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All Soulmask PC Controls

Familiarize yourself with all the controls and keybinds in Soulmask!

Once you finish with character creation in Soulmask, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the controls before hopping into the game. We have a complete list of the controls and what they do, so you can keep checking back as much as you need as you play.

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All Controls & Keybinds for PC in Soulmask

Player in temple swinging use hammer in Soulmask
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There’s no shortage of keybinds and menus to remember in Soulmask. While a few of them will pop up on the screen for you to use, there are still a lot of others that may escape your mind. It’s a struggle to start out with so many new functions to familiarize yourself with. Here’s a list of all of them you can keep pulled up beside you or check back on as you need:


WWalk Ahead
SWalk Back
DWalk Right
AWalk Left
Left ShiftDash
Left AltRoll
Left CtrlSquat
/Switch Walk/Run
RCancel Interaction/Cancel Shooting
M1Melee Light Strike
M1 (Hold)Melee Heavy Strike
M3Lock Target
FMastery Skill
VMimicry Skill
GClass Skills


M3 UpSwitch to Previous Item in Shortcut
M3 DownSwitch to Next Item in Shortcut
1Shortcut Items 1
2Shortcut Items 2
3Shortcut Items 3
4Shortcut Items 4
5Shortcut Items 5
6Shortcut Items 6
7Shortcut Items 7
8Shortcut Items 8
9Shortcut Items 9
0Shortcut Items 10
F9Show/Hide Guidance
Num +Show/Hide UI
QLife Perception

Interactive Menu

OCharacter Menu
TabTribesmen/Items Menu
PWork Menu
TMask/Mask Node Repair Menu
YKnowledge & Technology Menu
IClan Menu
JTribe/Trip Menu
KHunting Menu
LMilestone Menu

In-Menu Operations

ZSet Preference
CJump to the Knowledge & Technology Page to Acquire Blueprint
EUse/Equip/Unequip/Craft One
FRepair/Craft All
QTransfer Items
GGrant/Deposit All
TWithdraw All
DAdd to Planned Queue
SpacebarOperate Crafting Table
EDecor Table – Wear Mask
SpacebarDecor Table – Unlock Decoration
ADecor Table – Save Colors
SpacebarMysterious Stone Table – Unlock Mask
FMysterious Stone Table – Awareness Transfer
EMysterious Stone Table – Embed/Remove Red Crystal

These are all the basic controls and buttons you’ll need to know to survive. Now that you know the jist of it, you can hop into the world and give them a go in action.

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