GTA 5 Online: Where to Get Bugatti

Here's how to find a Bugatti in GTA Online and ride the streets in style.

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In GTA 5 Online, riding expensive cars through the streets of Los Santos is the ultimate flex. And when it comes to expensive cars, there are few as rare and visually stunning as the Bugatti. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find the Bugatti while playing GTA 5 Online.

Where to Find the Bugatti in GTA 5 Online

First, if you’re looking for an actual Bugatti, you’ll be disappointed. Due to licensing issues, there aren’t any actual ones in GTA Online. In this universe, the term for the brand is actually the Truffade. Like its real-life counterpart, Truffade makes a wide variety of cars.

There are five different Truffades in the GTA universe, including the Adder, Nero, Nero Custom, Thrax, and Z-Type. Only one of these cars — the Adder — spawns in the actual world.

Bugatti (Adder) Location

To find the Adder, its spawn point is in Rockford Hills. It’s parked on a street directly down the road from Michael De Santa’s house and near the in-game equivalent of Rodeo Drive. Upon coming across the GTA Online Bugatti, you can steal it. Unfortunately, due to the Adder’s value, the game will not allow you to store it in your garage, effectively blocking you from owning it. Therefore, you’re more or less limited to giving it a joy ride and nothing else.

Should you wish to own a Truffade Bugatti yourself, you’ll have to purchase it from one of GTA Online‘s online retailers, Legendary Motorsports. The prices of each car are listed below. But beware, they’re pricey and don’t come cheap.

  • Z-Type: $950,000
  • Thrax: $2,300,000
  • Nero: $1,440,000
  • Nero Custom: $1,440,000
  • Adder: $1,000,000

That’s how to get the Bugatti in GTA Online. For more GTA Online tips and tricks articles, such as how to become a cop or how to sell planes, be sure to check out our dedicated hub.

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