Apex Legends Character Tier List: From Best to Worst

Make the best choice with the help of our tier list of Apex Legends characters ranging from best to worst.

Make the best choice with the help of our tier list of Apex Legends characters ranging from best to worst.
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Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the highly popular Titanfall series, has just released a brand new free-to-play Battle Royale game - Apex Legends.

It introduces eight original characters that can be played in a team of three players for a total of 60 players in one match-up. Each character is a legend with their own abilities that can be used in various situations. These legends correspond to different playstyles and preferences of different players. However, the main archetypes, such as a tank, a healer, a support, and others stay the same.

If you're completely new to the game, and you want to know which legend to choose, then check out our tier list of the Apex Legends characters from best to worst.


The number of tactical abilities Bloodhound possesses instantly makes him the most valuable legend in the game. Imagine how good he is if his skills allow him to figure out the location of enemies inside the buildings, and thus help you decide how exactly you want to approach them. 

His ultimate skill, Beast of the Hunt, boosts your speed of movement for entire 35 seconds, which is more than enough to hunt down even the most skilled players. It can also be used to escape the most dire situations and quickly change your vantage point.


This tank legend is probably the most valuable ally and one of the best characters you could play mainly due to his Dome of Protection ability, which creates a protective dome around him for 15 seconds.

But Gibraltar can also be a very good sniper using his Gun Shield ability, which protects him everytime he uses a weapon. In this way you can snipe anyone freely without being afraid to get shot in the process.

His ultimate ability is a perfect AoE that calls upon an air strike that bombards everyone except yourself and your teammates, which is super convenient.


There is no other legend in Apex Legends as challenging as Pathfinder. That is because his Grappling Hook ability is extremely hard to master, but when you do, you will have the greatest advantage of them all.

First of all, it can help you get to locations that are out of reach for other players. Secondly, it allows Pathfinder to accelerate when moving by swinging from one object to another. Lastly, it's a perfect tool to quickly change your position in a shootout.


Wraith is a legend that is really fun to play. Her Rift ability can be used not only to get yourself and your allies out of a bad position, but it can be used as a trap mechanism for enemies.

She can be compared to Pathfinder in this sense, who can also use a zipline that connects two locations. But in this regard Pathfinder's ability is slightly better, because the ziplines stay for the entirety of the match-up, while Wraith's portals stay open only for 60 seconds.


High mobility and speed of movement are two best traits of Bangalore. She is not very good at sniping or tactical maneuvering, but when you need to attack quickly, then she's the real deal.

Bangalore also can throw a canister of smoke that prevents other players from seeing her, which is excellent for escaping or stealth attacking. However, if you're playing against Bloodhound, this trick won't work as this legend can see right through it. So in this regard she is rather vulnerable.


Caustic is a very peculiar legend that will not fit all players. All of his abilities in one way or another depend on a toxic gas known as Nox Gas. He can either set up gas traps, which can be useless unless enemy players stumble upon them and activate them, or he could throw gas grenades that explode and create a huge cloud of poison immediately.

The only good thing about the Nox Gas is that it not only prevents enemies from seeing you, but it also damages them, which can be used either for targeted attacks or as escape tactics.


Here is a typical healer that can be used to a great effect in a team. Many players would doubt the need to have a healer as their ally, since every legend has an ability to revive their teammates. But Lifeline can do it 25% faster and under a protective shield, which guarantees the result.

She can also call upon an airdrop, which includes some additional protective gear. But that is basically it, and that is why Lifeline is so low on our tier list of Apex Legends characters.


Here's arguably the worst legend in Apex Legends. Mirage has a whole bag of neat tricks, but he proves to be a rather useless character when you start to play him.

Of course, players who like to cause confusion on the battlefield will love Mirage, as he is capable of creating holographic images of himself. This ability can be used to a great degree, especially in its ultimate form, when Mirage deploys a whole bunch of holograms and disappears himself.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to attack anybody while staying invisible, so it's a questionable skill to have.


This tier list of the best characters in Apex Legends should help you make the decision which legend to choose for your next match-up. Also, be sure to come back for even more related guides here at GameSkinny.