All Fruit Warriors Codes (September 2023)

Get Tokens and Beli using this list of Fruit Warriors codes for July 2023!

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Updated September 22, 2023

We tried to find more codes today!

Fruit Warriors codes can give you a boost in the Roblox One Piece-inspired game. While the in-game currency of Beli can be used to earn Spins, you can put in vouchers for Tokens that increase your odds of getting a rare Fruit, increase your XP and/or Beli gain for a certain amount of time, or get a default amount of currency. As somebody who loves freebies, I love putting in codes to receive bonus rewards in any game.

All Fruit Warriors Codes (August 2023)

Fruit Warriors Codes (Active)

  • 10MVISITS! — Redeem for 2 Tokens and 25k Beli
  • RUMBLE — Redeem for an hour of double XP
  • UPDATE2 — Redeem for 5 Tokens

Fruit Warriors Codes (Expired)

  • 10KLIKES — Redeem for 30 minutes of double XP and Beli
  • 20KLIKES — Redeem for an hour of double XP and Beli
  • ACCIDENTALSHUTDOWN — Redeem for 5 Tokens
  • BROKENCODES — Redeem for an hour of double XP and Beli
  • DAILYHOTFIX1 — Redeem for 30 minutes of double XP and Beli
  • RELEASE — Redeem for 5 Tokens
  • SORRY — Redeem for 30 minutes of double XP, 1.5k Beli, and 2 Tokens
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN — Redeem for 5 Tokens
  • UPDATE1 — Redeem for 5 Tokens

How to Redeem Fruit Warriors Free Items

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Redeeming codes is straightforward in Fruit Warriors, and I’ll list the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Enter code in the Type Code Here box.
  3. Hit Redeem.

Why Aren’t My Fruit Warriors Codes Working?

The main reason your Fruit Warriors codes aren’t working is that they’ve either expired or been entered incorrectly. Make sure to double-check that they’re not on the expired list above and that you’ve entered the character string correctly. Also be sure that there aren’t any spaces at the beginning or end of the code.

How to Get More Fruit Warriors Vouchers

To keep up-to-date on Fruit Warriors codes, you can keep an eye on the game page and fruit_warriors Twitter for the latest information. Of course, we suggest you bookmark this page, as we update it regularly with new vouchers.

Those are all of the Fruit Warriors codes for July 2023. For more, you can check out other Roblox guides like our list of the 10 best Roblox games released in 2023.

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