All Sons of the Forest Controls List for PC

This list collects all of the default control inputs and keybindings for Sons of the Forest on PC.

This list collects all of the default control inputs and keybindings for Sons of the Forest on PC.

Sons of the Forest controls on PC are relatively straightforward for both mouse and keyboard bindings, and gamepad inputs. If you’ve played Endnight’s previous game in the series, The Forest, you have a good idea of what to expect. Save a few specific instances keyed to the game’s distinctive features, the controls here are on par with other games in the genre, as well, whether that be for exploration, combat, crafting, or building. 

Whether you’ve forgotten a specific input or just want a companion guide for the bindings so you don’t have to pause the game and look them up as you become acquainted with the terrifying world around you, this reference guide provides you with all of the controls you need to survive Sonse of the Forest.

Complete Sons of the Forest Controls and Keybindings List

Note that all of the controls and keybindings listed below are the default settings for the game. These can be completely remapped in the Options menu from the splash screen. You can also invert the Y-axis, toggle the sensitivities of the X and Y axes for mouse and controller, tweak dead zones and toggles, and turn gamepad rumble on or off. 

The inputs for Xbox-style controllers are listed below, though you can use other controllers for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

To learn how to assign Hotkey slots as of Hotfix 2 (February 23, 2023), follow the steps in this quick-select guide.

PC Controls (Mouse and Keyboard)

  • Forward: W
  • Backward: S
  • Right: D
  • Left: A
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Drop: G
  • Inventory: I
  • Open Backpack: Hold I
  • Jump: Space
  • Equip Lighter/Flashlight: L
  • Use Lighter: Hold L
  • Reload: R
  • Run: Left Shift
  • Take: E
  • Dismantle: C
  • Utility: Unbound
  • GPS Tracker: M
  • Zoom Map In/Out: Middle Mouse Button
  • Walkie-Talkie: T
  • Open/Close Guide Book: B or ESC
  • Rotate Right: R
  • Rotate Left: Q
  • Primary Action: LMB
  • Secondary Action: RMB
  • Interact: LMB
  • Alternate Interact: RMB
  • Place Element: LMB
  • Toggle Place Mode: RMB
  • Tertiary Action: Middle Mouse Button
  • Sleep: Hold Z
  • Save: Hold E
  • Skip: S
  • Reset: Unbound
  • Select: E
  • Back: Left Arrow
  • Cancel Structure: X
  • Toggle Book Mode: X
  • Book Flip Next Page: RMB
  • Book Flip Previous Page: LMB
  • Place: C
  • Cycle Grab Bag Category: Q

Xbox Controller Gamepad

  • Forward: Left Stick up
  • Backward: Left Stick down
  • Right: Left Stick right
  • Left: Left Stick left
  • Crouch: Right Stick press
  • Drop: B 
  • Inventory: D-pad down
  • Jump: Y 
  • Lighter/Flashlight: D-pad left
  • Reload: X
  • Run: Left Stick press
  • Take: A 
  • Dismantle: X
  • Utility: D-pad right
  • GPS Tracker: Unbound
  • Walkie-Talkie: Unbound
  • Book: D-pad up
  • Rotate Right: RB
  • Rotate Left: LB
  • Primary Action: RT
  • Secondary Action: LT
  • Interact: LT
  • Alternate Interact: RT
  • Place Element: LT
  • Toggle Place Mode: Unbound
  • Tertiary Action: Menu Button
  • Sleep: A
  • Save: B
  • Skip: Y
  • Apply: Y
  • Reset: X
  • Select: A
  • Back: B
  • Next Page: RB
  • Previous Page: LB
  • Cancel Structure: X
  • Toggle Book Mode: X
  • Book Flip Next Page: RT
  • Book Flip Previous Page: LT
  • Place: X
  • Cycle Grab Bag Category: LB

Those are all of the Sons of the Forest PC controls, including mouse and keyboard, and gamepad. For more on the survival horror simulator from Endnight Games, head over to our tips page right here. for more guides such as how to play multiplayer or how to find the flashlight.

Featured image via Endnight Games.

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