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All Echo Abilities in Wuthering Waves Explained

Find out all you need to know to get started with Echoes in Wuthering Waves here.

When you start your journey into Wuthering Waves, you’ll be presented with a type of combat companion called an Echo Ability. However, the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining all there is to know about the Echoes. So, read on for how you can use, swap, and understand Echo Abilities.

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Every Echo Ability in Wuthering Waves Explained

Echoes are defeated enemies found throughout Wuthering Waves who you can use as combat equipment for your Resonator. Think of them as the game’s take on Pokemon, except, instead of summoning them, you’ll transform into them during combat. You can equip multiple Echoes on each Resonator, up to five in total. Each Echo will have a unique ability and Sonata Effect. The abilities are the combat action it can take, and the Sonata Effects are passive buffs that they give the Resonator equipping it.

The main Echo you select will be the one you can summon in combat. When you summon an Echo, you’ll use its ability. For instance, the Roseshroom will fire a laser at enemies that deals Havoc damage. Echoes equipped outside of your main slot will grant Sonata Effects passively from your inventory. I highly recommend matching the elemental type of an Echo to your Resonators when you equip them. For instance, if an Echo grants Spectro buff, you’ll want to pair it with a Spectro Resonator like our main protagonist Rover.

Notably, to receive the buffs, you’ll need to equip two Echoes of the same set. For instance, the Roseshroom is part of the Sun-sinking Eclipse set that grants Havoc Damage bonus. So, if you equip two, you’ll receive the buff. The bonus increases when you equip five of the same set, allowing a special buff that chains with your Resonator’s abilities. There are currently nine possible sets: Void Thunder, Sierra Gale, Rejuvenating Glow, Moonlit Clouds, Celestial Light, Freezing Frost, Endless Romance, Havoc Eclipse, and Molten Rift.

That does it for all Echo Abilities inWuthering Waves, explained. For more Wuthering Waves guides, check out our guide on how to level up fast.

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