GTA 5 Online: How to use Director Mode

Here's how to use Director Mode in GTA 5.

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In GTA 5 Online, the in-game debauchery and shenanigans are always one of the biggest selling points. Be it long police chases, daunting shootouts, hilarious civilian interactions, or other wild scenarios, the game contains a lot of scenarios that would be deemed worthy of capture or recreation. For this express purpose, you may be wondering how to use Director Mode in GTA 5.

How to use Director Mode in GTA 5

GTA 5 has a Director Mode built in that allows players to create their own in-game madness that can either be captured and shared with the world or just be used for amusement. To use Director Mode in GTA 5, you’ll first need to access it. This can be done by:

  • Pausing the game.
  • Going to the Rockstar Editing tab.
  • Clicking on Director Mode.
    • Another way to access Director Mode is by selecting it from the Interaction Menu.

Once you’re in GTA 5 Director Mode, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Actors
  • Settings
  • Shortlist Actors
  • Recently Used
  • Exit to Story Mode
  • Enter Director Mode

All of these options in GTA 5 Director Mode have extensive submenus, such as what kind of character (or “actor”) you want to use, what outfit they’re wearing, and various other settings like time of day, vehicle density, and wanted status, among others.

Characters, animals, and NPCs can be unlocked as actors by interacting with them in the story mode. This turns the in-game world of Los Santos into an open sandbox where you can create whatever kind of scenario you want.

Is Director Mode Available in GTA 5 Online?

Unfortunately, Director Mode is only available within GTA 5‘s story mode and is not available in GTA Online. However, you can use either of your two GTA Online characters in Director Mode.

That’s how to use Director Mode in GTA 5. For other cool GTA 5 Online tips, such as how to get a Bugatti or what the Best FiveM servers are, don’t hesitate to check out our dedicated hub.

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