Find out how to farm cupcakes for the Treasure Hunt event with the help of this Archero guide.

Archero Guide: Where to Farm Cupcakes

Find out how to farm cupcakes for the Treasure Hunt event with the help of this Archero guide.

Archero mobile is celebrating its one year anniversary with a special Treasure Hunt event. The global challenge tasks players with collecting a large number of items, including cupcakes, which are, by far, the hardest items to get. This guide will show you how to farm them quickly. 

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The best chapter in which to collect cupcakes is Chapter 6  Cave of Bones. If you can survive all 20 stages and kill all four bosses, then you’re guaranteed to get a few cupcakes for your efforts. 

How to Farm Cupcakes in Archero: Cave of Bones

Archero Chapter 6, Cave of Bones, can be played for 5 energy after beating Chapter 5.

Cave of Bones becomes available after you complete the first five chapters of Archero

Here are the five skills you need to burn through Chapter 6 with ease:

  • Ricochet
  • Multishot
  • Front Arrow +1
  • Piercing Shot
  • Bouncy Wall

There are 10 types of enemies in this chapter: bats, spiders, wolves, worms, spirits, golems, mages, mummies, skeletons, and scarecrows.

However, one-eyed bats, brown worms, and electric spirits are the hardest to defeat. 

  • One-Eyed Bats. These shoot lasers that pass through walls. It’s extremely hard to predict where the beams will come from, so just watch out for bats in general.
  • Brown Worms. Worms pop out of the ground randomly, but they won’t harm you until they shoot their projectiles. Just stand still until they lock onto you, and dodge the projectiles as soon as they shoot them.
  • Electric Spirits. Electric spirits usually fly around and shoot lightning at you. The easiest way to dodge their projectiles is to find a cover behind walls.

At the end of stages 5, 10, 15, and 20, you will encounter four bosses: Giant Red Worm, Giant Bat, Giant Fire Spirit, and Giant Fire Dragon. Here are tips on how to beat them:

  • Giant Red Worm. Stay near the bottom wall and move from left to right. After each heavy shot, reverse the order, didn’t the worm’s projectiles.
  • Giant Bat. This boss is the same as the one found in Chapter 3, except there are two of them now. Apply the same strategies as you did for the Chapter 3 boss, just with twice the expertise.
  • Giant Fire Spirit. This boss is similar to the boss in Chapter 4 except, like the Giant Bat, there are two of them now. You have a one-second window before they start moving and shooting lasers. Use it to change your position and dodge the lasers.
  • Giant Fire Dragon. If you manage to make your way to the upper left area near one of the dragon’s feet, then you will be able to dodge most of the Giant Fire Dragon’s attacks.

Kill all four bosses to get a chest full of cupcakes and other valuables.

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