How to Get Better Animation Throwdown Loot Drops

Need more coins to round out your deck or on the search for more legendary cards? We show you how to get the best loot every time!

While Rick And Morty got its own Pokemon style mobile game, all the famous Fox cartoons have come together to take on the CCG genre with Animation Throwdown!

A mashup of several different card game styles, Animation Throwdown has you buying cards with coins, earning them through loot drops as you complete quests, and upgrading your existing deck by spending shards.

If you want the absolute best deck possible without spending any real world cash, there are several ways to earn more coins and get better loot.

Be A Corporate Mooch

Before playing any Adventure quests or battling other players in the Arena, always watch the maximum number of ads first! This increases both the amount of coins you earn as well as the rare loot drop chance.      

You can watch three ads in a row before having to wait for the timer cool down to expire, and with a full three ad block you are more likely to earn rare or legendary card drops.

Get In On The Guild Action

Every player in a guild gets bonuses while playing, and they are based on membership, so make sure to join a guild that is close to having max members. The more active players online at a single time, the bigger your coin and loot drops will be!

 *Sigh* Yes, I joined a guild called "big fat hentai guys." Don't judge me.

Replay Previous Chapters

You can play each Adventure level more than once, and you continue to get new (randomized) loot each time. For every three times you beat a specific level, it will unlock another possible card in the loot chance pool. Keep playing and eventually you will unlock rare cards from each chapter.

Research, Research, Research

Even more important is what you do with your loot once you get it! Absolutely always have two research projects going at all times. Research takes 15 minutes for commons and two hours for rares. The research timer counts down even when you aren't playing, so there's no reason not to have maxed out all your available combos.

Having every card in your deck able to combo with nearly every other card is more useful than having a deck full of legendary cards, so always get on researching as soon as you earn a new card!

With these tips in mind you'll be earning much better cards than normal. Let us know if you've found any other Animation Throwdown cheats for better loot drops!

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Published Sep. 20th 2016

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