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Crab God
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All Creatures, Plants, and Corals in Crab God Listed – Cheat Sheet

Find out who awaits you in Crab God.

If you are tired (like me) of scrolling between different lists of requirements and interactions between Creatures, Plants, and Corals in Crab God (and maybe even writing them down on paper), I have a great list (cheat sheet) of everything you’ll probably need throughout your gameplay of Crab God.

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List of Every Creature in Crab God

You will encounter 21 different non-hostile creatures in Crab God. All of them have their specific requirements (prerequisites, if you will), and they have their functions in the ecosystem. You will see that you need to meet the “needs” of a creature if you want it to inhabit your Colony, and you’ll need to meet its Wants if you want to double its population.

  • Anglerfish
    • Needed for Lanternfish and Grenadier.
    • Eats Darkmitts.
    • Eaten by Goblin Sharks.
  • Beaked Whale
    • Requires Shortfin Squid, Grenadier, and Lanternfish.
    • Eats every threat.
  • Blue Tang
    • Requires Bubble Kelp.
    • Needed for Giant Grouper.
    • Eaten by Reef Shark, Smooth Stingray, and Darkfang (threat).
  • Butterflyfish
    • Requires Sun Coral.
    • Needed for Titan Triggerfish.
    • Eaten by Reef Shark, Smooth Stingray, and Darkfang (threat).
  • Clam
    • Smash them open with Builder and claim the reward.
  • Cleaner Wrasse
    • Requires Star Coral.
    • Eaten by Reef Shark and Smooth Stingray.
  • Clownfish
    • Requires Stalked Jellyfish.
    • Needed for Titan Triggerfish.
    • Eaten by Reef Shark and Smooth Stingray.
  • Damselfish
    • Requires Staghorn Coral and Elkhorn Coral.
    • Eaten by Reef Sharks and Smooth Stingray.
  • Giant Grouper
    • Requires Hawksbill Turtles and Blue Tang.
    • They eat all threats.
  • Goblin Shark
    • Requires Anglerfish, Grenadier, and Lanternfish.
    • They eat Darkmitts and their Lairs.
  • Grenadier
    • Requires Scaly-foot Sea Snails.
    • Needed for Anglerfish, Goblin Sharks, and the Beak Whale.
  • Lanternfish
    • Requires Gorgonian Sea Fan and Mushroom Coral.
    • Needed for Beaked Whale, Anglerfish, and Goblin Sharks.
  • Reef Shark
    • They eat Smooth Stringray and Damselfish, and they attack Darkfangs and their Lairs.
  • Scaly-foot Snail
    • Requires Tube Worm Colony and Chimney Sponge.
    • Eaten by Grenadier.
  • Sea Snail
    • Requires Brain Coral and Table Coral.
    • Needed for Smooth Stingray.
  • Sea Urchin
    • Requires Ulva and Giant Kelp.
    • Eaten by Titan Triggerfish.
    • Eats Caulerpa.
  • Shortfin Squid
    • Requires Magnispiral Coral and Tube Worm Colony.
    • Eaten by Beaked Whale.
  • Stalked Jellyfish
    • Needed for Clownfish and Sea Snails.
  • Smooth Stingray
    • They eat Sea Snails and Green Mussels.
    • Eaten by Reef Sharks.
  • Titan Triggerfish
    • They attack Darkspines.
    • They eat Sea Urchins and Butterflyfish.
  • Hawksbill Turtle
    • Requires Seagrass.
    • Eats Caulerpa.
    • Eaten by Giant Grouper.

List of Every Plant in Crab God

There are eight different plants in Crab God at the moment. Each of them is required for an animal species to come to your colony. Some of them will make a specific species happy (will double their population).

  • Bubble Kelp
    • Needed for Blue Tang.
  • Chimney Sponge
    • Needed for Scaly-foot Snails.
    • Makes Anglerfish happy.
  • Giant Kelp
    • Needed for Sea Urchin.
  • Magnispiral Coral
    • Needed for Shortfin Squid.
  • Gorgonian Sea Fan
    • Needed for Lanternfish.
    • Makes Scaly-foot Snails happy.
  • Seagrass
    • Needed for Hawksbill Turtles.
    • Makes Blue Tang happy.
  • Tube Worm Colony
    • Needed for Shortfin Squid and Scaly-foot Snail.
    • Makes Lanternfish happy.
  • Ulva
    • Needed for Sea Urchin.

List of Every Coral in Crab God

There are eight different Corals in Crab God at the moment. Similar to how plants work, some Corals are required in your colony in order for certain species to appear, and some of the Corals will make some species happy and double their population.

  • Sea Anemone
    • Makes Clownfish, Grenadier, and Beaked Whales happy.
  • Staghorn Coral
    • Needed for Damselfish.
  • Brain Coral
    • Needed for Sea Snails.
    • Makes Butterflyfish happy.
  • Elkhorn Coral
    • Needed for Damselfish.
      • Makes Smooth Stingray happy.
  • Deep-sea Mushroom Coral
    • Needed for Lanternfish.
  • Table Coral
    • Needed for Sea Snails.
  • Star Coral
    • Needed for Cleaner Wrasse.
  • Sun Coral
    • Needed for Butterflyfish.
    • Makes Sea Urchin happy.

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