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All Fallout 76 Backpack Mods, Ranked

Your backpack can do more than hold stuff in Fallout 76.

There are a variety of backpack mods that you can utilize in Fallout 76. From the pack that keeps your food fresh longer, to the one that increases your carry weight, these are all the backpack mods available in Fo76 ranked.

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All Backpack Mods in Fallout 76 Ranked

Backpacks are essential when traveling in Appalachia outside of Power Armor. Allowing you to carry a variety of healing items, food, and ammo, the regular backpack can be a lifesaver. There are a handful of mods, however, that increase the usefulness of your backpack.

Chemist’s Backpack Mod

The Chemist’s Backpack Mod is hands down the best backpack in Fo76. Chems can sell for quite a bit of caps, and they’re handy in a fight, but they can take up a ton of space in your inventory. With the weight reduction this offers, you’ll never have to worry about running out of Stimpaks or RadAway again.

  • Reduces all Chems weight by 90%. Does not stack with Perks.

Grocer’s Backpack Mod

A close second when it comes to usefulness, the Grocer’s Backpack Mod reduces the weight of all food and drink items, including the excessive amount of Nuka-Cola you may have in your inventory. For players that utilize food buffs, have the Carnivore or Herbivore perks, or just hoard food, this can free up a lot of carry weight.

  • Reduces weight of all Food and Drink by 90%. Does not stack with Perks.
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High Capacity

A general, all-purpose pack, High Capacity increase the weight that you can haul around. The downfall is that your Energy and Radiation resistances decrease. However, with planning or modified armor, it may not make a big difference.

  • Increases carry capacity. Reduces energy and rad resistance.
    • At level 50, you have +60 lbs to your inventory but reduced Energy and Rads resistance by -60.


Similar to the Grocer’s mod, Refrigerated affects Food and Drink items. However, it doesn’t impact the weight but rather the freshness of these items. For those new to Fallout 76, all perishable items do go bad. You can end up with Spoiled Meat, Vegetables, or Fruit in your inventory (which still weighs you down).

  • Lowered carry capacity. Food spoils 50% slower. Doesn’t stack with Good with Salt Perk.
    • At level 50, you lose 30 lbs. of carry capacity.

Armor Plated

Armor Plated increases your damage resistance in exchange for a lower carry capacity. If you’re scrappy and tend to fight a lot, or find your armor doesn’t provide enough protection, this is a great mod for you.

  • Lowered carry capacity. Increased damage resistance.
    • At level 50, lose 30 lbs but gain +90 damage resistance.
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Scrap Rat

Scrap Rat is the newest mod to be added to the list. It’s currently only available as a reward for completing challenges during the Summer C.A.M.P. event. Bethesda has stated the plan will be available in-game to purchase with Gold Bullion, but it hasn’t been released yet. This is my personal favorite and the backpack I typically wear while exploring.

  • -90% weight reduction on Scrap and Components (doesn’t apply to Junk, only already scrapped items).

Insulated and Lead Lined

Taking last place in our ranking is a tie. Insulated and Lead Lined essentially do the same thing and seem to be overlooked by most players. The packs can be very situational, and while resistances to damage types are great, the general damage resistance offered by Armor Plated tends to get triggered more often.

  • Insulated: Lowered carry capacity. Increased Energy resistance.
    • At level 50, you lose 30 lbs of carry weight and gain +90 Energy resistance.
  • Lead Lined: Lowered carry capacity. Increased Radiation resistance.
    • At level 50, you lose 30 lbs and gain +90 rads resistance.

Those are all the backpack mods in Fallout 76 ranked from best to worst. Thankfully, if you can’t make up your mind between a mod or two, backpacks only weigh one pound, meaning you can bring multiple with you and change them when the situation calls for it. For more on different item builds, how to find specific items, or where to find cryptids, check out our guides vault.

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