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Alan Wake 2: Mind Place Not Working Fix

What do you do if the Mind Place isn't working in Alan Wake 2?

The Mind Place is Saga Anderson’s version of the Mind Palace technique and is crucial to the game. As such, you’ll want to know how to fix the Mind Place not working in Alan Wake 2.

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How to Fix the Mind Place Not Working in Alan Wake 2

While the Mind Place bug seems less common than audio and texture issues, it’s good to know how to solve the problem if you run into it.

What is the Mind Place Bug?

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Early in the game, you enter Saga’s Mind Place to learn how to use its features as part of the tutorial. I didn’t run into issues myself (aside from a delay when entering it the first time). But it’s possible that you’ll run into a problem that prevents you from using the Mind Place entirely. Given that you need this function to play the game, that’s a huge issue to encounter. Here’s what you can try to potentially fix it:

Restart Your Game

First, try restarting your game. This ends up fixing a lot of issues. And it prevents you from losing too much progress or having to start over. As such, it’s always good to try a restart before moving on to other potential solutions.

Start a New Game

However, if a restart doesn’t work, you have one other option. Unfortunately, that option is to exit and start a new game. This bug appears early because the Mind Place is used right at the beginning when you’re investigating the murder at Cauldron Lake, which means that you do have to redo the section where you play as the murdered man. It isn’t the worst loss of progress, but it can be a bit frustrating.

But that’s how to fix the Mind Place not working in Alan Wake 2. The Mind Place is an interesting feature. And the fact that the game isn’t paused around you adds a touch of difficulty since you need to enter it wisely. However, head to our AW2 guides hub from here for more topics like how to fix audio issues or how to save manually.

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