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Alan Wake 2: How to Get Out of the Morgue at the Sheriff’s Office

One crucial mechanic is necessary to leave the morgue in Alan Wake 2.

You often need codes or keys to open locked doors in AW2, but after your first combat segment, you might be stumped about how to exit the area. Here’s how to leave the morgue at the Sheriff’s Office in Alan Wake 2.

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How to Get Out of the Sheriff’s Office Morgue in Alan Wake 2

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If you’ve already dealt with this initial Nightingale attack by picking up the gun near the entrance, you’ll next need to gather clues and place them on the case board in your Mind Place. Once you’ve sorted everything out, you and Casey will talk about the next steps and can leave the morgue.

The doors will otherwise remain closed if you don’t take these necessary steps. Here’s everything you need to do:

  • Talk through both dialogue options with Casey.
  • Pick up the Manuscript Page that’s lying next to the nearby officer’s body.
  • Go to the Mind Place Case Board and make sure you’re looking at the Cauldron Lake Murders file.
  • Apply the Nightingale Attacked Us card to the board to start a new thread.
  • Apply the two manuscripts you recently picked up to Where Did Nightingale Go?
  • Talk to Casey again, and he’ll start walking to the entrance, allowing you to leave and begin your search for Nightingale and his heart.

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This serves as an excellent early-game reminder that you should place clues whenever you can to advance the story. Even though the read manuscript page already implies that we have to chase Nightingale to Cauldron Lake, and you would assume gunshots and multiple dead people would alert the police upstairs more, the correct course of action is to take your time and build out your case board more.

You’re now ready to get out of the morgue at the sheriff’s office in Alan Wake 2. If you’re worried about losing your progress at this point in the game, we’ve got you covered with how to manually save. Even more tips and tricks can be found at our growing AW2 guides hub.

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