We show you every skill currently available in this Fox cartoon collectible card game - and how to use them to win!

Animation Throwdown Complete Card Skill List

We show you every skill currently available in this Fox cartoon collectible card game - and how to use them to win!
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While battling Bender versus Steve Smith or Fry versus Hank Hill in the CCG Animation Throwdown, there’s a much more important consideration than a card’s attack or health: what skill it has (if any).

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Some rare cards start with skills automatically, but for most cards to gain skills you have to repeatedly upgrade two of the same card and then combine them.

Below we break down every Animation Throwdown skill currently available and what each skill does. Pay attention to the number next to a skill – this is how much damage it deals/prevents or how much health it restores with its ability.

The only other element to keep in mind with a skill is whether it has a yellow star in the top-left corner: these skills only affect cards from the same set or with the same descriptor. For instance, an upgraded Steve Smith with a star-marked Cheer skill will only increase the attack of other American Dad cards. Some stars instead mark descriptors like Drunk, Artistic, etc.

Animation Throwdown Defensive Card Skills

Shield – Prevents one random allied card from taking damage each turn


 Shield All – Prevents all allied cards from taking damage each turn


Sturdy – Reduces damage to this card from direct attacks



Animation Throwdown Healing Card Skills

Heal – Restores damage to a random allied card when this card is played


Heal All – Restores damage to all allied cards when this card is played


Leech – Restores health whenever the card deals damage


Recover – Max health of this card goes up when you play a combo



Animation Throwdown Damage Card Skills

Cripple – Drops the attack of a random enemy card each turn (yes, there’s a tasteless joke about Joe Swanson’s wheelchair used with this one…)

Cripple All – Drops every enemy card’s attack each turn


Gas – Any card damaged by this card will take damage automatically on the next turn


Payback – Deals damage to any card that damages this card


Punch – Deals damage to a random enemy when this card is played


Bomb – Deals damage to each adjacent card attacked by this card



Animation Throwdown Utility / Boosting Card Skills

Jab – Reduces effectiveness of enemy Sturdy and Shield skills


Crazed – Card gains a bonus to attack each time it deals damage


Motivate – Adjacent cards bonus attack power for the turn


 Boost – Card gains a bonus to attack anytime you play a combo


Cheer – Random allied card gains attack boost when this card is played


Cheer All – All allied cards gain attack boost when this card is played


 Have fun finding cards with all the different skills!

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