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All Challenges in XDefiant (& How to Complete Them)

There are a number of challenges in XDefiant that let you get new weapons, gear, and other bits and bobs.

Progression in XDefiant takes a slightly different tact than in other AAA first-person shooters. Unlocking weapons, their attachments, and other characters to play takes completing in-game challenges (or spending real money). We’ll go over all the currently available challenges in XDefiant here, as well as what it takes to complete them.

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Every Challenge and How to Complete It in XDefiant

Challenges in XDefiant are split into three categories: Major, Base, and Daily. Major Challenges unlock, well, major gameplay features. At launch, that’s the fifth and final faction, DedSec. Base challenges unlock gear in the game, so rather than leveling up your character, you need to engage with the gameplay to get new weapons and attachments. Daily challenges are just that: simple tasks you can complete passively that award a modest amount of experience, refreshing daily.

All Major Challenges in XDefiant

At the launch of XDefiant, there is only one Major Challenge: earn 700,000 XP to unlock the DedSec faction. You earn XP for getting kills, playing the objective, completing other challenges, commending other players, and receiving commendations. In short, you’ll complete this Challenge just by playing. You can, of course, pony up some real-world cash for the Battle Pass and unlock a skin for one of the DedSec characters, or pay $10 in premium currency, skipping the grind altogether, but it’s not necessary.

All Base Challenges in XDefiant

Completing Base Challenges unlocks weapons, deployable devices (read: grenades), and Faction character skins. In all, they include:

All Weapon Challenges in XDefiant

  • AK-47: Deal 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles.
  • ACR 6.8: Get 10 Longshot Kills with Assault Rifles(kills over 30 meters)
  • M16A4: Get 20 Headshot Kills with Assault Rifles
  • Vector .45 ACP: Deal 10,000 damage with SMGs
  • P90: Get 10 SMG Hipfire Kills
  • MP7: Get 20 SMG Point Blank kills (kills within five meters)
  • M60: Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs (equipment includes shields, deployable Ultras, etc.)
  • RPK-74: Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
  • Double-barrel Shotgun: Get 10 Hipfire Kills with Shotguns
  • AA-12: Get 15 Point-Blank kills with Shotguns (kills within five meters)
  • SVD: Get 15 Longshot Kills with Marksman Rifles (kills over 30 meters)
  • Tac-50: Get 10 Sniper Rifle One-shot Kills
  • 93R: Sprint for 240 seconds with your Secondary equipped
  • D50 (Deagle): Deal 1,000 damage with Secondary weapons
  • M1911: Get four Point-blank kills with your secondary (kills within five meters)
  • 686 Magnum: Get five Quick-swap kills (kills with your Secondary just after swapping to it)

All Device Challenges in XDefiant

  • EMP Grenade: Deal 400 damage to enemy equipment with Devices (read: throw grenades at shields, deployed Ultras, etc.)
  • Proximity Mine: Deal 1,000 damage with Devices (hit people with nades)
  • Flashbang Grenade: Kill 20 enemies while suffering from a status effect (burning, flashed, EMP’d, etc.)
  • Sticky Grenade: Inflict 20 status conditions with Devices (flashed, EMP’d)

All Faction Character Challenges in XDefiant

  • Green (Cleaners): Get 50 kills with the Incinerator Drone (toss it down sightlines, at objectives, or point blank when you’re threatened)
  • Kersey (Cleaners): Get 50 Kills with the Firebomb (Throw it at enemies point blank. Ask me how I know)
  • Samir (Echelon): Get 100 Kills while using the Digital Ghillie Suit (keep to shadowy places and use sparingly. The outline is easy to see if you’re just running around with it on)
  • Rafa (Echelon): Get 50 Intel Suit assists (post up at chokepoints and other high-traffic areas, then activate the suit)
  • Beto (Libertad): Heal 5,000 damage to allies with the BioVida Boost can (stick near objectives and go to allies with a cross symbol above their head)
  • Seleste (Libertad): Heal 5,000 damage to allies with El Remedio (work alongside your teammates at chokepoints and other high-value areas)
  • Gorgon (Phantoms): Block 10,00 damage with the Mag Barrier (set up in doorways, on objectives, etc.)
  • Rhino (Phantoms): Get 25 kills with the Blitz Shield (be the most annoying player imaginable, crouch walk, and try to catch enemies alone)

Daily Challenges in XDefiant

Dailies are simple, easily completed challenges you can shoot for passively as you play. They include getting specific numbers of kills with particular weapon types, earning match scores with a specific faction, or using certain equipment, among other possibilities. An exhaustive list is hard to put together, as there are only three Daily challenges every…day, but don’t expect them to ever ask too much of you.

And with that, you now know all the currently available challenges and challenge types in XDefiant. Pretty straightforward stuff, but a bit unique to how most FPS games usually progress your character. For more coverage of Ubisoft’s AAA, F2P shooter, check out our best weapons tier list, whether the game uses skill-based matchmaking, and more in our XDefiant guides hub.

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