GTA 5 Online: How to Increase Your Stats

Here's how to increase each of your individual stats in GTA 5 Online.

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As you grow your criminal empire in GTA 5 Online, you’ll want to make your character better, faster, and stronger. While you can partake in daring heists, run a casino, or become a smuggler, it’s all for naught if you don’t have the right abilities leveled up. Here’s how to increase your stats in GTA 5 Online.

How to Increase Your Stats in GTA 5 Online

Image via Rockstar Games

In GTA 5 Online, an individual character’s stats are broken down into seven categories. These include things like strength, driving, and shooting. Here’s how you can increase each stat.


This stat affects how much damage you can sustain in confrontations and how quickly you can do tasks, such as climbing ladders. The best way to increase Strength is by fighting others. It will gradually increase with every 20 punches you throw. Alternatively, participating in sports such as golf and tennis will also help increase this stat.


Having high stamina will allow your character to do activities for longer before they start to lose health eventually. The best way to increase this ability is to hop onto a bicycle and just ride around for long periods of time. Additionally, swimming long distances also helps increase this attribute.


The shooting stat is, unfortunately, as much a massive grind as it is straightforward. For prolonged practice and stat farming, your best bet is to visit the shooting range and nail target after target. Engaging in a long firefight in GTA 5 Online isn’t really doable. But this won’t be quick. So prepare yourself.


Driving around Los Santos will certainly progress your character inch by inch. However, the best way to increase your driving attribute is to do it in style and cleanly. Whenever you’re behind the wheel, drive on the opposite side of the road and engage in a game of chicken with other cars. And whenever you see a ramp, do your best Evel Knievel impression. Whatever you do, don’t crash.


Like driving, flying around aimlessly will gradually increase this stat. However, flying under bridges and completing the Flying School missions are the most efficient ways to get the flying attribute up. Stay in the air for as long as you can, and don’t be shy about engaging in some in-air shenanigans.

Lung Capacity

Like its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, staying underwater for as long as you can will increase your lung capacity in GTA 5 Online. However, the quickest and easiest way to do this is by buying a scuba suit and staying underwater indefinitely. Alternatively, you can also do some yoga to increase this stat.


To increase the stealth stat, you have to make stealth kills while staying in a stealth stance. The most efficient way to do this is by doing one of Gerald’s tasks, going to the beach, and performing kills on NPCs. Doing a job for Gerald will give players a limited amount of time where they can do such things without attracting police attention.

That’s how you increase your stats in GTA 5 Online. For more helpful GTA 5 Online tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guides about the 2023 Halloween event, how to use Director Mode, and various others in the dedicated hub.

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