Learn how to capture villages, destroy enemy bases, and choose the best units in this strategy guide to Ancestors Legacy.

Ancestors Legacy Strategy Guide

Learn how to capture villages, destroy enemy bases, and choose the best units in this strategy guide to Ancestors Legacy.

Ancestors Legacy is the latest historical RTS, with a focus on the medieval battles of Central Europe. The game combines such features as resource management, settlements construction, and violent battles on huge battlefields.

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Currently, the game offers an open multiplayer beta test on Steam. It has two modes: Domination, where players must maintain control over their settlements, and Annihilation, which requires you to destroy your enemy’s base.

If you want to know how to develop the best strategy in Ancestors Legacy, then follow our guide below.

Best Strategy for Capturing Villages

A village being destroyed in the Ancestors Legacy beta

In Domination mode you and your allies need to capture as many villages as you possibly can. The player who has the most captured villages wins by the number of points.

There are three types of maps available in the multiplayer beta: Autumn Rise, Abandoned Valley, and Lost Heritage. Here are a few tips you can use to your advantage:

Autumn Rise

Use all of your units for attacking each of the villages from all sides. This will make the process of capturing villages much quicker instead of spreading out and trying to get them all at once.

On this map it is very difficult to get around the flank. But if you have archers, then you should be fine.

Abandoned Valley

If you and your ally capture the top three villages, then this may serve as a good springboard for your own defense strategy.

Use traps, including in the fields, and give invisibility to your soldiers. Also, use this to get to the enemy in the flank.

Lost Heritage

Here, you must never camp inside your base. The central village is an easy target for capture, and since there are only two ways your enemies can approach it, then you should definitely protect it with traps.

If you play for the Vikings or the Slavs, then the cavalry on this map will be your best bet against enemy troops.

Best Strategy for Destroying Bases

Be sure to bring your own archers to deal with enemy towers in Ancestors Legacy

Destrying an enemy base is very similar to capturing a village. But this time the base will be located outside of the typical settlement, and on top of that, it will be protected by three watchtowers with archers.

The archers are pretty strong and will quickly deal even with a large number of attackers. That is why having archers of your own is so vital for capturing an enemy base.

While the towers deal with your cavalry, you can order your own archers to shoot fire arrows at the base building and set it on fire. This will cause its destruction, which will ultimately win you the game.

Best Units for Each Mode

Choose vikings, slavs, anglo-saxons, or germans to suit your needs in Ancestors Legacy


Vikings are excellent for Domination, meaning that they can easily and rather quickly capture villages. This is possible due to being able to spawn lots of units relatively easily.

They are also great against Germans — probably the strongest tribe in Ancestors Legacy.


Although Vikings are plentiful and can override any other tribe, Slavs have archers and shield units, which work excellently against the multitudes of Viking units.

However, they are pretty hard to support and balance, so maybe try something else before choosing Slavs.


If you want to set up lots of traps, then this is the faction to go with. It also has great ranged units and infantry. It is pretty hard to counter Anglo-Saxons, as they have some of the best tools on their hands.


Germans are the strongest units in the game, so it would be an obvious choice for the beginning. You will have no trouble countering any of the previously mentioned factions, especially Slavs.

The best units are Cleavers, which will win you most of the games, so spawn them as much as you can.

That is all you need to know to be able to quickly capture villages and destroy enemy bases in Ancestors Legacy, which will see a full release on May 22. So come back then for more guides here at GameSkinny!

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