Not all javelins are created equal. This guide ranks Anthem's exosuits, while laying out which playstyles best benefit from each of them.

Anthem Javelins Tier List: From Best to Worst

Not all javelins are created equal. This guide ranks Anthem's exosuits, while laying out which playstyles best benefit from each of them.

After a year of waiting, Anthem, a new looter-shooter from Bioware, is finally out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. As expected, the game has several different classes to choose, each of which provides its own benefits. 

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Called javelins, players pilot these exosuits, taking advantage of their strengths to compliment various playstyles. Below, we’ll go over each of Anthem’s javelins, their strengths and weaknesses, and the playstyles they’re best suited for. 


Storm is the universal choice. It is the most balanced javelin of all, and it has amazing elemental abilities that allow you to blast and freeze your enemies.

The best part about Storm is its ability to stay in the air for extremely long periods of time. You can literally just fly over your enemies and shoot them from above while staying in complete safety.

If you’re dealing with someone stronger than you, just use the Hoarfrost Shards ability to freeze your enemy and keep them from dealing damage. 

However, freezing isn’t the only option you have. In a similar fashion, you can blast your enemies with Lightning Strike or Fireball. These elemental abilities are so powerful that you will be able to quickly deal with several targets at a time.

Lastly, with the ultimate ability Elemental Storm, you can combine all of these elements into one and create a devastating AoE detonation that will deal massive amounts of damage. 

A Good Match For: 

Players that prefer crowd control and ranged DPS will love Storm for its ability to hover over enemies and use elemental damage from a distance.

Not a Good Match For: 

Players that prefer to stay close to their targets will find this playstyle chaotic.


Colossus is the tankiest javelin in the game and a perfect team leader with a huge pool of health. On top of that, you can carry a heavy shield capable of protecting you from some serious damage on the way.

If enemies surround you, activate Collossus’ Shock Coil ability to electrify anyone standing close by. Then, shoot with your Burst Mortar to rain a volley of mortar shells down on them.

If enemies run toward you in a column formation or in a horizontal line, you can use your Flame Thrower. It will not only damage them on impact, but it will also set them on fire, dealing more damage over time.

Because of Colossus’ power, this javelin typically draws the attention of all enemies, thus freeing up your teammates. To finish things off, use your ultimate Siege Cannon ability to blast everything in close range to smithereens.

A Good Match For: 

Players that prefer a tank-focused playstyle and heavy DPS may find Colossus to be the best option. It has access to some heavy artillery as well as some excellent defense mechanisms.

Not a Good Match For: 

Players that can’t stand slow, plodding gameplay will find Colossus boring.


Ranger is the perfect javelin for beginners and utilitarian players alike. That’s because Ranger works in almost any situation by using the wide array of abilities at its disposal.

This javelin has access to several types of grenades, such as Frag, Inferno, Frost, Seeker, and Sticky. The first two are excellent for AoE damage, while Frost grenade, as the title suggests, freezes enemies. However, Seeker is probably the most interesting grenade, as it actively seeks out a target to frag.

There are a few other similar tricks under the Ranger’s sleeve. For example, Homing Missile fires a projectile that chases a nearby enemy until it explodes. 

A Good Match For: 

Players that prefer ranged DPS and single-target DPS roles fit the Ranger’s playstyle the best. If you like to focus on killing one enemy at a time, then this should be your first choice.

Not a Good Match For: 

Players that like to play against several enemies at a time using AoE will not find all the suitable tools in Ranger’s arsenal.


Interceptor is undoubtedly the fastest javelin in the game, but it deals the least amount of damage. However, if you prefer a melee-centric, extremely agile playstyle, then Interceptor will fit you the best.

Although Interceptor has a few neat assault tricks, its main abilities revolve around the Strike System. For example, the Tempest Strike ability is just one massive single-target attack, and it can be combined with Nova Strike or Star Strike.

One of Ranger’s most useful abilities, though, is Rail Cry, which removes all status effects from your teammates.

A Good Match For: 

Players that prefer melee DPS and high mobility will find something to like with the Interceptor javelin.

Not a Good Match For: 

Players looking for high damage output will, unfortunately, be disappointed with the Interceptor. 

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