Octane is the newest character in Apex Legends. Here is a complete breakdown of all his abilities and essential tips on how to use them effectively.

Apex Legends Octane Tips and Tricks Guide

Octane is the newest character in Apex Legends. Here is a complete breakdown of all his abilities and essential tips on how to use them effectively.
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The very first season in Apex Legends has just begun, and with it Respawn introduced a new legend – Octane.

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The 9th character in the game is mostly a scout, who is very good at locating enemy positions. Octane also works great as a support for his squad, which means that his main role doesn’t dictate him to get too close to the enemy.

The best way to play as Octane is to alternate between attacking unexpectedly and retreating, diverting the enemy’s attention from the rest of his squad. But there is a lot more to this great new character, so keep on reading our guide to find out all about his abilities and playstyles.

Octane Abilities Tips and Tricks

Passive: Swift Mend

Octane’s passive ability slowly regenerates your health bar, but only in safe conditions. This means that if you get under fire, the ability will be set on pause. That is why it is essential to find cover for Swift Mend to work.

Note: It takes about 2s to restore one bar of health. This means that you don’t really need to use a medkit in case you health bar is above 75%, since the ability will regenerate it to 100% pretty soon, which will take less than a minute.

So try to stay out of a hot zone for one minute, and then you can get back into the action once again.

Tactical: Stim

Stim increases Octane’s speed of movement by 30% for 6 seconds. This ability makes you less vulnerable to all sorts of slowdown effects. It is also perfect for reconnaissance and escape tactics in any type of combat.

Note: For each use of Stim you will lose about 10 points of health. But taking into account his passive ability this isn’t such a big deal. Your health won’t take long to recover, so use it at will.

Also, you cannot kill yourself using Stim, meaning that your health will never go down below zero.

Ultimate: Launch Pad

Launch pad can be deployed by Octane anywhere on the map. It looks like a portable platform, which catapults players into the air.

Note: This pad works for anyone, including your allies and enemies. It can be used to lure your enemies onto your pads and set them up as traps. But this also means that you should probably avoid using enemy pads for the same reason.

The Launch Pad will stay for the entirety of the match-up at the location where it has been deployed, unless it gets destroyed with gunfire or grenades.

How to Play as Octane

Octane is clearly a very fast and mobile character and his abilities make him a very useful ally, but only in a very specific kind of team. He’s worthwhile only when there are other high-speed characters in the squad, such as Wraith, Mirage, or Pathfinder.

Other characters, such as Bloodhound, Bangalore, or Lifeline will never be able to keep up with him. This will make Octane extremely vulnerable to attacks, since his other squadmates will not be able to protect him in time.

That is why here are a few suggestions on how to utilize Octane and his abilities in the most effective way.

Use Stim as Much as Possible

After landing, use Stim to collect as much loot as you can before other players. Then, use it to quickly get to your nearest allies and cover them while they collect loot.

You should never approach enemies on your own even if you see a good opportunity. Wait before your allies arrive, and then cover them while constantly changing positions. Stim will work just as effective while shooting.

If you find yourself blocked, then immediately deploy a pad and jump over your enemies, and leave the hot zone immediately.

Master Your Launch Pad

The first important thing to learn while using a Launch Pad is to be able to jump in the desired direction. Take into account the speed and the height of a jump, along with the positioning. You don’t want to get tossed into a bad position.

You can use the pad as a trap by placing it in front of the doors to block enemies from being able to shoot you, so you get a few seconds to prepare and regenerate your health.

The best strategy is to use Launch Pad for unexpected attacks by jumping on top of a roof, a rock, or a ledge. Just make sure to not jump and land directly in the center of the shootout.

Do not use the pad while retreating, since your enemies will use it to catch you.

Octane vs. Lifeline

Having both Octane and Lifeline in the same team is not a very good idea, so choose only either one of them. Octane can be just as good as Lifeline, and at times even better.

In case your teammates are out of medkits you can simply give away your own to help them out. The Swift Mend ability will be able to take care of your health on its own. 

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