All Ranch Drops in Palworld: All Materials You Can Farm at the Ranch

Find out how to get all Ranch drops in Palworld here.

Palworld Ranch with Pals in the background.
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You need a whole lot of materials to build your base and keep it running. Luckily, you can farm some food and crafting materials alike just by getting a Ranch set up and putting some Pals in it. In this guide, we’ll go over all Ranch drops in Palworld.

All Materials That You Can Get From a Ranch in Palworld

Before you can start the ranching lifestyle, you have to build one. The Ranch is unlocked in the Technology Tree at level five. You’ll need to spend two Technology Points to get it. Additionally, the Ranch takes up a lot of space on your base, so make sure you’ve got enough flat land to place one. I had to move my first base to make room for one. Once you’ve got ample space, you’re ready to get to building it. Here’s the recipe for a Ranch:

  • x50 Wood
  • x20 Stone
  • x30 Fiber

How to Have Pals Give Drops at the Ranch

Only certain Pals can be tasked to the Ranch in Palworld. You can easily determine which ones are capable of farming by heading to the Paldeck and looking to see if a Pal has Farming Work Suitability. The Farming job appears as a fence symbol. You’ll need to assign the Pal to your Ranch to get drops. Here’s how to do it.

  • Assign the farming Pal to your base at the Pal Box.
  • Once the Pal drops into your base, approach it.
  • Pick up the Pal.
  • Throw the Pal onto your Ranch.
  • A notification will appear that confirms the Ranch assignment, and you’ll notice the Pal grazing.
Lamball in the Paldeck of Palworld.
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Each Ranch can hold three Pals at a time, so you’ll have to pick and choose which resources need to be farmed. I like to rotate my Ranch Pals so that I’m always collecting an even spread of materials. You can determine what material a Pal will drop by heading into the Paldeck and looking under the Partner Skill tab.

All Ranch Drops in Palworld

The first Pal I farmed was a Lamball because the fluffy cuties roam the initial area and are easy to catch. It was a straightforward assumption that the Lamball would drop Wool at the Ranch, but for some Pals, it’s more of a mystery. Here are all Ranch drops and the Pals that drop them in Palworld.

  • Wool
    • Pals: Lamball, Melpaca
  • Milk
    • Pals: Mozzarina
  • Eggs
    • Pals: Chikipi
  • Red Berries
    • Pals: Caprity
  • Honey
    • Pals: Beegarde
  • High-Quality Cloth
    • Pals: Sibelyx
  • Flame Organ
    • Pals: Flambelle
  • Cotton Candy
    • Pals: Woolipop
  • Pal Spheres
    • Pals: Vixy
  • Arrows
    • Pals: Vixy
  • Gold Coins
    • Pals: Mau, Mau Crysty, Vixy
Throwing a Pal in Palworld.
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Considering Palworld is still in development, there’s potential for more Ranch drops or Ranch Pals in the future. But for now, that does it for all Ranch drops and how to get them in Palworld. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our guides library, like how to get a flying mount, how to heal pal fractures, and more.

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