Promotion art for Ark: Survival Ascended from the PlayStation store page.
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All Ark: Survival Ascended Map Release Dates

Here's all Ark: Survival Ascended map release dates so you know when your favorite map will be released.

The primary difference between Ark: Survival Ascended and its predecessor was the dev’s change to Unreal Engine version 4 to 5elopers. This change, plus other overhauls and quality-of-life improvements, will change your entire Ark playing experience.

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Because of this, it is only natural to wonder when they will release specific maps to Survival Ascended. Here are all Ark: Survival Ascended map release dates so you know when your favorite map will be released.

All Map Release Dates for Ark: Survival Ascended

The Center map release promotional art for Ark: Survival Ascended.
Image via Studio Wildcard

Studio Wildcard has unveiled its roadmap for new maps in Survival Ascended. Remember, each map is free with the base game. However, they also offer small DLCs that not only support the release of new maps but also provide additional content, enhancing your gaming experience.

The table below shows the maps Studio Wildcard plans to release for Ark: Survival Ascended and their expected release dates. However, you need to know that they delayed the release of The Center map and Shastasaurus dinosaur multiple times due to the map and the new dino not being ready for release. We will update the table below should any expected release dates change.

Map NameExpected Release Date
The IslandAlready Released – October 25, 2023
Scorched EarthAlready Released – April 1st, 2024
The CenterJune 4, 2024
AberrationJuly 2024
RagnarökSeptember 2024
ExtinctionOctober 2024
ValgueroDecember 2024
Genesis Part 1February 2025
Crystal IslesApril 2025
Genesis Part 2May 2025
Lost IslandAugust 2025
FjordurOctober 25

In addition to the maps above, Bob’s Tall Tales will include an Adventure Pack for Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction maps upon release. These Adventure Packs add new content to the maps, like Creatures, Structures, Skins, and Items, bringing some fresh content to the maps everyone loved in Survival Evolved.

Now that you know all Ark: Survival Ascended map release dates, you know when to expect your favorite map to come to the game. Check out our Ark: Survival Ascended hub for more guides like How to Tame the Shastasaurus, a dinosaur that you find swimming in the vast oceans on The Center map.

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