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Does XDefiant Have SBMM? Answered

Find out if encountering try-hard players will be an issue in XDefiant.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is a controversial topic in the FPS community, as many gamers and streamers have varying opinions about it. Many players don’t agree with implementing it in other games as it puts them with try-hard players or in a lobby with bad connections. Since the XDefiant‘s release, many new players have wondered the same. Does XDefiant have SBMM? Keep reading, and we’ll answer it for you.

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Does XDefiant Have Skill-based Matchmaking?

No, XDefiant does not have SBMM in its regular playlist. The game’s developers have been very open about not having skill-based matchmaking for XDefiant players who want to play casually. The game has an unranked mode where you can queue up with your friends without worrying about try-hard players dominating your team.

XDefiant‘s casual mode will prioritize ping rather than skill level, so casual players should have no issue getting into matches with decent ping. This news will calm many gamers. With skill-based matchmaking, you tend to get into lobbies with a high ping, as the game struggles to find players of the same skill level in the same region. The result is frustrating lagging or long lobby waits.

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For players who want to test their skills in a more serious mode, XDefiant will feature a Ranked mode when the new season launches. At the time of writing this article, XDefiant has a Trial Run mode that features SBMM but will not award players with ranks like in other games. This Trial Run mode seems to be a placeholder game mode until the developers implement the Ranked mode soon.

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