All GTA 5 Online Salvage Yard Locations

Here's where you can find Salvage Yards to buy in GTA 5 Online.

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As part of the new Chop Shop update, players can use Salvage Yards to strip down high-valued vehicles and make a profit. But where are they? Here are all the Salvage Yard locations in GTA 5 Online.

How to Buy Salvage Yards in GTA 5 Online

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A Salvage Yard in GTA 5 Online is pretty much what it sounds like — a facility made for the stripping down of cars to sell their more valuable parts. Of course, in typical GTA fashion, these facilities aren’t exactly legitimate and are fronts for illegal chop shops where stolen cars are stripped for all they’re worth. However, from the outside, they must seem normal and legal businesses. Therefore, you must be registered as a SecuroServe CEO or the President of a Motorcycle Club to purchase a Salvage Yard.

Register as a CEO

To register as a CEO, do the following:

  • Visit the Dynasty 8 website through the in-game cell phone.
  • Buy an Office.
  • Open the Interaction menu.
  • Select SecuroServ.
  • Register as a CEO.

Become a Motorcycle Club President

If being a clean-cut CEO isn’t your thing and you wish to be a Motorcycle Club President instead, do the following steps:

  • Buy a Clubhouse through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  • Open the Interaction menu.
  • Select Motorcycle Club.
  • Start a Motorcycle Club.

Starting an MC is the cheaper option, as Clubhouses are significantly less expensive than offices. So, if you’re strapped for cash, keep that in mind. Once you’ve either one of these steps, it’s time to buy a Salvage Yard.

Where to Find Salvage Yards in GTA 5 Online

Map with marked locations of salvage yards
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Once you’ve become the President of an MC or the CEO of a company, you can then buy a Salvage Yard to begin your Chop Shop activities. In total, there are five Salvage Yards located in the game, with three being in Los Santos proper and the other two being spread across its surrounding areas. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Murrieta Heights ($2,420,000)
  • Strawberry ($2,570,000)
  • La Puerta ($2,690,000)
  • Sandy Shores ($2,030,000)
  • Paleto Bay ($1,620,000)

Of these five locations, La Puerta offers the most expensive Salvage Yard at $2,690,000. The cheapest of these options is in Paleto Bay, costing only $1,620,000. All of these Salvage Yards are essentially the same and, despite their price differences, offer identical experiences.

Where they differ is convenience. All of the Chop Shop missions will require you to drive the vehicles you’re stealing back and forth. In that case, while the Paleto Bay yard is the cheapest, it’s by far the most inconvenient to drive back and forth to. Therefore, if you’re looking to truncate your experience as much as possible, it’s best to stick to one of the three Salvage Yards in Los Santos proper.

However, it’s important to remember that the GTA 5 Online experience is, well, all online and that you can’t enable Safe Mode while completing missions. This means you’re vulnerable to other players when completing the Chop Shop missions. If you don’t mind the drive, I prefer less populated places like Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores, which might be a lot less chaotic and dangerous than driving high-value cars through the city streets.

These are all of the Salvage Yard locations in GTA 5 Online. For more GTA 5 Online tips and tricks, check out our guides on how to get a police car or how to increase your stats in the dedicated hub.

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