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All Cowgirl in the Wilderness Sparkle Gem Locations in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Get your lasso ready to wrangle up Sparkle Gems in Princess Peach: Showtime!

Ready your lasso and your horse, we’re heading into the Wild West. Like the other stages, we have a total of ten gems to grab and use toward unlocking the first floor boss. Here are all Cowgirl in the Wilderness Sparkle Gem locations in Princess Peach: Showtime!

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Princess Peach: Showtime!: How to Get All Cowgirl in the Wilderness Sparkle Gems

First Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 1
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Once you enter the level, head inside the second empty building. There are a few red flower pots throughout the room with nothing growing from them. Use your Sparkle Power to make them bloom and get the first Sparkle Gem.

Second Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 2
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Continue through the level to the red saloon and stun the enemies there with Sparkle Power. They aren’t defeated, but it gives you time to grab the Sparkle Gem behind the barrels to the right of them. If you need to, you can stun them again to get away without taking damage.

Third Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 3
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Remember the horse with the wagon attached to it? Head back there and use the wagon to jump onto the building balconies. Look inside the red tavern, then continue over to the building with an enemy at the entrance. Use Sparkle Power to get past him and enter the building. Once inside, use Sparkle Power again to turn on the lights and earn a Sparkle Gem.

Fourth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 4
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Now you’re facing the enemies in the tavern. There are enemies, but also barrels with Theets inside. Use the lasso to grab the barrels and throw them at enemies to defeat them and free the Theets at the same time. If you free all the Theets before the boss enemy makes his escape, you receive a Sparkle Gem.

Fifth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 5
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Similar to the running section in Ninjutsu: The Art of Rapids, you need to gather Sparkle Gem shards while riding the white horse. There are six total shards, and they can be easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them. But once you gather all six shards, you receive the fifth Sparkle Gem.

Sixth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 6
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This gem is also found while riding the horse in the chase sequence. You’ll spot another horse that has four crates stacked on its back. Get behind it and use your lasso to grab the boxes down. The box on top has a Sparkle Gem, which you receive after breaking the box.

Seventh Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 7
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Now, you’re at the part of the chase sequence where enemies are throwing bombs at the bridges, and you need to switch from one side to the other or jump over the holes. During this section, you spot a horse with a crate on its back, and in that crate is a Sparkle Gem. Use your lasso to grab it and earn that gem.

Eighth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 8
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When you reach the end of the chase sequence, use your lasso on the boss before you both dismount your horses. Although the chase continues without your horses, you get to earn a Sparkle Gem from the transition this way.

Ninth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 9
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When the boss goes into a cave-like entrance, keep going right before you follow him. Pose in the spotlight on the right side of the area using ZL or ZR to enter a new area. After defeating the enemies there, you earn a Sparkle Gem and can return to your previous location by posing in the light again.

Tenth Sparkle Gem Location

Sparkle Gem 10
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Naturally, this gem comes from defeating the boss. Dodge the balls when he fires them, but use your lasso to grab the barrel he fires. Wait until he finishes his cycle of firing at you, then throw the barrel at him. Repeat this three times — which is when all the sections behind the boss are broken — and you get the last Sparkle Gem.

And that’s all the Cowgirl in the Wilderness Sparkle Gem locations in Princess Peach: Showtime! From here, continue your journey through the plays by checking out our Princess Peach: Showtime! guide hub for content about unlocking all of Princess Peach’s transformations.

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