Fortnite Oasis Pool locations
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All Oasis Pool Locations in Fortnite

Take a dive into the clear, blue waters of the Wasteland!

The Slurp Cactus around the Wastelands is not the only way to recover shield and health in Fortnite. There are also several oasis pools that work a lot like the slurp-infused waters from past seasons. You’ll need to track down these pools for some Weekly quests as well, so here’s where to find them.

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How to Recover Health or Gain Shield in an Oasis Pool in Fortnite

These pools are not like just any water around the map. This bright blue water is super helpful for boosting your health and shield, especially when you don’t have any other healing. Whether you’re looking for dire healing or just trying to complete your Weekly quests, these are all the details you’ll need to know:

Where to Find Oasis Pools

There are five different oasis pools on the map, all in the Wastelands biome. They aren’t marked on the map, which makes it a bit harder to know where to look, but we have you covered.

  • Northeast of Sandy Steppes
  • East of Nitrodrome
  • Northeast of Brutal Beachhead
  • Southeast of Redline Rig
  • Northwest of Brawler’s Battleground

How to Recover Health and Shield

Just like the water around the Slurp Factory in the OG seasons, all you need to do to reap the benefits of these pools is stand in them. It may not appear like anything is happening, but you’ll notice your health and shield start to go up as long as you are in them.

Fortnite recovering health and shield in oasis pool
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Your character will flash blue while you’re in the water, suggesting that you’re receiving a slurp-like effect. It doesn’t have the usual healing sound, but keep an eye on your health and shield bars. If you have full health, you’ll receive a shield immediately. If not, it will work on restoring your health first.

You can keep standing in the water as long as you want to keep healing and shielding up. There are no limitations. However, these are very dangerous locations that most players will drive by from the named locations nearby. Ensure you loot any chests that spawn there and gear up for any approaching threats. Once you’re fully shielded and healthy, you’ll be ready to continue!

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