit by ranged attacks.
  • Mind Trait: Adaptable — I find this to be one of my favorite Mind Traits since it gives +30% more XP. This leads to faster level ups and, subsequently, new perk unlocks.
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Best Culture and Society Traits

Prior to starting as an Age of Wonders 4 Dragon Ruler, you’d still need to select your Culture and Society Traits:

  • Culture: Barbarian — This has both Chaos and Nature Affinities, which mesh well with the Tome of Evolution and Tome of Dragons (more on these later). Primal Strike is also decent so your units deal extra damage on their first attack.
  • Society Trait #1: Ruthless Raiders — The biggest benefit here comes from the +3 gold and +3 draft per tier of units killed in victorious battles, which then affect the nearest city.
  • Society Trait #2: Adept Settlers — Of course, Adept Settlers is a given for those who want to make city founding process a lot smoother.

After the aforementioned picks, you’ll be able to select your starting tome. We discuss the ideal option here in our Tome of Evolution guide. Likewise, upon reaching tier 3, it’s time to go for the Tome of Dragons.

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Selecting a Dragon Ruler and Picking the Best Skills

In the Ruler Origin screen, you’ll see a few options, including the Dragon Lord. It has the following effects:

  • Gain extra gold with your Dragon Hoard.
  • +30 gold unit upkeep.
  • Cannot equip most hero items.
  • Access to hero skills and transformations.

And, once you start the campaign, you’ll slowly level up your Age of Wonders 4 Dragon Lord. These are my suggestions for the early-game skills or perks:

  • Bloodlust — +1 Strengthened and +10 temporary HP when killing a unit.
  • Tail Swipe — Attacks three adjacent units; removes defense mode and retaliation attack.
  • Draconic Health — +15 maximum HP; leads to Draconic Health II.
  • Inspiring Leader — All non-hero units in your army have -20% upkeep.
  • Shepherd — While army leader, all units with Evolve in the army have -20% unit upkeep, +2 defense, and +1 resistance. This is good for your other heroes once you’ve learned the tech/magic.

Hopefully, these tips will help you play as a Lizardfolk Dragon Lord in Age of Wonders 4: Dragon Dawn. Moreover, don’t forget to check out the spells from the Tome of Evolution and Tome of Dragons. For other in-game mechanics, visit our AoW4 guides hub.

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