Are Helldivers 2 Servers Down? How to Check Server Status

Wondering if Helldivers 2 servers are down? Here's how to check.

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You can’t be the Galaxy’s last line of offence if you can’t get into the game. But since this is an online co-op shooter, the servers will inevitably go down due to live maintenance or connection issues. Here, I’ll cover whether Helldivers 2 is down and how to check server status.

Is Helldivers 2 Down?

At the time of writing, you should be able to connect to Helldivers 2 servers. If you were receiving a “Failed to connect to servers” error, it’s likely you were trying to log in during live server maintenance. This emergency maintenance period was announced to begin at 1 p.m. EST on February 11 and completed a few hours later. The official X account stated that there would be “larger disruptions” to online servers for a limited time period. Typically, server errors will resolve themselves once maintenance has ended.

How to Check Helldivers 2 Server Status

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Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

If you’re still unable to join a game or continue to lose connection mid-mission, it’s best to check Helldivers 2‘s server status by visiting the official X (formerly Twitter) account, Arrowhead Game Studios’ official X account, or the Discord server. This will keep you in the know of any pre-scheduled downtime.

I also recommend joining the Helldivers subreddit. Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to join the Discord, as invites can be paused at any time. The developers are active on the subreddit, though. Any important updates about the servers are often pinned to the top of the forum.

If you’re playing on PS5, it’s also good to check the PlayStation Network Status and PlayStation Downdetector page to see if there are any current outages. Typically, if you’re experiencing server issues, others are as well.

That covers how to check if Helldivers 2 is down and where to see updates about server status. For more on the game, take a gander at our growing guides hub for topics like how to fix crashing and how to fix the failed server request error.

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