Angry Birds Epic Walkthrough Guide: How to Get 3 Stars in Mountain Pig Castle Boss Battle

Here is a close look at the best way to beat Prince Porky, the Wizpig, and all the other evil Pigs inside Mountain Pig Castle.
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The multi-wave castle battles to get your eggs back are some of the hardest to beat in Angry Birds Epic, and some of the most rewarding – they’re the closest thing to boss battles that we can get. 

Note that specific Pigs in these battles will may change slightly (e.g. swapping a Wizard for an Air Pirate so if the Pigs you are fighting are slightly different, this may mean taking a few more turns to kill them). While they are probably several ways that you can do it, this is how I manage to win pretty consistently with 3 stars.

Who should be in your party?

There are 5 waves to this castle, and the end wave includes some pretty vicious group attacks that hit for over 200 points against everyone in your party. You’re going to want to block and heal from as much damage as possible. 

My ideal party for this battle is: Red, Matilda, and the Blues.

What should your party wear?

There is one constant in the castle battles, and that is the Pig Prince at the end, who will only take damage if it is under a certain threshold. It is best to equip your Birds with hats that will allow you to deal low initial damage but also do either a bleed effect or multiple hits.

A note on equipment: when it comes to equipping your Birds, I have found it is really the hats that matter the most. Don’t worry too much about the status effects that your weapons because their secondary effects are not as important in this battle. If you have a high-percentage dispell or chance to knock out, this will work to your advantage.

(see 5 Secret Tips No One Knows in Angry Birds Epic for more about equipment and secondary effects)

Red should wear the Samurai hat; it gives 50% damage reduction to the target and 40% to the others which will be very useful in the last wave. He also deals 3x 57 damage which is well under the threshold for the Pig Prince. 

Matilda should wear the Druid hat; her support spell heals the party target by 79 and the others by 36 health. Furthermore, her Thorny Vine attack does low initial damage but high bleed damage so even if she has to take a turn out to heal someone, she will still do damage. (And the Pig Prince is affected by this total amount!)

The Blues should wear the Rogues hat; the Blues will hit with  a low initial attack but do high bleed damage (even higher than Matilda).

Wave 1

I have always suggested to players to save their Lucky Coins and buy the Golden Chili as their first purchase because you will use it in every battle and Lucky Coins take a while to save up if you don’t want to spend money.

(see How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship for Free)

However! It doesn’t affect the battle too much if you don’t have the Golden Chili – just Wave 1, which contains three pretty standard enemies. Just whittle them down and keep your health up.

  1. If you do have the Golden Chili, feed your full Rage Chili to Red. He will attack the Chieftan. Concentrate all your attacks on him. Remember to keep a lookout on his health bar (touch the Pig and hold) because after two turns, the bleed damage should be enough to kill him without wasting another turn.
  2. Attack one of the Pig Guards with all three birds. Attack one more time with Red and the Pig will probably have lost enough health to die just from bleed damage. 
  3. Either attack the second Pig Guard with Matilda or heal your party. Again keep a watch on the Pig’s health and use a turn to heal with Matlida if you can just to keep the Birds’ health topped up. After two turns, the Pig Guard will probably die either completely by bleed damage or with just a nudge in the right direction from Red. Use this opportunity to cast the Blues’ support spell on Red and to sneak in another round of healing from Matilda.

Wave 2

  1. Your Rage Chili should have filled up by the beginning of the second wave or be close to it. Attack with both Matilda and the Blues first to fill up the remainder if it hasn’t yet, and then use it on Red for a high-damage attack against the Pig with the most health. If it there is a Wizard, Red will hit this Pig first, keep attacking with your birds until his health is low enough to go down with the bleed damage.
  2. If there is an Air Pirate, the bleed effects won’t work on him and Red will automatically target one of the Snow Pigs instead. Finish the Snow Pig by attacking once with either Matilda or the Blues (you won’t need both) and using the other to attack the second Snow Pig.
  3. To kill the Air Pirate, just keep attacking with your Birds since bleed damage doesn’t affect him, and heal when necessary. Save your filled Rage Chili for the next wave.

Wave 3

  1. Use the Rage Chili on Red who will automatically attack the Ice Shaman. Continue focusing your attacks (or healing with Matilda) on this Pig. He casts an annoying Mimic attack which takes any of the health your party gets through Matilda’s healing and gives it to him instead. If he casts this, unless one of your party members is critically low, just keep attacking him until he dies. (It will run out in 3 turns and you won’t have a party dispell with this party configuration so don’t waste healing on Pigs!) 
  2. Attack the Frostpig normally. When the Mimic attack wears off, use Matilda to get your party’s health up and just keep attacking until the Frostpig dies. If your Rage Chili fills, save it.

Wave 4

  1. Use your Birds to each attack a Royal Bomb (the bigger ones). You have two turns before they explode. The Blues should be able to kill one bomb per turn, Red should kill one bomb in two turns, and Matilda should be able to kill a bomb with one hit and two bleed damages. Use the second turn to heal up the party.
  2. The Trap Bombs only do 4 damage per Bird so don’t worry if you don’t kill the last one in time.

Wave 5

  1. If you have a full Rage Chili, use it now on Matilda if your party is not really  full on health, otherwise save it until you do need to heal since it would be wasted on both Red and the Blues right now. Attack Prince Porky with your other Birds. The Wizpig may start a countdown to a group attack. If he does, use Red’s Shield spell on the Blues (they have the lowest health) on your next turn. Keep attacking the Prince with your other Birds or heal if you need to.
  2. Focus on the Wizpig only once Prince Porky is dead. His group attack will heal any half-hearted damage done to him by a single Bird, so it’s better to whittle him down as a team. Try to use your bleed attacks on him when he doesn’t have any protective spells on (unless you have a high chance of dispelling) otherwise you will probably take more damage than Matilda can heal. This is the hardest part of this battle; remember to shield whenever he powers up his group attack!
  3. You may need a potion or two.

If possible, make sure that your party is healed up at the very end of the battle – this will win you more points which may tip the scale on what makes a 2-star win and what makes a 3-star win!

Good luck, and don’t give up!

Note: If you are still having a lot of trouble with this battle, take a look at your other equipment and check their stats. Are they too old/not very effective? Do you have blueprints for better weapons? A few free Golden Pig machine rolls? Craft a few new items and then try again!

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