How to Get a Police Car in GTA 5 Online

Want to purchase a police car in GTA 5 Online? Here's how.

Black and white police car with headlights on and red and blue rack lights.
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GTA 5 Online has no shortage of vehicles for us to drive around and drift through Los Santos with. However, what if you want to forgo driving a traditional tuner in favor of a car used by the cops? Here’s how to get a police car in GTA 5 Online Chop Shop.

GTA 5 Online Chop Shop: How to Unlock a Cop Car

As part of The Chop Shop update to GTA 5 Online, emergency vehicles — including police cruisers — are now available for purchase in our garages. In total, there are three police vehicles you can purchase in GTA 5 Online:

  • Stanier LE Cruiser: The standard police vehicle; costs $4,690,000.
  • Unmarked Cruiser: A cop car without any identifying markers; costs $$3,950,000.
  • Police Riot van: A heavily armored police van; costs $$4,800,000.
Black and white Stanier cop car GTA 5 Online buying menu.
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Where to Buy Police Vehicles in GTA 5 Online

These police vehicles can be purchased in-game from the Warstock Cache and Carry store. All of these vehicles are expensive and will cost you anywhere from $3.9 million to $4.8 million to purchase. In terms of trade value, the Unmarked Cruiser is the cheapest at $2,962,500, while the Police Riot van is the most expensive at $3.6 million. But before you can purchase them, you have to unlock access to them.

Scope Out Mission Row: How to Unlock Access to Police Cars

To purchase a police car in GTA 5 Online, you must first complete certain objectives. More specifically, you must initiate The Gangbanger Robbery and pass the point where the game instructs you to scope out the Mission Row Police Station.

To initiate this mission, you must go to the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website and purchase a Salvage Yard. The cheapest of the three Salvage Yards the game allows you to buy is $2,420,000 and located in Murrieta Heights. If you’re feeling exuberant, you can purchase the most expensive Salvage Yard in La Puerta for $2,690,000.

That’s how to get a cop car in GTA 5 Online. If cruising around Los Santos in a police paddy wagon isn’t your idea of a good time, check out our list of the best flying cars in the game or our list of where to find all photography challenge animals, as well as other helpful GTA 5 Online tips and tricks in the dedicated hub.

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