The Exhaustive List of Fallout Shelter Online Codes (July 2023)

Here are all of the active and expired Fallout Shelter Online codes.

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Fallout Shelter Online has reinvented the vault simulation game that came before it. Featuring new quests, PvP content, and RPG mechanics, the sequel has pulled in countless players. You still build and manage your vault, but you can get raided by others, raided by NPC teams, and more. It also has a gacha-type system, allowing you to reroll dwellers for those with better stats. If you’re playing it, you can redeem Fallout Shelter Online codes for pre-war money, caps and other in game items.

The Exhaustive List of Fallout Shelter Online Codes (July 2023)

All Active Fallout Shelter Online Codes

There are no Fallout Shelter Online codes at this time. New codes can be announced at any time, though they’re typically released during events or real-life holidays.

All Expired Fallout Shelter Online Codes

  • 5hO6dYUBNl1
  • PTsU0NqRXH9G
  • 0XgkctiuIz
  • TNhH94ovmYE
  • CefSHPlrVjZ
  • LANJA59U4T652MG2
  • LBH4TE0X22S825VP
  • L9R92BU8SK6HR74A

How to Redeem Fallout Shelter Online Codes

  • Launch the game.
  • Navigate to the Options menu (cog icon).
  • Select Redeem.
  • Enter the Code.

If the Fallout Shelter Online code entered isn’t accepted, double-check you’re spelling and that there’s no space before or after the code. This can cause an error when trying to redeem it. If everything is correct, you may have already claimed the code, or it expired.

Those are all of the Fallout Shelter Online codes for now. Check back for updates on the list, especially if an in-game event is occurring. For other code guides, we have lists for the original Fallout Shelter, DC Dual Force, Escape from Tarkov, and more.

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