Sons of the Forest: How to Zoom the Map In and Out

Wondering how to make the map bigger or smaller in Sons of the Forest? Here's how to zoom in and zoom out.

The map is your friend in Sons of the Forest, but you may be wondering how to zoom in and zoom out to get a better lay of the land. There isn't much guidance in the survival game from Endnight Games, and it's easy to overlook key objectives. The GPS Tracker points them out, but it can be hard to read if you don't know how to work it. 

How to Make the Map Bigger or Smaller in Sons of the Forest

After crashing on the island, you'll learn about your inventory and your Guide Book. And you'll become familiar with your Backpack fairly quickly as you explore. Indeed, your GPS Tracker will also be one of the very first things you use, leaving the mountain for the forests below. 

But the portion of the map you see at any given time in the default view is rather small, and it's difficult to see where GPS Markers and other landmarks are. 

The GPS Tracker actually has 5 different map sizes. There's one macro view that shows the map on a relatively grand scale, three of decreasing size, and a granular view for the immediate area around you.

Each has its uses for displaying specific details like rivers, streams, mountains, beaches, and more, all of which can help you find useful items like the Modern Axe

To zoom the map in and out, toggling through these views: 

  • Press LMB on mouse and keyboard.
  • Press D-pad right on controller.

For other keybindings and inputs, we have a complete controls guide here

And with that, you know how to zoom the map in and zoom the map out in Sons of the Forest. That little bit of knowledge will go a long way as you explore the island and uncover new locations. The survival-horror game is still in its early days, but there have already been hotfixes, with more updates to come. Stay with us during our continued coverage, and check out our guides page for more tips.

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Published Feb. 24th 2023

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