Angry Birds Evolution Collectibles Guide

Here is a breakdown of everything you can collect in Angry Birds Evolution

Here is a breakdown of everything you can collect in Angry Birds Evolution

From the moment you start to play Angry Birds Evolution, you will notice that there are many things going on. From normal battles through PvP matches to Scouting Missions, there are so many ways to win items.

If you’ve read our Beginners Guide for Evolution, you might be familiar with some of the in-game items, but it can get a little confusing because there are quite a few of them! So in this guide, we’re going to break down the full scope of every item you can collect in game, what its purpose is, and how to get it. 


Let’s start with one of the most important items in-game — Eggs. These are everywhere, and with good reason! The only way to get new birds for your collection in Angry Birds Evolution is to acquire them from these eggs. They can be obtained in one of two ways — eggs that drop during a battle or eggs that are hatched in your Hatchery.

Battle Eggs

As stated above, eggs are rewarded for engaging in battles. The eggs that drop as battle rewards correspond with the area in which you are playing. For example, if you are playing in the desert area, the eggs dropped during battles will all be yellow. Likewise, when battling in the blue area, all eggs dropped will be blue, etc. Any level bird can hatch out of these eggs.

For more information on eggs and egg farming, check out our Angry Birds Evolution egg farming guide.

Hatchery Eggs

There are two different kinds of hatchery eggs:

  • Regular Eggs are your most common, and you’ll be hatching these most frequently after acquiring a ticket to do so. The birds that hatch from these most of the time won’t be very useful and are pretty common, but sometimes you can strike it lucky and find an egg that contains a 4-star bird.
  • Premium Eggs are the ones where strongest birds hide. The birds hatching from these eggs will be 2-5-star birds — but again, you’ll be very lucky to find a 5-star in there. You can only buy these eggs with gems. But every two days, you are granted a free rare egg to hatch.


In this game, friendship is used as a currency and can be gifted to you from people on your friends list — so it pays to add as many people you can. You have the opportunity to add people as friends when joining a clan. You can also get friendship from undertaking team scout missions.

Friendship is used to open regular eggs in your Hatchery. 


While the chests you get from battles aren’t collectibles themselves, what’s inside them definitely is! The most common item found in chests is Gold. You need to gather as much gold as possible, as that is what you need to level up your birds. But there are some other really handy items to be found in chests as well.


Totems are really useful, as they can be used to help power up birds. They don’t give XP, but they will give your birds other bonuses. Here’s the rundown of every type of totem you can pick up:

  • Shiny Totems are used to turn an ordinary bird into a Shiny bird, which will increase that bird’s XP value greatly. (Check out our Shiny bird guide for more information about this totem!)
  • Prestige Totems can be used when a 4 or 5 star bird has reached its maximum level. Prestige points allow the bird to further increase its power. 
  • Super Shot Totems gives more power to a bird super shot ability.


There are two types of tickets that can be found in chests, and these ticket types can be used in two different parts of the game.

  • Brown tickets are the ones you need to hatch regular eggs in the hatchery. If you get a ticket in a chest, this is mostly what you will get.
  • Pink tickets allow you to use the PvP arena. You can have a maximum of 2 free PvP battles before they hit a timer and have to refill. The Arena tickets allow you to play a match whenever you want.
Energy Berry

What is an Energy Berry? It’s for your scouts. As you have probably noticed by now, you only get a certain number of scouts at one time. While they do refill fairly quickly, sometimes you need another one as soon as possible. These berries can be used to restore one scout for instant use.

Blue Gems

These blue gems can be found a couple of ways. They can be found inside chests — but you also collect them for gaining achievements, collecting different birds, and defeating different enemies.

In your base, there is a building labeled “Your Collection”. Head in there and you will see a chart made up of three tabs called Achievements, Birds, and Enemies. If there are gems to be had, there will be a little blue question mark in the corner of the tab titles. Take a look in all of them and look for squares covered by gift-wrap. This means that you have discovered something new and will get a couple of gems for it.

Just like any good freemium game, though, you can also buy gems for real money.

Gems can also be used to purchase things. Once you have enough, you are able to buy items such as energy drinks to restore all scouts, more gold or an extra inventory slot. You can also use them to hatch premium eggs and create clans.

Evolution Materials

Once your birds have reached their max levels, you then need to evolve them. To do this, you need to collect evolution materials. These drop during battles and dungeons, but you also get them when you sell unwanted birds in your inventory. Just like eggs, they are color specific depending on which zone you are battling in.

Depending on how many stars your bird is, that determines on how many evolution materials you are going to need.

When its time to evolve your 4- and 5-star birds to their final evolution, you are going to need some evolution essence, which can only be found in dungeons.

Dungeon Keys

To get the evolution essence mentioned above, you are going to have to be able to access dungeons. You’ll need to do some PVP battles to get the dungeon keys though, as this is the only way to get the keys. Dungeons are well worth doing though because they really do reward you greatly. But they aren’t easy, and your dungeon teams do have to satisfy certain criteria in order to complete them. These criteria change from dungeon to dungeon.

As you can see, Angry Birds Evolution is a pretty busy game when it comes to the kind of things you need to find. You will find that there are even more items in-game. Occasionally there are quests which need to be completed to progress, and they all need you to collect items relevant to the part of the storyline you are on. These are usually included in battle rewards.

We hope that you have found this guide to everything you can collect in Angry Birds Evolution. Make sure you check out our other Angry Birds Evolution guides for extra help that’ll have you dominating this new mobile game in no time!

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